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Day 1 - Wednesday 28 September08:30 Registration and Morning Coffee                                                13:45  ...
Day 2 - Thursday 29 September08:30 Registration and Morning Coffee                                                    13:3...
Day 3 - Friday 30 September - Post-Event WorkshopWind Farm CableInstallation andProtection WorkshopHow can geotechnical & ...
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New brochure for Windpower Monthly\'s Cables Forum

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Cables Brochure Web

  1. 1. Book Before 26 August & Save up to £350! Offshore Cables Installation • Engineering • Maintenance Ensuring cost certainty through integrated and risk-aware project management 28-30 September 2011 Wolverton House Hear from experienced industry professionals and discover best practice solutions for your cable installation projects: London • Security of supply: Hear from the cable manufacturing industry who will discuss their plans for increased production in response to international demandSponsored by: • Project planning: Discover best practice coordinated approaches across the development supply chain that will ensure cost efficiency and risk aware project planning • Subsea cable route survey, engineering and installation: Develop financial and project delivery risk aware strategies to guarantee successful submarine cable installation completion • Maintenance and repair: Discover maintenance and repair strategies for your development that will minimise the risk from expensive downtime following cable damage • Technical equipment and skills: Understand the essential equipment and technical skills that you will require throughout your stakeholder supply chain to ensure successful project completionSpeakers Aaron Burrows Director of Survey and Subsea Scott Gooding Lead Geotechnical EngineerEd Brady Offshore Marine Management CTC MarineBusiness Development Manager Antony Zymelka Magnus HambergRenewables Siemens Energy Senior Marine Cable Operations Head of Marketing and SalesIan Bonnon RES Offshore and Chair High Voltage CablesSenior Vice President and Head UKCPC Renewable Sub-Group ABBof Offshore Wind Mark Lawrence John DaviesGL Garrad Hassan Project Manager, Geophysics Managing Director,Grant McKay and Route Engineering Subsea Cable ServicesSales and Marketing Manager RES Offshore Global Marine SystemsGrid Systems ABB Dr Chuan Zhang, Adriaan van OordDarren Patel Programme Manager Commercial ManagerDirector Umbilical’s and Cables Transmission and Technology Van Oord Offshore WindfarmBPP Cables The Crown Estate Projects
  2. 2. Day 1 - Wednesday 28 September08:30 Registration and Morning Coffee 13:45 What are the electrical infrastructure design considerations that must be addressed when09:15 Chair’s opening remarks planning your cable route? Ed Brady, Business Development Manager Renewables, Siemens Justin Hawkins, General Manager, Pelagian Limited Tony Fisk, Commercial Manager, Pelagian Limited09:25 Cost overruns: key causes & how developers, • How can you formulate the optimal route selection for onshore connection? logistical providers & installers can avoid these • How do you assess your landing point topography and what hazards going forward do you need to be aware of? Phil de Villiers, Offshore Wind Accelerator Manager, The Carbon Trust • What cost/risk considerations should you mitigate for when planning your route selection? • Ensuring that grid connections are delivered on time and that grid • What cost/risk considerations should you mitigate for when planning infrastructure is suitable for handling offshore projects and can your route selection for inter-array cables and what are the best facilitate early revenue generation practice examples in this area? • Development of risk-sharing commercial models with subcontractors • Consenting and permitting considerations including process, crossing to ensure incentives are aligned by sharing risk and reward agreements and obtaining a consented corridor around sensitive sites • The importance of early engagement with experienced installation • Ensuring early cooperation and dialogue between development companies on the wind farm layout and installation infrastructure stakeholders10:00 What are the latest design developments for subsea 14:30 Meeting the need for subsea engineering & integrity cables that will ensure protection during installation monitoring systems of post installation (annual) & maximise asset life? subsea cable assets Thomas Boehme, Principal Engineer, DNV Cleaner Energy Aaron Burrows, Director of Survey & Subsea, Offshore Marine Management Ltd • What are immediate and root causes for cabling issues in offshore wind farms? • What are the innovative subsea vehicle engineering solutions for OWF • How do stakeholders from developers, cable manufacturers, installers, environments including drying heights to full water depth? to authorities, investors and insurers currently interact and how can • What subsea sensor equipment (vehicle payload) and topside interfaces be improved? equipment for subsea cable monitoring and aspect determination will • What industry best practice needs to be developed to reassure you require? investors and insurance providers? • Post-cable installation inspection