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The Official Newsletter of the Asia Pacific Region (AP) of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS)

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Asia Pacific Link News - September 2011

  1. 1. Region Appreciation Award th34 World Conference The Asia PacificGirl Guides Association of Cambodia Region took thewelcomed as Full Member of WAGGGS opportunity during the RegionalEfforts for Gathering tothe past honour three Asianine years Pacific Regionalpaid off for CommitteeGirl Guides members from theof previous Committee of 2007 – 2010. TheCambodia Region Appreciation Award was presented to(GGAC) June Cameron, A.M., Dr Nighat Arshad andwhen they were recently ratified as a Full Mariko Asano. The Asia Pacific RegionMember of the World Association of Girl Appreciation Award is the highest award givenGuides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) at the by the Asia Pacific Region, of the World34th World Conference in Edinburgh. The Asia Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts toPacific Region also shared the joy, celebrating honour individuals who have demonstratedwith GGAC at the Asia Pacific Regional outstanding service and contribution to theGathering during the World Conference. development of Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting in the Region.The Girl Guides Association of CambodiaChief Commissioner Tan Phally was overjoyedas they received the Full Membership GATcertificate from Margaret Treloar, Chairman ofthe World Board. In an interview Tan Phally Global Action Theme Activity Day in Southsaid: “I am pleased and proud that from our Australiahard work and our volunteers work we havegot acknowledgment and support from other On 21 Maycountries and Members of WAGGGS. Full 2011, 160Membership will benefit girls and young Guides andwomen in Cambodia. They can now join as Leaders fromrepresentatives and/or committee members in 14 Unitsthe future, and will be able to apply to work as explored thevolunteers abroad. This will give them more Millennium Development Goals at the Southopportunities to learn from other countries and Australian campsite, Douglas Scrub. The dayshare experiences with the next generation of began with Anna Baulderstone teaching thegirls and young women in Cambodia. Girls and MDG song to the tune of “This old man”. Anna,young women will have the capacity to step one of Australia’s representatives at the Youngforward, expand Girl Guiding in their Women’s World Forum 2011, explained whatcommunities and connect with the world” the Millennium Development Goals were and why they were important to us as Australians, and as Girl Guides. 19 September 2011~10:14~MM R:Asia PacificPublication and PromotionAP Link News2011SeptemberAsia Pacific Link News September 2011 Final.doc
  2. 2. January 2011Guides participated in a variety of activities highlighted howcovering MDGs 4 to 8. They experimented successfully thewith making water filters and explored an Oral Trainers hadRehydration Solution (MDG 4). Squeals of created andelight were heard as they played on the giant environmentmaterial snakes and ladders game and made conducive toMother’s survival kits in exploration of MDG5. learning but alsoMDG 6 was covered by building a Tippy Tap, in engaging the community productively.playing Mosquito Charades and games of Facilitators of the workshop included expertsCoughs and Sneezes. Environmental activities from the UNGEI, Senior Trainers, and Seniorincluded “Connection Inspection” from the Leaders of PGGA. Representatives from otherEarth keepers program and a treasure hunt organizations involved in education andrepresenting MDG 7 - Ensure Envrironmental training were invited as observers in thisSustainability. Finally, activities with Caz and workshop.Katie from Mission Australia illustrated MDG 8- Global Partnership for Development. Guides A Centenary Youth Forum was held on 10from14 years and onwards participated in a April 2011 at Pakistan Girl Guides Associationsession where they produced birthing kits and National Headquarters in Islamabad. It wasplanted shrubs in arranged as the initiation of a Mega Youththe animal Forum at National Level and to celebrate theenclosure. Many Centenary of the Girl Guides Movement.activities were Twenty young leaders (with internationalsourced from the exposure) from