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Asia Pacific Link News - September 2012


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The official newsletter of the Asia Pacific (AP) Region of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS), published three times a year.

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Asia Pacific Link News - September 2012

  1. 1. Asia Pacific Region Members Took Part in Professional Fundraising Workshop individuals, grants, strategy and governance, and communications and advocacy. The Opening speech by Jack Sim (from Singapore) of World Toilet Organization was extremely inspiring. The World Toilet Organization has been enabling people from many parts of the world who still lack toilet and sanitary facilities to have these facilities. Jack Sim linked the work of his organization to child health and safety. Participants were likewise inspired by the Closing Keynote Address delivered by HRH Princess Azizah Iskandar, President of the Tunku Azizah Fertility Foundation (TAFF). HRH Princess Azizah sharedWAGGGS Asia Pacific Region was represented by 20 about her work in TAFF, a charity which providesmembers out of a total of 120 delegates who attended financial assistance to needy infertile couples to helpthe International Workshop on Resource Mobilisation them realize their dream of having children. The(IWRM) Asia in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 3 to 6 WAGGGS-AP delegation was delighted to meet HRHJuly 2012. The IWRM Asia is an annual event Princess Azizah who is also a passionate Girl Guideorganized by the Resource Alliance, a UK-based and the Patron of the Friends of Asia Pacificinternational NGO which has extensive experience in WAGGGS (FAPW), the fundraising section of the Asiaoffering training and resources in building capacity for Pacific Region of WAGGGS.fundraising and resource mobilization.From the 20 members of the AP delegation, ten spentan extra day before the main event to attend Masterclasses on four important topics “Success in movingyour organization from Mission to Money”, “Inspiringsupport for DRTV and film”, Ready for the FundraisingRevolution”, and “Fundraising Strategy andGovernance”.During the main event, participants had the opportunityto attend eight rounds of workshops delivered byexperienced speakers from both the corporate andnon-profit sectors from India, United Kingdom, France,Australia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand andMalaysia. The workshops were divided into different This is the first time that the Asia Pacific Regiontracks such as general fundraising, corporates, outsourced a capacity building event to an external organization. After the IWRM Asia, the Asia Pacific 9 October 2012~09:38~MM W:Asia PacificPublication and PromotionAP Link News2012SeptemberAsia Pacific Link News September 2012 final.doc
  2. 2. September 2012Region hosted a one-day workshop to debrief and of Australian Girl Guides.discuss plans for the future. The facilitators’ team did a There has been little changequick survey with the participants and learned that to the wording of themost of the participants found the knowledge gained Australian Promise sincefrom IWRM Asia as useful and applicable in their 1969. However, since then,Member Organizations and that they are confident in GGA has seen greatdelivering the learnings to their respective Member changes in the roles ofOrganizations. women in Australian society and an increase inThe participants from Asia Pacific Region would also multiculturalism in thelike to thank Girl Guides Association Malaysia for country. These changes alsohosting us to dinner on 6 July and providing us the include the way girls andopportunity to interact with Board members, leaders women want to express their commitment to Girland Brownie Guides. Guiding through the Promise and Law. One of the key policies of WAGGGS is that each Read what the IWRM Participants had to say: Member Organization identifies and establishes its own set of values, related to the Law and that are applicable to its individual national situation. The fundamental elements of self-development, spirituality “I had some knowledge and experience gained from and commitment to community are constant, but the my profession but what I learned from the three days way they are presented and the relative importance here not only updated my knowledge, but much more given to them may change over time. than that. I’m fully confident to lead in our fundraising strategy. I really appreciated this seminar which The extensive review has taken place over the last 18 offered much more than my expectation.” months. A committee of six Australian Girl Guide - Chihiro Kawai, Girl Scouts of Japan Leaders was appointed to coordinate the review. These women represented a variety of Girl Guiding backgrounds and ages and all had participated at a national level within the organization. Two of the “Thank you to WAGGGS and the Asia Pacific Region committee members are under 30 years old. for bringing us to this high class conference. I felt very blessed to be the only participant from the Pacific The review started with an education process to explain the meaning of the Essences of the Promise Nations Member Organizations to attend this event.” and Law, which were laid down by WAGGGS at the - Tai Bolabasaga, Fiji Girl Guides World Conference in 1972. This process was followed by surveys for Youth and Adult members and the wider Australian community. It was very encouraging to see a large proportion of the membership engage “Participating in this external event enabled us not to with the process and embrace technology like only think about Girl Guiding and the webinars. programme/training and that fundraising is everyone’s responsibility. Thank you to AP Region for recognizing The committee worked with a skilled writer to draft a this topic as an important issue of the Member Promise and Law that reflected the values represented Organizations.” in the surveys. The writer is an expert in girls - Niumaath Shafeeg, Maldives Girl education between the ages of 5 and 18 and Guides Association conducted thorough research into WAGGGS history and policy to complete the task. The draft was launched using a webinar to ensure all members keen to participate could be involved. Members provided extensive feedback using an online survey tool. Slight modifications were made before finalization to ensure that the Promise and Law accurately expresses the values held by Australian Girl Guides.Girl Guides Australia - Empowering a New The Promise and Law are the codes by which we liveGeneration our lives. This personal commitment and spiritual journey is an essential part of Girl Guiding. GirlGirl Guides Australia (GGA) has updated the wording Guides Australia is confident that this wording of theof its Promise and Law to empower a new generation Promise and Law will be more relevant, meaningful, 2
