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The better start cr201006 0008 on values workshop-wide

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The better start cr201006 0008 on values workshop-wide

  1. 1. A Rotary Club of Bukit Kiara Sunrise Project                                                                                                                                        Communication from the REF  CR 201006-0008 June 2010 Unlocking Potential through Values Two-day values education workshop for youths to build a better future opened by club president Frances Po Yih Ming. Values Education is part of a four-pronged initiative of the club’s Education Fund. Together with the other three prongs, namely Education Assistance Awards (for financial assistance), Youth Mentorship and Leadership Training, the present workshop makes up a holistic approach by the club towards the development of youths in the community. The VEW is a programme designed for students to discover who they are and to appreciate how values can unlock their potential. The workshop organized by the Rotary club brought students of all ethnic   backgrounds together. Besides developing potential, the workshop provided students with the benefit of “You must be the change interacting with communities other than their own and you wish to see in the world.” the opportunity of discovering the important reality that deep down everyone is not different, thus helping them Mohandas Gandhi build self-esteem, self-confidence along with promoting unity. Students participating in the workshop were The world should be a better place to live. It cannot be encouraged to recognize this as an opportunity for self denied that there is presently too much pollution, discovery, developing self belief and self improvement. violence, crime and poverty. One way of creating a better With the lessons learnt from the workshop, they would world is for each one of us to work for self-transformation be better equipped to make their life dreams real. because self-transformation on the part of everyone will bring about world transformation – A Better World. In The workshop was a follow-on from a 4D/3N Youth order to succeed however, such self-transformation must Leadership Camp organized earlier in March this year be based on playing the game of life by observing the rules of the game so that we don’t spoil the game for our self and for others. The rules of the game are what is known as “Values” or “Virtues”. And so, “Values Education” is simply learning the rules of the game of life. In support of youth development in the community, the Rotary Club of Bukit Kiara Sunrise through its Education Fund (REF) held a 2-day Values Education Workshop (VEW) from 8-9 June 2010. The workshop was officially “…discovering the important reality that deep down everyone is not different, thus helping the students   build self-esteem, self-confidence President Frances and Principal Mr Ong along with promoting unity.” (2nd and 3rd from left) at the workshop launch
  2. 2. and the Rotary Club, guest speakers included Ms Freda Liu from BFM radio station, surgeon Dr Hitendra Doshi from the National University of Singapore, scholarship student Ms Kong Phui Yee from Mahindra World College and Mr M Saravanan from British Telecom whose participation in the programme contributed to the success of the workshop. Specifically, some of the topics covered at the workshop included:  What are Values  Why are Values Important  The 5 Principal Human Values  How to Practice Values in Our Lives    Values in Action Mr Shankar of EQTD stressing a point to the students  Using Values to Achieve for the same group of students. The main objectives of both the camp and the workshop were to equip students There is a multitude of values and it is necessary to of age 15-19 with positive values and to improve their identify the ones that are important to us because our overall performance in school. Besides these, the values define who we are. Values are one's judgments objectives of the workshop included to: about what is important in life and they help us see things clearly. They govern all that we think, say or do  Learn what values are – they form our “system of beliefs” that guides our  Appreciate why values are needed actions. Values are quality conducts and behaviours.  Establish which values are important  Understand how values can unlock potential No man is an island. We do not exist independently but are interconnected to and interdependent on one The 2-day workshop was attended by about fifty students another as part of a whole symbiotic ecological system selected mainly from SMK Sri Permata in Petaling Jaya and therefore in the well being of all lies our own and was held at the school hall. The workshop was complete well being. The students were taught that we sponsored by the CIMB Foundation and conducted by are all meant for a higher purpose, a purpose beyond professional corporate trainers EQ Training and just self, with a regard for others. Only when we realize Development (EQTD). The Rotary club and the trainers this, will we be able to see clearly, fully develop our will continue to follow-up with the principal and teachers potential and lead a truly fulfilled and meaningful life. of the school after the workshop to assess student progress and recommend remedial/corrective actions if Generally, good values or “noble values” are those that necessary. are related to selflessness and compassion towards others. The students were taught that noble values are The main theme for the workshop was “Unlocking needed not just to create a better life for our self but to Potential through Values”. Besides trainers from EQTD create a better life for all – a Better World.     Students paying close attention at the workshop Group discussion on what are the important values