techniques and marine hydrographic/geophysical surveys • GIS and subsea visual integration for cable & data management and10:45 Morning refreshments data integrity monitoring (intervention and remedial action conclusions)11:15 What are the latest design developments for subsea 15:15 Afternoon refreshments cables that will ensure protection during installation & maximise asset life? 15:45 Adopting a turn-key approach to offshore wind Darren Patel, Director Umbilicals and Cables, BPP Cables connections • What are the latest structural design improvements taking place to Grant McKay, Sales & Marketing Manager, ABB Grid Systems ensure maximum asset life? • Assessing the range of possible offshore HVAC and HVDC • How do you protect the integrity of the cable when it’s being installed? transmission solutions • Cable failures and risk: how to engineer out possible risk during the • Technology advancements to facilitate higher power transfer and design phase greater offshore grid integration • Should you be monitoring actual cable movements through a wave • Relevant reference projects current monitoring system as a means to validate your protected • HVDC cable system case study fatigue life assessment? – charting the project development from initiation to putting into service • What are the latest developments and testing procedures for next – the design and installation challenges faced for both the onshore generation offshore transmission high-voltage cables? and offshore cable routes 16:30 How to overcome common challenges faced during11:45 Optimising cable landfall design & selection subsea cable installation & maintenance of offshore Dr Chas Spradbury, Renewables Business Manager, JP Kenny wind farms? • How does landfall installation impact on cable lay vessel selection? • What cable jointing philosophies will I need to employ for optimum Kevin Todd, Key Accounts Manager, Global Marine Systems success? • How does cooperation and planning integration with wind farm • Seabed geotechnical regime: how to assess the data and do you have developers at an early stage aid successful completion of the project? the right tools for the job? • What installation strategies are commonly put in place to mitigate • Foreshore mobility and cable exposure: key cable protection against the harsh environmental conditions of working 20km into the considerations North Sea? • Burial and rock-dumping techniques for near shore and approaches • What are common vessel and burial equipment specifications and and associated engineering capabilities requirements? • What are the vessel manoeuvrability issues to be aware of when installing amongst large scale arrays?12:30 Networking lunch • What maintenance and repair strategies to put in place to minimise the risk from expensive downtime? 17:15 Day 1 closing remarks B o o k N o w ! V i s i t w w w. w i n d p o w e r m o n t h l y e v e n t s . c o m
  3. 3. Day 2 - Thursday 29 September08:30 Registration and Morning Coffee 13:30 How do we ensure strategic & efficient life cycle management of seabed use for offshore09:15 Chair’s opening remarks transmission? Ed Brady, Business Development Manager Renewables, Siemens Dr Chuan Zhang, Programme Manager, Transmission and Technology, The Crown Estate09:25 Resolving and improving the installation and • What will future offshore transmission networks look like? • What may be an efficient approach to accommodate large numbers of protection of sub-sea cables for the offshore wind power cables and associated infrastructures for offshore transmission? Ian Bonnon, Senior Vice President and Head of Offshore Wind, • Corridor separation/proximity and routing coordination: Have you GL Garrad Hassan considered the needs of other users? • Decommissioning requirements after use: What long term plans does • What have been the main cable installation and maintenance issues? the industry have? • How have various cable protection policies been formulated? • What are the current issues for the offshore wind cable installation market? • How can we resolve and improve performance of the installation and 14:15 Understanding the O&M of the cable plant over the protection of sub-sea cables for the offshore wind industry? life of the field and how this will impact on overall project cost10:15 Interaction between cables and seabed John Davies, Managing Director, Subsea Services, morphology: what are the implications of this for Global Marine Systems the protection of cables from exposure and During the project CONCEPT stages you must account for the subsequent damage? following areas: • The organisation and ongoing maintenance of all cable site data Richard Whitehouse, Technical Director Coasts and Estuaries Group, • The organisation and procurement of a 24/7 fault finding service HR Wallingford • The creation/validation of procedure documentation for routine • Seabed physical processes: understanding the environment to ensure inspection (Scour, J-Tube, burial depth, storm surge, etc) physical protection of your subsea cable installation • Geomorphology and mobile seabed features The implications of the above planning will provide a framework for proper • Seabed scour and erosion: the interaction of cables with the seabed costing out of the operations stage: and protection methods to maximise asset life • Cable storage and