Punjab, Balochistan, Sindh,WAGGGS Global AJK, Gilgit Baltistan and ICT participated inAction Theme this forum.Activity Pack. A The forum was launched by Nationalgreat outcome of Commissioner of Pakistan Girl Guidesthe day was Association Mrs. Farhana Azim. In herGuides and opening speech she shared the mission, visionLeaders alike earning their Bronze Global and structure of PGGA and the expectations ofAction Theme badges. the Association towards the Youth. She foresaw the young leaders as successors ofPakistan runs Centenary Training for the Executive Committee of PGGA. TheAdvocacy and Centenary Youth Forum participants shared their key learning from International events with other young leadersPakistan Girl Guides which was very informative for all others.Association’s (PGGA)Punjab branch organized After the comprehensive discussion, the youthCentenary Training for prepared suggestions and recommendationsAdvocacy and Action on Gender Parity in that were presented to the ExecutiveEducation through the Young Champions Committee Members of PGGA. At the end theInitiative was delivered from 18 to 23 April young leaders and members of executive2011. The workshop was organized in committee cut a cake to celebrate thecollaboration with UNICEF with 60 Young completion of hundred years of Girl Guiding inChampions and Trainers from all over India-Pakistan.Pakistan participating in the workshop. Theaim of this training was to enhance theadvocacy skills of trainers and Guides, makethem responsible citizens of Pakistan, and Advocacyagents of positive change.The six day Residential Training aimed to Sangam to run Advocacy Seminarfocus on enhancing training skills of trainers An Advocacy Seminar on HIV/AIDS forand preparing the potential young trainers to participants aged 18 - 35 years will be heldunderstand MDG’s and GAT and prepare a from 26 November to 2 December 2011 atpractical action plan. Moreover, the Sangam World Centre. The deadline forparticipants were involved in activities to adopt applications is 15 September 2011.and learn more about advocacy and planningskills. The workshop’s emphasis was on Develop skills in advocacy while gainingcharacter building in equipping the girls with knowledge and experience of global issueshigh moral values and confidence. The training that face women and girls in India today. Prepare to make a difference with your 2
  3. 3. January 2011Member Organization back home and at Korea Hwang-Sik Kim and South Korean rockSangam on World AIDS Day. Visit our website band CNBLUE who will be 2012-2013 Girlfor more information. Scout P.R Ambassadors, conveyed their congratulations through a pre-recordedday?day=26&month=11&year=2011 message. After the opening ceremony, the open broadcast TV program was continued in celebration of the Camp.WAGGGS’ Goals The campers enjoyed the activities, whichGoal 1 - Leadership were divided into 5 major areas including 70 course activities; Eco Green Activity, CareerDevelopment Exploration Activity, Global Activity, VentureIndia runs National Level Rover/Ranger Activity and Sea Adventure Activity.Samagam Though the campers had to seek shelter in a National Level nearby school on account of the rain, the Rover/Ranger Camp came to a close as a great success. Samagam was held at National The 13th Girl Scout International Camp Training Centre, provided campers with the opportunity to have Pachmarhi, a better understanding of the true Girl Scout Madhya Pradesh spirit while practicing environmental protection, (India) from 15 to sharing with others and fostering the mindset19 July 2011 in which 189 Rovers/Rangers required for a better and brighter future.participated from all over the country.“Samagam” means a joint gathering of Rovers 36th National Encampment run by theand Rangers. Rock climbing, obstacles Philippinescrossing and hiking were just a selection of theadventure activities organized for Rovers & The Girl Scouts ofRangers during the Samagam. All the Rovers the Philippines& Rangers took part in the activities. The (GSP) held the 36thRovers and Rangers have implemented their Nationalmotto by rendering valuable services to make Encampment, “Girlthe campsite clean and green for the sake of Scouts Save Planetproviding a better environment for all human Earth" from 10 to 16beings. April 2011 at the Voice of America, Camp John Hay, BaguioKorea holds 13th Girl Scout International City. Hosted