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Education Development Centre India

  1. 1.  Education Development Centre India is a legacy organization set up by EDC Inc. 06/12/12 1
  2. 2. Minority Education for Growth & Advancement-Skills for Youth MEGA-SkY Goal Provide educational and skills development opportunities to disadvantaged children and youth especially from minority Muslim community in North India, particularly girls for getting them mainstreamed into the nation’s formal education system.
  3. 3. Needs Assessment Study & ProjectStrategy Development ACCESS ENVIRONMENT QUALITY SKILLS Questionnaire Survey- Teachers/ Heads/ Officials Focus Group Discussion- Youth/ Students/ Parents School/Madarsa Observation
  4. 4. ‘ACE’ APPROACH Access (A) • Community level enrolment drives • Taraqqi (Progress) Center Activities: Bridge Courses (out of school youth) Supportive coaching Vocational Training Learning Camps Communication (C) • Needs Assessment Studies • Consultations & Advocacy W’shops • Household Survey • Community Support Groups • Youth Volunteers Excellence (E) • Madrasa Teacher training Program (MTTP) • Madrasa Leaders Training program (MLDP) • Urdu-English Interactive Audio Instruction (IAI)
  5. 5. Community Support Local Implementing Groups (CSG) Partners (LIP)Community Meeting, Mallihabad, UP Block Team,Varanasi, UP 11 LIP’s for 12 Blocks Each Block Team: •1 Block Co-ordinator •2 Supervisors •10-15 Youth Volunteers Mothers Group Meeting, Tonk, Rajasthan
  6. 6. Volunteers recruitment & enablement188 Youth Volunteers Career Paths W’shop,(81 Females, 107 Males) Jehangirpuri, Delhi Training Workshops Exposure Visits Advocacy Workshops ‘ABLE’ Workshop Lucknow, UP & Conferences
  7. 7. Youth Volunteers Activities Household Survey Awareness CampaignsAdmission Campaigns Coaching / Guidance in Schools/Madarsas
  8. 8. Taraqqi (Progress) CentresSupportive Coaching XX: Volunteer Hours Committed to MEGA-SkY Bihar 46,176 Delhi 31,200 Rajasthan 84,864Bridge Coaching Uttar Pradesh 76,128 Total 238,368 hrsVocational Training 56 Taraqqi Centres (TC)Guidance
  9. 9. Inter Community Environment Building
  10. 10. Over 100 Madarsa’s partnered Madarsa Leadership Development Programme (MLDP) Madarsa Teacher Training Programme (MTTP ) ‘Time for English’ Urdu to English Interactive Audio Interaction (IAI)120 Heads (Leaders) •Using Technology to improve learning204 Teachers •Planned Lessons with measurable Learning Outcomes •Joyful and age appropriate pedagogy using stories, games and activities •Community/Parental Inclusion & Support •Resource mobilization & management •Synergy with Govt & NGO’s
  11. 11. Results/Outputs 51,580 children reached. 28,470 girls and 23,110 boys 6,590 youth- 6,049 young women and 541 young men received vocational training 188 Youth (81 Females, 107 Males) enabled as community change agents 51 Community Support groups (CSG) and 56Tarraqi (Coaching & Guidance) Centres established
  12. 12. Project Dissemination Workshops
  13. 13. Recognition & Appreciation REAL HEROES 2012 AWARD to MEGA-SkY Youth Volunteers Tarannum,Tabassum and Rubina all 18-year-olds hailing from a small town near Varanasi, were forced to quit their studies after class tenth. But this did not deter them from educating others. They revived a 17-year-old defunct madrasa into a buzzing coaching, training and guidance centre for children and youth of their area.Print Media:Times of India,India Today, The HinduHindi & Urdu NewspaperTV: CNN-IBN, ETV-Urdu
  14. 14. Key learning Close engagement with the community is critical to a qualitative and sustainable intervention Good quality education is valued by children and their parents; good teaching and child friendly environment leads to better participation and thereby more learning. It is desirable and achievable to make a difference to the educational status of the disadvantaged children/youth through a collaborative effort
  15. 15. •Sense of Membership •Bonding/Networking •Mutual Responsibility •Agreement on vision•Identification of leaders and •Clarity of Goalsresources •Passion for Action•Informal / Formal •Leadership and Problem - solving CapacityCommunication •Wide participation and autonomy•Behind - the - scenes support •Visible performance
  16. 16. •Sense of Membership •Bonding/Networking •Mutual Responsibility •Agreement on vision•Identification of leaders and •Clarity of Goalsresources •Passion for Action•Informal / Formal •Leadership and Problem - solving CapacityCommunication •Wide participation and autonomy•Behind - the - scenes support •Visible performance
  17. 17. Their Right to EducationWe will striveto reach outand not bedeterred evenif the floodwaters arereaching…. Search for opportunity no matter how tough the situation may seem….. This cannot be their future. WE HAVE TO ENSURE IT….
  18. 18. ….that every child gets the necessary support andenvironment for good education… ..whether it is tin sheds.. Or under thatched roof….
  19. 19. ….all support has to be sought to do theneedful. If we get stuck..then TOGETHER we will strive to move forward. Even floods won’t deter and if needed will swim across.
  20. 20. …and dowhatever ittakes to light upsmiles withEDUCATION.TAKE ACTIONBe theCHANGEAGENT