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Social Media for Success


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Published in: Technology
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Social Media for Success

  1. 1. Social Media for Success: Intro to Social Media & Networking
  2. 2. Darcie Tanner Digital Media Geek CIVIC
  3. 3. Introduction
  4. 4. Why social media?
  5. 5. Respond to… Learn from... Engage with... Listen to...
  6. 6. Today we are going to lead a conversation. We will talk about… Social Media How to use Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook for your business Developing an audience Developing a strategy Tools & applications
  7. 7. Companies are desperately under-prepared to deal with the risks and opportunities associated with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.” - AccountancyAge 5 Nov 09
  8. 8. Join the conversation
  9. 9. Social media begins and ends with listening; you need to enter the conversation to add value.
  10. 10. <ul><li>Some brands are still struggling with the power of social media. It’s not a fad, it’s a fundamental shift in the way we communicate.” </li></ul><ul><li>Neil Potter </li></ul><ul><li>Digital Agency Blog </li></ul>
  11. 11. Brands need to communicate to prosper.
  12. 12. Social media is… A type of online media that expedites conversation as opposed to traditional media, which delivers content allowing readers/viewers/listeners to participate in the creation or development of the content.
  13. 13. Social media is not… Social networking Social marketing
  14. 14. Social networking is the building of connections among people who share interests, relationships or activities through a service such as a social networking site (i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter).
  15. 15. Social marketing is another marketing type completely and has been around for ages. Social marketing is the systematic application of marketing, along with other concepts and techniques, to achieve specific behavioural goals for social good.
  16. 16. Social media Channels
  17. 17. The difficulty with social media is the choice.
  18. 18. 500 million members 59% users aged 18-44 25 billion types of content shared every month > 4 million users become fans of pages daily Facebook
  19. 19. © Facebook
  20. 20. You can: Send updates Create polls Post events Advertise the page Convert visitors to fans Facebook
  21. 21. FAQ: Should you set up a group or a fan page? Facebook
  22. 22. Groups: Are you an organisation, charity or club? Groups allow bulk invites to be sent by admins and members. Groups are better for quick active discussions and attention. Facebook Example 1 Example 2
  23. 23. Pages: Are you a brand, celebrity or event? Fan pages are visible to unregistered users and are indexed. Pages are generally better for long term relationships. Facebook Example 1 Example 2
  24. 24. TIP: You do not need a Facebook account to set up a fan page. In fact, doing it on its own is better because your personal account won’t be tied your promotional page. Facebook
  25. 25. Facebook
  26. 26. Social Media isn't free, it costs time. Ensure you have resources and time to add new content and engage.
  27. 27. Unique US users: 17 million 62% of users are 24 - 54 Share content (yours & others) with followers More than 90% are moderate to heavy users Twitter
  28. 28. Enables: Access it on the go Real time news 19% of internet users now say they use Twitter or another service to share updates about themselves, or to see updates about others. Twitter
  29. 29. With Twitter you: Put a human face to your company Engage in real-time conversations Gain immediate feedback Respond to questions and problems Twitter
  30. 30. First steps: Consider your tone of voice Search for relevant users Listen and respond to others Be prepared to wait a while for results Enter into conversations Twitter
  31. 31. Terms: Lists Hashtags Trends RSS feeds Analytic tools (metrics) Twitter
  32. 32. Twitter
  33. 33. The world's leading video sharing website YouTube 24 hours of content uploaded every Minute (28,800 every day) 16.6 million daily visitors 2 billion videos viewed a day
  34. 34. Top Tips: Use descriptive titles Utilise tagging and keywords Connect with others Brand your channel YouTube
  35. 35. First steps: Test your audience with a sample video Embed it on your site, blogs and Facebook page YouTube
  36. 36. YouTube Insight is a valuable tool: Age range/genders of viewers Views over time Where visitors are coming from See where people tuned in and out YouTube
  37. 37. Great for making contact with similar professionals It’s about connecting & building relationships 43 million registered users Extend your profile with feeds from your blog / website LinkedIn 95% of companies use LinkedIn to find & attract new staff
  38. 38. LinkedIn First steps: Create a personal profile Invite your contacts to connect Join the most active / relevant groups and discussions and participate Take part in LinkedIn Answers Create your own group Follow like minded companies, organisations & partners
  39. 39. Enables the information you want to come to you. Helps to organise and simplify following what is happening with your brand. RSS Provides a way to push information from to all your social platforms.
