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Communication release cr201003 0006 on leadership camp-wide


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Communication release cr201003 0006 on leadership camp-wide

  1. 1. A Rotary Club of Bukit Kiara Sunrise Project                                                                                         Communication Release   CR 201003-0006 March 2010 Making the Choice Now Four-day leadership training camp for youths to build a better future The students were put through a camp with a difference. Themed “A Better Start. A Better Life”, the camp was sponsored by the CIMB Foundation through the CIMB Community Link corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme. A special feature of the camp was the selection of students from diverse backgrounds. The students, from SMK Sri Permata, were deliberately selected with a good mix of ethnicity, gender, financial and performance backgrounds. Besides this, students were taught to think beyond themselves and to support others in order to achieve both their team’s potential and most importantly that of their own. The camp participants from SMK Sri Permata Monday, 15 March 2010 – A group of fifty students attended a 4-day leadership camp from 15-18 March organized by the Rotary Club of Bukit Kiara Sunrise (RCBKS) at the Agrotek Garden Resort in Hulu Langat, Selangor. They were students studying in Forms 4 and 5, preparing for the government examinations. The camp was officially opened by Rotary District Governor Leslie Salehuddin together with Club President Frances Po Yih Ming. Leadership Training is   part of a four-pronged initiative of the RCBKS L-R: Dr Yee, DG Leslie and Education Fund (REF). Together with the other three President Frances at the camp launch prongs, namely the Education Assistance Awards, the Youth Mentorship Programme and the Values District Governor Salehuddin said, “This is one of a Education Programme, the leadership training camp number of activities organized by Rotary clubs makes up a holistic approach by the club towards the throughout Malaysia to complement the efforts of the development of youths in the community. Government bringing students of all ethnic backgrounds together to promote diversity.” Such camps, besides developing the leadership potential of the students, also provide them with the benefit of “This is one of a number of interacting with communities other than themselves and discovering the important reality that deep down, activities organized by Rotary others are not different from them, thus helping them clubs…bringing students of all build self-esteem, self-confidence and promoting unity. ethnic backgrounds together to Corporate trainers EQ Training and Development were promote diversity.” engaged to develop the training programme based on techniques proven to be effective in developing leaders and effective teams in leading corporations.
  2. 2. President Frances in her opening remarks urged the students participating in the camp to “recognize this as an opportunity for self discovery and self improvement, and with the lessons learnt from the camp you can make your dreams real.” The students were divided into competing teams throughout the four days. The teams were given points based on every student’s willingness to participate and the quality of their responses. This proved an effective way of encouraging the students to participate meaningfully in the sessions to help their team progress forward in the competition. The camp engaged students using breakout discussion sessions, presentations along   with the traditional talks by speakers. After each activity was completed, the trainer reviewed lessons learnt with Mr Shankar of EQTD stressing a point to the students the students. Besides class room activities, there were Concepts such as “Empowerment”, “Visioning”, also ample outdoor activities such as participating in the “Managing Change”, “Effective Habits” and “Values” commando-styled obstacle course, jungle trekking and were taught to the students using relatable examples the “flying fox”. These activities helped the students to and experiences. The students were selected from the understand among others, the importance of teamwork school based on their potential and ability to improve and overcoming fear. their performance. They were made aware that they hold the key to their own future and they have the One highlight of the camp was a night of sharing by power to make a choice to improve their performance “successful people” – experienced business, immediately. They were told that for things to change, professional and community leaders who were invited to they have to change first. Examples of and sayings by share their life experiences and values with the students. famous leaders, such as Nelson Mandela – “I must be Another highlight was performances by the teams to the captain of my soul,” and Mahatma Gandhi – “You their school Principal Mr Ong and teachers Mdm Lim, must be the change you wish to see,” were employed to Mdm Kong and Mr Pathma who were invited to attend motivate the students. one of the evenings. They were also joined by CIMB Bank representatives En Yusuf M Hanipah and Ms Alice Organising Chairman of the camp, Past President Tan, along with the Rotarians. Graham Bennett briefed, “The main objective of the camp is to equip the students with leadership skills with The Principal and teachers were taken aback as soon as the intention of improving their overall school they arrived by the unexpected rousing reception they performance.” received from their pupils showing their great   Students scaling the wall at the obstacle course Solving one of many outdoor puzzles