management • Maintenance depot location • If shared in a regional model, then cost sharing for: depot, maintenance10:45 Morning refreshments vessels, equipment and depot management will need to be understood 15:00 Afternoon refreshments11:15 Submarine cable installation: case study on optimum survey, route and sound engineering requirements 15:30 What best practice solutions have we integrated into current & future offshore windfarm Antony Zymelka, Senior Submarine Cable Operations, RES Offshore, Chair, UKCPC Renewable Sub Group developments? Adrian Van Oord, Commercial Manager, Mark Lawrence, Project Manager, Geophysics and Route Engineering, Van Oord Offshore Wind Projects RES Offshore • What lessons did we learn executing the Princess Amalia Wind Park? • Essential requirements for thorough cable route engineering to ensure • How did we put these lessons into practice last year on Belwind Phase 1? safe, accurate and effectively documented cable corridors • What are the EPC approaches that will improve the performance of • How are the future requirements for the cable engineer likely to differ cable installation suppliers and contractors in reaction to the current from the traditional approach for cable routing? challenges we face? • What lessons can be learnt from the telecommunications, oil & gas sectors? – what are we looking to achieve in a properly installed cable 16:00 Update on subsea cable installation and after sales – project management issues relating to submarine power cable installation service developments – evaluating the appropriate installers, vessels, techniques and burial Magnus Homberg, Head of Marketing and Sales, tools ABB High Voltage Cables – how do you locate / recover / repair power cables buried more than • Understanding the elements which make up a robust subsea cable system 1.5m deep in the sea bed? • Reviewing the techniques available for subsea cable laying and burial • What development plans are there for industry standard business • Methods used to find and repair subsea cable damage models for offshore cable installation? • What steps are ABB taking to support the development of current and future subsea cable systems?12:15 Networking lunch 17:00 Closing remarks and close of conference Book Now! Call +44 (0)20 8267 4011
  4. 4. Day 3 - Friday 30 September - Post-Event WorkshopWind Farm CableInstallation andProtection WorkshopHow can geotechnical & operational know-howdefine successful solutions to wind farm cableinstallation & protection projects?09:00-12:30 (Registration at 08:30)Stephen Wilson, Business Development Manager Renewables, CTC MarineScott Gooding, Lead Geotechnical Engineer, CTC MarineSam Taylor, Project Engineer, CTC MarineRun in an open and informal manner to encourage discussions and questions, this workshop will aim to improve attendees understanding ofhow to design for cable installation, reduce risks and gain a geotechnical insight into the `art of cable burial.Key themes will be explained in a clear manner, enabling you to gain a better understanding of the risks, developments and lessons learnedfrom cable installation. You will discover how these factors interlink and gain the knowledge required to ensure the future success of yourprojects in a time-effective way.As offshore wind farm construction moves to a new installation level, challenges are being raised to the current methods of wind farm arrayand export cable installation. It is imperative that wind farms are designed for installation, as well as the operational and maintenance phase.Lessons learned from past array cable installation projects Future developments for operational improvements: • Safety and operational constraints for personnel transfer tools, vessels and people Geotechnical assessments for • Cable pull-ins wind farms – Equipment • How to assess the survey data – Personnel • The right tools for the job – Tower preparation – Ploughing – Interface design – Jetting • The use of Cable Protection Systems (CPS) – Mechanical cutting – Pre-cut trenching solutionsExport cable installation: lessons learned from • The Burial Protection Index: what is this and how does itsuccessful investment manage risk and ensure cost effective cable protection? • Shore pull in solutions • Considerations for the cable route planning • Working in shallow water using the correct tools • Cable handling Risk management: understanding the pitfalls in planning • Environmental constraints and budgeting cable installation • Managing interface with the public • The procurement process • Integrated project planning • Reviewing geotechnical and weather risk • Budget estimating: how to reduce industry costs for cable installation and protection Sponsored by: Commercial Opportunities: If so, you should contact us about sponsoring this event. To build a bespoke package which Do you want to showcase your can range from pre-event to on-the-day products or services to a room full of exposure, contact: wind colleagues looking for solutions Michael Baker on +44 (0)208 267 4847 to their subsea cable challenges or e-mail B o o k N o w ! V i s i t w w w. o f f s h o r e c a b l e f o r u m . c o m
