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Rcbks Bulletin Vol 18 No 27


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Rcbks Bulletin Vol 18 No 27

  1. 1. Vol 18 Number 27 SELAMAT PAGI 20 February 2010 Rotary Information RI President’s Message My fellow Rotarians, FEBRUARY is World Understanding Month Each of us has, at one time or another, been asked the question, what is Rotary? There are many ways to answer, depending on the questioner, the context, and the time available. The shortest and simplest answer is that Rotary is the world’s The month February oldest service club organization. This is, of course, an accurate but necessarily is designated World incomplete response, for any true understanding of Rotary must include an Understanding Month explanation of how we in Rotary strive through our service to achieve more than the on the Rotary calen- goal of each individual project. By working together in our clubs, our districts, and dar. The month also internationally, we strive to establish the simple foundations of a better society: includes the anniver- friendship, trust, honesty, and hope. sary of the first meeting of Rotary held on 23 February 1905, now called World The structure of Rotary, along with our international club projects, helps make Understanding and Peace Day. friendly connections between Rotarians in different countries. Our emphasis on ethical and honest behavior works to build strong and open relationships between To observe World Understanding people and nations. Our service projects in water, health and hunger, and literacy Month, the Rotary International Board help eliminate many of the practical obstacles to peace. And our Rotary Foundation asks all Rotary clubs to plan programs and Rotary Youth Exchange programs go a step beyond by training the leaders of for their weekly meetings and under- tomorrow to be active builders of a more peaceful world. take special activities that emphasize "understanding and goodwill as These programs help shape responsible citizens of better communities — people essential for world peace". who will have a broad and nuanced perspective, enhanced by opened eyes and open minds. They will be indelibly marked by their experiences, and throughout In February, many clubs arrange for their lives — both now and in their later careers — they will not keep the benefits of international speakers, invite Youth these experiences to themselves. These are the people who will help build the kind Exchange students and international of future that we as Rotarians strive to create through our every action. scholars from schools and universities to club meetings, plan programs What is Rotary? It is a network of people who care — people who are both realists featuring former Group Study Exchange and optimists. We recognize the challenges before us and our own limitations; we team members, arrange discussions also recognize our abilities and our responsibility to use them to the fullest. If we on global issues, present entertain- are ever to realize Paul Harris’ vision for Rotary as an organization that promotes ment with an interesting cultural or goodwill among nations, then, as he wrote, “the hearts of men must be so touched artistic theme, or plan other programs and molded that mutual understanding and goodwill will take the place of fear and with an international emphasis. hatred.” In this, World Understanding Month, we do well to remember these words — and to remember as well that in all of our service, we reach for the larger goal of Many clubs take the opportunity to fellowship, understanding, and peace. launch an international community service activity or make contact with John Kenny a Rotary club in another country. It is a President, Rotary International good month to initiate a Rotary Friend- ship Rxchange or encourage support for Rotary Foundation programs. World Understanding Month is a chance for every club to pause, plan Wishing all Rotarians & family and promote Rotary's continued quest for goodwill, peace and understanding a Happy and Prosperous New Year among people of the world.
