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Would You Like Fries with that Virtual 10 x 10?


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Based on the blog posts as Midcourse Corrections and articles in Convene, this presentation presents the case for selling online interactive trade show booth upgrades.

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Would You Like Fries with that Virtual 10 x 10?

  1. 1. Would You Like Virtual Fries with That 10 x10? Selling Interactive Online Listings with Trade Show Booth Space Rentals By Michelle Bruno, CEM, CMP
  2. 2. Don’t Fries Make You Fat?Why?
  3. 3. How to Up-Sell
  4. 4. Select Interactive Floor Plan
  5. 5. Sell When You Sell Exhibit Space
  6. 6. Determine Pricing
  7. 7. Sell A-La-Carte
  8. 8. Create Collateral
  9. 9. Sell Like H*!!
  10. 10. Provide Analytics