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Rcbks bulletin vol 18 no 29

  1. 1. Vol 18 Number 29 SELAMAT PAGI 13 March 2010 Rotary Information From the Editor The 4 - Way Test “At last he rose, and twitched his mantle blue: Tomorrow to fresh woods, and pastures new.” - John Milton One of the most widely printed and quoted statements of business ethics in the world is The 4 - Way Test. It was It was a pre-arranged meeting of old friends but the place was new, strange land created by Rotarian Herbert Taylor in to both. 1932 when he asked to take charge of the Chicago-based Club Aluminum On the appointed time and date, I sat where the blonde waitress had ushered Company, which was facing bankruptcy. me to. Having taken a tram in the cold wind, it was good feeling warm inside and Taylor looked for a way to save the I promptly ordered a coffee. I finished the cup and had to order another one as I struggling company mired in depres- was still waiting. The view was good with plenty of people passing by along the sion - caused financial difficulties. He banks of the river easing what was otherwise a dreary wait. drew up 24-word code ethics for all employees to follow in their business I grew anxious 45 minutes later and still no sight of my “date”. So I called and and professional lives. The 4 - Way Test Eric informed me that he was around the corner looking to park his car. He became the guide for sales, production, finally appeared – nearly an hour past appointed time and 2 cups of coffee later. advertising and all relations with Strange land, strange social habits. dealers and customers and the survival of the company was credited to this We talked–about things topical as I wanted also to know what the 2 months had simple philosophy. been like for him since he uprooted himself, family and all to this part of the world they called “down under”. Topical because Eric’s part of the long line of Herb Taylor became president of Rotary friends making or have made the exodus. Intriguing but I congratulated him on International during 1954-55. The 4 - his courage and had wished him well when he came to say goodbye to the club Way Test was adopted by Rotary in in January 2010. 1943 and has been translated into more than 100 languages and pub- But I got a feeling that his would not be an easy path, having told me that he lished in thousands of ways. failed his driving test – an astounding outcome considering at 40+ he must been driving (on Malaysian roads) for at least the past 20 years. With such experience, how could one fail a driving test? Maybe, it is a reminder of how so used we are The 4 Way Test to the standards here that we forget where we stand relative to others. Is it the TRUTH? To Eric, it must have been an awakening of sorts besides the enormous effort Is it FAIR to all concerned? that still lie ahead just to fit in and to achieve cruising speed. That notwithstanding, Eric’s paradigm shift is more than rhetorical. Something must Will it build GOODWILL and be moving beneath the earth upon where he once stood to make him make that shift. BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? To me, it was also an awakening but a realization that we run the risk of being Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned? coddled (just like the frog in the pot) unless we come fast to reverse our current course. I don’t think I want to lose too many friends. As I walked home, a strange thought came through: the Malaysian part of Eric looked like staying. His 45-minute late for our appointment spoke volumes about that Malaysian in him. But I did not shudder. PP James Lau
  2. 2. ATTENDANCE LAST WEEK'S SPEAKER Guests: Mrs Andal Krishnan Christian, guest of Suzanne - Quick fix for the English Language Gap Helmi, guest of Poay Lim Andal has been kept busy by the demand Attendance: 53% Fines: $30.00 from corporations for a solution to the problem of executives with an inadequate command of the English language. The Announcements problem, she says, stems from the mixed message from the system. On the one hand schools emphasise the importance of Bahasa. On the other, the minute they enter Club Service the job market they are confronted with the need to communicate effectively in - Group 9 meeting is on 27 March'10. English. In fact, even before that they are already required to shine at the interview in The dinner meeting will be at Eco Green English. restaurant. Cost for members $20 and guest $35. Host club is RC Pudu. She cited the situation recently when 64,000 graduates failed to find employment even though there had been vacancies all because they didn’t