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Poster Analysis

  1. 2. The main colours which are used in this poster is black and orange. The shade of orange which is used in this poster is not the same shade. The name “Kevin Bacon” is in a lighter shade of orange whereas the face of the man appears to be mixed with the colour red. The colours used have connotations fire and “hell”. The colours which are used help indicate the type of genre of the film as it is dark and fiery, which suggests passion and battles.
  2. 3. The layout of this poster may convey the emotional state of the main person. He appears to be behind a type of door looking at what is on the other side or he is entering into the darkness and horrors which are within the location which could be a house. This is suggestive of the position of his head as the entire face cannot be seen. Furthermore the lighting on the face helps support this. The poster is interesting but in terms of what has been included however it is also basic following the normal conventions of a movie poster.
  3. 4. Name of the movie, a grunge font has been used but it is still easy to read the title/ It is the same font as what the actors name is written in. this is effective as it does not bring too much attention away from the title of the movie or the poster images. The fact that the name of the actor is shown below his image, and he is in the centre third of the page suggests that the actor used, was chosen to help promote and sell the movie to a specific audience. I think that this poster gives the audience information visually in the form of images rather than through writing. Most of images are appealing. The writing on the poster includes the standard bullet box containing the names of the actors and website of the movie. This also is another way, for the movie to be promoted to get people to watch it.
  4. 5. Close of a man’s face most likely the person the movie is centred around. The man is connecting with the audience as he is looking straight at them. These mini images could be from scenes in the movie. The fact that these are positioned on the outside helping creating the object of a door. I think that having these images help make the film more intriguing and helps target an audience. It also raises questions to what happens in the movie, with the only way to find out is by going. For this reason I think that this poster is a good selling advertisement for the movie. In a similar way he name of the actor is also on the poster.
  5. 7. The main messages, I think the poster is trying to convey is done visually. I think that the colours used and layout is very suitable for the genre of a thriller, horror and fantasy. The main colours used in this poster are blue and black. The way in which these colours are blended together creates a type of shadow, adding to the eeriness of the poster. The colours of which are used are also not realistic especially in terms of the eye, which relates back to the genre of the film.
  6. 8. The colour of the eye really stands out, in my opinion the colour reminds me of a fire, suggesting that the concept of hell, whether it is metaphorically presented in a situation, or Is shown by a character going there indicates a type of story that the film is based on. This also supports the name of the film “cursed” The tag line of the film, is a common saying, it came from a German philosopher called Friedrich Nietzsche. As it is a well known phrase, it will remain in the minds of people. This association could help attract an audience to the film. If they ever hear the saying then it will remind them of the film. The tag line is an effective way to promote and sell the movie. It also adds to the suspense and interest that a person will have about the movie. They may ask questions such as What will kill them? Or what happens in the movie? without needing to see the teaser or trailer.
  7. 9. The name “Cursed” is short and is easy to remember. This is something that I think we should consider when we think about making a name. Furthermore the white used allows it to stand out from the dark background. All the images above going across in a row, are complementary colours. This means that they go well with each other and stand out without one colour overpowering another. The reason why complementary colours are used is because it is aesthetics relating to the beauty of the poster. This is something which I hop to achieve when I come to create a poster for my teaser. The colour of the lips is appropriate form the genre of the film, and the way in which the poster has been presented. It is not a bold red which would stand out but a darker shade. This shade reminds me of haunting, and goes back to the idea of shadows and death.
  8. 10. A close up of the face, is the main focal point on the film poster. However the black lines going across the face, takes a little bit of the attention off the face. I think that the lines going across the face is affective as it is unusual and effective. For most of the poster, the colours are subtle and blend well together however the lines which go across the face, have a grungy affect to them. They disrupt the element of calmness and illusion which is created. I like this because it creates a sense of chaos and something not being right, but darkness as well. The colours do this to some extent, but these three lines make it stand out. Ultimately it disrupts the image.
  9. 12. What I find interesting for these movie posters is the layout is very different although they are from the same film. It shows that sometimes a image of the people are not always necessary.
  10. 13. There are three names on the movie poster. The names are most likely from the three main actors in the movie. The way in which the names are written suggest that the one of the top is of the main actor, the name below above the name of the film is of the second main actor in the film and the last name underneath the title of the film is the third main actor. As the main focus is one two people, these are most likely the first and second main character. Main actor Second main actor Third main actor
  11. 14. The composition of the image, is similar to the other posters which I have analysed as a close up is used on the face. However there appears to be a scene from the film featured at the bottom. This gives a little indication of what type of film it is or the type of story which will be used as there is a police car and a man carrying body. The colours used are complementary colours similar to the movie poster of “Stir of echoes.
  12. 15. This movie poster does not give much indication of what the movie is about, it could be suggested from the scratching background it is from a horror or thriller genre rather than a romance because of the words “help me” and unpleasantness of the background. Furthermore if you look closely then there is a image of a person and there hand as if they are trying to escape. This would support the horror/thriller genre. I like this poster because it is unusual, as many of the posters which I have seen are not like this.
  13. 16. Name of the actor Possible tag line of the film Name of Name of the film. Other than the background colours, the word “the” is written in red, which could emphasis the individual person of the film. But I am unsure why this is, however it does help the bane if the film to stand out Director and other works they have done