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Windpower Monthly is pleased to announce that Offshore Vessels & Access 2013 is taking place on 14-16 May 2013 in Central London.

A new generation of vessels & access systems are moving offshore wind forward, & so you need to make sure you are up to date with the latest developments. Use this premier industry event to gain an A-Z of new concepts & strategies to improve accessibility for installing & servicing far-offshore & deep-water offshore wind projects.

Days 1 & 2 will focus on installation & O&M vessels, access systems, accommodation platforms & how to put together your vessels mix for the best accessibility. Day 3 is a separately bookable day delving specifically into the use of helicopters for offshore wind, from installation through all the way to O&M.

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Offshore Vessels & Access Forum-Event Brochure

  1. 1. OffshoreVessels & Access New concepts & strategies to improve accessibility for installing & servicing far-offshore & deep-water projects A new generation of vessels & access systems are moving offshore wind forward. Across 3 days, 25 experts from 4 countries will cover: • In-the-field experience of using new access solutions & insight into how they will perform in harsh sea conditions • When are you too far to be shore-based & what are the Book Bef accommodation options? ore • The latest technical & operational information on leading 12 April & installation & O&M vessels Save up t • What port infrastructure will be needed to cater for larger o projects & what is becoming available? £400! PLUS: Case studies from DONG Energy & AREVA Wind around client-side considerations when choosing vessels for far-offshore, deep-water projects etc.venues, Victoria,14-16 May 2013 One Drummond Gate, London, UK25+ Expert marine logistics speakers including: DON’T MISS! 16 May will focus on helicopterNiels Agner Jensen Mike Vanstone solutions for successful installation,Naval Architect Marine Operations Manager SAR & maintenance.Sr. Project Manager, VattenfallMaritime & Vessel Management Event Partners:DONG Energy Wind PowerAlexander Ohff Hans NadolnyExecutive Support Manager Head of Marine OperationsRWE OLC GmbH Siemens Wind PowerPeter Owen Lloyd Tony EaglesGlobal Head of Environmental Manager Flight OperationsProtection, Health and Safety Policy (GA & Rotorcraft), SafetySiemens Service Regulation GroupRenewables UK Civil Aviation AuthorityStephen Ward Matthew ClearHead of Project Senior Development ManagerManagement UK The Crown EstateAREVA WindMarcus Moore Breanne GellatlyOffshore WTG Installation Offshore Wind AcceleratorManager Delivery ManagerDONG Energy The Carbon Trust
  2. 2. New concepts & strategies to improve accessibility for installingDay 1 - 14 May 201308:30 Registration & Morning Refreshments 12:30 Why Should Utility Companies09:15 Chair’s Opening Remarks Care About The Selection Of Their Julian Brown, UK Country Manager, AREVA Wind Installation Vessels? Henning von Wedel, Concept Development and Innovation,09:25 The Latest Market Overview: What Are Wärtsilä MLS The Vessels Out There & When Is Each Patrik Malka, Wärtsilä MLS Most Suitable? • Exploring the market set-up & roles of the main Matthias Mroß, Managing Partner, GRS German players Renewables Shipbrokers GmbH o shipowners, park developers, utilities & shipyards • Exploring the different concepts from both the O&M • Initial feedback from units delivered in 2012 built & installation phases which can be chartered today according to our design o crew transfer vessels • Requirements & changes needed in the market to o retrofitted vessels reflect lessons learned o different vessel availabilities o areas of improvement & consequences in • What are the bottlenecks of the logistical set-up? performance • What are the current charter rates & how will these • Is bigger always better? Introducing the deck space be affected in the future? / lightship weight ratio o addressing interaction between vessel owners & • Lifecycle cost study: CapEx vs. OpEx clients • Developments / new concepts o assessing their technical limits10:05 Installation Vessel Update From A2SEA: Project Managing Their New 13.10 Networking Lunch Build Purpose-Built