  3. 3. September 2012empowering, inclusive and will better reflect its diverse ask people to support our efforts. It’s important for usGirl Guiding communities. to let them see our cause, that we are really doing something”, said Tek Mohamad, GGAM Deputy ChiefThe Promise and Law was launched by sending every Commissioner.Girl Guide member a postcard with the new words anda media launch that was picked up by the world media. GGAM Chief Commissioner YBhg Datin Seri HajahGirl Guides became a talking point in many Zalillah Bte Mohd Taib closed the one day conference.communities which has led to an increase in “The conference provides opportunities for Girl Guidesmembership enquiries. to discover their potential through collaborative effort, fun and friendship. The environmental element reminds us to strive our best in saving and preserving mother nature,” she said. Girl Guides Australia Promise and Law Delegates and 50 Queen’s Guides visited the Matang Promise: Mangrove Forest Reserve & Eco Learning Centre, one I promise that I will do my best of the best managed tracts of To be true to myself and develop my beliefs mangrove forest in the world with To serve my community and Australia an area of more than 40,000 And live by the Guide Law. hectares. After listening to a talk on how the mangrove ecosystem Guide Law: functions, they learned about As a Guide I will strive to: nature and environmental  Respect myself and others sustainability first-hand by  Be considerate, honest and trustworthy planting 300 mangrove saplings,  Be friendly to others taking a tour by boat of the  Make choices for a better world mangrove forest and taking a  Use my time and abilities wisely guided excursion to see how  Be thoughtful and optimistic freshly cut trees are stacked and loaded into large  Live with courage and strength baking kilns to produce charcoal. “It was really fun, stepping in the mud and planting theGirl Guides Malaysia Strengthen the Spirit of saplings. I feel proud for what I did as it’s reallyVolunteerism in Environment and Community- important for nature. This is a very meaningful activityEngaged Initiatives as it reminds us to take care of our environment. Mangrove trees can reduce erosion and also theGirl Guides Association Malaysia (GGAM) Perak impact of any natural disaster”, said Ivy Lee, 27.Branch headed by its President DYAM Raja PuanMuda Perak Raja Nor Mahani Binti Raja Haji ShaharShah organized the National Organization Annual GirlGuiding New Zealand Keeping Girls Safe andConference for 200 Commissioners and Guiders Secure Onlinerepresenting the 17 branches in the country on 27 May2012 in Ipoh. This year, the conference focused on GirlGuiding New Zealand has formed a partnershipstrengthening the spirit of volunteerism for a with non-profit organization NetSafe to develop a newsustainable environment. NetSafe Digital Citizen badge.In line with the World Thinking Day 2012 theme “We The badge gives girls thecan save our planet’ and UN Millennium Development opportunity to explore andGoal (MDG) 7: Ensuring Environmental Sustainability, learn about many aspects ofa series of talks by a team of accomplished speakers the online world with simplefrom the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia was and fun activities.conducted, followed by a workshop “It is part of our role as leaders “The conference was an and as an organization to keep opportunity to share our girls as safe as possible, no matter what activity and discuss a wide they are involved in,” says Sonia Faulkner, GirlGuiding range of issues with New Zealand’s National President. other Commissioners from around the country. It is difficult to 3
  4. 4. September 2012“Girls use computers and smart phones every day and Hidalgo Lim Auditorium; the election on 26 May of thewe need to make sure they are aware of the security new Central Board Members-at-Large and the GSPand safety risks and what they can do to prevent this.” officers; and, also on 26 May the celebration of the nd GSP’s 72 founding anniversary at the Manila Hotel.GirlGuiding New Zealand is currently piloting theprogramme with Brownies from the Eden District. Department of Education Secretary Bro. Armin A. Luistro, FSC, was the Guest of Honor and Keynote“The learning materials and activities included in this Speaker. His inspiring extemporaneous message wasguide will help Girl Guiding leaders learn about core an outpouring of confidence and full support to thecomputer safety and security areas and prepare girls organization for the relevant programs it provides toand their families for the online environment,” says Filipino girls and young women which complement theSonia. basic educational curriculum offered by the State. The best part of Sec. Luistro’s message was hisScouts New Zealand are also trialling the NetSafe commitment to promote and protect GSP as a single-Digital Citizen badge. gender organization, believing that girls have unique needs, potentials, and capabilities.“We believe the boundaries between offline and onlinespaces are reduced for young children who don’t know WAGGGS Asia Pacific Regional Chairman Ms. Lowa time before the internet and so it’s important that Lih Jeng graced the event and spoke abouttraditional ‘good citizen’ values be practiced online too WAGGGS’s Vision 2020, with the theme, “Vision 2020:– by respecting yourself and others, standing together Focus, Lead, Change,” which is its new challenge foras a community and understanding the responsibilities the Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting movement aroundthat come with the benefits of internet access,” says the world: “All girls and young women are valued andChris Hails, Cyber safety and Security Consultant of take action to change the world.” Two goals to helpNetSafe. achieve WAGGGS’s mission were specified: one is providing girls with more opportunities to grow andA range of fun offline and online activities need to be lead; and another is empowering them to be agents ofcompleted before the girls receive their NetSafe Digital change in the world.Citizen Badge. These include learning about protectingyourself online, writing a family contract for using Philippine President Benigno Simeon C. Aquino IIIcomputers and digital devices, choosing a strong greeted the Girl Scout delegates with his videopassword and creating an online cyber security comic. message. WAGGGS World Board Chairman Nadine El Achy also sent her video message. NetSafe also has advice for parents to help keep On the second day of the convention, the National their daughters safe and Council delegates voted for the new 15 Members-at- secure while using the Large. The elections during this Convention was also internet and other online historic, it being GSP’s first automated election, the services: Use the latest success of which was made possible by enormous operating system; Use a planning, hard work, and great luck. firewall; Use anti-virussoftware; Set your computer to automatically update As the conventionall of the above; Use a strong password; Back up data ushered in a newregularly. triennium, the new Central Board of theGirl Scouts of the Philippines Holds 22nd National GSP promisesCouncil Convention innovation in its program, so that The Girl Scouts of more lives will be the Philippines transformed through successfully held Girl Scouting! its 22nd National Council Convention from 25 to 27 May 2012 at the Traders Hotel Manila.Highlighting the event were the Opening Ceremoniesheld on 25 May at the newly-refurbished GSP Pilar 4
  5. 5. September 2012 The meeting ended with a common idea of the strategy to strengthen and revitalize the organization. Everybody agreed to make full use of their potential and reflect this in future management. Girl Scouts of Korea Develop GS-LDP AwardAustralia Trainers Gather for a Training TREAT The Girl Scouts of Korea developed the GS-LDPIt was a treat to have 49 trainers from all states of Award, which focuses onAustralia gathered in Sydney to participate in the needs of Korean girls.TREAT12 (Technology, Resources, Evaluation,Analysis, Transformation, 1 weekend, 2gether) – a There are three areastraining for Australian trainers. covered in the GS-LDP Award: Discover,One of the highlights of the weekend was the focus on Development and Taketechnology, its place in training, and the potential to Action. “Discover” promotes better awareness on theengage more learners more easily. Trainers were concept of the leader, her values and potentialtreated to activities at a local school with some development. On the other hand, the “Development”Geocaching (using a GPS to locate hidden articles), area deals with communication, teamwork,Facebook Facts and a lesson in Green Screen movie harmonizing and innovation. If girls complete at leastfilming and editing. one activity of the Discover and Development areas and accomplish an activity in the “Take Action” area,A technology workshop using w wide range of they can receive a GS-LDP pin and programs, phone apps and websitesenabled everyone to try something that