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Media evaluation course work.


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Media evaluation course work.

  1. 1. Character 1 Analysis (Businessman)<br />This is the costume for one of the main characters.<br /> (Upper apparel) this consists of black suit jacket, black tie and a cream shirt. <br />Collectively as a group we came up with an idea for are opening scene to represent two different types of characters. By dressing up one of the main characters in a suit we tied to portray the stereotypical business man, as we thought that type of appearance would be the best way to represent the business character in our scene. <br /> (Lower apparel) this consists of black suit trousers and smart casual black shoes. <br />To add to the stereotypical business character we used a blackberry as a prop. As this is a typical phone used by many upper class business men by using this prop it gives the audience a sense of what sort of character there watching. As there are many connotations that come with having a blackberry like being wealthy, leading a busy life and there usually associated with suited and booted business men.Again to reinforce the appearance of the business man character a briefcase was used as this shows the type of work the characters in for the audience it answers questions. The character is represented in very stereotypical way in his whole appearance with the costume and props. <br />Character 2 analyses (Teenager) <br />Here it shows the young teenage character is wearing a hoody to show a stereotypical young type of character being portrayed. <br />The character is also wearing a baseball cap following the convention of a young teenage male’s dress code. <br />Baggy jeans this compliments the characters age.<br />As shown in this screenshot of the film kidult hood although it’s not a thriller film we gathered ideas on the way the characters were dressed. We implemented the costumes on one of our characters in the opening sequence as you can see young males are usually dressed in caps and hoodies. So in our opening scene we followed the stereotypical conventions of teenage on their appearance. <br />In our media opening sequence for the two main characters who play in it. It breaks down the stereotypical boundaries that are usually common in the media world one of the main characters in the opening sequence, is portrayed as a business man who can be described as a countertype. As typically this type of character would be a middle- aged white stereotypical man. By making this character black it breaks the usual trend. By doing this it opens the audience’s mind, while watching to expect the unexpected during the course of the opening scene. <br />