by Northern Luzon Region andCamp in commemoration of the centenary co-hosted by Baguio and Benguet Councils,of Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting 730 Senior and Cadet Girl Scouts from 84 councils participated.The 13th GirlScout Ms. Shawn Kimberly Yao, a TV Host onInternational Channel 5, was the guest speaker during theCamp was held opening ceremony. She mentioned that theat Goseong girls played important roles in the communityWorld and those with great roles also have greaterJamboree responsibilities. She also challenged them tocamp site in Korea from 25 to 31 July. Under be role models and partners in saving thethe camp theme “Plant! Grow! Share!”, 10,500 planet Earth. She was eventually namedcampers from 20 countries attended in official GSP member by GSP Nationalcelebration of 100 years of Girl Guiding and President Dr. Salud A. Bagalso. Wide Game,Girl Scouting. International Night, Eco-Cultural Tour, Exploration, Adventure Sports andTae-Seok Kim, the Vice Minister of Ministry of Environmental Theater Arts were just some ofGender Equality & Family in Korea, Byeong- the encampment activities.Heu Min, the Superintendent of Gangwon-do The girls made their personal pledges to saveOffice of Education and other distinguished planet Earth, to quote:guests attended the opening ceremony toencourage the campers., Prime Minister of 3
  4. 4. January 2011 Consul General to join in the event “End of “I will spread the Exploitation and Trafficking” organized by MTV knowledge that I learned “I will lessen the (Movie Television Foundation). The objective from this encampment. I use of plastic of his foundation is to provide knowledge and will start with myself the bags and do prevent human trafficking to youths and adults. changes needed to more things that Approximately 30 international organizations, reduce factors we are more eco- including USAID, and AUSAID, joined in the contribute in destroying friendly.” event, which was officially opened by Dr.Surin our planet.” Pitsuwan, the ASEAN Secretary General.“I will save Mother Earth in my own little The event included a concert by Korean boyway like throwing trash in the right place band Super Junior as well as other Australianand conserving energy by turning off the and Thai singers, attracting more than 10,000electricity when not in use.” young people. Our GGAT booth displayed and sold handmade crochet products produced by members of the Girl Guides at our Wiang PaSingapore runs Recycling Outreach Pao sub-training center, 2 hours drive fromProgramme Chiang Mai northern training center. GGAT continues to encourage girls and youngOn 9 July 2011 the women to train in the art of crocheting,Brownie Branch of enabling them to earn a living by using theirGirl Guides valuable spare time wisely.Singaporeorganized arecycling outreach Goal 2 – Strong andprogramme in Growing Membercollaboration withNational Environment Agency (NEA) to reach Organizationsout to the residents to encourageenvironmental action and awareness towards Papua New Guinea Guides teach girls tominimizing waste and to begin recycling. A help otherstotal of 100 Brownies and their Guiders weredeployed out to Bishan Street 13 for the event. The Markham RoadThe enthusiasm of our Brownies was not Primary School Girldiminished despite the excruciatingly hot Guides held aweather as they continued enjoying training camp inthemselves and having fun. With everyone’s Wampar earlier inhard work and effort the Brownies managed to the year. During thecollect a ton of recyclable material consisting camp they shared their knowledge and skillsof 828kg of paper and 44kg of clothing. The with locals. The movement in Papua Newresponse was indeed remarkable! At the end Guinea is reaching out to rural areas toof the event they were told by many Brownie empower young women. ProvincialGuiders that it was an eye-opening event for Commissioner, Martha Siserta had initiatedthe Brownies and thanked Girl Guides the movement to ensure opportunities areSingapore for their efforts. The heartfelt thanks given to teenage girls in the area. During thewere deeply felt. camp they learnt organizational systems within each troop linking to the Guides headquarters.The biggest lesson that our Brownies took Present also at the camp was Rita Ariban aaway from the experience was the practical national trainer. Both Martha and Ritaimplications of the Brownie Motto ‘Lend-A- appealed to provincial and nationalHand’! Girl Guides Singapore sincerely thanks governments, including private agencies toeveryone who helped and assisted in the support the movement.programme. Thai YWWF participant writes about theThailand, Chiang Mai Northern Training FAO/WAGGGS projectCenter invited by the US Consul General Thamonwan Na Nakara, an 18 year old youngOn 25 June 2011, the Girl Guides Association Board Member of the Girl Guides (Girl Scouts)of Thailand (GGAT) Chiang Mai Northern Association of Thailand who attended theTraining Center had been invited by the US YWWF in March 2010 writes “I am here to 4
