Utilizing the Full Potential of EPUB Feature Set


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Datamatics presentation by Sendil Mourougane at the dbw 2013, New York, N.Y. - 44 slides

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Utilizing the Full Potential of EPUB Feature Set

  1. 1. Utilizing the Full Potential of EPUB Feature Set Perspectives by Digital Publishing Solutions Group
  2. 2. Presenter Sendil Mourougane Senior Manager – Sales & BD Digital Publishing Solutions Group Datamatics Global Services Ltd Sendil Mourougane is Senior Manager of sales, account management and new business development of digital publishing solutions group at Datamatics. Sendil joined the company in 2010. Prior to joining Datamatics, Sendil spent 10 years in the field of publishing services working with several major Hi-Ed, School, STM and Trade publishers across the United States. He is based out of India and travels often to the United States for business. He has a B.Sc in Science and a MBA in international sales and marketing.
  3. 3. Synopsis Feature set in ePub 3.0 Why you should go for ePub 3.0? How to utilize the full potential of ePub 3.0? How to convert your assets to ePub 3.0?
  4. 4. What did we originally want from Digital Content? Book in digital form Use on Computers Smart phones Tablets… Will only read text files Static content…
  5. 5. And then we wanted more… Color Graphics Audio, Video Interactivity MathML Semantics, Social…
  6. 6. And more… Formats... ePDF EPUB Mobipocket HTML Palm… Then there were many devices, platforms, distribution channels.…
  7. 7. Market thoughts 2013 will be the year of enhanced eBook, with robust interactivity in areas like test prep and other non-fiction categories More devices and platforms will start supporting enhanced eBooks and interactivity More people will have the devices that make reading enhanced eBooks pleasurable. More children & students will have access to such devices… My content is not suitable for Tablet / Readers… Not enough devices or platforms to support my content.. Limited feature-set / functionality within standards.. I don’t have the needed skill set in-house…. Monetization…
  8. 8. EPUB 3.0 Features Supports HTML 5 and CSS 3
  9. 9. Multicolumn using CSS3 Multicolumn display is now a reality in EPUB3 by using CSS3
  10. 10. Animation using HTML5 and CSS3 Simple animations can be done for with the support from HTML 5 and CSS 3
  11. 11. JavaScript Java scripting in EPUB 3 provides opportunities for user interactivity
  12. 12. MathML Supports for rendering MathML markup
  13. 13. Language Support Enhanced global language support Enables vertical writing, or defining writing directions
  14. 14. Semantic Tagging using HTML5 Supports semantic tagging, a feature introduced in HTML5
  15. 15. Semantic Inflection epub:type=“this is a footnote” epub:switch=“to MathML” epub:trigger=“start Playing” Enhance the reading experience for Users and provide advantage of having improved accessibility
  16. 16. Audio / VideoAudio / Video can be synchronized with text using Media Overlay specification
  17. 17. Fixed Layout Fixed Layout EPUB renders design heavy books look exactly like printed books
  18. 18. Comparison EPUB 3.0 EPUB 2.0.1 1. XHTML5 1. XHTML 1.1 and DTBook 2. SVG appear in spine 2. SVG nested inside XHTML file 3. Support for MathML 3. Replaced with images 4. EPUB Navigation 4. NCX Navigation 5. Supports CSS 3 5. CSS 2.1 6. Scripting feature - interactivity 6. No scripting support – no interactivity 7. Audio - text synchronization 7. No audio-text synchronization 8. Multicolumn 8. No multicolumn support 9. Fixed Layout 9. No Fixed Layout
  19. 19. Thinking and Planning the EPUB3 way JavaScript Interactivity on textbook exercises Interactive practical sessions Interactive children books Interactivity on STM content
  20. 20. Video and Audio
  21. 21. Thinking and Planning the EPUB3 way Video and Audio Cookbooks for how to learning guides Subject lectures
  22. 22. Thinking and Planning the EPUB3 way Synchronized Text and Audio For rhymes Children books Learning languages
  23. 23. SVG & MathML
  24. 24. Foreign language support