  3. 3. EQTD shared the concept of looking at values from the Peace, Love and Non-Violence. Life is then Five Principal Human Values point of view. In this model, characterized as a tree on which we grow these major all the major noble life values are organized and values as fruits (see diagram below) to build a good rationalized into the main values of Truth, Right Conduct, future.     The Values Tree Active participation at the workshop REF Leadership Training Programme (LTP) and the  Run the same group of students through both REF Values Education Programme (VEP) programmes at different intervals/term breaks The LTP and the VEP are two of the four prongs of the so that the effectiveness of both programmes REF. The objective of the LTP and the VEP is to equip can be measured clearly secondary school students of age 15-19 from lower income families with leadership skills and positive Beneficiaries universal values with the underlying objective of  Total 50 students preferably from the same improving their overall school performance. The LTP is school designed to develop leadership and team building skills. It  From lower income families is typically a camp style programme which provides  Students who are evaluated by the teacher to participants with experiential learning opportunities. The have the attitude/ability to improve VEP is a workshop developed to teach universal life  Currently under performing students values such as Self-confidence, Honesty, Responsibility,  Racially diverse composition Compassion and Humility. Some Topics Covered in the Leadership Camp Goals of the Programme  Team Leadership and Personal Dynamics  Improve student’s willingness to participate in all  Test of an Educated Person school and class room activities  Team Power  Improve academic results by 10-15% Improve  Skills and Knowledge Power other qualitative comments by teachers in report  Jungle Trekking and Survivor Skills cards  The Professional Approach with Studies  Mind Power Programme Components  Visioning  A 4-day 3-night leadership training camp conducted by professionals Some Topics Covered in the Values Workshop  A 2-day values education workshop conducted by  What are Values professionals  How to Practice Values in Our Lives  Follow-up with principal and teacher to assess  Values in Action student progress and take remedial/corrective  Inspiring World Leaders actions if necessary  The Meaning of Truth and Peace  The Meaning of Love and Non-Violence  Malaysian Values
  4. 4. Besides listening to talks and lectures, students were “The right values – noble ones – required at the workshop to participate over the two days in group discussions, flip-chart presentations and short help us acquire the tools to unlock staged plays to help them realize the important concepts. our potential and build a better Through these activities, the students were encouraged to ponder about their purpose in life. Once they could world, while always staying establish or make a start at discovering this, they would anchored on our purpose.” be able to see a clearer path to achieving their dreams. In order to do that, they were given a clear explanation of what values are and which ones could help them discover consequence, but rather it was about being true to their purpose. The right values – noble ones – help us one’s purpose, being aware of one’s goals and acquire the tools to unlock our potential and build a better working hard to achieve them. world, while always staying anchored on our purpose. In today’s open society, there are a multitude of both positive and negative influences. It is impossible to shield any youth from all the negative influences without at the same time filtering out some of the positive ones along with it. The only solution is to expose the young person progressively to the influences of life and at the same time build in him/her a strong value system. This is the only protection a young person can realistically hope to have from today’s negative influences. Through the workshop the students discovered that the elements of a noble value system are common for all of us, one that is based on truth, love and selflessness. With a clear understanding of values and why they are needed, it is hoped the students will have   a better start to a better life and will build a better Why values are important world. These so-called “universal human values” remain unchanging over time. In the end, they learned While opportunities can be provided for them to grow, that while Gandhi’s words implored that we must be more than any other aspect, the workshop was about the change we wish to see in the world, such change awakening the students to their responsibility for their can only be positive if it were grounded on good own future. Here, it was not only about getting good values…“We should open our arms to change but we grades for exams, although this would be a natural must never let go of noble values.”   CIMB Foundation’s Elizabeth Liew being acknowledged by Rotarian Alvin Tan presenting the certificate of REF Chairman Dr YL Yee attendance to a participant The RCBKS Education Fund was officially launched on 14Nov2009 as a project of the Rotary Club of Bukit Kiara Sunrise. The objective of the fund is to support the development of youths of age 15-19 from lower income families, who desire to “help themselves” become useful members of society, by providing them with education opportunities, leadership training, values education and mentorship, putting them on the start of the road to a better life. For more information contact