Action and Evaluation Report


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Action and Evaluation Report

  1. 1. Week 4 Assignment, Part 1: Development of an organization chart integrating technology <br />Using the campus and district improvement plans, and any suggested technology improvements, develop an organization chart that includes the following:<br /><ul><li>Identify by title or job description all personnel/stakeholders responsible for integrating technology and instructional and organization leadership from the district office to the campus and classroom;
  2. 2. Provide a brief description of the role and responsibilities of all identified personnel in your organizational chart;
  3. 3. Discuss the role of the principal in making sure the organizational chart is implemented and monitored.</li></ul>Board of TrusteesSeven member Board who designs the policies and priorities for Humble ISD assures that the best interest of the community’s children and stakeholders is being served.<br /> <br />SuperintendentThe Acting as the Chief Administrative Officer, the Superintendent assures that the policies and priorities of the school district are implemented by the schools.<br />Business AdministratorThe position Business Administrator provides advice and support to the District in the procurement of goods and services, promoting the efficient and effective use of financial resources in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.<br />Associate Superintendent for CurriculumThe Associate Superintendent is responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of the PreK-12 curriculum and instructional programs. She advances student achievement and ensures effective use of best teaching practices.Executive Director of Technology ServicesThe Executive Director of Technology Services oversees the use, application, and maintenance of technology equipment throughout the district. This holder of this position has the responsibility to expand and to protect the productive use of the basic information systems and utility. He does this through collaboration with the Cabinet, department and campus leadership. He efficiently uses sound management practices that implement changes in a way that minimizes risk to the ongoing use of the system. The Director and his department provide support to all divisions and individual users throughout the district, in both administrative,instructional, and non-instructional applications and functions.<br />PEIMS CoordinatorThe PEIMS Coordinator gathers and report district data to the state of Texas to ensure compliance with state requirements.PrincipalThe Principal uses a variety of campus data to identify the technological needs of the campus, working with the Associate Superintendent of Curriculum and the Business Administrator to procure the tools to accomplish the Campus Improvement Plan. She models the effective use of up-to-date technology skills, while communicating the importance of implementing technology into the curriculum by classroom teachers. Additionally, she must ensure that the STAR chart is completed by all teachers and that the data is accurately reported to the state.Educucational Technology FacilitatorThe Educational Technology Facilitator researches educational technology advances and their applications to be disseminated throughout the district. He oversees the use of technology to improve student achievement, while maintaining compliance of technology licensing. He also, distributes educational software throughout the district. Additionally, he makes program and curriculum recommendations to the Superintendent while continually performing needs assessments<br />Network Support SpecialistThe Network Support Specialist provides network stability and access to meet instructional and business needs of the district. She oversees the maintenance of the district network including mainframes, hard-wired and wireless networks, and other technology hardware plus storage devices at the district level.<br />TeacherTeachers create and present lessons that align with the curriculum, ensuring student learning and mastery of technology TEKS. They model technology use in a way to positively affect student growth, learning and achievement. Teachers are responsible for making the curriculum comprehensible for students by using technology to individualize instruction. They work collaboratively to integrate technology into the classroom, utilizing existing resources and incorporating technological devices as appropriate.Campus Technology Instructional SpecialistThe Instructional Specialist supports teachers and students in the use of technology on the campus level. He provides staff development for teachers in the application of technology to enhance student achievement, maintain campus technology records such as grade books and administrative tools (i.e. campus security systems, student records.<br />PC Support SpecialistThe PC Support Specialist helps with computer programming and maintains student records, personnel records, and student archives, including district archive.<br />Week 4 Assignment, Part 2: Professional Development Planning<br />Using the campus and district improvement plans, and any suggested technology improvements, develop professional development activities that include the following:<br /><ul><li>Reference analysis and lessons learned about the technology needs from the Week 3 report;