  2. 2. ATTENDANCE LAST WEEK'S SPEAKER Mr Bryan Ng Guests: – 5Es in People Management Julia Lai Abdullah, guest of Kong Jenny Kasturi Bryan Ng comes from a background of Thanaletchumi managing and training. His specializes in creatively managing organizational Attendance: 72% Fines: $35.00 resources including people, materials and technology. Announcements Envision - To envision is to give the members of the organization the body’s long term vision, the big picture as it is sometime called. But whose vision should it be, Club Service the company’s surely? No, says Bryan. That is the common misconception. The - CNY fellowship and dinner meeting on attitude of employees is WII FM (what’s in it for me?). They are invariably selfish. At Friday 26 Feb'10 at Pearl Oriental least to begin with. Give them a picture that paints their self-interest. It may be Restuarant, Bukit Kiara Club at 6.30pm financial gains to be had in future but it could also be a challenge to those who rise to it. It could also be the invaluable experience and track record that comes with Vocational Service doing a job well. - Visit to Toyota plant postponed until further notice. Energise - To boost their enthusiasm towards organizational goals the manager - Career guidance seminar date to be has to be skillful at communication. Bryan drew the example of Martin Lurther King confirm. Jr with his I had a dream speech. Yet some don’t get energized easily because of self-doubt with underlying psychological roots. Their parents might have had New Generation unrealistic expectations of them or had been discouraging to the extent the children - Three candidates will be attending the have lost all confidence in themselves. The manager needs to draw them out. RYLA in March. Enable - Having energized the staff it is time to give them the weapons: know- International Service ledge, skills, the right attitude. Where to start? Attitude is typically difficult to change. - Trip to Taiwan is confirm and todate 5 Even among sincere workers many think they work very hard but are really not very members and spouse will be attending productive or efficient. Start with skills development. This could possibly boost a sister club RCCCS's anniversary. change in their attitude as competence increases. Skills are certainly easier to teach. Members are reminded to pay their subscription for Jan - July 2010 to Enforce - This is the carrot and stick. Most managers tend to use stick. Bryan Treasurer Graham as soon as believes the carrot is more effective. Punishment conditions the person to not take possible initiatives. Often the punished is told what is wrong but not what is right. This only aggravates self-doubt and lack of initative. Rewards on the other hand don’t have to be money. Acknowledgement can be a great motivator. Managers should notice their charges’ contribution. Level 1 improvement is to praise. Level 2 is to tell them what they have done right. Level 3 managers recognize and acknow-ledge effort even when workers fail for this encourages them to try harder the next time. The best part is that praise costs nothing. Empower - It is important to realize that when you delegate you are still respon- sible. Furthermore, you need to draw rules and boundaries for the staff to follow when they take initiative. Tell them at which points they should refer to you for authority. Once you delegate, it would be wrong to try and keep a tight check. REF Awardees Thanaletchumi By Poay Lim and Jenny Kasturi District NEWS Words to Grow By District International Night & TRF Recognition Night “Rotary will grow if leaders lead. The leaders in every club need to The Theme” Rotary for World Peace.” come forward and be optimistic in planning for their clubs’ futures.” Date : March 6, 2010, Saturday Venue : Ballroom, Royale Chulan Hotel @ 7.30pm — Michael K. McGovern, chair of RI’s Membership Development The District International Service Committee and the District TRF Committee are and Retention Committee jointly organising the District International Night / TRF Recognition Night. and past RI vice president Recognition will be given that evening to Rotaruans who have contributed generously to the Rotary Foundation (Major Donors, PHF, EREY, Polio Plus, etc). Their contribution has done our District proud and has enabled much humanitarian good to happen around the world.
  3. 3. Today's Programme NEXT CHANGE Dr Goh Chee Leong 26 February'10(Fri) 6.30pm 'Parenting Guide for Busy Working Parents' Business meeting & CNY fellowship Dr Goh is VP of HELP University College overseeing corporate training and 6 March'10(Sat) 7.30am development programmes. As Dean of HELP’s Behavioral Sciences Faculty, with the Speaker: Andal Kishna largest Psychology undergraduate programme in SE Asia, he lectures in Social Topic:A quick fix for the English dilemma Psychology, Research Methodology, Human Motivation, Developmental Psychology and Cognitive Psychology. He also sits in the EXCO of the Malaysian Psychological 13 March'10(Sat) 7.30am Association (PSIMA) and heads the Registration Bureau for Psychologists. Speaker: Tbc He obtained his honours degree in Psychology, Political Science and Philosophy and then his PhD in Psychology from the University of Otago, and was conferred the CALENDER of EVENTS Otago Postgraduate Award. His passion is for youth and their families is manifest in the time he spends meeting and sharing ideas with parents and educationists on how to create a loving and