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  1. 1. 09 ACTION PLANPROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN for IDENTIFIED NEEDS in TECHNOLOGY and CURRICULUM INTEGRATION L Evangelista <br /> SuperintendentAct as the educational leader and chief executive officer of the district, responsible for the effective execution of policies adopted by the district’s board of trustees. Assume administrative responsibility for the planning, operation, supervision, evaluation of the education programs, services, and facilities of the district and for the annual appraisal of district staff. <br />Chief Administrative Officer School Support ServicesDirect the establishment of, and ongoing operations of the School Support Services Division to ensure long- term programs that meet the needs of the schools and the community.<br /> Chief Academic Officer Curriculum and Instructional ServicesSupervise and direct district staff functions including Curriculum & Instruction, Academic Design and Delivery, Training and Development, and Student Support.<br /> Associate Superintendent, Professional Development and Staff TrainingSupervise and direct staff responsible for planning, developing and implementing development and training programs to all personnel throughout the districtWork with schools and administrative departments to develop and implement plans to address technology needs<br />Associate Superintendent, Information and Technology servicesDirect all operations related to computer operations, desktop support, programming services, network operations, and help desk operations. Develop a strategic plan for the development and implementation of technology initiatives for both academic and administrative systems.Work with schools and administrative departments to develop and implement plans to address technology needs<br />Assistant Superintendent, Curriculum and Instructional Services- Supervise and direct staff responsible for planning, developing and implementing curriculum throughout the district.- Provide leadership in the development of coherent and alignment curriculum to ensure all students are provided with a quality education.- Develop and implement, with the approval of the Superintendent of Schools and the collaboration of the other Associate Superintendents, the type of organization needed to accomplish the district’s objectives and programs.- Direct the establishment of ongoing operations of the Curriculum & Instruction Department to insure long term programs, in order to meet the needs of the schools and the community.<br />Informational technology Executive Director-. Oversee technology hardware purchases for the district-wide initiatives of the Instructional Technology Department. - Manage the distribution process for technology hardware and software.- Develop processes and procedures to renovate existing computer labs and develop new computer labs.- Manage the upgrade process for existing computer labs, both elementary and secondary.- Approve the design and layout of computer labs in new schools.- Research new technologies, products, and services and make recommendations for implementation.- Develop an evaluation system that will document how well users are being served and how well resources are being utilized.- Serve as a member of the District’s Curriculum Alignment, Review and Approval Committee.- Meet with schools/community groups regarding instructional technology needs/issues.- Supervise the activities of the department in accordance with the District’s policies and applicable laws.- Develop policies and procedures and ensure consistent articulation of technology guidelines to the user community and technology staff. Director, professional development and training-Identify and support the attributes of effective coaching skills.- Develop and maintain a training calendar to coordinate the needs of cognitive coaching while building depth in a standards and effort-based curriculum.- Work closely with core content personnel to support consistency and coherence across content areas and the overall responsibilities of Instructional Coaches.- Work closely with the campus Principal and core content personnel to co-evaluate the coaching component of the Instructional Coach job functions to ensure student needs and program goals are being fulfilled.<br />Area superintendentDirect all operations of schools in assigned area, ensuring the achievement of district instructional goals within the area. Actualize the goals of the Board of Trustees and the Superintendent of Schools through area wide planning, direction, program initiatives, benchmarking and continuous improvement<br />Network technician- Conduct site surveys for school users requiring moves, rearrangements, or additions to determine the need for hardware, software, and/or data communication wiring.- Diagnose failures of terminals, micros, printers, data communications, etc., and perform or secure repairs.- Plan and direct the efforts of others in the installation of new wiring.- Move computers as necessary, connect data communication wiring, and check equipment for proper.- Configure modems of various types (RF Cable, COLan, and dial up) through software or hardware settings, as required.- Manage or design individual projects within the area of School Administration support.- Assist new users concerning uses of data communications.- Assist the evaluation of requirements for new equipment.- Keeps abreast of technical and professional trends and developments in data processing through publications, conferences, seminars, and classes.<br />PrincipalDirect and manage instructional programs, school operations, and personnel at the high school campus level;Provide leadership to ensure high standards of instructional service; and ensure compliance of instructional programs, school operations, and campus activities with district policies.