  5. 5. Offshore Cable Installation, Engineering and Maintenance Ensuring cost certainty through integrated and risk-aware project management 28-30 September 2011 • Wolverton House, London Dear Colleague, The Governments recent announcement of a significant offshore wind expansion published in the UK Renewable Energy Roadmap provides has been largely welcomed by the industry. In turn, it provides us (the industry) with a challenge- to reduce the levelised cost of energy to the consumer. This is an exciting and welcome challenge and one that I am sure most of us in the industry will embrace. There are many elements to this, relating to all parts of the supply chain and throughout the life cycle of each project. One key area (sometimes overlooked) is cabling. It has been estimated that submarine cable laying accounts for between 7- 10% of the capital cost of the windfarm development, yet submarine cable repairs account for over 70% of all insurance claims on installed offshore windfarms! With major expansion plans on the horizon, these statistics highlight the urgent need for the industry to learn from their experiences on previous installations, and come together to develop a coordinated best practice approach going forward. Windpower Monthly’s Offshore Cable Installation and Maintenance Forum will focus on the urgent actions required to reassure investors in offshore wind power that the cable installation segment of the project can be delivered to time and to a technically high standard with the aim of ensuring maximum asset life. Join myself and key industry experts from companies such as ABB, The Carbon Trust, Global Marine Systems, RES Offshore and GL Garrard Hassan to discuss and debate the serious challenges facing submarine cable installation projects and discover solutions to the problems you face across the areas of route survey and engineering, vessels and equipment, cable protection, security of supply and integrated project planning. To reduce the risk of expensive downtime the industry urgently needs to discuss what plans should be developed for strategically located maintenance and repair facilities to enable cable repairs to be carried out in a cost efficient and timely manner. Has the time come for windfarm owners to come together and share maintenance and repair resources rather than attempt to go it alone and risk long periods of downtime and revenue loss? I look forward to seeing you in September at what promises to be the must attend event of the year for stakeholders seeking best practice technical solutions to the problems faced during submarine cable installation projects. Ed Brady Business Development Manager Renewables Siemens EnergyWho Should Attend?From Owner/Operator/Utility/ISP From Suppliers/OEMsDirectors/Heads/Manager of: Directors/Heads/Manager of:• Cable Installation • Operations and Maintenance• Operations and Maintenance • Cable Installation• Asset Management • Geotechnical and Geophysical Survey• Financial Management • Transmission and Technology• Engineering and Construction • Business Development• Risk • Site/Project• Site/Project • Cable Route Engineering• Mechanical • Subsea Survey• R&D • Engineering/R&D• Contracts Book Now! Call +44 (0)20 8267 4011
  6. 6. Offshore Cable Installation, Book Before 26 August & Save Up To £350!Engineering and Brochure 1333 Brochure code: code: WEB Before Friday After FridayA Two Day Forum plus half Day Workshop: Saving** Saving* 26th August* 26th August*28-30 September 2011, London Standard Rate4 WAYS TO BOOK Two-Day Forum Only £1300 £150 £1450 -Please complete one registration form for each delegate. Two-Day Forum + Workshop £1549 £350 £1649 £2501. Book online at Government/Not for profit2. Fax this completed registration form to +44 (0)20 8267 4486 Two-Day Forum Only £1100 £150 £1250 -3. Post the booking form with payment to FREEPOST (LON3727), Two-Day Forum + Workshop £1349 £350 £1449 £250 Haymarket Conferences, 174 Hammersmith Road, London, W6 7JP4. Call +44 (0)20 8267 4011 Additional options Details*If you have any problems registering please call: +44 (0)20 8267 4011 Group discounts 3rd and 6th delegate receive a 50% discount Post-event Workshop only £449Name of person completing form if different from delegate: Distribution of your company’s promotional literature to all forum £1499 delegatesPlease register the following delegate (BLOCK CAPITALS) Speaker notes £199Name (Mr/Mrs/Ms/Miss/Dr) Your booking includes hard copy speaker notes at the event and online access post-event Discounts and offers cannot be combinedPosition *All rates will have VAT @ 20% addedOrganisation ** vs booking items seperately at standard pricesAddress Further Information For Delegates Postcode Accommodation Please note that accommodation is not included in the registration fee. For a selection of nearby hotels please visitTel Fax or email for more information. Access RequirementsEmail (A valid email address is required to process your booking) We make every effort to ensure our events are accessible for all delegates. For any specific access requirements, please contact the Haymarket Conferences team (as above).How did you hear about this forum? On The DayIndustry type Please note that we may take photographs, video and audio footage of the event, which may include speakers and the delegation, and this may later be used in editorial features and/or in marketing and promotional material. Whilst inName of department head attendance at any Haymarket Conferences, if your behaviour is deemed