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This Social Media Presentations was created as a visual aid for a presentation to Marketing Students in the Entrepreneurship Program at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College in Green Bay, Wisconsin. It includes many useful picture links and gives a basic social media marketing introduction. Please enjoy and freely share. Melinda Peterson -

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  • All pictures on this page link to the sign up page for the site.
  • The Social Skinny, SEO article
  • Pinterest-McDonald’s, Twitter-Entrepreneur, YouTube-Social Media Revolution 2012, FaceBook- Cook’s Corner, LinkedIn- NWTC Alumni, MySpace- Candy Classroom
  • Pinterest-SER Media Group, Twitter-Socially Sorted, YouTube-Future of Advertising, FaceBook-NeoCloud Marketing, LinkedIn- Mark Gungor, MySpace-Events
  • Marketing Savant- Dana Vanden Heuvel
  • FunCity-Social Media Blog
  • Cara Pring… intelligence and attitude!
  • All Aboard the Pinterest Train Free E-Book, Bridgeport
  • Green Bay Packers
  • The Infosearcher
  • Digma- Social Media Marketing Videos, MultiCreativeMedia- Social Media Marketing Strategies, Disney Parks
  • LinkedIn-Home
  • hootsuite- home
  • Social Media Basics

    1. 1. Marketing What if… you took your focus,time, and energy and mixed then up with your imagination? (Guerrilla Marketing)
    2. 2. Why Have a Website? WEBSITE
    3. 3. Why Have a Blog?SEO WEBSITE Card Catalog
    4. 4. What Will You Do With Your Social Media? BLOG WEBSITEDrive your customers to where you can track them.
    5. 5. How Will You Tie It All Together? BLOG WEBSITE The Email Newsletter
    6. 6. Marketing Basics1.Attract potential customers.2.Turn potential customers into paying customers.3.Maintain the relationship.
    7. 7. Be Intentional Set Measurable
    8. 8. Have a Written Plan Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Website Blog Facebook Pinterest Twitter LinkedInWebmaster ToolsGoogle AnalyticsEmail Newsletter Google + YouTube Foursquare
    9. 9. Have Written Goals Goals Website Blog Facebook Pinterest Twitter LinkedInWebmaster ToolsGoogle AnalyticsEmail Newsletter Google + YouTube Foursquare
    10. 10. Social Media Goals Drive website traffic Brand awareness Increase online sales Company culture Increase exposure Link building to your website Build awareness Share company culture Market research Customer connections Collect contact information Increase email list Viral marketing Protect your reputation Improve customer service Enhance public relations Add value for the customer Educate and entertainWhat would a specific measurable goal for one of these look like for yourbusiness?(Place email newsletter signup tab on three social media channels and invitecustomers to join one time per week to increase email newslettersubscribers by 3.33% each month while maintaining a 90% open rate.)
    11. 11. Don’t Skip Planning The two major evils of marketing are:Failing to plan, and not working your plan.
    12. 12. Step 1: Plan Your Plan Step 2: Make Your WebpageStep 3: Set Up a Professional Email Step 4: Set Up Your Tracker Step 5: Set Up Your BlogStep 6: Set Up Your Email Newsletter Step 7: Set Up Social Media
    13. 13. Statistics66 percent of online adults are connected to oneor more social media platforms50 percent of social media users say they checkin to their favorite networks first thing in themorning53% of American cellphone (mobile) users nowhave a smartphone
    14. 14. Statistics38% of people who use social media on mobiledevices cite general browsing as their mainactivity.Each day more iPhones are sold than people areborn.294 billion emails are sent every day.
    15. 15. Pinterest accounts for about 3.6% of referral traffic. In February 2012 Pinterest had 10.4 million users.Pinterest is apositive place!
    16. 16. In February 2012 Facebook had 850million users.Facebook accounts for about 26% ofreferral traffic. Watch and learn…
    17. 17. In February 2012 Twitter had 500 million registered users. 1 million accounts are added to Twitter every day. Twitter accounts for about 3.61% of referral traffic. Be AFollow er
    18. 18. 864,000 hours ofvideo are uploadedto YouTube… everyday!
    19. 19. In February 2012 LinkedIn had 135million users.LinkedIn accounts for about 0.20% ofreferral traffic.
    20. 20. In February 2012Google+ had 90million users.Google+ accountsfor about 0.22% of Google+ isreferral traffic. PINNABLE!
    21. 21. Manage your accounts fromone place and scheduleposts!
    22. 22. You Are Never Done 1. Plan 2. Launch 3. Maintain
    23. 23. This PowerPoint Has Been Createdfor Education and Enjoyment.Melinda