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ForchuTeck- CRM


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ForchuTeck CRM

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ForchuTeck- CRM

  1. 1. SoftCRM - An Integrated CRM for Effective Sales Management Why SoftCRM Ø Better Customer Service Provide Ø per Customer Revenues Increase Ø quot;Cross Sellquot; and quot;Up Sellquot; with more knowledge and effectively Ø Close sales Deals Faster Ø Information sharing among sales staff Efficient Ø Marketing and Sales Processes Simplify Cu st om s ic • Case Management • Multi-Channel er lyt Campaigns • Inbound Email na Se • Campaign Wizard gA rv i • Knowledgebase • Email Marketing ce • Issue Tracker Marketin • Web-to-Lead Forms • Shared Calendar • Lead Management • Document Management CAPABILITIES • Opportunity Management • Contact Management • Account Management • Project Management • Dashboards Sa les n Forc e Automatio 1 ForchuTeck Consulting Group Inc.
  2. 2. Why CRM ? · control of your data, application, and server performance Full Migration plans that fit your budget and timing · · price and fast ROI Great Deploys in 15 minutes · Streamlined web interface that's enjoyable to use · About SoftCRM SoftCRM is an integrated sales management solution specific to your company to maintain your customers better and efficient client acquisition through mature data analysis. SoftCRM is an customised solution offering of SugarCRM. SugarCRM is the world's leading provider of commercial open source customer relationship management (CRM) software for companies of all sizes. Why ForchuTeck? ForchuTeck is highly specialized in providing Open Source alternatives to its enterprise clients for the past decade. One of its unique strengths is in- depth. understanding of Open Source Technologies and flawless delivery mechanism ForchuTeck has successfully completed more than 100 engagements across the globe by leveraging the power of Open Source. ForchuTeck customization services for various Open Source Applications like JOOMLA, Drupal, SugarCRM, MOODLE, DotProject, Claroline, ATutor etc., include: A. User Interface customization ForchuTeck with experience of customizing over 10 different open source applications, understands the User Interface organization of the applications mentioned above. 2 ForchuTeck Consulting Group Inc.
  3. 3. B. New templates ForchuTeck has experience of providing new templates using Smarty, Xtemplate or others to easily enact new interfaces for the open source applications. C.Data access & Security Implementation ForchuTeck has customized most of the open source applications for data access and security implementation across the application. Most of the organizations will have their own preferred policies for data access (say in CRM, LMS etc). ForchuTeck understands the authentication policies of the Open source applications listed above and is well experienced in customizing them to suit the needs. D. Module development and customization ForchuTeck has experience in developing new modules and customizing existing modules for the open source applications. With its command over variety of add-ons for the open source applications, ForchuTeck delivers cost effective solution to meet the customer needs. orchuTeck is experienced in delivering the new modules following the open source licenses existing in the market or according to the customer's own licensing mechanism. CONTACT US for your Business returns at ForchuTeck Consulting Group Inc, 2455 Silverado trail Grand Prairie TX 7505. (TEL) Atlanta 678 222 1774 Dallas 214 432 8475 Fax 972 522 1830 Name: Charles Forchu Email: URL: 3 ForchuTeck Consulting Group Inc.