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About Dyantek Media

Dynatek Media business model and market vertical information

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About Dyantek Media

  1. 1. DynaTek Media Digital Signage
  2. 2. About DynaTek • DynaTek is 3.5 years old • Corporate offices located in Scottsdale, AZ • Offices located in Scottsdale, Austin, Cleveland, UK • Core business • Network Deployment and Operations • Content Production • Technology Development
  3. 3. Core Markets Grocery Drug Store C-Store Retail Dynatek Way Media Finding Waiting Room Medical Interplanetary
  4. 4. What We Do • Design, Deploy and Operate Digital Signage Networks • Complete Content Production Services • Advertising Sales • Customer loyalty Programs • Coupon Programs
  5. 5. What the Industry Experts Say Martha Russell CEO Clickin Research
  6. 6. Major Retailer Pilot Results 69% 49% 67% 75% 71% Screen +21% 62% Control ks dy BC BC rs ks ks Ba in ac ac an H H Dr Sn Sn C gy gy er er En En Control Stores (without screens) Screen Stores (2 screens per store/same content) All Stores located in the same metro area and operated under the same name
  7. 7. DynaTek’s Convergence? Reach_Engage_Convert • At the Pump • On the Cell Phones • In the Store • On the web
  8. 8. At The Pump • Motivate Consumer Behavior • Bring instant value e.g. coupons and offers • Builds long term customer loyalty
  9. 9. Customers Cell Phone • Text mnms to 78247 • Customer Sends a Text Message for an instant coupon • Coupon delivered to their phone and to an in-store printer
  10. 10. In Store • Increase product sales • Reduce perceived wait time • Build relationship with customer by offering localized weather, traffic and community information
  11. 11. On the Web Drive traffic back to store Digital Communities Customized Loyalty Programs Powered by Instant Win promotions Text ‘scratch’ to 78247
  12. 12. Move Your Customers To the store To the Web To the phone
  13. 13. Thanks For Your Time Q&A