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How To Use Lead Generator


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Published in: Technology, Design
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How To Use Lead Generator

  1. 1. Country Editor’s page URL-
  2. 2. The 'Tools' section is further divided into three parts named lead generator, open leads and responses. The three steps mentioned explain how to start with the new story. When you click on the start button, following page will be displayed. There are three sections on the ‘country editor tools' page i.e. Tools, Reports and Instabloid Tutorials 'Open Leads' shows the stories that are still waiting for the responses. 'Expired Leads' shows the stories for which the duration of receiving opinions have finished. 'Responses' is a section where we can view the opinions received from the other people.
  3. 3. Here You will add a title to your story. Desired questions will be written here which will be sent to the people from the contact list in order to get their opinions. Brief description of the story, will be written here. You may select the list of people from the various contact lists. You will stop receiving the comments after the selected duration.
  4. 4. Once you select the people individually by clicking on the Add option… … they will be displayed here Any of the contacts can be deleted by clicking on the remove option Click here to finally send the mail to all the selected contacts. After the details are filled, this is how the page will be displayed:
  5. 5. Confirmation message for the sent mail will be displayed here For further steps, go back to the ‘Tools’ page.
  6. 6. You need to wait for the responses; Once they come, will be shown here
  7. 7. Once you receive the responses for the story and is ready to write, click here. After above mentioned step, following page (build story) will be displayed:
  8. 8. Here you will see the title of the story All the accepted opinions will be moved to the story by pressing this button Now you may find the pictures here itself by entering the related tag in the given box and clicking here All the received responses will be seen here You can drag the accepted opinions in this box Rejected opinions can be trashed by dragging here Once you complete all the above mentioned steps, following screen will be displayed:
  9. 9. This message tells that all the accepted opinions are moved successfully to the edit screen of the story, which is shown on the next slide. Below, you may see all the searched pictures, related to the entered tag. You may add a suitable picture to the story
  10. 10. You may see the accepted opinions here Before submitting, click here to have a final view of the story
  11. 11. Click here to finally submit the story After submitting, the story can be seen in the ‘upcoming’ section or on your Myblog.