  3. 3. appreciation. The performances which were very The high level of energy nearly brought the roof of the spirited became moving when the students decided to hall down and by the time the performances concluded, sing the school song and to give a presentation of there were quite a few teary eyes among the audience. thanks to the school, the Rotary Club, CIMB and EQ These were powerful sessions for both the students and Training and Development (EQTD). others who attended them.     Shu Wei making a presentation on what the theme, Crossing a stream during jungle trekking “A Better Start. A Better Life” means to her REF Leadership Training Programme (LTP) and the  Run the same group of students through both REF Values Education Programme (VEP) programmes at different intervals/term breaks so The LTP and the VEP are two of the four prongs of the that the effectiveness of both programmes can REF. The objective of the LTP and the VEP is to equip be measured clearly secondary school students of age 15-19 from lower income families with leadership skills and positive Beneficiaries universal values with the underlying objective of  Total 50 students preferably from the same improving their overall school performance. The LTP is school designed to develop leadership and team building skills.  From lower income families It is typically a camp style programme which provides  Students who are evaluated by the teacher to participants with experiential learning opportunities. The have the attitude/ability to improve VEP is a workshop developed to teach universal life  Currently under performing students values such as Self-confidence, Honesty,  Racially diverse composition Responsibility, Compassion and Humility. Some Topics Covered in the Leadership Camp Goals of the Programme  Team Leadership and Personal Dynamics  Improve student’s willingness to participate in all  Test of an Educated Person school and class room activities  Team Power  Improve academic results by 10-15% Improve  Skills and Knowledge Power other qualitative comments by teachers in report  Jungle Trekking and Survivor Skills cards  The Professional Approach with Studies  Mind Power Programme Components  Visioning  A 4-day 3-night leadership training camp conducted by professionals Some Topics Covered in the Values Workshop  A 2-day values education workshop conducted  What are Values by professionals  How to Practice Values in Our Lives  Follow-up with principal and teacher to assess  Values in Action student progress and take remedial/corrective  Inspiring World Leaders actions if necessary  The Meaning of Truth and Peace  The Meaning of Love and Non-Violence  Malaysian Values
  4. 4. It was evident that the students were capable of trainers. It is also within easy reach (10 minutes) of a improving themselves further. In a session where they medical clinic. were asked what the theme, “A Better Start. A Better Life” meant to them, Kalaiveni Mariappan said, “If we get better training like this when we are young, we can get a better life.” Adrina Adam said, “I have decided to make the choice of working hard now, and not procrastinating.” For Eng Shu Wei it was, “I learnt to, be “You have the power to choose confident, not give up, try my best to solve my whether to succeed or not, problems, overcome fear and discover my dream in life.” Sik Jia Yin says, “I will be more focused and be and to determine your own destiny. more determined in what I do.” Do not surrender it. ” The competition among teams was not about winning or losing. It was about collaborating to bring the best out of everyone. The students learnt that failing is not permanent until they stop trying and that mistakes point the way to success. Indeed by the end of the camp, there were no losers; only winners who benefited tremendously from an extraordinary camp. The students were taught to think beyond themselves and to appreciate Rotary’s motto of “Service Above Self” as a guiding life principle. They were reminded that they were pioneers in this inaugural camp organized by the REF. And as pioneers they had a special responsibility   to succeed in their studies after the camp. REF Presenting a sketch during Performance Night Chairman, Dr Yee Yoke Leong in his closing remarks reiterated to the students that, “You have the power to For most of the students, it was the first time they were choose whether to succeed or not, and to determine participating in a camp of this nature. Held during the your own destiny. Do not surrender it.” Simply by one week term break, the students were transported by understanding this responsibility and by putting the bus from the school to the Hulu Langat camp site. The personal effort to succeed, the students would already site, about 40 minutes from Kuala Lumpur, has have looked beyond themselves, proving that it is excellent facilities for seminar, outdoor activities and beneficial for such camps to be organized again in future quality dormitories and rooms suitable for students and and giving others the opportunity to attend it too.   L-R: En Yusuf M Hanipah (CIMB), Principal Mr Ong, PP Graham presenting the certificate of President Frances and Ms Alice Tan (CIMB) at the attendance to a participant Performance Night The RCBKS Education Fund was officially launched on 14Nov2009 as a project of the Rotary Club of Bukit Kiara Sunrise. The objective of the fund is to support the development of youths of age 15-19 from lower income families, who desire to “help themselves” become useful members of society, by providing them with education opportunities, leadership training, values education and mentorship, putting them on the start of the road to a better life. For more information contact