Vessel 14:10 Making Choices About Installation Martin Huss, Chief Sales Officer, A2SEA Ltd. Vessels – Consideration From The How will purpose-built installation vessels change Client’s Perspective offshore wind? What are the challenges? Hear their case Marcus Moore, Offshore WTG Installation Manager, DONG study & gain insight into the capabilities of their new Energy vessel, & how this will help bring down the cost of energy. Hear from DONG Energy about what you should think10:50 Case Study: Seafox 5 At DanTysk about when choosing installation vessels, looking at: Bert van Dijk, Commercial Director – Renewables, Seafox • Chartering costs vs. operational parameters Contractors BV • Different specification needs of turbine, cable & Seafox 5 has been installing monopile foundations at foundation installation vessels DanTysk offshore wind farm. Hear the latest information • Changes needed in chartering terms on the capabilities of the vessel, particularly for • What improvements could be made to concepts for installing heavier farms, & the performance at this future wind projects first project. Today’s market criteria & the operational 14:50 When Is It Too Far To Be Shore-Based? response so far will be shown, along with early conclusions on performance & the lessons learned. Mike Vanstone, Marine Operations Manager, Vattenfall11:20 Networking Break • How far can you take current certification of the crew & the master?11:50 Seajacks Installation Vessel Case • When can a vessel go beyond 60m? Study o what is the definition of a safe haven? • To what point is productivity of technicians still high Senior representative, Seajacks enough to be shore-based? With experience of installing over 200 turbines for offshore • Exploring the differences in the economics between wind already, what lessons have Seajacks learned? How shore-based & wind farm-based working are these lessons being applied to new vessel designs & how existing vessels are operated? Particularly: 15:20 Assessing The Options For • Assessing the different capabilities of vessels for Accommodation Vessels & Platforms installation of foundations, TPs & WTGs o what are the restrictions in terms of deck For Servicing Far-Offshore Projects space, jacking needs & craneage? Alexander Ohff, Executive Support Manager, RWE OLC o how will the vessels cope with mass GmbH installation? • What are the operating parameters of the vessels? • What are the different wind farm-based solutions? o how long does jacking up take? o interim accommodation platforms o what sea states can these vessels work in? o hotel vessels » capabilities in 1.5m+ Significant Wave Height o mother ships & daughter vessels • Chartering rates Book Now! Call +44 (0)20 8267 4011
  3. 3. g & servicing far-offshore & deep-water offshore wind projects Day 2 - 15 May 2013 • What type of vessels are available? Barge? Self- 08:30 Delegate Sign-In & Morning Networking propelled? o pros & cons of each 09:00 Chair’s Opening Remarks o operation & chartering costs Niels Agner Jensen, Naval Architect, Sr. Project Manager, » how much more performance is needed Maritime & Vessel Management, DONG Energy Wind Power to warrant going from a barge to a self- propelled? 09:10 Chartering & Costings Of Future • Managing crew transfer costs o how are these costs affected by whether you are Installation & O&M Vessels working with floating accommodation or fixed • What are the terms & conditions for new installation platforms? vessels? • How do you get from accommodation to the turbine o will the industry see contracts of 12 months or or TP? even 2 years? • Necessary & available facilities • What do project owners need in order to enter into long-term chartering contracts for O&M vessels? 16:00 Networking Break o how will chartering prices be affected? o finding a new way to pay; what are the 16:30 Assessing Launch & Recovery Options alternatives to day rates? For Daughter Crafts • How would vessel availability be affected by longer Thomas Fauerby, Chartering Manager – Commercial, chartering contracts? ESVAGT A/S • What launch & recovery systems are available for 09.40 Moving From Near To Far Offshore daughter or sister crafts from mother vessels? Wind Farms – What Are The Key o what are the known assets today? Workboat Considerations? o what are the benefits for each kind of mother Sir Tim McClement KCB OBE, Non-Executive Board vessel? Director, CWind Ltd » experience using accommodation vessels during O&M • Moving from construction to O&M – what type of o how large can the daughter crafts be? vessels do you need? • How are launch & recovery addressed in severe o key vessel capabilities as we move further out weather? • How do we drive down costs in O&M through vessel choices? 