  5. 5. January 2011proudly introduce my ‘Mangrove ForestPlanting Project’, which is a mini projectfunded by the FAO and WAGGGS. New Zealand Taskforce produces best biscuits everThe aim of the project is to gather Guides atThe Girl Guides (Girl A taskforce of five girls and two leaders wereScouts) Association of involved in creating the best-ever NewThailand Dormitory to Zealand Guide biscuits this year, whichraise their awareness of featured a new trefoil design.the importance ofconserving Thailand’s The girls, Katherine (17), Stephanie (16),valuable natural Jessica (14), Emma (12) and Caitlyn (11) wereresources. Thirty not only involved in creating the new cutterguides, together with design but also starred in the televisionofficers of the commercialassociation, along withparticipated in the Browniesproject. Mangrove trees Isabella (7)are very useful and necessary for a country and Simranlike Thailand as they protect townships from (7).rapid and unexpected floods and are alsoprovide habitat for marine life. In the past there “Projectwere more than 5,000 Rais (One acre equals Whakapai”, as it was named, also included2.53 Rais) of mangrove forests in Thailand, designing the new packaging, taste testinghowever, there are only approximately 100 and selecting the final biscuits.Rais of mangrove forests left today, which putsthe local ecosystem in serious danger. Whakapai is a Maori word which means to make good,On 19 June 2011 we went to Samutsakhon improve or set in order.Mangrove Forest Research Centre where 120mangroves trees were planted. It may notsound like a lot but we were happy and proud A tour of biscuit manufacturers Griffin’s factoryof ourselves and did the best we could with was a highlight of the project as the girls andour resources. Also, the project inspired us to leaders got to see how the biscuits are madedo more to save our plant. first-hand. The Guide biscuits came in a range of traditional, chocolate coated and mini-Here are some quotes from girls and young chocolate varieties.women who took part in the project: The February earthquake in Christchurch, “I am very gleeful and where Girl Guiding New Zealand’s head office proud of myself. It is based, meant that sales in the city were was very fun and delayed but Guides from throughout New difficult at the same Zealand rallied around to sell on behalf of their time walking the in Christchurch friends. “It was very the mud and trying to fun. I love Over 400 Guide members also had the plant the trees. If planting trees opportunity to design new packaging for the there are any projects in mud and biscuits. There were some stunning entries, like this again, tell me love being despite the short timeline, and it was difficult to first!” - Natchaya dirty. I will tell pick the winners, who all received a huge Promkaew, 17 years this to my Griffin’s hamper and goodies from Girl Guiding old friend how NZ. Another feature of the 2011 selling much I season was the addition of a special tin, which enjoyed this sold out almost immediately. The traditional activity and “I am very proud of all the variety of Guide biscuits is now being sold on how much I girls who participate in the the internet to finish off this year’s biscuit love Guiding!” project. I have just realized season and raise funds to assist girls to - Sasiya that saving the world is not participate in the 2012 Jamboree. that difficult. Everyone can do it!” - Ratchanat Sangsri, 23 years old 5
