Communication Release C R201002 0002 On L T P& V E P


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Communication Release C R201002 0002 On L T P& V E P

  1. 1. A Rotary Club of Bukit Kiara Sunrise Project                                                                     Communication Release CR 201002-0002 Feb 2010 Leadership Training and Values Education The First Presentation EQ Training and Development (EQTD), service provider for the programmes, to begin planning and to the Students working through the details of both the leadership camp and the values workshop.   PP Graham presenting at SMK Sri Permata   Principal Mr Ong (left) conferring with a prefect Tuesday, 27 Oct 2009 – Rotarians Graham Some of the key challenges/activities that have Bennett, Dr Kong Voon Sin, Eric Aw been identified are: and Dr Yee Yoke Leong were at the SMK Sri Permata school in SS3 to make a  Finding the right students that match the presentation to about 50-60 students on the CIMB Foundation requirements and Leadership Training Programme (LTP) and the developing the student progress review Values Education Programme (VEP), courtesy of a process. Here we must keep CIMBF and very supportive Principal Mr Ong. The President of EQTD involved at every step the PTA (PIBG) Mr Amiruddin was also present  Firming up the contact person with and was very encouraging. There were positive Principal Mr Ong at the school. Thinking responses and about 50 students signed up in terms of “one point contact” so that preliminarily, subject of course to their parents’ there is no communication confusion consent which they hope they will secure in due with the school course. The two work streams (LTP & VEP) have  Providing a one page introduction letter just made a dramatic leap forward having identified for the students, explaining the the students for the programmes. Rotarians programmes to the parents Graham and Susanne Iseli as subcommittee  Liaising with the Parent-Teacher chairpersons, will begin driving, monitoring and Association or PTA (PIBG) managing the activities closely.  Logistics of moving the students back and forth for the programmes The REF will need to keep track of the timeline  Securing parent consent and buying (below) presented in the proposal to the major necessary insurance for the students sponsor CIMB Foundation (CIMBF). The REF will  Coordinating with EQTD and other also be working closely with Mr S. Shankar of service providers
  2. 2.   Generally the project is expected to begin in Oct 2009 and to complete in Sept 2010. Month Activity Oct 2009 Start Student Selection Nov - Dec Complete Student Selection Jan 2010 - Feb Student/Parent Briefing Mar Leadership Training Programme (15-18 Mar) Apr - st May 1 Progress Assessment June Values Workshop (8-9 June) nd July 2 Progress Assessment (End July)   Aug - Sep Close-out Report Students paying attention to the presentation   Timeline  Reviewing the effectiveness of the programmes after they have taken place The Parent Briefing  Monitoring the timeline  Developing the template for the close-out Saturday, 23Jan2010 – About 20 parents report turned up at the parent briefing held  Defining clearly the work responsibilities at the SMK Sri Permata school hall. The between EQTD, RCBKS and the school school is located in the suburb of SS3,   Petaling Jaya. This was organized ahead of the Finally, and not the least important, is developing REF Leadership Training Camp which will be held meaningful roles for some (if not all) Rotarians to in March 2010. Already about 47 students have play in these two (LTP & VEP) programmes. One signed up for the camp. The briefing was held for very interesting idea that emerged at the meeting parents to explain to them the objectives of both with Mr Ong (suggested by him) is to do an the Leadership Training Camp (4D3N) and the “experience sharing” breakout session with the Values Education Workshop (2D) to be held on 15- students, splitting them into groups of 5-10 and 18 Mar 2010 and 8-9 June 2010 respectively. having one Rotarian each group to share with them Present from the Rotary club were President “how he got to where he is” – emphasizing the Frances, REF Chairman Dr Yee Yoke Leong and values that were important to him. The REF will Rotarians Graham Bennett, Susanne Iseli and look into developing this with EQTD. Angie Ng.         Rtn Susanne (right) explaining the REF to a student Students queuing to sign up for the programmes and her parent
  3. 3.   REF Leadership Training Programme (LTP) and  Run the same group of students through the REF Values Education Programme (VEP) both programmes at different intervals/term The LTP and the VEP are two of the four prongs of breaks so that the effectiveness of both the REF. The objective of the LTP and the VEP is programmes can be measured clearly to equip secondary school students of age 15-19 from lower income families with leadership skills Beneficiaries and positive universal values with the underlying  Total 50 students preferably from the same objective of improving their overall school school performance. The LTP is designed to develop  From lower income families leadership and team building skills. It is typically a  Students who are evaluated by the teacher camp style programme which provides participants to have the attitude/ability to improve with experiential learning opportunities. The VEP is  Currently students with below average a workshop developed to teach universal life values grades such as Self-confidence, Honesty, Responsibility,  Racially diverse composition Compassion and Humility. Some Topics Covered in the Leadership Camp Goals of the Programme  Team Leadership and Personal Dynamics  Improve student’s willingness to participate  Test of an Educated Person in all school and class room activities  Team Power  Improve academic results by 10-15% (e.g.  Skills and Knowledge Power Improve grade average from 40% to 45%)  Jungle Trekking and Survivor Skills  Improve other qualitative comments by  The Professional Approach with Studies teachers in report cards  Mind Power  Visioning Programme Components  A 5-day 4-night leadership training camp Some Topics Covered in the Values Workshop conducted by professionals  What are Values  A 2-day values education workshop  How to Practice Values in Our Lives conducted by professionals  Values in Action  Follow-up with principal and teacher to  Inspiring World Leaders assess student progress and take  The Meaning of Truth and Peace remedial/corrective actions if necessary  The Meaning of Love and Non-Violence  Malaysian Values Rtn Graham briefed that the main objective of both leadership skills and positive values with the the camp and the workshop is to equip students of intention of improving their overall school age 15-19 from lower income families with   performance. Consequently, the goals of the   .     Rtn Angie (right) in discussion with some parent PP Graham briefing parents at SMK Sri Permata
  4. 4. programmes are to improve a student’s willingness Training and Development were Mr S. Shankar and to participate in all school and class room activities, Mr Andy Ho. The site was found to have excellent to improve academic results by 10-15% (e.g. facilities for seminar, outdoor activities (flying fox, Improve grade average from 40% to 45%) and to jungle trekking etc.) and good quality dormitories improve other qualitative comments given by and rooms suitable for students and trainers. teachers in their report cards.  Furthermore, the site was also within easy reach (10 minutes) from a medical clinic. Both Graham Present at the briefing with the parents were also and Yoke Leong will be recommending the resort the school Principal Mr Ong and the teacher for the leadership training camp. assigned to liaise with the Rotary club, Mdm Lim. The feedback from the parents was very positive and many had questions about safety measures to be taken at the camp. The Rotarians noted their concerns and reassured them that safety will always come first in all the activities conducted at the camp.     Modern facilities at the Agrotek Garden resort   A parent making a point at the briefing meeting Site Visit to the Leadership Training Campsite Tuesday, 26Jan2010 – A site visit was made to the Agrotek Garden Resort at Ulu Langat, Selangor, the site of the REF Leadership Training Camp. Present   from the Rotary club were Rotarians Graham Rustic setting of the resort at the Ulu Langat forest Bennett and Dr Yee Yoke Leong while for EQ         The RCBKS Education Fund was officially launched on 14Nov2009 as a project of the Rotary Club of Bukit Kiara Sunrise. The objective of the fund is to support the development of youths of age 15-19 from lower income families, who desire to “help themselves” become useful members of society, by providing them with education opportunities, leadership training, values education and mentorship, putting them on the start of the road to a better life. For more information contact