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UC Sport Lecture, 2-18


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UC Sport Lecture, 2-18

  1. 1. Sport Public Relations Lecture: 2.18.14 University of Cincinnati By Jackie Reau
  2. 2. Public Relations: Using strategic communications to effectively influence behavior.
  3. 3. Group Assignments Review projects and assignment Engaging consumers by thinking differently!
  4. 4. Internal Audiences & Communications *Define Internal Audiences *Define Customer Relationship Management Tool resources and software *Define Key Messages and Communications Vehicles to Share Information *Determine Frequency of Messaging
  5. 5. Segmenting Your Audiences: Men’s College Football Program Two Internal Audiences Two External Audiences *What news to share? *When do I share the news? *Who is the spokesperson for the news? *What is the call to action? *How do we measure our effectiveness?
  6. 6. Strategic Public Relations Planning Outline *Objective tied to a business goal *Research to support the objective of the business goal *Target audiences (internal, external) *Key messages (call to action, event details, announcement of new coach/player) *Key initiatives (how to share the information) *Budget *Staffing management (who will do it) *Timeline of activity (when will it get completed) *Measurement (metrics tied to business goal)
  7. 7. In-Class Discussion: Pair Up “Create a PR Plan to promote UC women’s soccer game for breast cancer awareness/pink ribbon game in 2014” Objective To raise awareness and funds for breast cancer awareness during a UC women’s soccer game and to attract 2,000+ fans to the game at the on-campus stadium. Target Audiences *Determine at least three audiences Three Objectives to Support Objective *Can include media event, special event, social media, promotion, etc. Budget $7,500
  8. 8. Press Release Assignment, due February 25 with typed, printed copy to be turned in at the beginning of class *Who: Mick Cronin will be honored by the NCAA for his work in the community with Big Brothers & Big Sisters in Cincinnati *What: An on-court ceremony will be held to honor Cronin during the University of Cincinnati vs. University of Pittsburgh men’s basketball game *When: Saturday, Feb. 11, at halftime of the 1 p.m. game *Where: Fifth Third Arena on the campus of the University of Cincinnati *How: Tickets are still available at or in advance at the box office
  9. 9. Press release template
  10. 10. Group Project Review Next Week