Traditional Audience vs. Fan Culture: How Social Media Research Connects Communities


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Originally presented by Warren Sukernek at Social Media and Community 2.0 Strategies

This presentation shows the power of social media and it's ability to find an untapped audience of brand advocates.

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Traditional Audience vs. Fan Culture: How Social Media Research Connects Communities

  1. PeepsTraditional vs. Fan Culture Audiences How Social Media Research Connects Communities Prepared by:
  2. Alterian Social Media Engagement Solutions Social Media Monitoring Easily capture and analyze Social Media data SOCIAL MEDIA to monitor your brand, identify key influencers ENGAGEMENT and generate sales leads SOLUTIONS Integrate all your relevant data sources, including syndicated, back office, response Listening & and web behavior data to increase insights Reporting Social Media Research Marketing Analytics Combine Social Media data with traditional market research rigor and techniques to Market identify valuable insights and drive strategy Research Social Media Engagement Content Publishing Rapidly deploy approved content to all relevant social channels One-to-One Conversations Engage with your customers, and respond to them with personal, high value offers Global Services Support, Professional and Managed Services Leverage experience from global deployments
  3. Social Media Performance Inputs Forums Delicious & Google Social Trends & Tagging Insights Microblogs (Twitter) Social Networking Multimedia Sites (YouTube, (Facebook, Podcasts) LinkedIn) Comments on Mainstream Blogs & News Comments
  4. Defining the Audience• Traditional Audience – Any customer using Peeps for: eating, cooking, present or mentioned them as part of Easter• Fan Culture Audience – Any customer using Peeps for purposes other than Traditional audience usually as a means of artistic/creative expression
  5. Traditional Audience “Most people have a love-hate relationship with Peeps. I think they were more special before the company started making marshmallow confections for every single holiday and/or greeting card holiday ever invented….”
  6. Daily Volume : Traditional Audience 1741 Main causes for increase in 1730 1607 volume: - People buying Peeps for their families on Easter day update on 1310 Twitter 1158 - Release new flavor: Chocolate 956 covered Peeps - Link to pages showing Peeps 733 727 601 489 462 470 378 395 399 357 22-Mar 23-Mar 24-Mar 25-Mar 26-Mar 27-Mar 28-Mar 29-Mar 30-Mar 31-Mar 1-Apr 2-Apr 3-Apr 4-Apr 5-Apr 6-Apr Traditional conversations increased Total results: 13,306 significantly in volume at second half Date range: Mar 22 – April 6 period of examining date range. The Top domain: increasing trend shows a tied relation between Peeps candy and Easter season in traditional consumers’ minds
  7. Traditional Audience: Where Are They? Traditional Conversations Share of Voice Conversations about buying Peeps candies for Easter season Traditional consumers are more text driven on social media 5088 3115 1627 1581 1362 509 24
  8. Traditional Discussions “Peeps are amazing... and as bill said, stale ones are very good too! Theyre great if you put em in the microwave for like 15 seconds and let them get soft and big, then eat them!” Ways <Bobby > (I Hate Peeps! - Facebook) traditional audience eat Peeps Peeps’ To traditional audience, is favorite Peeps only colors and for Easter ? shapes “My opinion on peeps varies. I used “@JenOgden *handing you a to loved them - stale - now not so Traditional pink, chick PEEP* Enjoy & much. But I love them Peeps Happy Easter!!! (I like the purple bunny Peeps) teehee” toasted/roasted. Mmmm! Perfection. I dont know if Ill be eating any this conversations time. I havent eaten candy in about a month …” TL/statuses/11543969430 <jenjie> (“I have to ask--peeps or no peeps the marshmallow-y things” - )
  9. Sample Twitter Conversations @katidid378 I will ONLY eat them at Easter...the other holiday Peeps are just but yes, I do love them....pure sugar <Tish326> @bettielaven @nekazang my dears, my dears. The Best Easter Candy ever are stale Peeps! Keep them out so theyre nice and dry. YUM. < chefterridien> @californiaboyz what color peeps? Although some people think they taste the same. They do not. Oh and was it peeps or bunny peeps? < leftyprofessor> @johnmoe #candyclub - Peeps is a complex issue, do colors taste differently, original, chololate, strawberry, chocolate covered, microwave? < Dav3Ston3> #ubercosign RT @ioroberts: Maaaan, Peeps have to be one of THE most disgusting "candies" ever! Its right up there with candy corn. Ugh!. < tlw83> Peeps are fucking gross. why cant they make better rubber duckie shaped candy? what an outrage! or are they baby chickens? not sure. < megablakeLB>
