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How does your media product represent particular social


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Evaluation question two

Published in: Technology, Business
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How does your media product represent particular social

  1. 1. How does your media product represent particular social groups? Tom Astle
  2. 2. Representation of social groupsIn the modern film industry, is it important to help the audience to identity thedifferent characters social groups and status, to allow them to get their heads in tothe film. This can be done by, the use of costume, personality, setting and generalother attributes of the character. By doing this the film crew are trying to make theaudience react and understand the characters in a certain way for example by usingdark clothing the audience will understand the character to be evil, as black hasconnotations of evil and corruptness, this allows the audience to react to thecharacter as the antagonist. We have tried to follow these conventions as to makethe audience react in the way we want.
  3. 3. Mask to hideJacob’s costume faceIn our opening sequence, Jacob plays the main character in thefilm, the Antagonist( pictured right), we used dark colours for Jacobscostume as dark colours have connotations of evil and corruptness.By doing this, the audience would instantly think that he is theAntagonist as his costume causes this kind of reaction from theaudience. As well as using dark clothes we tried to use old tattyclothes as well, to illustrate that the character is lower class and bellowthe poverty line, adding to the depth of the characters personality, andmaybe providing a motive to why he is committing the murder. Wealso decided to use a mask, as this would show to the audience that hewants to hide his identity, something that people who are about to doa bad thing in films usually do, we used a mask of the USSR leaderLenin, as this is mysterious and adds to the personality of thecharacter. We have used this character in the film (who doesn’t have aname) to play the antagonist, but he also represents insanity andevil, the audience can tell this from his costume, mask and the way hedoesn’t talk to his victim before he kills him, showing that he has nomorals and is a truly evil person.We also tried to make it so that the audience wouldn’t understand himcompletely as a character, as this added to the mysterious personality Darkof the character. We did this by making it so you will never see the clothescharacter without a mask on, and never not in dark clothing. We to Gloves to hidewanted the audience to react to this character by wondering whohe/she was, what they wanted, and why are they so clearly insane. show fingerprints evil
  4. 4. Bright designer jumperGrady’s costumeIn our opening sequence, we got Grady to play the victim. We used Grady toplay the character as we thought he best reflected the target audience whichwas 15+ males, by reflecting the target audience it would appeal more tothem as they can see themselves in the character. For Grady’s costume, wewanted to try and represent the modern day teenager, we used a Jack Willsjumper to show that he is upper class and young. We made sure that this wasa bright colour as well as his other clothes, as bright colours haveconnotations of innocence and purity, showing that Grady is theprotagonist. We also used a iPod as a prop, we used this to show thetechnological dependence that many teenagers (even including me) heavilyrely on technology in their every day life, and can’t simply enjoy walking thedogs and the scenery with out music being played.We also showed that Grady was from a rural background, as it is common forrural people to walk their dogs in the woods/fields. We thought that usingcommon factors that related to our target audience e.g. Designerclothes, similar age, MP3 players. That they would feel as if they could relateto this character, we wanted the audience to react positively to thischaracter as the protagonist, and feel anger towards the antagonist whenhe kills Grady, setting the audience up for the remainder of the film.Grady’s character also has certain cultural signifiers which are certainattributes that people from different cultures have, for example we can seeGrady is English from the fact that he is walking his dog through the Headphones to showwoods, something that in other cultures isn’t seen as completely common. technological dependence of teens
  5. 5. How does my media product represent particular social groups?Whilst planning we had a clear idea of the different social groups we wanted toinclude and represent in our opening sequence. We represented teenagers bythe use of Grady, we used his costume, props and appearance to representthis. We used designer clothes to represent teenagers as this is a commonstereotype that teenagers always want/ wear the latest fashions. Teenagerswere also involved in our target audience, so by representing their social groupthey can see themselves in the characters and will want to watch it more.With Jacobs character there isn’t really a social group represented as he is avery strange and unique individual character. So the only particular socialgroup we have represented is the teenagers, who are also our target audience,we represented teenagers through the use of Grady’s character and costume.