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Tutorial - Podio

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Tutorial - Podio

  1. 1. Ibtehaj Khurram Asad Ullah
  2. 2. •Understanding your Podio account •How to make a workspace •How to make an app •Knowing your role and of others in your workspace CONTENT
  3. 3. Understanding Your Podio Account
  4. 4. After you login to Podio, this is the page you should see
  5. 5. Here is what the chat menu, when pressed will look like
  6. 6. The Account Panel
  7. 7. The Search Panel
  8. 8. This is the notifications button .It allows you to see all your notifications Tasks Calendar The rest of the remain options. Seems we some notifications Contacts
  9. 9. This allows you access to your Workspace The rest of the remain ing options
  10. 10. Here all your portfolios are listed. If you are in more than 1 you will see them here as well This is what the workspace panel looks like
  11. 11. Click this to access your workspace List of options for your workspace
  12. 12. This is what your workspace would look like
  13. 13. This shows the list of members in your workspace
  14. 14. This is your app section. Each Workspace has a different list of apps according to their need.
  15. 15. You can use apps that are not already available on your workspace. Such as a survey app
  16. 16. How to make a workspace
  17. 17. To Create a Workspace, Press the create workspace button in the “Go to Workspace” section
  18. 18. Now Enter a name and for the workspace & chose the access setting. When done press “Create and Invite” & invite people to your workspace Note Workspaces can only be made by VPs
  19. 19. How to make an app
  20. 20. This is what the Add App looks like when pressed. Now you either choose from the list of apps already, available on Podio, or you can build your own.
  21. 21. This is the create app section. Here you can enter the name of the app & other information regarding the app
  22. 22. The other options you can select from according to your need
  23. 23. For example we need a new survey. Enter the name and add description and press “Create App”
  24. 24. This is the next screen that will appear in front of you. ow you add fields as shown by dragging and dropping them her
  25. 25. Drop down button You can click on the dropdown button on the symbol of the field & select properties of question. For example it is required field.
  26. 26. You can use the text box for text base Q&As type your questions in this section You can use the category box for multiple choice question base Q&As Type your questions in this section Then add the choice in this box. As you type one choice. An option to add another will open below it . As shown below Option for adding more choices Here you see the will see the responses once there are any. They will be displayed in the boxes you see on the right . When you are done with adding fields press “Done”.
  27. 27. Response Boxes Here you see the will see the responses once there are any. They will be displayed in the boxes you see on the right
  28. 28. First press this Then press “Webform “ Now press the settings button and then press the web form button. Both are highlighted Red
  29. 29. This is what your survey form would look like. Now there various thing you can do. You can use this to select the fields that you want to see on your form. As you can see, the only ones I want are ticked here and can be seen there
  30. 30. You can select the Title & Description Click this to and change the title and description and they will be displayed as show above
  31. 31. You can select theme of your form so that you can change how it looks
  32. 32. You can also add spam protection against robot inputs by enabling CAPTCHA
  33. 33. Embed Code & Shareable link for when you want to publicly share your survey for
  34. 34. This is what you see after pressing “Save & Share”. You can copy the link for sharing and share it where it is needed. Once copied press “Done”.
  35. 35. Check the responses of the webform here
  36. 36. Knowing your role
  37. 37. 37 ing back to your workstation you can also press the setting button on the member bo It appear only after you place your cursor over the member box
  38. 38. 38 Now press “Manage members”
  39. 39. Here you will see the roles of the different members. You can learn what these admin members can do by reading the section on the right
  40. 40. That ends our tutorial for today. Learn more by exploring by yourself GOOD LUCK!