Lecture #3, Sports PR


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Lecture #3, Sports PR

  1. 1. Sport Public Relations Lecture: 9.18.12 University of Cincinnati By Jackie Reau
  2. 2. Press Release Assignment, due September 11*Who: Mick Cronin will be honored by the NCAA for his work in the communitywith Big Brothers & Big Sisters in Cincinnati*What: An on-court ceremony will be held to honor Cronin during the Universityof Cincinnati vs. University of Pittsburgh men’s basketball game*When: Saturday, Feb. 11, at halftime of the 1 p.m. game*Where: Fifth Third Arena on the campus of the University of Cincinnati*How: Tickets are still available at www.gobearcats.com or in advance at the boxoffice
  3. 3. Press release
  4. 4. Customer Apology e-mail
  5. 5. Customer Apology Letter*Who: Mr. Gettler, University of Cincinnati alumni who graduated in 1956, is asuccessful CEO of a national bank headquartered in Cincinnati. He is an avidsoccer fan and has a controlling interest in the Premier League’s ManchesterUnited*What: Mr. Gettler was thrown out of the UC vs. Notre Dame men’s soccer gameto determine the Big East championship because the usher said he saw Mr.Gettler throw a beer bottle on the field after an Irish goal*When: Saturday, Nov. 1, 1 p.m. game*Where: Gettler Stadium on the campus of the University of Cincinnati*How: Mr. Gettler wants an investigation and a written apology from UC or he willrescind his $10 million donation to the university
  6. 6. Internal Audiences & Communications*Define Internal Audiences*Define Customer Relationship Management Tool resources and software*Define Key Messages and Communications Vehicles to Share Information*Determine Frequency of Messaging*CRM Information-Demographics-Lifestyle Habits-Fan milestones-Influence level
  7. 7. Segmenting Your Internal Audiences:Men’s College Basketball Program*Staff*Alumni*Donors*Sponsors*Avid Fans*What news to share?*When do I share the news?*Who is the spokesperson for the news?*What is the call to action?*How do we measure our effectiveness?
  8. 8. In-Class Assignment: Groups of Two“Announce the new Athletic Director for Your University”ObjectiveTo effectively announce your new college athletic director in one day to reachfour key internal audiencesDeliverables*An event timeline for the day with description of each event-Target Audience (invited guests)-Event Title and Description-Key Messages for AD to share with audience
  9. 9. Next Class: 9/24Resubmit press release assignment per instructions in the lectureRead chapters 5 and 14Prepare for Current Events Quiz