17:00 Should We Move Away From Relying • How do you best look after technicians? Exclusively On Significant Wave • Rethinking accommodation & deployment approach Height? for the O&M phase Breanne Gellatly, Offshore Wind Accelerator Delivery 10:10 Networking Break Manager, The Carbon Trust The OWA has developed a methodology which 10:40 Exploring The Properties, Costs & tests approach, transit & transfer of vessel & access Performance Of O&M Vessels For systems in order to define performance as related to Round-3-Like Sites accessibility, suitability & cost. Discuss the extent the OWA performance metrics could impact the industry to: • Assessing the performance of new O&M vessels o chartering & operation costs • Improve access system selection & allow the performance of different systems to be compared o sea keeping ability • Provide improved data & a methodology for O&M o what Significant Wave Height can they work in? modellers to address wind farm access o comfort levels • Present the OWA developers, & eventually the wider o increasing endurance of the vessels for use at wind industry, with a consistent means to evaluate far-offshore sites performance & drive competition in the market o fuel efficiency o how could this be used to influence • How can forces on the TP be minimised when using performance parameters to be put in larger vessels during O&M? contracts? • At what speed are new O&M vessels able to transit 17:30 Chair’s Closing Remarks & Close Of Day 1 to shore when bad weather comes in quickly? o could they stay out in the field instead? 17:35 Networking Drinks Reception • What motion monitoring equipment is available? • Specific logistics & vessel needs for balance of plant Sponsored By maintenance Book Early & Save Up To £400! • Visit
  4. 4. New concepts & strategies to improve accessibility for installingDay 2 - 15 May 201311:25 Crew Transfer Vessels Focus 14:25 The Latest On Houlder’s TAS System Hans Nadolny, Head of Marine Operations, Siemens Wind As Proven Access Technology Power Jon Mears, Project Manager, Houlder Ltd. • Design Having completed significant trials, the TAS access o propulsion options system is now operating on Turbine Transfer’s 24m o controllable pitch propellers vs. water jets workboat. o dynamic positioning vs. non-dynamic positioning Use this opportunity to gain an understanding how the • Technician needs system performs to see if it would be suitable for your o how will this change for vessels travelling far- project: offshore? • Updates on this new access system o what are the regulatory considerations? o hear of its deployment on a UK wind farm • Steps to increase speed & manoeuvrability • What are the results? • Quality assurance o what was the gained accessibility seen onsite? o addressing recent issues of cracking o how have they matched up to behaviour & • How are new crew transfer vessels like Swaths & performance expectations? new forms of catamaran helping to take crew into o future outlook harsher environments? » how could the TAS fit with your wind farm12:05 Lessons Learned From Using O&M plans? Ampelmann At Offshore Wind Projects 15:05 Networking Break Jan van der Tempel, CEO, Ampelmann 15:35 What Are The Port Requirements For • What are the operational parameters? Future Offshore Projects & How Will o performance data from the onsite use of the latest Ampelmann system Port Facilities Affect Vessel Choices? • How does the system tie in with vessels? Dr. Federico D’Amico, Research Associate in Logistics • Environmental factors and Supply Chain Management, Hull University Business o what are the wind & wave parameters? School » how many times has the system been able • How will the infrastructure & the interfaces between to work at Significant Wave Height above vessel/harbour look for future vessels? 