appealed to Through the activities, the girls are able to discoverthem and have the time to explore – a treat in itself! their leadership potentials. The activities also promote self-esteem. The girls are expected to contribute toEach patrol randomly chose (via dice shaking phone make the better world by taking action to change theirapps or other technological means) a training session local community with others in an effective present, and two technology items or programs thathad to be used in presenting the session. Of course, Pakistan Runs Summer Training Programmetechnology costs money and patrols had to earn their‘money’ finding geocaches, solving computer puzzles The Pakistan Girl Guide Association-Punjab Branchetc and purchasing items or professional assistance organized a Summer Training Programme for Seniorfrom “The Whiz”. With lots of frantic activity, bartering Guides of Punjab from 6 June to 6 July 2012 at theand even a bribe or two with special treats, each patrol Provincial Headquarters in Lahore. The objective ofproduced amazing results and we were treated to this training was capacity building of Senior Guides.fantastic sessions that exceeded our expectations! Resource Persons from different Government and Non-Government Organizations shared strategies toThe other hot topics were the Learning and achieve the target of women empowerment. 80 SeniorDevelopment Review that Girl Guides Australia is Girl Guides participated from different colleges ofundertaking and Managing Change. It was a treat to Punjab.hear the review results, analysis andrecommendations and to begin work on making During thechanges. programme, Girl Guides had theRegenerating Girl Scouts of Japan (GSJ) to be aPowerful Organization opportunity to experience group work, learn usefulOn 14 July 2012 a training was held for the secretarial skills, developstaff members under the guidance of the Staff leadership qualities,Reformation Working Group Members, International run a mediaCommissioner Minori Yuda and Board Member Chihiro campaign, learn floral decorations, gainKawai. entrepreneurial skills, raise awareness about drug abuse prevention, learn vocational skills, campingThe staff training course reinforced both the skills and to know more about different issues relatedimportance of following WAGGGS guidelines as part to women’s empowerment in Pakistan.of its mission and vision, and a deeper awareness ofstrategies towards the achievement of GSJ’s goals. 5
  6. 6. September 2012Thai Girl Guides at Girls World Forum 2012 Brownie Girl Scouts and their parents participated in Two Girl Guides from exciting games such as “ the Girl Guides (Girl Standing like Elegant Scouts) of Thailand Flamingo”, Field Hockey and were represented at discus throwing. the Girls’ World Forum from 12 to 16 July Before the competition, 2012 in Chicago. The everyone did a warming-upThai delegation was accompanied by their chaperone, exercise called “JapanThamonwan Na Nakara, who attended the Young Swimming warming-upWomen’s World Forum 2010 in England. The Forum exercise”.focused on the UN Millennium Development Goals(MDGs) comprising MDG1 “Eradicate poverty and Even fathers participated inhunger”, MDG3 “Gender equality” and MDG7 the Field Hockey competition, playing with a milk“Environmental sustainability”. Girl Guides and Girl carton shaped like a quadratic prism, and being hardScouts from around the world met to find solutions by to handle, the game became quite exciting.sharing, brainstorming, and learning from each other. The games were simple and easy to join in and“On the first day, I was very proud of myself to carry everyone enjoyed playing country’s flag at the opening ceremony. It’s an Finally, all participants received a special Olympicawesome experience. Thank you for giving this medal made by leaders.opportunity which makes me more of a leader” writesPinyada Thongrom. The project was held shortly before the Olympic Games in London.Napassorn Wattanasiri notes: “On the internationalnight, we dressed in Thai traditional costume. Girl Scouts of Japan Create New PR imageEverybody was interested in the Thai culture andasked to take photos with us. It was fantastic to see On transiting from an Incorporated Association to apeople from many countries wearing their national Public Interest Incorporated Association, the Girldresses. We had a great time there. Not only did we Scouts of Japan created a new PR image. Theirgain experiences, but it was friendship in a world of the tagline, "生きるが育つ。ガールスカウト (Living isnew generation of volunteers!” Growing – Girl Scouts)" gives a fascinating and worldwide Girl Scouting impression to the society.Thamonwan Na Nakara states: "It was such an honour Following this, GSJ carried out a complete reform onto have the opportunity to represent my country and the design of their PR image. The Girl Scouts of Japanmy Member Organization again in WAGGGS and was also featured both in a Financial BusinessGSUSAs event in chaperoning the two girls. I Magazine and also the Life Style Magazine.sometimes think they mirror myself two years agowhen I was at the YWWF2010. In collaboration with the Ministry of the Environment, they inserted the new GSJ logo on the poster of“The resources and discussions we had there are very “Precure All Stars”, an animated film popular amonguseful and sent very important messages to young nursery and elementary school students. They alsowomen and girls around the world that something had close cooperation with other organizations andneeds to be done in order to make this planet a better companies and took part of the “London 2012 Livingplace for them." Clock Countdown” organized by the United Kingdoms International Organization for Cultural Relation and Educational Opportunities. Girl Scouts of Korea Provide Scholarship for Leaders and Persons with Special Needs Girl Scouts of Korea (GSK) provided Imdang Scholarship for nine Girl Scouts with special needs in June 2012. The Imdang Scholarship was establishedJapan Takes Part in the Games Go Global Badge in 1990 by MoonHee Kim, former National President of Girl Scouts of Korea, with the aim of encouraging theTroop 3 of Chiba Council undertook the programme for girls with special needs to have positive attitudes andthe Games Go Global Badge at the Funabashi Youth overcome their own handicap through Girl Scouting.Camp Centre on 1 July 2012. 6
  7. 7. September 2012In total, 340 students have received the scholarship Pakistan Runs Seminar on Violence againstsince its beginning. In addition, GSK provided Yebin Womenscholarship for two young troop leaders in April 2012.The Yebin scholarship was established in 1996 by A seminar on “ViolenceJuseon Byun, former National President of Girl Scouts against Women” wasof Korea, with the aim of encouraging leaders to have organized by the Pakistaninternational experiences for self-development. 80 Girl Guides Association-leaders have received the scholarship since its Punjab Branch on 16 June,launching. 