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The New Little Bird Influencer Marketing Platform

The new Little Bird platform is faster and more powerful than ever. It delivers targeted information about social influence more efficiently and effectively so you can build smarter marketing around who and what is influencing conversations on Twitter.

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The New Little Bird Influencer Marketing Platform

  1. 1. A powerful influencer marketing platform that businesses use to surface influencers, trends and audiences for more effective marketing.
  2. 2. $100B are spent every year by enterprises on digital marketing, but only 15% is allocated to social channels. - Forrester Research, US Digital Marketing Forecast 2014 to 2019
  3. 3. It’s hard to find the right people in social media and create appropriate content to change intent. Why?  
  4. 4. Typical solutions use a combination of keyword and follower counts as well as demographic and psychographic information to identify influencers, rank their popularity and find their audiences. Campaigns using this mass media approach can get some results but still have to budget large ad spends to reach their desired audience.

  5. 5. Little Bird uses contextual segmentation. We leverage social graph analysis to group people, companies and influencers together based on their Twitter relationships in networks around a topic or conversation.
  6. 6. Marketers can then take advantage of this data about influencers, content and audiences to drive more effective and efficient marketing.
  7. 7. FIND THE RIGHT NETWORK Discover who has influence on Twitter from multiple network types. Find powerful influencers 90% faster that will help drive your marketing.  
  8. 8. NETWORKS AND COMMUNITIES Discover how a network breaks down into communities. Filter by locations, " community leaders, and hashtags or search for keywords across member profiles. Search by Keyword. Identify community leaders and trending hashtags. Filters are persistent.
  9. 9. IDENTIFY INSIDERS Discover who is influential based on the number of relationships that they have built in the network. Focus your time on building the right influencer relationships. Filter by social behavior. Rank influencers in a network.
  10. 10. COMPARE INSIDERS Understand at a glance how you (or others) are connected with in a network and where to quickly gain social capital through missed opportunities. Discover who you can connect with quickly to gain social capital. Compare anyone.
  11. 11. HOT CONTENT : INSIDER BLOGS Find the best content and blogs faster. See tweets ranked by popular and network engagement. Use high performing content to build relationships or curate it into your social channels. See trends emerge 3 to 6 months ahead of the market. Share directly out of the platform. Filter to find the content that best suits your needs.
  12. 12. INFLUENCER PROGRAM SETUP Little Bird simplifies influencer discovery, engagement and program measurement to scale all of your marketing efforts and amplify their effects. Here are eight steps for putting influencer marketing to work for your business. 1.  Discover your Influencer Network 2.  Know what Influencers are Talking About 3.  Set your Strategy 4.  Curate Content and Engage Influencers 5.  Incorporate Influencers into Key Marketing Initiatives 6.  Execute Paid, Earned and Owned Tactics 7.  Measure the Impact 8.  Optimize your Program
  13. 13. WHY? REAL RESULTS Little Bird networks help you scale word-of-mouth marketing to more qualified audiences through the influencers that they respect. This drives more qualified digital traffic that can double conversion on your marketing efforts.
  14. 14. INFLUENCER MARKETING ROI" •  1/3 of Little Bird’s digital traffic comes from influencer created product reviews. •  Dun & Bradstreet saw a 400% increase in site traffic during their influencer campaigns. •  Jama Software grew their Twitter follower count by 27% in three months and connected with hard- to-find sales targets. •  The Wilbert Group spent 70% less time researching influencers and discovering the best content for social sharing.
  16. 16. LITTLE BIRD
 Find the Right Influencers 
 to Power Your Business