  6. 6. January 2011Singapore runs "Be A Smarter Cookie" will approach people with a joyful heart! AsWorkshop - developing the entrepreneurial seen from the video, we have to choose ourspirit attitude. If we choose to be moody while selling our cookies, people would naturally notFor the second year, be drawn to us. On the other hand, if we99 guides met at the choose to sell cookies with a big smile, peopleUSB Auditorium on would be able to sense our sincerity, which25 June 2011. In would lead to them buying our cookies!collaboration withUBS, this served as The second part of the workshop wasthe kick off for this brainstorming on ideas to engage the public toyears Cookie Project. sell cookies. There were many great ideas,More than just fund-raising, the Cookie Project which included having a ‘cookie mascot’ toserves as a platform to broaden the learning draw the attention of small children, who wouldexperience for our Guides. ask their parents toThe programme conducted by UBS executive purchase thetrainer Craig OBrien and his colleagues cookies. Another ideapresented the Cookie Project as a challenge was organizing afor the girls to think, plan and act beyond the fund raiser andexpected. Truly inspiring, the talk and setting up a Guidesworkshop involved videos and sharing, ending Cookie booth.with the girls presenting a marketing plan, Similarly, the cookiesshowcasing their innovation and creativity. could also be sold at shopping centres or at public areas to attract the public. Yet anotherJanice and Farah of Singapore Chinese Girls’ one was to sell the cookies individually, asSchool Guide Company wrote on their people sometimes do not want to buy theexperience “Both of us did not expect to have whole tin for fear of not being able to finish theso much fun at the Smarter Cookie Workshop. cookies. The idea that both of us thought ofInitially, we thought that this would just be a was selling the cookies during Open House. Itsession which would be conducted like a is observed that many parents do come forlecture. However, the whole programme Open House, and we can give them a samplesurprised us, and we are proud to say that we of the cookie. If they like the cookie, we canenjoyed it thoroughly! direct them to a booth to purchase cookies. Another idea we thought of was slightly moreThis workshop was an enriching experience farfetched, but we thought it might be feasiblefor both of us. It gave us new insights on how in the long run. We thought of buying Guidesto approach others to purchase our cookies cookies for school camps, instead of buyingand go about selling cookies. Not only that, we other biscuits. We felt that we would be killinghave also made many new friends and learnt two birds with one stone, by feeding ourselvesfrom their experiences on how they go about and at the same time, boosting cookie sales.getting cookie orders. Of course, we do realize that it would be far more expensive, but it is a step in the rightThe first part of the workshop was an direction!interactive lecture. The lecturers wereengaging and they captured our attention with We would like to thank the people of UBS whosome jokes occasionally, and tried to rouse came down to teach us and give us newthe audience’s participation by throwing a ball insights. We would also like to thank Girlto the crowd. The person who caught the ball Guides Singapore for organizing this enrichingwould have to express her opinion on certain workshop!”issues. They also used numerous videos tobring about the points that they wanted topresent. The most engaging video was one Goal 3 - The Voice of Girlsabout how people in a market place sold fish.Selling fish may seem to be a boring and and Young Womenmundane job but the people made their jobinteresting and they had tremendous fun doing Interview with Sandy Khor by Judy Harrisso. Similarly, selling cookies may seem like achore to us and we have an obligation to do so During her schooldays in Malaysia, Shi Fangevery year. Yet, we should come up with ideas (Sandy) Khor spent several years as ato make selling cookies interesting, so that we Brownie Guide (Pandu Puteri Tunas). Now 21 6