2012. The aim of the seminar was to informRenovation of Girl Scouts of Korea National young girls on violenceHeadquarters Building against women, its forms, practices, factors, itsThe Girl Scouts of Korea National Headquarters perpetuators, laws protecting women and their rightsbuilding was entirely renovated to improve their image and status of women in a modern and dynamic movement in society andinstill the sense of pride into their members. It has Dr. Ismat Laghari briefed about the issue of violencebeen 43 years since the building was built. The against women in an Asian society. SHO (women)ceremony to celebrate the completion of renovation Miss. Bushra Aziz shared her professionalwas held on 27 April and attended by 60 people experiences of different cases related to the violenceincluding donors and Girl Scout leaders. against women. Mr. Waqas Qadeer Dar elaborated on the legal status and laws related to women, and saidQueen of Malaysia launches Two GGAM-WAGGGS that the basic reason of women discrimination andCentenary Commemorative Coins violence in our society is lack of awareness among women about their rights given by the laws. In conjunction with the Centenary of Pakistan Holds Training Workshop on Drug Abuse Girl Guiding and Prevention Girl Scouting, Bank Negara Malaysia The Pakistan Girl Guides (Central Bank of Association organized a Malaysia) issued one-day training two workshop on “Drug Abusecommemorative coins. They were launched by the Girl Prevention” on 29 JuneGuides Association Malaysia (GGAM) Royal Patron 2012. The reasons forHer Majesty The Raja Permaisuri Agong Tuanku drug addiction wereHajah Haminah on 29 May 2012 at Kinta Riverfront discussed and its dreadfulHotel and Suites, Ipoh. She also officiated the opening effects were also revealed to the younger generation.of the association’s annual general meeting. The event The guest speakers shared that use of tobacco is thewas hosted by GGAM Perak Branch. first step towards the use of drugs. Senior Guide participants expressed that this type of workshopEarlier in the morning, Her Majesty The Raja responded to today’s needs to provide the youngerPermaisuri Agong Tuanku Hajah Haminah and 200 generation with information regarding importantGirl Guides released 100,000 fish fry of three different issues.species into the Kinta River in conjunction with thelaunching of the Girl Guides theme `We can save our Girl Scouts of Philippines pay tribute to Girlplanet’. She then led the planting of six Bucida Molineti Scouts with Special Needs(Pokok Doa) trees along the river bank. Present were thGGAM President YABhg. Datin Paduka Seri Rosmah In observance of the 34 National Disability PreventionMansor who is also the wife of the Prime Minister of and Rehabilitation (NDPR) Week from 17 to 23 JulyMalaysia, GGAM Deputy President DYAM Raja Puan 2012 with the theme “Mainstreaming Persons withMuda Perak Raja Nor Mahani Binti Raja Haji Shahar Disabilities in Economic Development”, the Girl ScoutsShah and GGAM National Chief Commissioner YBhg of the Philippines paid tribute to Girl Scouts withDatin Seri Zalillah Mohd Taib. disabilities. The half-day event was attended by 285 Junior, Senior and Cadet Girl Scouts, Troop Leaders,The Queen later presented 29 Asia Pacific Leadership Regional and Council Staff from Northern Luzon,Awards to adult leaders in recognition of their Central Luzon and Southern Luzon Regions. Girlachievement in the association and the Queen’s Scouts from different councils performed variousGuides awards to 50 Ranger Guides. intermission numbers to the delight of the audience. 7
  8. 8. September 2012 Ms. Maricel S. Apatan, a former strategy to further develop FAPW and to increase Girl Scout and a Josefa Llanes funding for the Asia Pacific Region. The three new Escoda Golden Heart Awardee, categories are Crystal for children under 18 years old who is now a Pastry Chef at at a membership donation of GBP40, Titanium EDSA Shangri-la Hotel, was the category for membership donation of GBP500 and Guest Speaker. At a young age, Platinum category for membership donation of GBP she experienced hardship in life 700. yet remained strong and Level Donation (GBP) determined in achieving her Crystal 40 dreams. Her disability (loss of two Silver 80 hands) did not stop her in Gold 200pursuing her goal. She serves as an inspiration to all. Diamond 300She encouraged the Girl Scouts to continue dreaming Titanium 500and to reach for their goals despite adversities in life. Platinum 700 Major Donor 1,000Gespie, Girl Scouts of Philippines’ mascot, provided The decision was made at a two-day meeting of theextra fun as she made a surprise appearance and FAPW Working Group held in Kuala Lumpur,performed a dance number with the girls. Malaysia. The meeting held on 13 to 14 June 2012 was attended by the six members of the FAPWThailand Receives Excellence Award Working Group, three members from the Asia Pacific Regional (APR) Committee and Dr Juseon Byun, On the occasion of the 10th Founder of FAPW. Anniversary of Thai Women’s Day (1 August Among other strategies of the FAPW are to work with 2012) a project submitted to the corporate, high network individuals, legacies and the National Council of to enhance marketing and public relations activities. Women of Thailand (NCWT) received the Excellence The FAPW is the Award. fundraising arm of the Asia Pacific Region ofThe project was carried out by the Girl Guides (Girl WAGGGS. The fundsScouts) Association of Thailand GGAT-Northern raised are used toTraining Center working to help the under-privileged in support capacitythe rural, remote areas in the northern province of building activities forChiang Rai. The selection criteria for the award girls and young womenincluded projects which benefited the community are in the Asia Pacificongoing and sustainable and involve networking. Region. Currently, the FAPW has 1,616 members fromAssociate Professor Dr. Wadee Kheourai, President of 24 countries, including several countries from outsideGGAT received the Exemplary Award Certificate from the Asia Pacific Region. Since its inception in 1999,President of NCWT and also a plaque from HRH the FAPW has raised a total of GBP600,000 and fundsPrincess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, who represented raised has supported many girls and young womenHer Majesty the Queen of Thailand. from the Region to attend regional and global training and capacity building activities, as well as life skills projects including 19 “3L Projects” (life-long-learning) since 2005. Everyone is welcomed to be a member of the FAPW with a minimum donation of GBP80 for adults above 18 years old and GBP40 for children under 18 years old. The membership donation is a one-time paymentFriends of Asia Pacific and provides life membership to the FAPW. However, members are encouraged to upgrade theirWAGGGS membership by increasing their donations from time to time. Crystal membership will cease when the memberNew Membership Categories Introduced for reaches 18 years old, therefore Crystal members areFriends Asia Pacific WAGGGS encouraged to pledge for other categories of membership upon reaching 18 years old.Friends of Asia Pacific WAGGGS (FAPW) introducedthree new categories of membership as part of their For more information about the FAPW, please visit here 8
  9. 9. September 2012 (wayang kulit) and flash mob. Outside the banquetAsia Pacific Region Welcomes New Young Donors hall, the girls set up several stations selling products they made such as patches, button badges, wrist The Friends of Asia Pacific bands and cupcakes. WAGGGS (FAPW) welcomed the first group of Celeste Chew, a Junior Guide who was part of the Crystal members at the planning team of the dinner said “Guiding has given “Girls Go Green” Dinner in girls like me the opportunity to play a role in saving the Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on world’s environment.” 