  40. 40. RSS
  41. 41. Google reader PC: Feed Demon RSS Mac: NetNewsWire Tools:
  42. 42. RSS Website YouTube Facebook Twitter Blog
  43. 43. RSS Website LinkedIn Blog/Twitter
  44. 44. A geo-location check in application. Check-in places Receive points Become a mayor Foursquare Offers Recommendations Events
  45. 45. First steps: Create personal profile Create your venue Connect with people Spread the word Add events Incorporate hashtags Foursquare Example 1
  46. 46. Foursquare
  47. 47. Foursquare Best practice: Only check-in when you are at the venue/event Don’t post every check-in Don’t check in multiple locations at once Leave tips for others
  48. 48. Other Del.ic.ious Digg Wordpress Flickr Bebo MySpace Blogger Tumblr Friendfeed Posterous
  49. 49. Offering Value: Offer something of value, and don’t fail to take part in the conversation.
  50. 50. Something amusing or entertaining Some valuable information (e.g. a report) Advice or mentoring A discount Etc..
  51. 51. Benefits of these tools
  52. 52. Social Media is not about replacing other forms of communications, but to supplement them.
  53. 53. Developing your strategy
  54. 54. Listen and learn: Before you start with social media you must... Observe your audiences’ social media habits Be aware of online dialogue related to your brand Look at your competitors’ social media footprint
  55. 55. If you’ve ever done a regular marketing plan, it’s similar. Vision and Values Objectives Audiences Channels Evaluation
  56. 56. Vision and Values: An example: Vox Motus Vox Motus Vision: To thrill audiences with exceptional experiences
  57. 57. Vox Motus Values: Encourages and embraces new thinking in all areas of its work Aims to be creative and ground-breaking in every interaction Aims to create work of an exceptional standard Thrives on collaborative experiences and share their passion for theatre
  58. 58. Objectives: Objectives should be measurable, achievable and specific. In social media, it may be best to think in terms of: Brand awareness goals Campaign-specific goals Relationships with users
  59. 59. The primary pilot project objective was to increase audience numbers, with a particular emphasis on 18-35 year olds, into the theatre to see Slick. Increase site traffic Generate a ‘buzz’ around Slick. Encourage interaction between the target audience and Vox Motus once Slick finished. Provide Vox Motus with the capacity to deliver future digital marketing campaigns of this style and scale for further theatre productions. An example: Vox Motus Vox Motus
  60. 60. Audiences and Channels: For each audience, create a sketch showing: Your website Social media channels you wish to use The interactions between them
  61. 61. Create an architecture for each audience Vox Motus: Young People Vox Motus
  62. 62. Create an architecture for each audience Vox Motus: Professional Network Vox Motus
  63. 63. Understanding the options: It pays to reign in your efforts and concentrate on your existing strengths. Before doing anything, ask yourself: 1) Does the strategy meet my objectives? 2) Does it play to my strengths (use existing assets)? 3) Is it good etiquette? 4) Does it provide value?
  64. 64. Measuring Success Tailor your measures to your program and objectives 32 Two main types of activity: Awareness building Seeking conversions (sales, sign ups etc)
  65. 65. Awareness Building Campaigns Measure depth of engagement, understand the audience Volume and reach (number of retweets, mentions etc) Demographic information Sentiment (is feedback positive) Level of engagement (how long did someone spend on your content) Measuring Success
  66. 66. Call-to-Action Campaigns Measure the number of conversions Increase newsletter subscriptions by 10% per month Number sign ups to an event Sales Website hits Measuring Success
  67. 67. Vox Motus: YouTube By the end of September 2008 there had been 2,850 views of the YouTube videos, with 1,925 alone for the main trailer alone. Target demographic of 18 – 35 year olds accounted for just over 20% of the total viewing figures. Over 50% of users found the videos through an embedded player on another website. Vox Motus
  68. 68. Vox Motus: Facebook The number of Fans currently sits at 407. There have been over 5000 views of the Facebook page. The 18 – 35 target age range accounts for 90% of the total users of the Facebook Page. Vox Motus
  69. 69. How to get started
  70. 70. First steps: Usernames Logo Bio Design Account setup
  71. 71. Tools
  72. 72. Tools: Some applications to help get you started & measure your success: Tweetdeck: Desktop (Mac & PC), iPhone Hootsuite: Desktop Mac & PC Twitter for iPhone UberTwitter recommended Blackberry client or the Twitter Blackberry client Tools
  73. 73. Metrics: Link tracker Google Analytics Inner app analytics (Facebook/YouTube/Wordpress/Flickr) Tools
  74. 74. Find fans/followers: Add links to your websites Announce on your other platforms Add to email signature Mention in your newsletter Import from email Twitter Search – location, topic, interests Twitter suggestions Facebook Ads Referrals Tools
  75. 75. Darcie Tanner Digital Media Geek CIVIC @CivicUK @DarcieC Contact