  7. 7. January 2011years old and studying thought it was such a big theme. I couldn’tin Adelaide, South imagine what the Guides could do to achieveAustralia, Sandy has such big goals. But after GAT Day, I can seerediscovered Guiding, that there are things that the girls can do everyand as she explains in day to help achieve the MDGs, and I can seethe interview below, she that it is achievable for the girls to contribute tois enjoying the chance the MDGs. I thought that GAT Day presentedto share its benefits things in a way that was simple for the girls towith a new generation understand, and they had a lot of fun at theof girls. same time.What did you learn as a Pakistan builds Green and goesBrownie in Malaysia? mainstreamDiscipline, independence and leadership skills,as I was a Patrol Leader back then. PASK Senior Guides Company organized an Environment and Sustainability Conference onWhy did you decide to join Guiding in 24 April 2011 at Agha Khan University,Australia? Karachi. The aim of the conference was toBecause Adelaide has been a great host to address the challenges in achieving ame during my studies, and I wanted to sustainable environment, the need for acontribute back to the community. I saw an healthy eco system and the use of naturaladvertisement at University asking for resources.volunteer Girl Guide leaders, and I thought it The Seniorwould be good to volunteer with an Guidesorganization that I am familiar with. Company organized theWhat do you see as the main differences conference asbetween Guiding in Malaysia and Australia? part of theirIn Malaysia, Guiding is school-based, so project.Guiding has more of a formal, schoolstructure. There is a more disciplined The conference was facilitated by manyatmosphere in Malaysia; I was astounded by eminent personalities from the corporate andthe energy and dynamic nature of the girls in entertainment world namely Mr. FarhadAustralia! Karamally, International management consultant, Ms. Mehreen Shoaib, foundingWhat do you see as the main similarities director at Navitus, Dr. Tahir Barlas, OHSEbetween Guiding in Malaysia and Australia? Consultant and Mr. Arshad Mehmood, singer/We have the same Guide Laws and motto, Director Programmes at National Academy ofdespite using different languages. We have Performing Arts in Pakistan.the same core values and aims, such as The key effort of all the speakers in thehelping people and empowering girls to be conference was to encourage and influenceconfident and independent members of the youth of the nation to make every littlesociety, and to give back to their communities. difference they can to create a more sustainable and ecologically balancedWhat have you learnt since joining Girl Guides environment around them. The conferenceAustralia? provided a splendid forum to discuss solutionsHeaps! I have learnt how to deal with young in achieving a healthy environment, reviewinggirls, including managing their behaviour and recent developments in national environmentaltheir energy levels. I have revised my skills laws and regulations and fostering a greatersuch as how to put up a tent, and I am understanding of the reorientation neededlearning a lot about how to organize activities within the educational structure to supportand events. I am also gaining the confidence sustainability. The programme was attendedto deal with people from different by Provincial Commissioner Sindh Girl Guidebackgrounds. Association, District Commissioner of the Ismaili District, District Trainers, Aga KhanYou recently participated in Girl Guides South Youth & Sports Board members and 32 youngAustralia’s GAT Day. What did you think leaders..about that?Before GAT Day, I attended a District meeting Speaking to the participants of the conference,when we were talking about the MDGs, and I Provincial Commissioner of the Pakistan Girl 7
  8. 8. January 2011Guides Association, Ms. Moeena Hidayatullah will be held at Tui Ridge, near Rotorua from 11said that “we should raise as much awareness – 13 February possible and intervene to protect ourenvironment”. At the end all guests took part in Tui 12 will feature a huge range of outdoora plantation activity, symbolizing the change activities including rock climbing, BMX andthat the conference had focused on. mountain bike rides, mud slides, kayaking and raft making. A highlight will be a jet boat ride and cultural experience along with a visitPhilippines celebrates “A day with Girl to a local thermal park. The seven day eventScouts with disabilities” is for members aged from 9 ½ to 14-years-old with a sub-camp for Rangers aged 13 to 18The Girl Scouts of the years.Philippines celebrated“A Day with Girl Rangers’ activities will include visiting theScouts with world famous Waitomo caves for anDisabilities” in underground adventure, a tramp at Lakecelebration of the 33rd Tarawera which features a water taxi trip to aNational Disability hot water beach, horse trekking and