disruptive, offensive, dangerous, illegal, or if you are found to be distributing unauthorised material we reserve the right to eject you without any prior notice or refund. Audio andJob title of department head visual recordings or the distribution of commercial materials are not permitted without our prior consent. Neither us nor the venue can accept liability for damage to or loss of personal belongings at the event venue.I agree to the terms and conditions as stated opposite. Speaker Confirmation & Changes Please note that speakers are sometimes prevented from attending. Although we do endeavour to find suitableSigned replacements of a similar calibre, we cannot guarantee any specific case studies, speakers or sessions. Updates are regularly posted on the website. Terms & ConditionsPlease indicate how you wish to pay: Confirmation ProcedurePre-payments to be made with booking form or, where agreed, payment to be made upon Once we have received confirmation of your booking in writing (either online, fax or post) we will send you a confirmation email. If you request to be invoiced, payment terms will be 28 days from date of booking. An invoice will then be generatedreceipt of invoice. A receipted VAT invoice will be issued once payment has been received. and sent out to you via post. If your company uses Purchase Order Numbers, please supply this at the time of booking as Enclosed is a cheque for £/€ failure to do so may cause problems with your booking. If you choose to pay by credit card you will receive an email confirmation from RBS WorldPay and later a VAT receipt from our accounts department. Please note that we must receive Cheques made payable to Haymarket Publishing Services Ltd full payment prior to the event start date. Booking form submission (either online, by fax or by post) does not guarantee a place. The dispatch by us of an email confirmation constitutes a legally binding contract. If you have not received your I wish to be invoiced. N.B. If your company/organisation uses PO numbers, confirmation email 7 working days after submission of your booking, please contact the Customer Services team on +44 please write this number here (0)20 8267 4011 as there may be a problem with your booking. Haymarket Conferences are unable to accept responsibility for the non-arrival of information. Haymarket Conferences reserves the right to decline any booking. Haymarket I wish to pay by credit card Conferences reserves the right to vary the content, timings, location and/or speakers of events and as such accept no Please charge my: AMEX Visa Mastercard liability for variations. Cancellations All cancellations must be made in writing to and received by us no later than 8thCardholder’s name September 2011. It is the booker’s responsibility to ensure that we have received the cancellation. Such cancellations are subject to a handling and administration fee of £99 per delegate, which will be deducted from any due refund or invoice, whichever is appropriate. We regret that no cancellations are accepted within 20 days of the event date due to the way inCard No. which we are in turn charged by our suppliers. However, a substitute delegate can always be nominated. Substitutions on the day of the conference are made at the organiser’s discretion only. Pre-payments will not be refunded and invoiced sums willExpiry Date Security Code be payable in full, except in cases where it has been possible to mitigate loss. Haymarket Conferences will not offer refunds to delegates due to a terrorist alert or incident unless the conference is cancelled. In this instance, Haymarket Conferences will retain up to 50% of the conference fee to cover marketing, administration and delegate registration costs.Card billing address (if different from above) Sponsorship, Exhibition & Business Development Opportunities Do you want to showcase your products or services to a room full of wind colleagues looking for Conference Code: 17181111333Cardholder’s signature solutions to their cable installation challenges? If so, you should contact us about sponsoring this event. To build a bespoke package which can range from pre-event to on-the-day exposure, contact MichaelData Protection Baker on +44 (0)208 267 4847 or email registering for a conference, Haymarket Conferences can provide you with information relating to yourbooking and other Haymarket related products or services via email, direct mail, fax or telephone. Please write tothe Head of Marketing at the address stated above if you do not wish to receive this information. We may also Let Us Manage Your Event For Youmake your details available to carefully screened companies (excluding email addresses) who have offers that Haymarket Events organises a variety of event formats on behalf of third-parties, including associations,may be of interest to you. not-for-profit organisations, the public sector and corporate clients. We work to the client’s objectives to Yes, I would like to receive carefully screened and work related emails from third parties. produce dynamic events that deliver exceptional results. For more information, please contact Barney No, I specifically do not want my details to be made available to third parties. Roe on +44 (0)20 8267 4063 or email Cable Installation, Engineering and Maintenanceis produced by Haymarket Conferences