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Innovations In Direct Marketing - 18 November 2008


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Presentation to Financial Services Forum in London 18 November 2008

Best practice financial case studies on Personalised Integrated Marketing

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Innovations In Direct Marketing - 18 November 2008

  1. 1. Personalised Integrated MediaTM Innovations in Direct Marketing The Financial Services Forum 18 November 2008 Daniel Finn Ryan Haylock Digital Media Consultant Marketing Manager Sony DADC Lloyds TSB
  2. 2. Agenda  Changing Media Landscape  Cross Media & Integrated Marketing  DM complements Online  What is Sony PIM?  How to measure response?  PIM case studies in depth • Skandia • Lloyds TSB  Questions
  3. 3. Changing Media Landscape “In 1965, 80% of 18-49 year olds in the U.S. could be reached with three 60- second TV spots… Reference: Revenue Science Inc., Procter&Gamble
  4. 4. Changing Media Landscape …In 2002, it required 117 primetime commercials to produce the same result.” – Jim Stengel Global Marketing Officer, Procter & Gamble Reference: Revenue Science Inc., Procter&Gamble
  5. 5. Direct Response Marketing Landscape PULL PUSH digital media: digital media: digital media: •Behavioural Targeting •Search •Search •Email Marketing •SEM •SEM •Mobile Marketing •SEO •SEO physical media: physical media: •above the line •pURL •TV •QR Code •print •Integrated DM
  6. 6. Cross Media Marketing guiding media Direct TV Print POS Radio Online Mobile target media Mail TV Print Direct Mail POS Radio Online Mobile
  7. 7. Direct Mail complements Online “Integrating digital advertising and Direct Mail campaigns can increase customer spend by 25%” Marketing Magazine, 10th June 2008
  8. 8. Direct Mail’s role in the New Media Landscape Where Online Where Direct Mail is most effective is most effective For communicating brief For grabbing attention: messages: 47% DM 7% DM 19% Email 68% Online For encouraging someone to do something as a result of: 42% DM 15% Email For ease of response: For making someone feel more 6% DM valued: 65% Online 42% DM 7% Email Source: Royal Mail & Quadrangle 2007
  9. 9. of 'confident web users' prefer to be contacted by a combination of Direct Mail and Online advertising. Source: Royal Mail & Quadrangle 2007
  10. 10. Direct Mail and Online Because DM and Online together create a more powerful result, we have developed Sony PIM to enable you to deliver the best possible integrated campaigns
  11. 11. What is Sony PIM?  New marketing solution from Royal Mail & Sony DADC  Unique and patented marketing solution  Integrates offline and online channels  Personalise and tailor the experience  Measure engagement & response in real time  B2B and B2C for all sectors
  12. 12. What is Sony PIM? You send an impactful Direct Mail piece to your audience that contains a CD/DVD The content is highly personalised The disk plays your TV ad or Flash media, offering a better-than-web experience The disk integrates to your website to complete the user journey You can measure your campaign in real time and get an immediate customer response
  13. 13. Key benefits of PIM On and offline engagement High level of personalisation Maximum stand-out and impact in the marketplace High measurability Cost effective Increased response rates
  14. 14. PIM Analytics dashboard – real time measurements
  15. 15. Immediate feedback on engagement & response rates
  16. 16. PIM Analytics can show geo targeting of responses
  17. 17. Case Study – Skandia / Wein & Co  Client: Skandia  Objective: Inform new customer groups about “Skandia Navigator”  Campaign: cross promotion in order to generate meetings about life-insurances within the clients of Wein & Co  Personalisation: Personal DM pack with tailored incentives
  18. 18. Personalised DM pack sent to all prospects
  19. 19. Personalised welcome on landing page
  20. 20. Cross promotion to drive response
  21. 21. Pre-population of response form
  22. 22. Automated offline to online
  23. 23. Skandia – campaign results  12% disc online usage (engagement rate)  5% response rate (3 times higher than usual)  Increase in brand recall of 50% - 60%
  24. 24. Case Study – Lloyds TSB Corporate Markets The brief: Integrated with the other elements of the Capabilities Campaign Communicate with key prospects on a more personal level Targeted at a specific audience with gatekeepers to consider Raise awareness of our brand Start dialogue with our prospects
  25. 25. PIM Direct Marketing approach Key elements: Mailing pack Follow-up email Outbound telemarketing Campaign details: Mailing landed 14th – 15th April, targeted at 1,660 prospects 207 were followed-up with email All mailed leads were followed-up with Tele-marketing
  26. 26. Personalised welcome message to each prospect
  27. 27. Prospects could arrange an appointment from PIM disc Online link to book a meeting
  28. 28. Follow-up Email communication
  29. 29. Lloyds TSB Campaign Results  Appointments: 37 (2.2% of mailing file)  Warm leads: 24 (1.5% of mailing file)  Total: 61 (3.7% of mailing file)  2 live customers One prospect liked the disk so much, they booked an appointment based on the creative execution alone
  30. 30. Lloyds TSB campaign - National Marketing Awards Short listed for the following…  Marketing Strategy of The Year Award: National Business Awards, 18 Nov  Best Direct Marketing Campaign: Financial Services Forum, 25 Nov
  31. 31. Summary  Personalise your marketing to maximise impact  Integrate your offline & online channels to maximise response  Measure the engagement & response in real time  Best practice marketing with Sony PIM
  32. 32. Thank you Questions Daniel Finn Digital Media Consultant Sony DADC 07872 675 536