a raftingPrevention and Rehabilitation (NDPR) Week trip. There will also be an opportunity forwith the theme “Making the Rights Real for the Rangers to be creative as part of a two dayFilipinos with Disabilities” on 1 July 2011 at the workshop in performance and the artsGSP National Headquarters. including storytelling, theatre, movement and music.This event was attended by 254 Girl Scouts,Troop Leaders, Council Executives and Tui 12 is New Zealand’s climax to theCouncil Staff from the 15 Councils of Central, WAGGGS Centennial celebrations withNorthern and Southern Luzon Regions. The around 2300 girls attending Jamboree alongCentral Board Members, headed by its with 800 leaders, so it is a huge event toNational President Dr. Salud A. Bagalso, organize. The key theme is fun!National Program Committee Chairman Mrs.Susan R. Locsin and National Equipment Overseas visitors are a major part of makingService Committee Chairman Mrs. Yolanda C. jamborees an international event. At theHernandez showed total support. Christchurch Jamboree in 2008 girls andMa. Antonia Raissa Dawn Hernandez Laurel, leaders arrived from Australia, Fiji, Malaysia,law student from San Sebastian College and Cook Islands, Ireland, Papua New Guinea,victim of the September 2010 post-bar exam Philippines, Singapore, Solomon Islands andbombing, gave an inspirational talk. She Wales. We look forward to welcoming girlsencouraged the girls to keep their faith in God, and leaders from overseas to our Tui 12treat themselves special and believe that they Jamboree.can do something despite their disabilities.Circle of Friends Foundation, Inc. (COFFI), a Girl Guides Singaporeprivate organization that works toward the hosts Internationalempowerment of PWDs, promoted their Camp in 2012 toartworks for a cause. One member even celebrate Centenaryshared her experience as a young Girl Scout.The Mabuhay Shriners of the Philippines Girl Guides Singapore is delighted to invitemade a surprise donation of wheelchairs for girls aged 10 to 16 years and adult leaders toGSP beneficiaries. their International Camp in June 2012. Adult leaders who wish to join as activity crew areAn entertaining production number by the Girl also welcome!Scouts and an inter-active magic showcaptivated the audience and served as a treatfor the Girl Scouts. Date: 4 – 8 June 2012 Venue: Camp Christine, MOEEvents Adventure Centre and Sarimbun Campsite, SingaporeNew Zealand plans Jamboree for 2012 Fees : S$300 for Event FeePlanning is well and truly underway for The camp will focus on what girls want to doGirlGuiding New Zealand’s Jamboree, which and learn in camp, adventure, history, special 8
  9. 9. January 2011events, community service and environment. more information, please contact Jalilah unteer/sangamvolunteersJohar at Community Programme Join the Sangam CommunityFriends of Asia Pacific Programme! The dates for the 2012 season are 1 January-WAGGGS 23 March 2012 and 25 August- 10 November 2012. This 12We are pleased to inform you that FAPWHong Kong will celebrate its 10th Anniversary week programme offersCelebration from 30 October to 3 November participants the opportunity to2011 (Sunday to Thursday). We would like to volunteer with one ofinvite our friends to come and participate in Sangam’s Communityour celebration. The Hong Kong Girl Guides Partners while living in the supportiveAssociation will also be holding its 95th environment of Sangam World Centre in Pune,Anniversary Dinner on 1 November 2011 India. Visit our website for more information.(Tuesday) at Hong Kong Convention Centre and all participants are mmes/cp01invited to join this dinner. Scholarships are also available andIf you have any enquiries, please contact applications will be reviewed for maturity,Annette Chan via reliability, independence, self-motivation,Please note to send the forms to Miss Sarah flexibility, adaptability, commitment to serviceWong at and learning, openness to other cultures, and basic conversational English. MemberWe look forward to seeing you in Hong Kong. Organizations and WAGGGS Regional Directors may be contacted. Visit our website for more information.World Centres mmes/cp01/cp06Upcoming Events at SangamCelebrate Our Anniversary! Announcement Sangam World Centre is Appointment of new Regional Director, celebrating 45 years as a World Asia Pacific Region Centre 8 October 2011- 17 Ching Ching Wee-Ong has been October 