15 June 2012. The dinner was hosted by Brownie As part of the “green” theme, girls from the two Guides of Bukit Damansara schools also took part in the “100 Tree Quilt Project”Primary School and Junior Guides of Seri Hartamas where each girl sewed a patch with symbol of a “tree”Secondary School in conjunction with the 10th from their point of view and the 100 patches wereAnniversary Celebrations of the FAPW Malaysia. joined up to be a quilt. The quilt was auctioned at the dinner and HRH Princess Azizah Iskandar placed theIt was a historical moment as HRH Princess Azizah winning bid at RM 5100. Money raised from theIskandar, Patron of the FAPW presented membership auction will be used to support activities of the Browniepins and certificates to 28 girls who pledged as Crystal Guides and Junior Guides of the two schools.members, a new category of membership of theFAPW, barely two days after the category was FAPW Malaysia Celebrates 10th Anniversarylaunched. The Crystal membership category catersspecially for children under 18 years old who, as other The Friends of Asiaadult members, also wish to contribute to the Pacific WAGGGSdevelopment of Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting in the (FAPW) MalaysiaAsia Pacific Region. Chapter celebrated its 10th AnniversaryThe ceremony also witnessed a special presentation with a fun-filled eventof Diamond membership pin and certificate to HRH participated by 180Tunku Soraya Tuanku Sultan Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Friends from 10Shah, daughter of His Majesty the King of Malaysia. countries. The eventHRH Tunku Soraya is a Diamond member of FAPW which was held from 15 to 18 June 2012 alsosince 2011. managed to attract new members to the FAPW and two membership ceremonies were held to recognizeIn the same ceremony, HRH Princess Azizah Iskandar the new members.also presented membership pins and certificates to 11girls who pledged as Silver members and one girl who Since its inception, the Malaysia Chapter of FAPWpledged as Gold member. All the girls are from of Bukit boasts of nearly 200 members and had been activelyDamansara Primary School and Seri Hartamas participating in FAPW events around the Region.Secondary School. The FAPW also managed to attract FAPW Malaysia also had the honour to host the firstseveral of the girls’ mothers to become members of General Assembly of FAPW in 2005.FAPW as five mothers signed up as new Silvermembers while one upgraded to Gold membership HRH Princess Azizah Iskandar, Patron of the Friendsand another two upgraded to Diamond category. of Asia Pacific WAGGGS (FAPW) said “It remains and will continually be my ardent hope to promote andThe “Girls Go Green” Dinner was fully planned and increase membership which is open to all, anyimplemented by girls from the two schools as part of individual, Corporation, Foundation or Organizationthe efforts to empower girls to develop leadership and willing to support the work of WAGGGS Asia Pacificself-confidence. The dinner theme “Girls Go Green” is Region. The funds raised and collected thus far hasin conjunction with this year’s World Thinking Day supported many Member Organizations in offering Lifetheme “Together we can save our planet” which Long Learning Skills for their girl members andfocused on MDG7 “Ensuring environmental initiated some income generating projects for somesustainability”. Member Organizations including skills training on decoration and cooking in Cambodia, InformationThe dinner decoration, food and performances were all Technology Literacy in Nepal and Pakistan, Healthbased on the “green” theme. Even guests came Education in India and many others.”dressed in green. Guests were wowed withperformances by the girls which included traditional The first day of the event was a special day as thedance, cheerleading, slide show, street dance, Girls FAPW witnessed the inaugural installation of CrystalSpeak Up session, theatre, traditional puppet show members, a new category of FAPW membership 9
  10. 10. September 2012targeting children below 18 years old at the “Girls Go The event aims to promote cultural exchanges,Green” Dinner hosted by Brownie Guides of Bukit international friendship and developing new skills. ThisDamansara Primary School and Junior Guides of Seri fun-filledHartamas Secondary School. event bringsEarly the next morning, participants departed for Ipoh, participantsPerak and attended a lunch hosted by HRH Raja Nor to severalMahani Raja Shahar Shah, Deputy President of the importantGirl Guides Association Malaysia. At the lunch, destinationsparticipants also had the opportunity to interact with along themembers of GGAM Perak Branch. Silk Road, one of theSoon after the lunch, participants headed for Cameron worldsHighlands. In the evening, participants were treated to oldest and most historically important trade routes.dinner by the Cameron Highlands District Office. GirlGuide members from Cameron Highlands proudly Member Organizations participating in this event areshowcased some traditional dances to the guests. The Australia, Korea, Malaysia and the Philippines.third day was full of activities, starting with a visit to theBoh Tea Plantation, one of the biggest tea plantation The event began in Beijing with the Kick-Off ceremonyin the country. Participants enjoyed the beautiful on 4 August. Along the journey, participants travelledscenery around the plantation and learned about the by train and visited several pit-stops on the way.tea production process. Among places visited were the Tiananmen Square and Imperial Palace in Beijing, the Terracotta Warriors inThe grand finale of the event was the Farewell Dinner Xian, the Danxia Landform in Zhangye, Mo Gaoand Membership Ceremony held at Cameron Grotto, the Mingsha Mountain and Crescent Lake inHighlands Resort. During the dinner, new and Dunhuang, the Great Wall in Jiayu Pass, and theupgrading members received their membership pins Yellow River in Lanzhou.and certificates from HRH Princess Azizah Iskandar.Participants cheered and applauded at theachievements and highlights of FAPW shared by The event also provided the opportunity forrepresentatives from the Asia Pacific Regional participants to interact with local children in twoCommittee. separate occasions through the "Love and Care" visit at Matisi Yugur Primary School and the Open Day atThe ceremony was made extra special with the Lanzhou Middle School.presentation of Major Donor membership pins andcertificates to the two beloved princesses of HRH Fourth Pacific Strategy Meeting in FijiPrincess Azizah Iskandar. It was a very inspiringmoment as HRH Princess Azizah Iskandar presentedthe pins and certificates to HRH Tengku Puteri AfzanAminah Hafidzatullah Tengku Mahkota TengkuAbdullah and HRH Tengku Jihan Kalsom AathiyatullahTengku Mahkota Tengku Abdullah, both Major Donorsof the FAPW since 2005. The Fiji Girl Guides Association (FGGA) hosted theFriendship Caravan on the Silk Road 2012 Fourth Pacific Strategy Meeting for sister Girl Guides from the other five Pacific Nations Member Organizations - Cook Islands, Kiribati, Papua NewAbout 300 Girl Guides from Hong Kong and several Guinea, Solomon Islands and Tonga at the Centre ofMember Organizations of the Asia Pacific Region Appropriate Technology & Development, Nadave, Fijiembarked on the adventure of their lifetime in the from 18 to 21 May 2012. The annual meeting allows"Friendship Caravan on the Silk Road" event face to face contact for the Asia Pacific Regionalorganized by Hong Kong Girl Guides Association. Also (APR) Committee with the Pacific Nations Memberjoining them are 100 young people from mainland Organizations in order to improve communications,China. 10
  11. 11. September 2012share progress and ideas to support the growth anddevelopment of Member Organizations in this group.The AP Regional Committee was represented byMelanie Bennett, Chair of the Pacific Strategy Meeting,Ching Ching Wee-Ong, Regional Director of the APRegion and Grace Tam, Development Executive, AsiaPacific Region. Thinking Day in South AustraliaDuring the meeting, each participating MemberOrganization presented a report of their progress since Sunday the 26 Februarythe last meeting held in Auckland, New Zealand in 2012 in Adelaide was2011. It was interesting to note that almost all Member warm and very humid, butOrganizations had increased in membership and that did not deter morepresented their ways of recruiting and retaining than 200 Girl Guides andmembers. Among the methods were effective training, Leaders from celebratingattractive programme for both girls and adult leaders, World Thinking Day byand implementing WAGGGS initiatives such as Global joining in games andAction Theme, Centenary and World Thinking Day to activities designed toincrease profile in the community. All the six Member explore the theme “WeOrganizations had also done projects based on the Can Save Our Planet”.Global Action Theme as agreed in the meeting inAuckland. Through games and activities, Girl Guides were urged to “Reduce”, “Save” and “Switch”.In conclusion, there was much improvement to the sixMember