<br />Curriculum specialist- Collaborate with all Curriculum and Instruction departments with formatting curriculum documents, resources etc., and receipt of documents for uploading.- -Develop a plan for transitioning from the Curriculum Central Web site to the Integrated Curriculum, Instructions, and Assessment Management Web siteDevelop a schedule and materials for training all teachers and administrators on using the Web site. Conduct follow-up connections to ensure usage after training.- Provide ongoing individualized and group support and training to the campuses, area offices, and central office staff according to needs and requests the Web site may generate.- Collaborate with other departments (Technology Services, OIR, Student Support and Special Services, programmers on the development of the etc.) and curriculum and instruction management web site.- Develop an ongoing evaluation model for assessing the progress of implementation of the Web site on the campuses.Associate principal- Assist the school principal in overall administration of instructional program and campus level operations.- Coordinate assigned student activities and services.- Participate in development and evaluation of educational programs.- Encourage and support development of innovative instructional programs, helping teachers pilot such efforts as appropriate.- Promote the use of technology in teaching/learning process.<br />Teacher technologistPerforms basic technical assistance duties: diagnosing; troubleshooting; repairing campus equipment<br />TeachersProvide appropriate learning activities to equip second language learners with the language and academic skills to function in the mainstream classroom. Provide appropriate learning activities designed to help them fulfill their potential for intellectual, academic, social and emotional growth, the development of leadership abilities and independence Assist and support building principal to ensure on-site administration and execution of the district’s educational programs, policies, and regulations and quality instruction for all students in a safe and healthy environment<br />Instructional specialist Assist the Area Superintendent, School Support Services, and Instructional Services in the overall operation of area schools to ensure the achievement of district instructional goals and compliance within the area<br />Pink: central office purple: campus blue: central/campus<br />The principals’ leadership is driven towards high standards for instruction; it ensures compliance of instructional programs, school operations, and campus activities in support of the board and superintendent’s policies and programs. The implementation is one way of recognizing the authorities above her maintaining the implementation of the organizational chart. It is also the role of principals to provide instructional resources and materials. This could be achieved through collaboration and support from the curriculum and instructional specialists. Providing the time for meeting the needs of the faculty via district’s personnel and resources weaves a layer of support. This allows interdependence leading to the reinforcement of support services in place. Overall, the principal monitors the instruction, operation, and human resource. To function effectively and efficiently he has to tap all the resources he can and therefore has to observe standard procedure in dealing with different offices. All these roles/ functions allow the principal to implement and monitor the organizational chart.<br />Dallas ISD Job descriptions. Retrieved December 10, 2009 from<br />DEVELOPMENT PLAN for IDENTIFIED NEEDS in <br /> PROFESSIONAL TECHNOLOGY and CURRICULUM INTEGRATION<br />NEEDS: DISTRICT OBJECTIVES* CAMPUS OBJECTIVES ACTION Responsible PersonsTimelineStatus: All in planning stageTechnology Needsupdate the teacherpresentation computer station by adding a projector, interactive boards, digital cameras, handheld devices forassessment recording, and enhanced communication technologies for specialpopulations at all levels.Maintain the teacherpresentation computer station by servicing projector, interactive boards as needed and adding probes and digital cameras for science experiments, handheld devices for assessment, recording, and providing wireless internet connection for integration of content and technologyTeachers perform inventory of technology devices in their classroomsTeachers train in using all the technology devices available in classrooms for their use.Curriculum departmentsPrincipals, Associate Principal campus technology personEnd of school year(June 5, 2010)Creating a committee for technology/STaR Chart Result presentation and analysisAttending trainings on technologyCILT/ ?LEvangelistaTeachersJune summer bridge programSummer breakAugust 2010Safety and ethicsDevelop standards for student computer usage that conform to Technology Application TEKS requirements and reinforces the use of technology in all instructionalareas.Administration and teachers develop concrete, easy -to -understand and implement guidelines for a safe learning environment. This is to facilitate students’ use for research, collaboration, editing, blogging and podcasting, web design , etc.Admin. And faculty training on safety with possible products: contract, guidelines and websites for identification, and reporting of cyber bullyingAdministratorsCampus Technology Person, CILTSummer bridge camp (June 2010)- August, 2010Gathering and Use of dataDevelop and establish a technologyliteracy assessment for students inorder to assess their technologyliteracy skills as identified in theTechnology Application TEKSTeachers and administrators take the literacy assessment for need assessment in technology professional development, and to be able to assess their students’ skills.Take the Inventory Applications to assess weakness and strengths of