  10. Reasons People Dislike Peeps “i hate Peeps in any form or color that they now come in PLUS their evil cousins the Circus Peanuts! Yuck! They are just disgusting sugar delivery HA! I thought I was the only one vehicles that cant even be who HATED those flippen classified as "candy"!! things. Before I would have to <Sharon> “They are really cute, but they just see them during Easter taste soooo gross. That does time. NOW they make them for NOT taste like sugar more like very damn holiday. UGH. ......who knows just sick. That is <Beth> NOT even candy.....” <Trisha> Negative UGH I hate PEEPS!!! Growing up my family didnt have much sentiment money and ALWAYS bought these damn things and were around I would rather eat a sugar cube. Peeps are NASTY. They expected to eat them every year. AND I DID!!!!! DAMN YOU Peeps better change the formula or they will be replaced with a PEEPS!!! better product. <Brad> “For real...I agree. Does anyone “I have ended up in the ER like Peeps??? because of PEEPS. Honestly They dont even taste like food, have a serious panic attack let alone sugar! every time I see them.........” Its a blob of <MargiE> more, no less.” <Lisa >
  11. Traditional Audience: How They Like Peeps? What traditional audience discussed about Peeps 21% Their favorite Peeps colors and shapes 43% 8% Their ways to eat Peeps 28% Their thoughts on present of Peeps on Easter Their dislike expressions with Peeps Traditional Audiences favorite colors of Peeps 4% Chocolate 10% Pink 19% Yellow 53% Purple 14% Blue
  12. Influential Traditional Communities Typical forum with high involvement level thread about Peeps forum: Two peas in a bucket Topic: I have to ask – peeps or no peeps (the marshmallow – y things). Total result: 118 YES to peeps. I like the Peep bunnies are the cutest bunnies better than the thing in the world - an Easter chick shaped ones. they basket must have item. A big taste better..I swear! I like yes from me - although I really them fresh NOT stale! dont care to eat them. I personally hate them and always I love candy but No Peeps for have, even as a kid. I remember my me! My kids dont like them older sister always liked them. I either. The only person I know bought them for my kids just because that likes them is my mom. it was tradition. I stopped one year I used Bunny Peeps last year because it didnt seem like they cared to decorate cupcakes. They much for them either. I caught holy were a hit with the Easter heck (no pun intended) for that! So I crowd. am back to buying the creepy little things again. Forum target segment: Young mother, young parents
  13. Influential Traditional Communities Typical forum with high involvement level thread about Peeps: The Straight Dope Topic: Marshmallow Peeps. Total result: 54 I love peeps. As children, they I love Peeps! Stale, preferably. were always a staple in our Im waiting for Monday, when ALL Easter baskets. Now with of the Easter candy goes on hubby and no children at drastic clearance. home, we dont do Easter baskets, but we still buy the peeps. I am seeing Peeps on sale everywhere. Whats up? No one I only eat them around Easter likes them anymore. Walgreens though, because non-Easter had them for a dollar a package. peeps are somehow wrong. I Ive never seen so many. I dont know - I kinda like the wonder if people dont like them pumpkin peeps at Halloween. or that they overstocked....
  14. Influential Traditional Communities Typical forum with high involvement level thread about Peeps forum: The Bump – the inside scope of Pregnancy. Total result: 114. Total threads: 11 I love Peeps, but I dont really eat them. I mean, I LOVE Peeps. No Easter basket is complete without Peeps, and I used to send holiday themed Peeps in my care packages to DH when we were still long distance...wils0482: Bunnies, because I like toeat the ears off first. Blasphemy! Its chocolate Bunnies, marshmallow peeps. Thats the only way. Forum target segment: Young mother, young parents
  15. Fan-Culture Audience
  16. Fan Culture Fan culture is the culture made up of fans of brands & products. These fans create art, which takes a variety of forms, from the products that they love so much. Fan culture represents the love of the product as well as the comraderie amongst the fans. Identity & Belonging Involvement & Performance Knowledge Fan Culture
  17. Fan Culture Embraced: A Case Study Traditional Culture Duck Tape duct tape is a Fan Culture great example of a company embracing the naturally occurring fan culture and making a profitable product that appeals to the fan culture population without disrupting the traditional population. Sales go through different channels http://yuni- 0/03/duct-tape-prom.html
  18. Daily Volume: Fan Culture Audience Fan Culture Conversations Daily Volume 312 184 results coming from Twitter (59%), in which 158 tweets are about the Washington Post Peeps Diorama Contest 233 224 194 153 148 118 110 101 74 52 39 40 43 33 3122-Mar 23-Mar 24-Mar 25-Mar 26-Mar 27-Mar 28-Mar 29-Mar 30-Mar 31-Mar 1-Apr 2-Apr 3-Apr 4-Apr 5-Apr 6-Apr • Date range: 3/22 – 4/6 • Total results: 3,108 • Top domains:
