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Year 7 science project about our earth

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  1. 1. our dynamic earth
  2. 3. Layers from crust to core The depth in km is 40 at the rocky crust 150 km at upper mantle 400 km. The mantle is 400 – 650km in the inner mantle (semi-rigid). About 2,700km and the molten outer core (iron/nickel) is up to 2,890 – 5,150km and the inner core (iron/nickel) 5,150 up to 6,378km
  3. 4. .The mantle is about 2,750 km thick. .towards the bottom of the mantle the temperature is around about 4,000 to 6,700 ° F and around 2,200 to 3,700 in C° .Did you know that Oceans cover about 70% of Earth's surface. These oceans that are 70% covering earths surface are up to 3.7 km deep. The Earth's thin layer rocky crust is collected of silicon, aluminium, calcium, sodium and potassium. Facts
  4. 5. Why i think the earth is round I have a strong opinion on that the earth is round. But I am not sure maybe its flat, because when you look at the map below its flat not round. But astronauts have said there are other planets but how can they prove this. Astronauts have flied into space they have said the earth and other planets are round. The reason the map below is flat is because its been flattened out. If it was round you would only see little bits of it not the whole of earth. That’s why I think its round.
  5. 6. This picture below is around north America
  6. 7. Its true that they were all joined because scientist have found fossils that match like Australia and new Zealand and Tasmania. If Australia split in half scientist would know that it was once joined because the fossils would match. Its like a puzzle but in real life about millions and millions of years ago the whole lot of countries were joined together its likely in another few millions years that we might join back with all the other countries. Every year we are getting about 1 centre metre closer to China. Is it true that all land masses were once joined?
  7. 8. rock cycle Igneous rocks as volcanoes Metamorphic rocks as mounting And sedimentary rocks as deserts
  8. 9. igneous rocks Igneous rocks are formed by volcanoes erupting.
  9. 10. Sedimentary rocks Sedimentary rocks are formed by the layers
  10. 11. Metamorphic rocks are formed by igneous and sedimentary rocks.
  11. 12. Thank you for watching my presentation on our dynamic earth
  12. 13. Date Tuesday, 5 August 2008 references