Organizations at the meeting this time In “Reduce”, girls learned about bike maintenance,including membership increase, stronger leadership created a collage illustrating ways reduce our carbonteams and members feeling more empowered to make footprint, and learned about how we can reduce ourdecisions for the future of Member Organizations in environmental impact by choosing local food products.this group. In “Save”, Girl Guides made newspaper bags as an alternative to plastic bags, pledged to help save ourParticipating members agreed that this meeting should environment on cards made of recycled materials andbe continued. The next Pacific Strategy Meeting in the made “switch me off” signs for their homes. JanSolomon Islands next year will see a difference where Forrest used the Butterfly garden planted by Highgatethe members will co-organize the agenda for the Guides and the Unley City Council to illustrate themeeting instead of the whole meeting being run by the value of butterflies to the environment, and urged GirlAPR Committee as in the current format. Delegates Guides and leaders to plant their own Butterflyfrom the six Member Organizations also unanimously Gardens. In “switch”, Girl Guides brainstormed ideasagreed to explore ways to extend invitations to other for “Fuel Free fun” and then played some of them,Pacific Nations which are not members of WAGGGS illustrating how Girl Guides can have fun and be activeto attend the Fifth Pacific Strategy Meeting with focus without using up the world’s resources.on the countries with the potential and interest todevelop Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting. The 13-17 year old Girl Guides also participated in a “Trees for Life” workshop. “Trees for Life” providesAfter the meeting, the APR team conducted a training opportunities for people to do something practical tofor participating members and 24 leaders from the Fiji help restore and protect our natural environment.Girl Guides Association. The one-day training covered Volunteers grow trees and shrubs for landholders, totopics like WAGGGS & AP updates, Centenary, Stop assist with re-vegetation of degraded land. Girlthe Violence Campaign, Games Go Global and Guides then re-potted seedlings into individual potsImagine More. The aim is to enable participants to and learned about how they could participate in Treeslearn more about the WAGGGS initiatives and to for Life. During the day, Girl Guides and Leaderspractically use them in their respective roles. signed four petitions which were sent to State and Federal Ministers for the Environment and members of Parliament, requesting that they “protect our climate system so future generations and we benefit from a healthy environment to live and grow in”. 11
  12. 12. September 2012New Zealand Encourages Healthy Lifestyles Asia Pacific Chairman Visits Shelter for Abused Girls and Ecology project by a Girl Scout in the GirlGuiding New Zealand Philippines (NZ) recently ran a competition to design a cereal Ms. Low Lih Jeng, Chairman of the Asia Pacific as part of its Get Going Girl Regional Committee visited project sites involving Girl challenge. From Pippins Scouts on 27 May 2012. through to Rangers, the girls had to taste test existing She was accompanied by Ma. Dolores T. Santiago, cereals and then create their Girl Scouts of the Philippines (GSP) National own recipe, name their new Executive Director, Katheri Ann L. Charcos-Puyo,cereals and design the packaging. Development Executive for Asia Pacific Region, WAGGGS, Ginnie W. Oribiana, GSP ProgrammePinky Pippins Pick ‘n Mix, Croccy Wokky Kiddy Division Director, Francia B. Rama, GSP ProgrammeMunch, Brownie Letter Crunch, Woozle Wonder, Staff and Teresita Gonzales, GSP Helenza Z.Healthy Beast and Waingake Wake Up were just some Benitez National Program and Training Center (HZBof the names dreamed up by the girls for their cereals. NPTC) Director.The supreme winner was 12th Aotea Guides fromTaranaki on the North Island’s west coast with Trop-O- They visited St. Marys House in Tagaytay, a shelterPop - a combination of dried banana, pineapple, for abused girls. A simple welcoming ceremony wascoconut, rice bubbles and chocolate raisins. presented by the girls.Design a Cereal was judged by a panel from cereal The Chairman also hadcompany Hubbards, Outward Bound and GirlGuiding the chance to visit anNew Zealand. Waikari Pippins won their section with ecology project of CristleBest Bouncy Breakfast featuring chocolate buttons R. Lamo, a Chief Girland yoghurt covered raisins with gourmet jelly beans Scout Medalist whoin a separate packet to be added after the cereal is revived a river that hadserved. become a dumpsite in Alfonso, Cavite. TheBrownie Letter Crunch, created by the Balclutha Chairman enjoyed the warm welcome of theBrownies won the Brownies section, with chocolate community members who helped the girl realize hertrefoils from Guide biscuits, dried strawberries, project.chocolate chips and buttons, pink jelly, cocoa cereal,sugar, butter and crusted nuts shaped into letters. Sustainable Development in Rio De Janeiro, BrazilWoozle Wonder won the Rangers section – acombination of rolled oats, dried apricots, walnuts, Praiyanthi Hemamali Rajapakse from the Sri Lankapuffed wheat, dried cranberries and honey. Girl Guides writes:“We were surprised and excited by the range of When I heard that I wascereals all the girls produced. Some of their chosen by WAGGGS, Iingredients were very inventive and produced some couldn’t believe it butgreat combinations,” said Hayley Hickey, Hubbards felt it was a blessing forLtd, who was on the judging panel. the work that I am carrying on for the girlsTrevor Taylor from Outward Bound said he was and young women inimpressed with GirlGuiding NZ’s Get Going Girl rural and suburbanChallenge and its focus on girls learning more about areas. My Project Director and the Internationalkeeping fit and looking after their emotional, mental, Commissioner arranged for me to meet eminentspiritual and physical wellbeing. Each year Outward people for briefings on the environment. I wasBound runs a course for GirlGuiding NZ leaders to prepared with a lot of knowledge before I them be the best they can be. Rio +20 was a major event that I had not previously”The competition was plenty of fun and was a great been to, and I felt proud to participate in it. It was veryway to encourage girls to think more about what they different from the conferences that I had attendedeat and how it contributes to their health and lifestyle,” before. There were many side events and there wereJane Smithson said from GirlGuiding New Zealand.” major events where we took turns to participate in. These events were centred on gender equality and women’s empowerment for sustainable development, green economy, green jobs for youth, sustainable 12