1.5m? o pier capacity, cranes & ramps • What is the affect of the extra weight from the • How are port requirements different for jack-ups & system on the speed of transit? floating vessels o will there be regular requirements for drafts of 40m+ or will jack-up vessels develop different12:45 Networking Lunch requirements?13:45 MaXccess Update: Results From • What facilities are needed at the port side o safe & secure birthing In-The-Field Use Of This Innovative o secure parking Access System On A Number Of o hard standing for boat supplier & spares o supplier database Projects o accommodation Tony Trapp, CEO, OSBIT Power MaXccess has been working commercially on Greater 16:05 AREVA Case Study: Vessels Strategy Gabbard since September 2012 & is also working on For Large-Scale, Distant Wind Farms Sheringham Shoal. Hear about how the system has From The End-User’s Perspective performed, addressing the following which you asked about in research: Stephen Ward, Head of Project Management UK, AREVA Wind • Assessing the financial learnings o what is the cost? Hear about AREVA Wind’s recent experience in o how many more hours can technicians work when determining vessel strategies for various UK Round 3 using the system? projects, addressing the various options that exist for • What are the vessel requirements for the system? personnel transportation & accommodation during the o what can be adapted from existing crew vessels? commissioning & later servicing phases of a large scale offshore wind farm, located distant from the shore. • How did it work in practice? Particular consideration will be given to the differing o what is the average Max & Significant Wave Height aspects of scheduled & unscheduled work. MaXccess can work in? • Comparing experiences on the different projects 16:45 Chair’s Closing Remarks & Close Of Day 2 Book Now! Call +44 (0)20 8267 4011
  5. 5. g & servicing far-offshore & deep-water offshore wind projects Thursday, 16 May 2013 Sponsored by: Helicopters & Offshore Wind Identifying & assessing different helicopter solutions for successful installation, SAR & maintenance As offshore wind projects move further offshore, helicopters are • Assessing the different types of helicopters & their operational increasingly attractive as part of your logistics mix. But, what exactly parameters to ensure you charter the right vehicle do you need to know to ensure smooth implementation of helicopters • Understanding how helicopters can be effectively used on your projects? throughout construction & O&M Hot-button topics include: • Best practice for Search & Rescue (SAR) planning & execution Agenda 08:30 Delegate Sign-In & Morning Refreshments 13:30 How Helicopters Are Used For Scheduled 09:10 Chair’s Opening Remarks & Unscheduled Maintenance Peter Owen Lloyd, Global Head of Environmental Protection, Graham Robb, Helicopter Superintendent, DONG Energy Health and Safety, Siemens Energy Service Renewables Wind Power 09:25 Assessing Different Types Of Helicopters & Their Operational Parameters 14:10 How Helicopters Can Contribute To Bernd Brucherseifer, Managing Director and Flight Access In An Offshore Wind Farm Operations Manager, HTM Niels Peter Kjeldahl, Helicopter Specialist, Siemens Wind Power 10:25 Networking Break 10:55 Update On The Regulatory & Classification 14:40 Networking Break Expectations Throughout Europe For Offshore Wind 15:10 Expert Panel: Can Helicopters Go Beyond Personnel Transfer During Construction & Tony Eagles, Manager Flight Operations Policy (GA & Rotorcraft), Safety Regulation Group, UK Civil Aviation How? Authority Graham Robb, Helicopter Superintendent, DONG Energy Wind Power 11:25 How Can Helicopters Be Safely & Effectively Further panellists to be announced Used For Search & Rescue (SAR)? 15:55 Case Study: Lessons Learned When Using Iain Wright, Aviation Specialist, Siemens Energy Service Renewables Helicopters During Offshore O&M Graham Robb, Helicopter Superintendent, DONG Energy 12:10 Networking Lunch Sponsored By Wind Power 16:35 Chair’s Closing Remarks & Close Of Focus Day “ 12:50 Update From The Offshore Aviation Group: Working Together To Resolve Offshore Beautifully organised, very focussed. Aviation Issues Well worth the time” Matthew Clear, Senior Development Manager, The Crown RES Offshore Estate Book Early & Save Up To £400! • Visit