teachersCollaborate on the analysis and plan of action for classroom using the STaR chart Teachers, admin. Technology person, CILTAugust 2010Summer bridge program- August 2010Offer online training sessions on the AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) and Internet safety ateach school for parentsTeachers facilitate training on AUP to parentsTraining teachers on training parentsTraining teachers on handling cyber bullying and other forms of abuseTraining teachers on how to teach ethics in classTeachers develop module or lessons applicable in all classes for publishingCILTCampus Technology PersonTeachersCounselorsOctober 2010 and December 2010(parent)AugustSept.2010(teachers)Gathering and Use of DataTraining for copyright laws and integration in the curriculumCILTTechnology PersonSeptember Gathering and Use of dataDesign and build a single directory of all available online resources. Continue to insert URL and other references to this material in all relevant on-line applications and documentation. Promote the use of online resources through Libraryand Media Services.Teachers collaborate in identifying online resources for school use to build an acceptable directory. Teachers collaborate horizontally and vertically to :develop web-based or referenced lessons TeachersTechnology personAugust – end of year, cyclical/refreshIntegration of Technology: curriculum, syllabus, open lessonsConvene curriculum writingteams comprised of contentarea teachers, curriculumspecialists and technologyspecialistsDesign curriculum planningguides that emphasizetechnology throughout thecurriculumDesign exemplary lessons that integrate technology into core content curriculum guides that are teacher friendlyFaculty collaborate vertically and horizontally to integrate technology in curriculum in their syllabus using Curriculum planning Guidemodel developed lessons to teachers showing integration of technology and contentTeachers collaborate to make their lessons integrating technologyTeachers improve lessons based on observations and suggestionsDistrict technology person/ curriculum specialistTechnology specialistCampus technology personteachersOctober-end of year( continuous)Integration of Technology :CollaborationTeachers model collaboration using technologyFaculty trains on developing and modeling collaboration using technology(blogs, wikis, video conferences) in their lessonscurriculum specialistTechnology specialistCampus technology personteachersQuarterly(November 2010February 2010May 2010Integration of Technology: distance learningContinue to promote and expand the role of distance learning as a part of regular instruction.Develop online offerings of distance learning programs for on-demand viewing, reinforcement, and remediation.School create its website with teacher’s page for online learningTeachers train in publishing syllabus, homework, videos, assessment and links for learning, remediation and regular instructionDistrict and Campus Technology personteachersDecember/2009 January 2010Continuous Education:Regular follow – up trainings for teachersContinue to offermultiple methods forstaff training (online,streaming video, CDROM, Cable TV, VideoConferencing, etcAcceptableUse Policy andtechnology resources fornew teachersIncorporating technology in orientation of new teachersTeachers attend technology training on AUP and safety; refresher for old teachersCILTCampus Technology personAugust 2010Integration of Technology: Certification programDevelop and implementa district technologycertification program forteachers based onSBEC standards forteacher technology skillsOn-site technologycertification program forteachers based onSBEC standards forteacher technology skillsTeachers train for certification TeachersTechnology resource personsAsses-ment Design student assessmentsaligned to curriculum thatmeasures students' knowledgeand skillsTeachers develop test bank for on-line assessment Teachers trained to select and publish tests online for assessmentInstructional specialist TeachersTechnology personFebruary 2010Data-based Decisions andDifferentiated InstructionContinue to support, maintain,and augment My Data Portal services enabling teachers to monitor student progressTeachers make data -based decisions in developing and implementing lessonsTeachers train in using technology to differentiate and customize lessonDifferentiated and customized lessons modeled to teachersTeachers collaborate to make their own differentiated lessons based on student type and levelCentral officeTeachersInstructional specialistTechnology personJune 2009Community / Societal Impact Teachers address the needs of the society, the current global concerns and guide students in approaching problems and contributing to solutions Teachers train on project based learning Teachers develop, model, assess, and evaluate project –based learning in their content, in horizontal and vertical teamsInstructional specialistTeachersTechnology personadministratorsJanuary/February 2010- May 2010<br />DallasISD, (2008). DallasISD Technology Plan: 2008-2011. Retrieved December 2, 2009 from<br />EVALUATION:<br />Professional developmentTeacher AdoptionStudent improvementI. Content Significance PracticalityII. Delivery : Clarity III. Objectives metIV Physical environmentV. Things which could have been done differentlyVI. Assessment :Short on - line quizReflectionWonderingsEvidences: I. Lesson plan/ daily agendaII. Products : Blogs Wiki podcast III. Reflection IV. Open lessons: Collaboration Modeling Evaluation for improvementV. Accountable talkVI. Walk – thru Use of technologyI. Increased benchmark and ACP results in comparison with same subgroups of studentsII. Student engagementIII. Improvement in submission rateIV. Evidence in the use of citation V. Success in project – based learning VI. Quality of written (writing skills) workVII. Survey on students’ learning <br />