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Si Presentation


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Talk given in 2006 about scalable deployment strategy

Published in: Technology, Business
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Si Presentation

  1. 1. DynaTek Media “Get Converged” Gary C. Quasebarth Vice President Operations
  2. 2. About DynaTek • DynaTek founded in 2002 • Corporate headquarters in Scottsdale, AZ • Offices located in Austin, Cleveland, UK • 4 Active effectiveness pilots looking at different aspects of digital signage implementations • 2000 sites operational by end Q1 07
  3. 3. Media Supply Chain Rolls Defined Raw 2 Post Content Production 1 3 Traffic Ad Scheduling Reservations Management $ 4 Report Network Transact Delivery 6 Air 5
  4. 4. The Issues 5 Years Ago • Price…displays, players • Lack of robust software platforms • Lack of credible ROI and or Business Models • Bandwidth and associated cost
  5. 5. Current Barriers • Operators failure to understand scalability • Lack of available inventory in vertical markets • Advertisers slow to adopt…paradigm shift
  6. 6. DynaTek’s Convergence Reach_Engage_Convert • At the Pump • On the Cell Phones • In the Store • On the web
  7. 7. Software Must Haves • Reservation Capability • Proof of play for media and hardware! • Scheduling tools, zones, regions, languages… • Hardware health monitoring & remote management • Highly scaleable architecture
  8. 8. Hardware Best Practices • Use Standard Player Hardware Image from a major supplier • Build a Clean OS Image • Use LCD displays w/232 capabilities • Standardize mounting systems • Kit and test systems (time is money) • Asset Management
  9. 9. Why At The Pump? • Motivate Consumer Behavior • Bring instant value e.g. coupons and offers • Builds long term customer loyalty
  10. 10. Why Customers Cell Phone? • Text mnms to 78247 • Customer Sends a Text Message for an instant coupon • Coupon delivered to their phone and to an in-store printer
  11. 11. Why In Store? • Increase product sales • Reduce perceived wait time • Build relationship with customer by offering localized weather, traffic and community information
  12. 12. Why On the Web Drive traffic back to store Digital Communities Customized Loyalty Programs Powered by Instant Win promotions Text ‘scratch’ to 78247
  13. 13. Get Converged Moves Your Customers To the store To the Web To the phone