  13. 13. September 2012planet, global water HIV/Aids, youth voice, Asianwomen and indigenous civil society, amongst others. Our Chalet CornerFrom the third day onwards we were able to select ourown events. The feedback discussion held every day Every AP Link issue, we will feature stories from onemade us aware of all the programmes the others of the 4 World Centres. In this edition, read moreattended. Some of our members represented about activities in Our Chalet in Switzerland!!WAGGGS at high level forums such as the high levelround table and the UN Women event. We as Volunteers at Our Chalet from Asia PacificWAGGGS representatives provided positivity andinnovation through the Tree of Vision and the Mary Hookway – Tasmania, Australia – WinterAwarding of Girl Guide badges. 2011/2012We successfully lobbied for the inclusion of non-formal Throughout the first few days I waseducation in the text, and also ensured that gender here I knew the magical place that Iequality and sexual and reproductive health rights had stepped into. It’s hard towere part of the conversation. We were busy and describe the feeling that this placeproductive, and ensured that WAGGGS was gives you. I have had the joys ofpresented in a positive light throughout the Rio meeting some of the most amazingprocess. people and discovered wonderful and fun facts about the differentThailand Receives Grant for its Tsunami Project cultures around the world! Through the Asia Throughout my time at the Chalet I have learnt how to Pacific Region, the snowboard, some Spanish, that going into town is not Girl Guides (Girl just a stroll down the road, but a 30 minute hike down Scouts) Association of and back up the nice steep mountain side. That no Thailand (GGAT) matter what your age you can still zoom down black received a grant from runs like the speed of light and that snow shoveling is the WAGGGS my new passion! Tsunami Fund toorganize a camp in Southern Thailand, an area So my time here at the Chalet is quickly drawing to aaffected by the 26 December 2004 tsunami. The close, once Thinking day has been and gone the endobjective was to raise awareness so the community is just around the corner. I leave knowing that I havecan be prepared should disaster strike again. The “Be left a little bit of me behind with some of my well knowPrepared Camp” took place in Phang-nga Province sayings of shell be apples and I know that classic willfrom 19-22 March 2012 with 160 participants. Activities be venturing all the way back to Costa Rica.included outdoor practice on how to command rescueactivity, traffic signs, escape route, running to safety, Putri Winata Kartika – Indonesia, Singapore –other essential life skills, etc. Spring 2012Rangsiya Boriboon noted “Before coming to this camp I have been a Girl Guide since theI thought that it is a normal camp which gives us age of 9 and involved in running aknowledge. But when I attended this camp I think it’s Guide unit in recent years. I amdifferent from other camps. I’ve gained knowledge, currently a Young Adult Branchpracticed using rescue toolkits, gained new friends and Council as a sub-committee forthe most important thing is knowing about natural Programme. During my 3 months atdisasters. In addition to the content was the visit to Our Chalet, I faced manyareas which were destroyed by tsunami.” challenges (from hiking to Kandersteg International Scout Centre to Skiing) and adventures. As soon as IMiss Kantinee Boonteam writes “I feel good. I have came to Our Chalet I was welcomed into the familyreceived warm friendship among friends from different and it felt like I had been here forever not just a coupleschools. I’ve trained to be prepared of tsunami. I have of new experiences and gained more knowledge andmore understanding about tsunami. I have learned During my volunteer season, I’ve learnt that beinghow to plan and how to be a good leadership. I have away from home did me a lot of good and thatlearned new knowledge which I never knew before. I travelling and volunteering at a World Centre gave meam proud so much for once I have been in this “Be a perspective of the world that I would never otherwiseprepared of tsunami camp”. experience. I realized that there is so much that you can learn at the World Centres which you can never learn back at home. Among the YAs in Singapore, a 13
  14. 14. September 2012few of us have been to the World Centres or been to a And it does. Our Chalet has the magical power ofWLDP seminar, and if only we could take what we saw gathering people of different backgrounds yet with thethere to the guides/girls in schools, it would in turn give same passion for Girl Guiding. I have met people whothem the perspective that they need to stay in guiding. had dreamt of visiting and finally made it after years;It would be a dream come true to bring them to a troops that had spent years to raise fund for a trip toWorld Centre, or any of the YAs, for that matter. I Our Chalet; mothers who came when they were youngwould love to see how they react to the life that I’ve and decided to bring their daughters back. I haveknown during spring this year. witnessed young ladies exploring their limits and challenging themselves. They persevered to hike inNaomi Peacock – Dunedin City, New Zealand – the dark just for a glimpse of the sunrise, gatheredSummer 2012 their courage to abseil down a gorge or jump off a bridge; they opened their mind, explored and pushed So, Our Chalet? Quite possibly the to their limits. most life changing thing to happen to me so far. I feel like the Chalet is Through these lovely moments I understand the secret already teaching me how to make a of the magic. Staff members including volunteers are difference. I’ll be returning home all very enthusiastic Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. They with a new prospective on how empathize with the young guests, and retrieve what people from other countries, and a they gained from their Girl Guiding experience on new appreciation for what program planning. I learn from Our Chalet the value of international links can give me. giving.I’m developing a new awareness for the outdoors as There is always more in girl guiding than you imagine.well. A knowledge that the Great Outdoors are actually Visit Our Chalet and explore!great. You might think coming from New Zealand, I’dbe all active all the time, in touch with nature and allthat. But the truth is, I’m not. I grew up in a city, and I Do you want to come and volunteer at Our Chalet?thrive in one too. Being a volunteer offers you the chance to meet Girl Guides and Girl Scouts from all around the world, liveBut here at Our Chalet, I’m learning that I enjoy being in Switzerland, learn new life skills, enjoy the outdooroutside, not just for a few hours, but all day. I like the lifestyle in beautiful Alps, make friends for life, havefeeling of the sun on my back and the wind in my hair. endless laughs and lot of fun living your dream! You can volunteer here from a few weeks as a short termOne thing I don’t like is heights. But, already in the last volunteer offering special skills or experience up tofew weeks, being at the Chalet has pushed me out of several months as an Our Chalet Assistant. We offermy comfort zone. And I know, even when my legs are you four different volunteering options suited to yourshaking from the top of the smallest rock climb, that time availability and wishes. Check out our webpagethis is a good thing. That every time I hear the bell ring for more information about becoming an Our Chaletwhen I reach the top, I have accomplished my own volunteer.little personal battle. By the end of the summer I will beable to do all the climbs, and even come down smiling. What has been happening at Our Chalet?I’m learning that my fears are only hurdles, they arenever walls. Our Chalet Turns 80 this YearCrystal Wong – Hong Kong – Summer 2012 On 31 July Our Chalet turned 80. The day was action-packedI joined Girl Guiding as a Ranger at 13 with activities, cake, balloonsand opened my eyes to Girl scouting and lots of fun. We had askills and community services. Every special surprise for the eventexperience, every person in Girl arrival day: a waterslide. ButGuiding has inspired me and shaped that was not the main highlightme into the person I am. But as years of the day, abseiling down thewent by, what I could gain from it outside of Main Chalet was.seemed to reach a bottleneck. Thiswas when my guider told me about From the top of the Mainthe volunteer opportunity at Our Chalet. Chalet there was a stunning view, the clear day meant that you could see all of Adelboden below. The staffI applied, hoping that this experience would stimulate and volunteers joined the guests in making the most ofand guide me on my journey of girl guiding. the lovely weather by cooling off with the waterslide and enjoying a slice of cake at the international cake 14
