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Technology action plan


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Technology action plan

  1. 1. Technology Action Plan ORGANIZATIONAL CHARTChief Technology Officer Plan, organize, implement, service, and monitor technology systems to improve the management reporting and instructional operations of the district; provide overall coordination and direction of technology services for effective utilization of resources to accomplish established goals.Director of Technology Direct the development and implementation of district-wide instructional technology programs and initiatives, especially those which enable and augment the professional development of the educators and paraprofessionals of the Clear Creek Independent School District. Develop and enable the support and service relationships which enhance the delivery of instructional technology into the campus settings.Elementary ITS Implement, monitor and evaluate media resources for instructional purposes. Collaborate with all district campuses concerning technology needs.Campus Technology Integration Specialists Select, acquire and install hardware and software for administrative and instructional applications while providing technical assistance to resolve problems and professional development for teachers.Campus Computer Technician Support all campus hardware, laptops, peripheral equipment and desktops. Maintain the District’s wide- area-network (WAN) and a local area network (LAN) on campus and administration sites.Principal Responsible for campus level funding, professional development, data collection, curriculum integration, and the evaluation of teacher technology proficiencies and effectiveness of instruction. Ensure the campus and district technology plan is implemented and improved upon in the Campus Improvement Plan.Classroom Teachers Implement technology into lesson plans and utilize classroom equipment to its fullest capacity while addressing TEKS. Teach technology TEKS while facilitating learning and enabling the students to be flexible and explorative in learning.
  2. 2. Principal’s Role: The principal will manage the budget and monitor the technology plan. He/Shewill also align resources to improve student achievement. The principal will create responsiveenvironment to maximize teaching and learning, as well as community involvement Professional Development Action PlanAfter reviewing the STaR chart, AEIS report, CampusImprovement Plan and District Technology Plan, the areas that Ifeel we need to address are: • Integration of technology into curriculum and lesson planning. • The utilization of technology tools that are available for teachers on campus. • Utilizing textbook adoption tools to enhance lessons in core content areas.Professional Person(s) Resources Timeline EvaluationDevelopment ResponsibleStaff TIS, classroom Computers, Ongoing Evidence ofdevelopment teachers smartboards, 2011-2012 technology inwith our TIS projectors, digital lesson plans andshowing teachers cameras, walk-throughs.various ways to Lumens,integrate softwaretechnology intothe classroomwith theavailable campustools .Staff Textbook Computer lab, August 2011 Evidence ofdevelopment representative, online technology inwith textbook classroom software(Think lesson plans andrepresentative teachers Central) walk-throughs.informingteachers on howto utilizetextbookadoption onlinetools.During a data Principal, Data, curriculum October 2011, Increase testday, teachers will classroom December 2011 scores on districtanalyze the STaR teachers, TIS and March 2012 benchmarkand AEIS data, assessments and
  3. 3. to determine TAKSareas of concernthat they willaddress by usingtechnology.EvaluationTo measure the success of my professional development plan, thefollowing will occur: • Interviews and surveys will determine student and staff knowledge and success with targeted objectives. • Walk-throughs will be used to assess application of learned skills. • Observation and monitoring of teachers’ lesson plans for use of technology will occur monthly. • The STaR chart will be an indicator of teachers’ use of technology. • CIIC will meet twice a year to review plan and data to ensure that the plan is being implemented on the campus.