  6. 6. New concepts & strategies to improve accessibility for installing Windpower Monthly has been the leading global publication 49% ATTENDEES PROJECT MANAGER OR HIGHER in the wind sector 37% Manager/Pr. Manager for over 27 years, 17% Engineer providing news, 12% Director analysis, market insight & more. 4 years ago 17% C - LevelWindpower Monthly began running events 11% Consultant/Employeecreated by wind professionals for wind 6% Academicprofessionals & their popularity & value hasgrown & grown. OVER 13 COUNTRIES REPRESENTEDOur forums allow you to exchangeexperience, benchmark & network withleading players in your sector. The focusednature of the topics ensure each sessionprovides information & solutions directlyrelated to your day-to-day challenges.Comments from delegates of previous events include: Best coverage of all current issues Very good event, well organised & attended.” with contacts” Technical Director, Fleet Director, P&O Ferries Submarine Technology Ltd Really good, very good knowledge shown” This event allowed/forced like-minded individuals across race, gender & generation Senior Manager, ENERCON India Ltd to openly share in a small group setting through short sound bite topics. Great job! People were here until the very end, what a The value was in having a conference compliment! Your entire team was engaging, focussing on a key technical area” kind, supportive & competent.” Structure & Installation Manager, Senior Vice President EHS, EDP Renewables PCG Wind Book Now! Call +44 (0)20 8267 4011
  7. 7. g & servicing far-offshore & deep-water offshore wind projects Available* contact Reserved* *Correct at time of printing Only 5 stands are left at the Vessels & Access Forum. To book one of the few remaining places please contact Raihan Chowdhury as soon as possible on +44 (0)20 8267 4337 or Who Should Attend? This is a must-attend event for all people dealing with Ü Contracts marine logistics for offshore wind projects. In particular, the Ü Procurement following roles will significantly benefit from the event: Ü Project Directors, Heads, Managers, Engineers of: Ü Helicopters Ü Marine Ü Aviation Ü O&M Ü Naval Architect Ü Installation Ü Marine Logistics Ü Supply Chain Ü Skipper
  8. 8. FEATURING SPEAKERS FROM: Book before Book before Book after Offshore Price* 12 April 1 May 1 May £1300 £1400 £1500 Vessels & Access Vessels & Access Forum Only Saving £200 Saving £100 Saving - New concepts & strategies to improve accessibility Vessels & Access £1749 £1849 £1949 Saving Saving Saving for installing & servicing far-offshore & deep-water Forum & Helicopter Focus Day £400 £300 £200 offshore wind projects Group Discounts are also available, book 3 places and the 3rd 14-16 May 2013 delegate receives a 50% discount. Group Discounts are not to be etc.venues, Victoria, One Drummond Gate, London, UK used in conjunction with the early booking rates. Please contact for more information.Over 65% of the exhibition space is already taken at thisevent! For information about how you can take one of the Speakers’ £199 Presentations*final stands, or take advantage of other branding & thought-leadership opportunities, please call Raihan Chowdhury on Speakers’ presentations are included in the delegate fee &+44 (0)20 8267 4337 or email are accessible via a password protected website & are not supplied in printed form. Access will be granted a week after event, subject to speaker disclosure.4 WAYS TO BOOK *All rates will have VAT @ 20% addedPlease complete one registration form for each delegate.1. Book online at Further Information For Delegates2. Fax this completed registration form to +44 (0)20 8267 44863. Post the booking form with payment to FREEPOST (LON3727), Haymarket Email Conferences, 174 Hammersmith Road, London, W6 7JP, UK4. Call +44 (0)20 8267 4011If you have any problems registering please call: +44 (0)20 8267 4011 www.offshorewindvessels.comAccommodation is not included in your registration fee. For Conference Code: 17181131670information about nearby hotels please visit Brochure Code:and enter the event code ‘Vessel’ Book Early & Save Up To £400! • Visit