  25. 25. Devices and User Agents on EPUB 3 Popular reading systems have gradually started supporting EPUB3 but still more to come with full feature set
  26. 26. Apple iBooks 3 Apple launched iBooks 3: focusing on textbooks with enriched media in the formats
  27. 27. Kindle KF8 and EPUB 3 Kindle Fire supports KF8 format. The common factor between KF8 and EPUB3 is that both supports HTML5 and CSS3
  28. 28. Thinking and Planning the EPUB3 way HTML 5 - CSS 3 - EPUB Navigation EPUB for Educational textbooks with semantic approach Efficiency in handling layout and accessibility Opportunities for broader range of interactive products Books, magazines, professional and educational textbooks
  29. 29. Conclusion EPUB3 standard is available Content that we were not sure to be good for digital is now the much needed content to be digitized! Typesetting / composition workflows need to take into account the new requirements Back files can be new revenue generators Add updated content Enhance the content with video and audio components Work with the service provider to unleash the full potential of EPUB3
  30. 30. About Datamatics Datamatics is a global Information Technology (IT) and Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) organization Founded in 1975 by Dr. L. S. Kanodia, Ph.D. (MIT) often referred as the Father and Architect of the Indian IT Industry HQ in India with offices in the USA, UK, Germany, Asia and Australia Rich experience of 3 decades in End-to-end IT and BPO services First BPO company to be publicly traded on the Bombay Stock Exchange First BPO Company to provide 99.995% data accuracy in data capture
  31. 31. About Datamatics Specialist in Data and Content management Next-generation end-to-end IT and KPO solutions Cutting edge technology Decades of global experience across 60 countries Over 4500 employees Preferred partner to several Fortune 500 clients More than 300 active global clients Group annual consolidated revenue of US$100 M
  32. 32. Vision & Mission
  33. 33. Digital Publishing Solutions Focuses on all services and solutions Pre-Publishing before a publication gets published Focuses on all digital services and e-Publishing solutions that are offered post publication Services and solutions focusing e-Retail on the Online Platforms, including Solutions Retail segment
  34. 34. Datamatics Business
  35. 35. Next Generation Enterprise Solutions Entreprise Information Entreprise Information Entreprise Mobility Management Solutions Systems Solutions Unstructured & Structured Data Management • Workflow & BPM Solutions • Hand Held & Mobile Solutions • Portal Solutions • Social Media Solutions • Enterprise Mobility Platforms • Content Management • Enterprise Cloud Solutions • Document Management • Enterprise Application Services Smart Device Solutions • Output Management • Big Data & Data Warehousing • Fare Collection • Billing Solutions • Business Intelligence & Analytics Entreprise Information • Infotainment Solutions • Finance & Accounting Solutions Services • Self Service Terminal Solutions • Claims Processing • Research Data Analysis • Data Life Cycle Management • Content Life Cycle Management
  36. 36. Global Presence Datamatics’ Footprint Across 9 Countries Through 22 OfficesSanta Clara Denver USA USA Detroit Stockholm USA Sweden London Boston UK USA Bosnia Frankfurt Germany Ahmedabad Nashik India New York India USA Mumbai Singapore India Melbourne Australia Bangalore Vorstadt India Switzerland Pondicherry Chennai India India
  37. 37. EPUB 2 EPUB 3 Q&AMeet us at Booth #18
  38. 38. Thank YouPrashant Prabhu Sendil MourouganeSenior Vice President – Business Development Senior Manager – Business DevelopmentDatamatics Global Services Inc Datamatics Global Services LimitedLivonia, MI – 48150, USA Chennai – 600 0034, INDIAMobile: +1-313-909-5172 Phone: +91 (44) 6608 3056email: prashant_prabhu@datamaticstech.com Mobile: +91 96001 33229LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/prashant- email: sendil.mourougane@datamatics.comprabhu/2/489/775 LinkedIn: http://in.linkedin.com/in/sendilmourouganeWeb: http://www.datamatics.com Web: http://www.datamatics.com