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SUCCESS STORY: King County Walks The Talk With Chris Franco


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Chris Franco shares how he and his team at King County (State of Washington) improved a process by reducing its cycle time from 22 hours (9 steps) to just 8 hours (4 steps) by conducting a process walk.

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SUCCESS STORY: King County Walks The Talk With Chris Franco

  1. 1. King County Walks The Talk A Lean Six Sigma Success Story Presented by Chris Franco Project/Program Manager at King County (State of Washington)
  2. 2. • Chris Franco • Project/Program Manager • King County – Finance & Business Operations • LinkedIn • Fun Fact: Chris is an ex Army Ranger that has visited Australia yet never landed in the country (conducted an airborne operation into Australia) About Our Presenter
  3. 3. Our Lean Journey: Process Walks Presented by: Chris Franco Finance & Business Operations
  4. 4. Today’s Presentation Process Walk4 Results5 The Future6 Background1 Green Belt Project2 Business Case3 4
  5. 5. Background 5 King County, WA has embarked on its Lean journey with the goal of becoming “the best run government” in the nation. • Finance and Business Operations Division • Working with Integris to create a cohort of Green Belts • Green Belt projects: core processes • Taught the value of process walks
  6. 6. Selecting a Process to Walk 6 Problem • Find a process that has historically created “pain” for customers and employees. • Something we have the ability to amend. • Creates significant issues if done incorrectly or late. • Is taxing or time consuming for the organization to conduct. Impact Special District Fund Request Process
  7. 7. Green Belt Project Barriers 7 Skepticism/resistance1 Variation in Lean progress2 Limited knowledge3 New to process walks4
  8. 8. Gathering the Data 8 I began gathering data on some of our core finance processes and found the following: • Significant variation in fulfilling customer requests • Process silos • Little/no shared understanding of end-to-end processes • No targets for fulfillment of customer requests
  9. 9. Special District Data 9 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 More Fund Requests Business Days Special District Fund Requests July ‘15 thru May ‘16 (Business Days) Mean = 35 Median = 8 Mode = 3 Range = 1 - 306 ≤ 3 BD Target
  10. 10. Coordinating the Process Walk 10 Identify Process Owners , Stakeholders, & Process Flow1 Generate a SIPOC and Project Charter to assist. Often the project’s sponsor and/or key stakeholders; ensure everyone can attend the process walk. Ensure everyone involved is aware of the upcoming process walk and that their participation is key to reducing pain and improving the process. 2 3 Acquire Management Support Communicate with Owners & Stakeholders Determine Date/Time for Process Walk4 Talk with process owners to see how long they require to talk through their part of the process. Create and publish a timeline so everyone involved can devote themselves to participating and contributing to the shared experience. Set the ground rules, language, and structure of the process walk. Give examples of interview forms and questions. 5 6 Publish the Timeline Conduct Process Walk Orientation
  11. 11. Our Timeline 11 Day 1: Orientation 2 Hours to Discuss: • What a process walk is • How the process walk will be conducted • Common language and tools used during process walk • Customer feedback • Open discussion 7 Hours to Conduct: • 3 x interviews (30 mins each) • Interview Debrief (45 mins) • Lunch (1 hour) • 3 x interviews (20 minutes each) • Interview Debrief & Process Mapping (2 hours) Day 2: Process Walk
  12. 12. The Shared Experience 12 Everyone has a voice and learns together Key items to capture: • AHAs/Observations • Questions • Quick hits/countermeasures
  13. 13. The Process Walk 13 Before Works w/ Fund Accountan t Completes Request Form Supervisor Review Investmen t Review Systems Review Enter into Oracle EBS Enter into Oracle EBS Reports Fund Opened: Notify Add Investmen t Info After Completes Request Form Enter into Oracle EBS Enter into Oracle EBS Reports Fund Opened: Notify Work Time: 128 Mins/2 Hours Cycle Time: 1,320 Mins/22 Hours 9.6% was actual work time (under ideal conditions) Work Time: 90 Mins/1.5 Hours Cycle Time: 480 Mins/8 Hours Next: 2 Steps and achieve 120 Mins/same day turn-around
  14. 14. Key Takeaways 14 Shared understanding of the process and pain points1 Shape future process(es) with the customer in mind2 Better able to identify waste in other processes3
  15. 15. Our Results Since July ‘16 15 0 requests over target time Saved $1,800: $150 per special district request Conducted two more process walks Scheduling process walks once a month
  16. 16. The Journey Continues…
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  18. 18. Q&A
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