have a facility with - PP Elsie will be hosting a fireside chat English language that the jobs required. [Datuk Yau during question time refuted at her residence in Tanjung Malim on this saying that the mismatch was of technical skills not English language Saturday 1 May'10. More details to follow. alone.Andal derided the attempt to run call centres locally. The English com- prehension skills did not measure up, from all accounts. New Generation - Ghaurry reported on the 3 RYLA The government’s response was to give the unemployed graduates crash courses candidates who are attending the camp in English which seemed to have had limited success. It was like throwing good in Eagle's Ranch, Port Dickson. money after bad, all to the private provider’s good. Andal has defined the skills and vocabulary for what she calls Domains: Aviation, Maritime, Engineering, Hospitality International Service and other industries. With templates and scripts she rehearses them for roles they - Todate 5 members and a spouse are have to play at work. Within a very short time she ramps up the participants’ mastery attending sister club RC Chung Li of the language they most require at work – hence the idea of a quick fix... Poay Lim Chung Shing's anniversary. Donations for Rotary’s good work Leadership Training Program (REF) PP Graham briefed the members on the Are you well informed? Terminologies like EREY (Every Rotarian Every Year), TRF camp at Agrotek Resort, Ulu Langat (The Rotary Foundation), Polio Plus or Bill & Melinda Gates’ USD350 mil challenge from 15 - 18 Mac'10. may sound vaguely familiar to some of us, but do you really know what they stand for? To know more check out the Rotary International website. (www.rotary.org) District NEWS To me, whatever name / label you may give to these donations, the fact remains that the funds would go towards funding community work carried out by Rotary. District Leadership Seminar It is thus important for each Rotarian to consider giving from time to time. For the The objective of the seminar is to contributions received this rotary year from the Rotary Clubs and Rotarians in provide leadership training to District 3300, a recognition dinner was organised last Saturday, 6 March at Royale Rotarians, particularly Past Presidents, Chulan Hotel. to prepare them for further leadership roles at the District level and beyond. Graham, Alvin, Jeremy and I were among the 300+ guests attending the function. This is in line with the objective of the As the dinner also commemorates World Peace and International Understanding, Club Leadership Plan (CLP). we were assigned tables named by countries. We in RCBKS shared the “Pakistan” table with Rotarians from Metro Kuantan. Our fellow dinner mates were friendly Date: 23 May 2010 and we made more new friends. Venue: Kelab Shah Alam Host Club: RC Shah Alam The official part of the programme went on Cost: $35 smoothly and efficiently notwithstanding that there were so many contributors that night. Integrity Night RCBKS contributed USD1,000 towards Polio while yours truly contributed USD1,000 A Joint Project Between Balai Ikthisas towards a PHF. The biggest donor that night Malaysia & Rotary District 3300 is PDG Dato’ Jimmy Lim who started with his Sunday 11th April2010 first USD1,000 1995 and topped up his total Venue: Selangor Club, Dataran Merdeka contribution since to USD129,000 at current Cost - RM80 per pax date. What generosity! With so many Rotarians with a big and sharing heart, DG RI District 3300 and BIM has been Leslie announced that the contributions/ organizing the Integrity Night since RY pledges at current date (USD180,000) has 2007-2008 and this year is the 3rd year far exceeded his personal expectations. running. Yours in Rotary Frances
  3. 3. Today's Programme NEXT CHANGE President Robin Tay 20 March'10(Sat) 7.30am 'Walk to End Polio' Speaker: Adriana Johari Topic: Living on board USS Nimitz Pres Robin Tay has been a Pudu Rotarian for more than 20 years under the classification of Interior Design. He has lately switched to Wellness & Nutrition. 27 March(Sat) 7.00pm Meanwhile he retains his interest in ID and operates two spas in KK and Kuantan. Group 9 Intercity Meeting His many talents allow him to also be a multilevel marketing high achiever, teacher Venue: Eco Green, TTDI of the art of massage, Certified Wine Connoisseur, Certified NLP Trainer, an Artist and a Photographer. He is pursuing his degree in Physiology in the Open University. 