Maritime KTP


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Collaboration opportunities with the University of Southampton

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Maritime KTP

  1. 1. +44 (0)23 8059 8708 Harness the power of collaboration. Knowledge Transfer Partnerships 80%
  2. 2. Examples of related case studies Kittiwake Developments Victor Marine Ltd Kittiwake Developments is a leading global provider of machinery Victor Marine Ltd are specialists in the design and manufacture of condition monitoring, fuel and lube oil analysis and marine water tank washing machines, gas freeing fans and oily water separators. testing. Kittiwake worked with us to investigate the feasibility of Victor Marine worked with us to apply finite element analysis and developing a sensor that could determine the detergent levels in the computation fluid dynamic design tools to a new product being scrape down oil from marine two-stroke heavy diesel engines. developed, and to re-establish Victor Marine as the world leading supplier of container shipping tank cleaning solutions.The SMMI is the world’s largest centre for education, research CJR Propulsion CJR Propulsion is a world leader in the design and manufacture of British Safety Council The British Safety Council is one of the world’s leading occupationaland innovation in marine and maritime studies. We are having a shafts, propellers, rudders and other associated stern gear for a variety health, safety and environmental organisations with 10,000 members of marine vessels, such as larger pleasure boats, ferries and other and turnover of £9m. They worked with us to develop an e-commercetransformational impact on society globally through our research, working boats. CJR worked with us to develop improvements in boat platform to achieve efficiency gains and improve market effectiveness, speed and fuel efficiency, as well as reduce the noise and vibration felt along with a new e-learning solution to extend global access to theirinnovative ideas and solutions, as well as supplying highly skilled on board due to propellers. training and qualifications.graduates for the marine and maritime sectors.A Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) is a very cost What benefits does the company get?effective way to develop a partnership between your Business performance outputs vary from case to case. Latestbusiness and the University of Southampton, enabling research shows that the benefits that can be expected by a KTPyou to access new knowledge, skills and technology to (lasting 1-3 years) are, on average, an increase in annual profit ofhelp your company develop. The partnership will involve over £290k, and the creation of eight genuine new jobs.a recently qualified graduate working within yourcompany on a project central to your needs, with their What type of projects can we carry out?work jointly supervised by a senior academic with Our expertise has already helped a wide variety of businessesexpertise in your area of strategic importance. improve their performance. For example, we work with companies to improve existing products, or develop new products or The RNLI TSL TechnologyWhat can KTP offer my company? technology to take to market. We can help plan and implement new The RNLI is a UK charity which provides a 24-hour lifesaving service TSL Technology provides market-leading electromechanical,By participating in KTP you will gain access to highly qualified marketing strategies to address the needs of entirely new sets of around the UK and Republic of Ireland. The RNLI worked with us to instrumentation and micro-hydraulics equipment, power electronicsexperts to spearhead new projects, develop innovative solutions to customers, and establish new systems to improve efficiencies and develop computer models to decide how frequently their boats and and motors for the energy and marine industries. They are workingincrease your competitive edge, increase profitability, and help your competitiveness in staff and business processes. their equipment need maintenance, and to manage the costs of with us to investigate and develop new power electronic convertersbusiness grow. The opportunity to link with academia and a high building and timings to maintain their lifeboat fleet. for electric motor drives and interfacing of renewable energy sources,calibre graduate will transfer new knowledge and expertise, helping What will it cost? including wave and marine turbines, to the embed a culture of innovation within your organisation. A KTP is part-funded by a Government grant. A small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) with less than 250 employees can expect to contribute about a third of the project costs, with larger companies about half. The average annual costs of a project for an SME are currently around £20,000.