Building Construction 3. responsibilities of participants


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Building Construction 3. responsibilities of participants

  1. 1. Building Construction Technology IPractical Session no. 309.04.2012Who is responsible for? - Issuing a solution/permit for removing buildings, ( The inspection ) * - Administrative supervision over the implementation of the Law on Spatial Planning and the regulations issued under that act, ( The Ministry ) * - the legality of the actions of authorities and persons with public authorities relating to the Spatial Planning and building, ( The Ministry ) * - Running the Construction dairy, ( Site engineer assistant ) * - Ensuring the needed machinery, ( the Contractor ) * - Maintaining the building during its lifetime, (The Investor) - Maintaining the building after its lifetime, (The customer ) - To give a report ( positive/negative ) on the condition of the building or its part and will be responsible furthermore for it ( The Reviser ) - Suppling investors with all information about the defects and irregularities before the construction phase ( The Supervisor ) - Determining whether the survey of the building done by the person authorized to conduct tasks ( The Supervisor ) - Determining whether the contractor meets the requirements for performing construction activities ( The Supervisor ) - To design a project to comply with the building location permit, to meets the essential requirements for the building and to comply with the provisions of this Law and special regulations. ( The Designer ) - Performing at least half the work necessary for construction and the building. ( The main Contractor ) - Remove all temporary structures before obtaining the use permit ( The Contractor ) - Make plan of common temporary and temporary work sites ( The Contractor ) - Mark the construction site with prescribed markings&signs ( The Contractor ) - Draw up a written declaration of executed works and the building maintenance conditions ( The Contractor ) - Obtaining usage permit for the building ( The Investor ) - Preserving relevant documents and projects for the construction of with the amendments marked and changes as long as building exists ( The Investor ) - Obtaining Survey project of the building until the start of construction works. ( The Investor )
  2. 2. Define the: * - Construction: (object created by constructing works, connected to ground, performed from building products with common installations and equipment, or integrated complex with facility or equipment as well as technical - technological units or solo installations connected to the ground. ) - Construction Works: (Performing constructional and other works (preparation, land, and structural, installation, finishing and mounting of construction products, plant or equipment) with which new buildings are built, existing buildings are reconstructed, removed or maintained. ) - Constructing: (the process of designing, constructing, usage and removal of the construction (building), everything that is related to the constructing of the new buildings can be applied in an appropiate way to reconstructing, maintance and removal of the old buildings. ) - Construction site: (is a place,land or buildings (including other areas that are temporarily occupied ) needed to execute the construction works or the application of appropriate building technology and security, on which to build, reconstruct, remove or perform maintenance work building). - Maintenance of buildings: (Performing constructional and other works to preserve the essential requirements of a building during its lifetime, with which does not change the compliance with the conditions at the location of the building in accordance with which it is built.)Construction site shall be marked with: (name 4 things or more) * - Name of investors, the designer, contractors and persons carrying out construction supervision - Name and type of buildings that is being built - The name of the authority issuing the document upon which to build - Classification code, register number, date of issue and validity of the act upon which to build - An indication that it is a cultural property that is the national monumentContractor on construction site must have: (name 8 things or more) * - The decision on registration in court register, or crafts license. - Approval for performing the construction and performance of and the contract on the association contractors under special legislation. - Act on appointment of chief site engineer, site engineer and works manager. - Act on appointment of supervisor or principal supervisor. - A decision on building conditions, confirmation of the main project, or construction permit from the conceptual or main project.
  3. 3. - Performing projects with the opinion of chief designer of the project and certified by the reviser that Requested it in a report on the control of the main projects requested , for the previously constructed part of the building , construction and other works that are in progress with all amendments.- Revisers report on completed inspection of the execution project if required. Construction Diary.- Evidence of compliance for construction products installed.- Evidence of compliance by a special law for the installed equipment.- Identifications of Compliance for certain parts of certain construction essential.- Special requirements according to law and quality evidence that is requested by the law, special regulation or project to collect during the execution of construction work and other commitments and implementation of control procedures for the previously constructed part of the building and construction and other works in progress.- Survey project of the buildings.- Other documents, licenses and permits for which special regulations stipulates that the contractor after the start of construction of the building must have at the site.