3 April (Sat) 7.30am On top of it all, he has accepted a year’s contract as an Executive Business Speakers: RYLArians Development Director with a company to assist in developing their franchise. Topic: Experiences at RYLA 2010 He was the first non-PP to serve the District under the then DG Low Teong. In RC CALENDER of EVENTS Pudu he served in all the Avenues of Services and won many District Awards. As Club President his credo is ‘Don’t wait for things to happen, but make things happened’. Leadership Training Program (REF) Date: 15 - 18 March 2010 Venue: Agrotek Garden Resort CLUB News 2nd Planning Meeting RY 2010/11 Date: 25 March 2010 Visit to Padmasambhava Children Loving Association (Klang) 76th District Assembly 6 March 2010 Date: 16 - 18 April 2010 Venue: Sunway Resort Hotel The visit was held after our regular club meeting last Saturday. Members present Fireside chat@ Tanjung Malim were President Frances, Alvin, Angie, Ee Date: 1 May 2010 Lay, Graham, Susan, Karen, Niklas and Venue: PP Elsie's residence family. We brought along sponsored Cost : $20 (BBQ dinner) sundries and food items, toys, and a bicycle. A representative from the home Trip to Taiwan - gave us a briefing as soon as we RC Chungli Chung Shing Anniversary arrived. The home with 33 children were Date: 18 - 23 May 2010 delighted to receive angpow packets from President Frances. They were RC Bugis Junction Installation given a lunch treat of pizzas, snacks and Date: 10 July 2010 ice cream. March Celebration News from sister club, RC Bugis Junction Happy Birthday Ongoing projects Siew Hwa 16 Mac Rotary Year 2009/2010 Jeremy 18 Mac Ghaurry 25 Mac (1) “Spoken Word Programme at Canossa Convent Primary School”: Performance Sanjay 29 Mac (art, music, theatre or dance) will be used to bring out the learning abilities of the target primary school audience. Funds are in hand. Duty Roster (2) “Pondok Baca”: Jointly with RC-UPG, this project aims 13 March (New Generation) to launch children’s reading rooms in Sargeant-at-arms Elsie Indonesia. RCBJ’s successful 21 Nov Desk Duty Karen 09 Charity Bowl-a-thon raised all the Introducer Ghaurry funds required for RCBJ’s 5-year Thank Speaker Kate commitment. Launch at site was held Fines Jeremy on 9th January with an unforgettable ceremony at Bontoala Village Gowa. 20 March (Membership) President Whai Yih and four of our members attended, along with Rotary Sargeant-at-arms James Lau UPG and Village Hosts Desk Duty Sanjay Introducer Kong (3) “Meals from the Heart”: Thank Speaker Yoke Leong Club Major Project, is ongoing and Fines Fang Keong funds are being raised at a special President Whai Yih and club members dinner function to be held on 23 April '10
  4. 4. Board of Directors 2009/10 Youth Leadership Training Camp Agrotek Garden Resort, Hulu Langat President Frances Po 21731618(0) Day 3 (17/03/2010) Day 1 (15/03/2010) President Elect 10.00am Registration 7.00am Wake up & Breakfast Tan Poay Lim 77277127(0) 10.30am Opening Ceremony 8.30am Seminar Session: Skills & Knowledge Power Immediate Past President/PR 11.15am Briefing Elsie Low 10.00am Morning Tea 77281807(0) 12.00pm Lunch & Check in 10.30am Activities: The Maze & Hat Vice President/Membership Director 1.30pm Seminar Sessions: Why Are Factory Dr Sanjay Doshi You Here & Test of An Educated 23008030(0) Person 12.45pm Lunch Honorary Secretary 3.30pm Afternoon tea 2.00pm Seminar Session: How To Cecelia Matuya Achieve Success As A Student 56342870(0) 4.00pm Activities: 3 In 1 & Obstacle Course 5.00pm Preparation Time For Honorary Treasurer Presentation PP Graham Bennett 7.00pm Shower & Dinner 012-2918619 7.00pm BBQ Dinner 8.30pm Movie Night Club Service Director 8.00pm Student’s Presentation Night 10.00pm Supper PP Karen Chong 9.30pm Activity: Night Jungle Trekking 012-2893380 11.00pm Supper Vocational Service Director Day 2 (16/03/2010) PP CY Fong 78032276(0) 7.00am Breakfast Day 4 (18/03/2010) Community Service Director 8.30am Seminar Session: Team Ho Ee Lay Power 7.00am Wake up & Breakfast 019-3395688 10.30am Activities: Creative Egg & 8.30am Activity: Flying Fox International Service Director Windows of Opportunity Susan Lim 10.30am Morning Tea 012-2325860 12.30am Lunch & Rest Time 11.00am Seminar Session: Vision New Generation Director 4.00pm Activity: Day Jungle Trekking Ghaurry 12.00pm Activity: House Building 7.00pm Shower & Dinner 23003757(O) 1.00pm Closing Ceremony 8.30pm An Evening With Successful Rotary Foundation Chairman People: - En. Azlan Jaafar Vice PP Sunny Khoo 1.30pm Lunch President, CSD Strategy,CIMB Bank 22849089(O) - Mr. CK. Toh Training & HR Manager 2.00pm End O.Y.L Manufacturing Co.(Daikin Bulletin Committee Group Malaysia) - Dr. Susanna Brida-Hofherr Asia James Lau/ Karen (Editor/Production) Paws Malaysia Poay Lim (Speaker’s Programme)