2011! Celebrate the officially appointed to the centenary of International Girl position of Regional Guiding and Girl Scouting at Director of the Asia Sangams 45th birthday event and Pacific Region from 1 shape our traditions by looking at August 2011. WAGGGS isthe past, exploring current initiatives and the testing a new way of workfuture of our Movement. Be amazed by the with the Asia Pacific Regionincredible diversity of India through a real and Ching will be based inIndian birthday party! her home country, Perth, Western Australia20285 instead of the World Bureau.Sangam Volunteers Prior to this position, Ching worked asDo you want to live in India and experience the Development Executive for the Asia Pacificculture? Do you want to make friends with Girl Region for eight years. She brings with herGuides and Scouts from around the world? vast knowledge and experience about theWant to run programmes and sessions for Region and close working relationships with itsinternational participants while developing new Member Organizations.skills and abilities? Then you should apply tobe a volunteer at Sangam World Centre. In her new role as the Regional Director,Follow the link for the application and Ching will work closely with the Regionalreference forms. Applications are due by 31 Committee and Development Executives toDecember 2011. implement the regional strategic plan. She is responsible for the overall management of all 9
  10. 10. January 2011WAGGGS activities in the Asia Pacific Region by HE the President of theand for the development of quality Girl Republic of Finland. TheGuiding/Girl Scouting in the region. She also award was presented byworks closely with the Friends of Asia Pacific the Chargée d’Affaires ofWAGGGS (FAPW), the fundraising group of the Finnish Embassy inthe Region. Nepal on behalf of the President on 21 JuneWith her passion and love 2011.for our Movement, we areabsolutely confident that New Guidelines from the Asia Pacificin her new role she will Regioncontinue to work with theAsia Pacific Regional The following Guidelines of the Asia PacificCommittee and Asia Region have been reviewed and updatedPacific Member following the 42nd Asia Pacific RegionalOrganizations to further Committee Meeting in April 2011:strengthen Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting in the • Asia Pacific Leadership AwardsAsia Pacific Region and take us to greater • Region Appreciation Awardsheights. • AP Link News • AP Resource PoolChing writes "I am honoured by the confidence • Co-hosting Jamborees and otherand trust that the Asia Pacific Committee and eventsthe Member Organizations of the Asia Pacific • GrantsRegion have shown towards me. I am • Project 3Lcommitted to ensure that Girl Guiding and Girl • Friends of Asia Pacific WAGGGSScouting continue to meet the needs of the (FAPW) Terms of Referencegirls and young women in the Region to • Friends of Asia Pacific WAGGGSenable them to meet the challenges of the (FAPW) Membership Incentivefuture.” The Guidelines are available for download atChing can be contacted at to Sarah Walker Take Action! WAGGGS‘ campaignSarah Walker, Global Operations Officer will to end violencebe leaving WAGGGS on 16 September 2011. against girls wasSarah has a science background and has recently launched atdecided to return to university to study for a the 34th WorldPhD. She has really enjoyed working for Conference inWAGGGS and the Asia Pacific Region and Edinburgh, Scotland.feels very fortunate to have worked in such adiverse organization. She intends to continueher involvement in Guiding as a group leader We want to build a whisper to a shout towhen she moves and will keep updated on inspire change around the world. Add yourwhat is set to be a busy and exciting time voice to the conversation in order to speak outahead for WAGGGS. The Asia Pacific Region for girls’ rights.thanks Sarah for her support to the Regionover the last year and a half and wishes her all Take action today by visiting:the best on her course. olenceChief Commissioner of Nepal receivesNational Award of FinlandNepal Scouts are pleased and highly honoredthat their Chief Commissioner Mr. Shree Ram We would like to take theLamichane has been officially awarded the opportunity to wish all Muslimprestigious National Award (Knight, Fist Class members and friendsof the Order of the Lion of Finland) of Finland “Eid Mubarak” 10