  4. 4. Addresses professional development designed to improve the gathering, analysis and use of data from a variety of sources;
  5. 5. Includes professional development to improve decision making in the integration of technology with instructional and organizational leadership.</li></ul>Goal: Teachers will incorporate technology in to their daily lessons by using blogs, wikis, powerpoints, discussion boards, etc.Objective: By June 2010 all teachers on campus will be able to find, analyze and explain data regarding PEIMS and AEIS results. Teachers will be using technology in classrooms to enhance instruction. Teachers will share ideas with others.Activity StrategyPerson(s) ResponsibleTimelineResources/Estimated CostDescription of ActivityProfessional Development Gathering DataTechnology Leaders (Assistant Principal, IT Coach, a few teachers who are masters of technology.)January 2010Computer Room, printouts of directions and agendaLeaders will show how to find data regarding PEIMS, AEIS, STaR Chart and Individual students’ previous grades.Analysis of Campus DataTechnology LeadersFebruary 2010Printouts of STaR Chart results. PEIMS Data. AEIS Data.Leaders will show how to and why we interpret and analyze data in these areas. Teachers will analyze their own data and come to their own conclusionsPLC’sTechnology LeadersSpring 2010 MonthlyRooms with multiple computer access.Teachers will be put into smaller learning communities to and meet regularly regarding this data to come up with new skills needed for teachers.Progress ReportsTechnology LeadersSpring 2010Every 8 WeeksLGI and AgendaStaff meeting where PLC leaders will advise the rest of the school what they have been doing in their PLC’s. What innovations they have come up with to help teachers and students the school become a 21st century institution.<br />Teachers in this professional development must be engaged. If they are put in smaller learning environments they will be a larger part of a team and are more likely to collaborate with other team members. <br />The PLC’s must meet regularly. Technology changes too fast for us to only do this once a year. Meeting regularly will help us keep up with technology, help us to focus on results and incorporate the latest data available. At the beginning, middle and end of the semesters we will meet as a staff and share our findings with the entire staff. <br />This gives each teacher the opportunity to analyze data and come to their own conclusions. Then they have to opportunity to develop their own style to integrate technology into their classroom as they wish. At the big meetings they will share their findings and share the results with the other staff members.<br />Week 4 Assignment, Part 3: Evaluation Planning for Action Plan<br />The technology action plan integrating instructional an organizational leadership must include evaluation components that provide measurable outcomes designed to address the following:<br /><ul><li>Uses data and other analysis from the Week 3 report, including using the campus and district improvement plans, and local or state technology plans;
  6. 6. Provides assessments and/or monitoring reports measuring professional development designed to use technology to improve the gathering, analysis and use of data from a variety of sources;
  7. 7. Provides assessments and/or monitoring evaluating professional development to improve decision making in the integration of technology with instructional and organizational leadership.</li></ul>Goal: Use Data to help individualize student learningObjective: All teachers to be able to access all relevant data (Peims, AEIS, TAKS Scores, Previous grades) to help individualize student learning. All teachers will be able to read, understand, and analyze data to help them make decisions regarding student learning.What is being EvaluatedPerson(s) ResponsibleDates for completed assessmentResourcesData CollectedAccessing necessary DataTechnology LeadersJune 2010NoneTeachers will know how to access data.Analyzing DataIC’s and PrincipalsJune 2010TimeTeachers will be able to come to conclusions, based on the data, to help improve student learning.PLC’sTeam LeadersJune 2010NoneTeachers will collaborate and share ideas on ways to improve student learning based on the data.Progress ReportsPrincipal and IT leaderJune 2010NonePrincipals and IT leaders sit in on Faculty meeting and hear all of the “new” ideas that are being used in classrooms. They hear what has worked and what has not worked.<br />The evaluation is kind of built into the professional development. As the teams continue to meet they evaluate anything and everything they have attempted. If it didn’t work, they modify it until it does work as they foresaw.<br />The evaluation method is actually how it works in the classroom. Many teachers will collaborate on the instructional method and develop a plan, or many plans, regarding instructing the students based on the data that has been analyzed. <br />