  15. 15. September 2012stand. After their welcome tour the guests were treated Up and Coming Events at Our Chaletto an Our Chalet birthday surprise and then tucked intoa yummy Chalet cake. The celebrations continue into Winter Ski and Winter Adventure Weeks 2012 / thSeptember when we will be having a special 80 2013Birthday event. We still have some spaces left so bookyour place today by emailing Winter Ski Weeks: Whether you are an experienced or a beginner skier or snowboarder we are sure youAustralians Visiting for a Winter Adventure Week will enjoy these weeks packed with opportunities toDuring the 2011/2012 Winter Season Our Chalet meet new friends, carve some fresh powder andintroduced Winter Adventure and Winter Ski Weeks to spend an unforgettable week in the Swiss Alps.the programme. These have been a success withparticipants from Australia, USA and Norway joining in Winter Adventure Weeks: If your idea of fun includesthe fun. The group from Australia were the first ever snow and the outdoors, we are sure you will enjoyWinter Adventure Week participants: some of them these weeks packed with opportunities to meet newhad never seen snow before which made the week friends, try new quirky activities and spend anextra special for the group. The week consists of a unforgettable week in the Swiss Alps.snowshoe hike, sledging, snow Olympics, crosscountry skiing, Woodcarvers hike, Snow BBQ at Roverweek 2013Engstligen falls and snow tubing. Roverweek is an international event where Rangers“I have had a fantastic week at Our Chalet, lots of fun and Rovers get together to have fun in the snow.and many great experiences gained. I will definitely be Roverweek is open to male and female members ofback. Our Chalet has a fantastic atmosphere, the staff WAGGGS or WOSM between the ages of 16 and 26.and volunteers are keen to join in and we really got to During the week you will take part in many winterknow them” - Australian Participant. outdoor activities in the Swiss Alps such as downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, snow shoeing, winterSummer 2012 – Youth Events hiking, sledging and a snow BBQ.Summer 2012 youth events are in full swing: so far wehave had over 140 participants take part in the A week of fun, friendship and adventure for only CHFprogramme, with another 160 still to come. For the first 980.00. To book your place email info@ourchalet.chtime this year we have run both a Swiss Experience today!and a Swiss Adventure event. Participants in bothevents have had an amazing experience helping to Summer 2013celebrate Our Chalet’s 80th Birthday. During the eventthe girls take part in a wide range of activities from Summer International Events also called Swissabseiling and rock climbing to hiking and learning Challenge Events are open to youth (Girl Guides,about the environment. Girls and Boy Scouts) from 12-18 of age. The last event taking place from 20-28 August 2013 is open for“I have learnt to respect the beauty and environment participants from 16-26 years of age! The week will beand recycle to keep it that way” Summer 2012 event packed full of adventurous activities including: hiking,participant rock climbing and abseiling, visiting the adventure park, visiting traditional Swiss towns, trying traditionalRobin’s Adventure crafts and learning about local environmental issues. IfOn the 22nd May this year (an Australian) Robin you would like to come and visit Our Chalet during theBrown cycled up the Our Chalet hill. The staff and summer of 2012 please email forvolunteers were very impressed by this (for those of more details on who have never visited the hill is quite steep!)However for Robin this was just the first step of a long For up to date information on what is happening at Our rdjourney, on the morning of the 23 May the real Chalet follow us on our Website, Twitter, Pinterest oradventure started. Robin was tracing the route that his Facebook.mother and friend (Freda Cole, Robins mother andDoris Rowberry) had cycled in 1939, from Our Chalet News at our Other Worldto Bergen in Norway. Robin is raising money tosupport the MDGs and Girl Guiding in the Asia Pacific CentresRegion. Olympic Fever Takes over Pax LodgeRead all about Robin’s epic journey here( The spirit of the2012/) Olympics aligns perfectly with the values and 15
  16. 16. September 2012friendship of international Guiding and Scouting – and Site, organizers told nice stories about when they wentthat is immensely evident at Pax Lodge. Our team and abroad as a Girl Scout. That experience inspired meguests spend many hours in the OWL room watching and that is why I came here!and rooting for their own teams as well as each others.Many of our guests and some of our team have even Girl Scouting always brings me a new door to open.managed to secure tickets to some events like fencing So I hope staying at Pax Lodge will show meand archery. Each night at the dinner table we get to something new!hear our friends’ exciting recounts of their day and flipthrough the photos on the cameras. Everyone is An Australian Family Becomes Part of the Paxexcited for each other and eager to share. The Lodge Familyfriendship a World Centre offers has never been asobvious as it is now. Life in a World Centre is unique! We would like to thank the Eldridge family from Australia (mum, dadEven before the Olympics officially kicked off, our team and their two boys) for the laughter that they gave usmembers were making plans to see the Olympic torch all during their two week it made its way across the U.K. However, it wasn’tuntil the day before the opening ceremony when the The entire family was always so cheerful, helpful andtorch came though Camden that many actually made engaging. The boys helped the volunteers clear thethose plans a reality. Our girls got up super early, dining room after dinner, did some spainted their faces, donned their country flags likesuper hero capes and walked down to Camden to shredding in the office and were always socatch the 6:45 am beginning of the relay. And after the enthusiastic to partake in any activity.flame was whisked away our team became anattraction themselves. People wanted to take pictures On their final night at Pax Lodge, in addition towith them – they even had an official photo taken by introducing and serving dinner, the boys also wrote usthe press and were interviewed for radio. On the way a new grace to add to our grace books. It was such aback to Pax Lodge it hit them; this is it, the Olympics hit that following dinner the boys, two volunteers, oneare here and we couldn’t feel any more privileged or intern, one member of staff and two Canadian Guidesproud to be in London supporting our home teams and gathered in the guest kitchen to film a music video tothe teams of our friends. accompany the grace.New Volunteer Follow the link to watch the video: our new volunteer from the Asia Pacific Region: Hello! My name is Tomomi Come and celebrate Sangam’s 46th Birthday! Shiokawa from Tokyo, Japan. Ive been here at Join in the fun on World Pax Lodge for one and half Sangam Day together months as a Resident with staff and Volunteer and will stay here volunteers on-site! Find until the end of October. out the latest news about the ten million strong World Association of GirlI am in the middle way of my degree; art education for Guides and Girl Scouts, as we celebrate over one hundred years of Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting acrosselementary school. I have finished third grade but I the globe.stopped studying since April 2011 for a workingholiday in Ireland last year andvolunteering here. These opportunities have given me Spots are available for small or large groups. For morea lot of international experience which I would never details, contact been able to get while I was in Japan. So I am For more event details click here:really glad to stay here and share wonderful days witheverybody. Girl Scouting life started when I was six years old Gifts for Changeand I have continued through Brownies, Juniors, Come to Sangam and give theSeniors and Rangers and became a Leader. At first, I gift of yourself this holidaywas not interested in going abroad but when we had aYoung Leader Camp at Togakushi Girl Scout Camp season! Volunteer your time to 16