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Action Plan

  1. 1. Action Plan: LISD The action plan is used to identify the strategies that will help the district use advanced technology to improve the academic achievement, including technology literacy, of all students and the development of critical thinking skills that are essential for academic and workplace success and build the capacity of all teachers to integrate technology effectively into curriculum and instruction. The plan stresses the importance of ongoing and sustained staff development in the integration of technology into the curriculum for teachers, principals, administrators to further the effective use of technology in the classroom or library media center. This plan is based on information drawn from many sources including: review of the literature to identify best practices, a survey of school site hardware and instructional media, interviews with students, teachers and district administrators, data from Texas Campus STaR Chart, and the district technology plan. Organizational Chart Location Responsibilities Demonstrates executive leadership in developing a collective district vision; in shaping school culture and climate; establishing operational plans and processes that reflect an understanding of school finance, resource allocation, and systems management so that progress can be monitored and adjustments made when necessary. The superintendent Superintendent Administration oversees the design of curriculum and the development of a strategic curriculum plan that is standards-based and enhances teaching and learning. The superintendent implements a system that includes research-based instructional strategies, instructional time, advanced electronic technologies, and resources to maximize student learning outcomes. Develops and implements the district plan for instructional use of computers; evaluates and updates the technology plan. Works with principals, department heads, teachers, and others who help implement the district technology plan. Secures adequate resources for instructional computing. Develops and implements plans for the acquisition and maintenance of hardware and software. Technology Director Administration Conducts routine preventive maintenance and general repair and replacement; maintains a supply of spare parts. Maintains an accurate inventory of computer hardware and software; works with administration and faculty to write grants for implementation of technology related educational programs. Develops contacts with vendors who are willing to provide loans of hardware and software, or assist in training educators. Technology Technician Administration / Campus Assists with installation, maintenance, troubleshooting and repair of data communications circuits and equipment. Repairs work stations throughout the district, to include file server disk subsystems, file server computer and LAN communication hardware.
  2. 2. Diagnoses/repairs equipment including personal computers and/or terminals using hardware and software diagnostic tools. They install/configure software as needed. They install/maintain network cabling and network peripherals throughout the district. Manage remote and central administrative LAN’s adds/deletes users to LAN and emails; IP Technology adds/deletes users. Relocate computer hardware, peripherals and equipment as needed. Supervises and facilitates the daily operations of a school and serve as instructional leaders. They set the tone and culture of the school and hold the staff accountable for student achievement. Duties include meeting with parents, supporting teachers and students, working with other school district and state education officials, participating in the Principal Campus development and management of educational programs and goals, allocating financial resources, managing discipline and more. Use data in their decision making process and draft, implement and update the Campus Improvement Plan. They model the use of technology and assist in the implementation of the District Long-Range Technology Plan. Use the functions of operating systems and web browsers to access the World Wide Web. Be proficient in the use of software programs. Access and navigate network peripherals, such as printers and hard drives. Use and understand computing technology such as e-mail, HTML, LANs, etc. Produce word processing documents and acquire appropriate information to access, search, and analyze on-line graphic, video, audio, and text information. Use interactive technology environments such as software simulations and computer-based training to Teacher Campus learn. Use the internet to facilitate electronic communication in order to participate in electronic communities. Update web page for the purposes of communicating homework assignments, grades, etc. to parents and students. Use presentation software, such as Microsoft PowerPoint, to communicate to specific audiences. Use planner software such as Microsoft Outlook. Understand how to acquire information from the appropriate source, such the internet, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, network server, etc.
  3. 3. Professional Development Data Sources Person Responsible Timeline Provide off-site and internet-based Curriculum Coordinators, technology training for staff with Staff development Technology Department, 2009-2012 emphasis on curriculum and logs/database history Principal instruction. Provide CDROM-based technology training for staff via Technology Department, Library checkout logs 2009-2012 Video Professor computer-based Campus Staff training. Provide technology in-house Technology Department, workshops and after school Training attendance logs Curriculum Coordinators, 2009-2012 applications training, for students Principal and faculty. Technology Department, Support participation in Accounting reports, dues Campus Staff, 2009-2012 organizations such as TCEA paid Principal Provide off-site training for computing technology teachers with emphasis on advanced Curriculum Coordinators, Staff development subjects such as computer Technology Department, 2009-2012 logs/database history programming, hardware Principal troubleshooting, video production, and web mastering. Provide internet-based training for computing technology teachers with emphasis on advanced Curriculum Coordinators, Staff development subjects such as computer Technology Department, 2009-2012 logs/database history programming, hardware Principal troubleshooting, video production, and web mastering. Evaluation Methods Person Responsible Frequency Surveys of the staff regarding their use of technology in the Curriculum Coordinators, Annually classroom. Technology Department Campus District Once per Informal interviews. Technology Committee semester Representative Records of staff member participation in technology training Curriculum Coordinators, At conclusion monitored by sign-in sheets and teacher professional Technology Department of training development records. Integration of training into the classroom as measured by Curriculum Coordinators, lesson plans and number and type of technology and distance Technology Department Weekly learning projects. lesson plans Monitoring and documentation of community access to technology resources and information on the campuses and Technology Department Per Semester on the web site. Monitoring and documentation of community involvement Technology Department Per semester Yearly inventory of hardware and software Technology Department Annually Support and maintenance of technology as documented by Technology Department Per Semester technical support records
  4. 4. Action Plan will be evaluated formally once a year in May. The District Technology Committee will be responsible for the ongoing evaluation of this plan. The intention of the evaluation will be to make decisions on the impact that technology has on the learning process for all students. A report will be given to the Superintendent and the Board of Trustees after each formal evaluation occurs. Liberty ISD’s STaR Chart results for each campus will be used to help Liberty ISD assess its progress toward meeting the goals of the Long Range Plan for Technology.