Pulling them in: Content Marketing for Conference Organisers


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A revolution is sweeping the world of marketing and it’s sure to have an impact on the way conferences are organized and promoted. Sarah Mitchell explains why content marketing is the new way to build a loyal following for your events.

Your number one job as a conference organiser is to get bums on seats, right? While good attendance numbers make everyone happy, great attendance numbers lead to bigger projects, better clients and more compensation. If you’re taking a traditional approach to marketing your event, chances are you’ll never break into that top tier.

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Pulling them in: Content Marketing for Conference Organisers

  1. 1. Pulling them in:Content Marketing forConference OrganisersSarah MitchellEditor, Chief Content Officer Magazine
  2. 2. Goals for Today Explain the shift in consumer spending habits Define Content Marketing and describe it’s components Provide recommendations for using content marketing for conferences
  3. 3. DefinitionContent Marketing:The art of understanding exactlywhat your customers need to knowand delivering it to them in a relevantand compelling way.CONTENT MARKETING = EDUCATION
  4. 4. Traditional vs.Content Marketing Push – Outbound activity  Traditional Marketing = broadcast  Lead generationPull – Inbound activity Content Marketing =information/education Lead nurturing
  5. 5. TIP: Consumers are Doing Their Own Research Online Publishers – Internet Activity Index Monthly “Time Spent” in Internet Activity Table
  6. 6. TIP: Low Cost Option
  7. 7. 3(ish) Componentsof Content Marketing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Content Social Media
  8. 8. Panda likes ContentTIP:Original content is leadinginfluence on GoogleTRAP:Your web designer maynot have a content focus
  9. 9. ContentPeople are seekingtheir own information.TRAP:The days ofself-serving,self-promoting“blah, blah, blah” are over
  10. 10. TIP:Marketing =Publishing
  11. 11. Social Media Best Tools for Business It‟s about relationships
  12. 12. “ Conversation without content is mere networking. Contentwithout conversationis just dead content. ”
  13. 13. Tips for DevelopingOriginal Content Forget features – make it benefit oriented  The drill vs. The hole It‟s about THEM  eMail vs. meMail
  14. 14. “ Think aboutwhat a user isgoing to type ” Matt Cutts, Google
  15. 15. Tips for DevelopingOriginal Content Think like a publisher 1. Support each product/service you offer 2. Target each customer segment 3. Consider vertical markets 4. Use multiple content types
  16. 16. GeneratingGreat Content Hire writers  Try and find a web journalist Invest in graphic design Good writing + Good Design = GREAT content Great content is a business asset!
  17. 17. What arepopularcontenttypes?Social media Blogs eNewsletters eBooksWhite papers In-person events PodcastsCase studies Traditional media Digital magazinesOnline video Webinars Mobile apps
  18. 18. Timeline:1 Year Before Conference 1 YEAR Plan your website
  19. 19. Timeline:9 Months Before Conference 9Email Marketing MONTHS Call for papers Call for speakers Save the date notices
  20. 20. Timeline:6 Months Before Conference Start your 6 MONTHS Twitter activity Launch your website Get a blog going Start an email newsletter
  21. 21. Timeline:4 Months Before Conference Put together a 4 MONTHS Facebook page Post your event to Facebook Start promoting „Early Bird‟ discounts
  22. 22. Timeline:3 Months Before Conference Start a LinkedIn 3 MONTHS Discussion Group Post your event on LinkedIn Start posting event notices on relevant LinkedIn Discussion Groups
  23. 23. Timeline:2 Months Before Conference Start publishing 2 MONTHS weekly email newsletters Increase blogging frequency (use speakers as guest bloggers) Publish final conference line-up
  24. 24. Timeline:1 Month Before Conference 1 “Full-tilt boogie” MONTHS on all social media channels Issue tickets online
  25. 25. Content Ideas:Promoting the Event MONTHS
  26. 26. Content Ideas:During the Event Live Blogging Live Tweeting (pick a hash tag symbol) Email updates Podcasts Videos Slideshare
  27. 27. Content Ideas:After the Event
  28. 28. Content Ideas:After the Event
  29. 29. TRAP:“Post and Hope”
  30. 30. Benefits ofContent Marketing Tailored to your event Targets key prospects Contributes to lead nurturing Positions you for increased registrations Marketing expenses convert to assets Cost effective
  31. 31. Don‟t PayFor Attention BUY attention: Advertising BEG for attention: Public Relations BUG people: Sales
  32. 32. “EARN attention online by creating great information that your buyers want to consume such as YouTube videos, blogs, Twitterfeeds, photographs, charts, gr aphs and ebooks – and it is all free.”