empowering environment for the next generation. He is a Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) regular columnist for Parenthood magazine and frequently presents “Parenting” Date: 4 - 7 March 2010 workshops throughout the country. Venue: Eagle Ranch, Port Dickson Host club: RC Port Dickson New R I Theme Visit to orphanage (Community project) Date: 13 March 2010 ‘Building Communities — Bridging Continents’ is 2010-11 RI theme Leadership Training Program (REF) Date: 15 - 18 March 2010 RI President-elect Ray Klinginsmith addresses Venue: Agrotek Garden Resort district governors-elect at the 2010 International Assembly. After taking the stage to the tune of Group 9 Intercity Meeting “California, Here I Come,” RI President-elect Ray Date: 29 March 2010 Klinginsmith announced the 2010-11 RI theme, Venue: Tbc Building Communities — Bridging Continents, during the opening plenary session of the 2010 International Assembly . 76th District Assembly Date: 16 - 18 April 2010 Klinginsmith said he arrived at the theme after reviewing RI themes of years past. Venue: Sunway Resort Hotel He noticed that only a few spoke to non-Rotarians. Trip to Taiwan - “As a result, I decided to search for a briefly stated theme that would fulfill two RC Chungli Chung Shing Anniversary objectives: the first to explain Rotary to non-Rotarians, and the second to validate Date: 18 - 23 May 2010 our work for Rotarians,” he said. “The words I have selected to describe Rotary’s current mission and to highlight our achievements are what we do best: Building Communities — Bridging Continents. “ The president-elect described how his 50 years of Rotary experience have contributed to his focus on communities at home and abroad. For example, as a Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholar, he studied for a year in South Africa, becoming the first student from his small town of Unionville, Missouri, USA, to study abroad. Duty Roster The timing of the theme announcement, which took place in the evening, was a break in tradition from past assemblies and a reflection of Klinginsmith’s 20 February (International Service) willingness to embrace change. He encouraged district governors-elect to Sargeant-at-arms Alvin reexamine traditional procedures that were no longer best practices and to begin Desk Duty Thomas new traditions where appropriate. Introducer Sunny He also paid homage to Rotarians of the past who helped raise Rotary to a place Thank Speaker Susan of prominence on the world stage. He urged district governors-elect to meet the Fines Teng Yoong past RI presidents and other former officers in attendance to deepen their connection to Rotary’s past. 6 March (New Generation) Sargeant-at-arms Elsie “I love it,” says Governor-elect Robert Martin, of District 5020 (British Columbia, Desk Duty Karen Canada; Washington, USA). “I’m going to be promoting Rotary pride in our district Introducer Jeremy next year, and Building Communities — Bridging Continents is something we can Thank Speaker Kate all be proud of.” Fines Ghaurry
  4. 4. Board of Directors 2009/10 Around the Rotary World President Frances Po 21731618(0) Rotary clubs worldwide mobilize to help meet the need for aid in Haiti President Elect Tan Poay Lim 77277127(0) Clubs throughout the regional Rotary district that includes Haiti quickly Immediate Past President/PR mobilized to send more than 55 planes carrying 50,000 pounds of medical Elsie Low equipment and supplies into the cities of Pignon and Port-de-Paix, bypassing 77281807(0) the myriad of logistical problems in Port-au-Prince. Rotary clubs throughout the Vice President/Membership Director Caribbean have raised more than $1 million for immediate relief and long-term Dr Sanjay Doshi 23008030(0) rebuilding. Honorary Secretary The Rotary Foundation has set up a Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund to streamline Cecelia Matuya 56342870(0) the flow of contributions, primarily for U.S. club members. Fund managers will work with local Rotary clubs and relief agencies to meet the most pressing Honorary Treasurer PP Graham Bennett needs of communities in the affected area. Funds will be used in the relief 012-2918619 effort, and for projects providing longer-term support and development. Club Service Director PP Karen Chong Other examples of Rotary’s worldwide response to the disaster in Haiti: 012-2893380 · Rotary clubs in South Korea quickly raised $100,000 to support a Vocational Service Director PP CY Fong medical team sent to Haiti by the Korean Foundation for International 78032276(0) Healthcare. Community Service Director Ho Ee Lay · In Honduras, The Rotary Club of Tocoa collected more than 70,000 019-3395688 pounds of food and medicine and arranged for three cargo flights into International Service Director Port-au-Prince, with more on the way. “We remember how the world Susan Lim helped us after Hurricane Mitch,” said Rotary member Juan Gomez. 012-2325860 New Generation Director · The Rotary Club of Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain, enlisted the Ghaurry Grand Prix Atlantic Regatta to set sail for the Dominican Republic with 23003757(O) 24 yachts loaded with relief supplies. The fleet will arrive in Santo Rotary Foundation Chairman Domingo by the end of January, where local Rotary members will PP Sunny Khoo 22849089(O) unload supplies for transport into neighboring Haiti. Bulletin Committee James Lau/ Karen (Editor/Production) Poay Lim (Speaker’s Programme)