  19. Fan Culture Audience: Where Are They? Counter-Culture Conversations Share of Voice 1203 All activities are visual/ creative oriented. 774 482 347 153 123 26 Video/photos Microblog Mainstreams Blog Social Forum Wiki network Counter-Culture Activities Peeps Diorama 29% 30% Using Peeps to make Craft or Art Works 4% Experiment/Game/Weird 37% activities Taking photos/videos of Peeps
  20. Influential Fan Culture Communities – surprisingly this is supposed to be a traditional channel for housewives, food lovers or family to discuss about food related topics The Peepshi Phenomenon Started on March 31 by Grace Kang on Receive 42comments The Post is being tweeted and 43 favorites on the 1,764 times original post itself 3620 tweets mentioning Peepshi 159 Peepshi photos are posted on Flickr 234 blog posts talking about Peepshi Within only 5 days (3/31 – 4/5)
  21. Influential Fan Culture Communities 14 Flickr groups are centered around taking photos of Peeps • 1,438 Peeps photos were posted from 3/22-4/6Total 4,083 members • 83% of these were Counter-culture photo types of these groups These 14 groups created 3,592 Peeps photos total Lets face it, Peeps are colorful, fun, and are wonderful when photographed in real world situations! - CJ Universal – sponsor and judge of the Flickr Peeps off contest -
  22. Influential Fan Culture Communities Counter Culture YouTube video Types Ways to kill peeps 15% Others Unusual things/videos that 14% people can do to Peeps such as: • Showing videos of peeps put Peeps Diorama Peeps on chairs (and that’s it) 26% experiment/weird activities • How to take nude photos with (microwave) Peeps 45% • Use Peeps as bath sponge • Stick Peeps on mirror, stick peeps on someone’s nose, or stick Peeps anywhere on the face • Videos of chewing Peeps (andCounter Culture YouTube Video Views just that) YouTube videos are getting more 38% and more focused on different 32% ways to ‘torture’ Peeps. 23% Total fan culture videos: 153 7% (date range: 3/22 – 4/6) Peeps Diorama Peeps Ways to kill peeps Others experiment/weird activities
  23. Influential Profile: 4 Peeps Sake You Tube Channel Example of Fan Culture Site  Been making Peeps videos about 4 years  Have uploaded total 118 videos  Most viewed video received 18,876 views  Most viewers like the videos  Most videos have adult contents
  24. Influential Profile: Shelly S Shelly S is a female librarian from New York She has 57 peeps photos which attracted 5945 views in total. And all of these photos are classified as fan culture types The concept of her photos are toys/food diorama
  25. Influential Profile: University of Chicago Magazine The Magazine has 72 peeps photos which attracted 19146 views in total. And all of these photos are classified as fan culture types
  26. Many People Like to See Peeps Explode • There were 190 YouTube videos of Peeps exploding in microwaves at the time of this report, and the number continues to grow. • The number of views for these videos are 2,841,589; with 11,213 comments. What made people enjoy these videos? Others Taste better 6% 9% No reason 12% Gross 19% Fun 54%Video “Three Peeps In A Basket... In AMicrowave Oven” (745 comments)
  27. Fan Culture: Where It Came From? In 4 of the top sites about Peeps from Google, 3 have content that aligns with fan culture behavior Photo of Peeps got shot, Peeps in a strip club “…Peeps can also be eaten out of the microwave. This is often done in conjunction with "Peep Jousting", a game in which two Peeps are placed in the microwave with toothpicks stuck in them. The Peeps expand in the microwave, the player whose Peep pierces the other Peep gets the honor of eating both hot and gooey Peeps…” Showing methods of testing Peeps reactions to heat, cold, pressure,..etc.
  28. Verbatim Posts about Exploding Peeps That baskets totally ruined. It was awesome, though! I loved the end, where you turned the microwave off and they deflated. xD (Arithmatis – YouTube audience) oh my gosh that looked so gross but FUNNY!!! XD though I feel bad for them now. I microwave a peep and it almost exploded the fluff came out the side..... Im gonna post it XD XD soon as my computer lets me as (MewBerrylvy – YouTube audience) lol I have microwave a not opened bag of marshmallows it had about a hundred of them or something try it and post it on youtube it is funny but (sweetbob67 – YouTube audience) OHMYGOSH NOOO THE PEEPS D: you expanded their marshmallowy insides and they exploded out of the basket. D: and yet strangely that was interesting enough to watch. niiiice one :D (HollowBreath – YouTube Audience) Peeps are gross. They deserve that. (AndrewKalember – YouTube audience)
  29. Various Reasons For Microwaving Peeps Cheap clearance Taste better Hobby Microwave Peeps Curiosity Hate Peeps Pagan ritual Entertaining
  30. Traditional vsFan Culture
  31. Daily Volume: Traditional vs. Fan Culture20001800 There has been a slight increase of counter-culture conversations1600 during Easter time. However, the volume of this community is1400 more stable and unseasonal than traditional ones.12001000 800 600 400 200 0 22-Mar 23-Mar 24-Mar 25-Mar 26-Mar 27-Mar 28-Mar 29-Mar 30-Mar 31-Mar 1-Apr 2-Apr 3-Apr 4-Apr 5-Apr 6-Apr Tradition Counter-Culture
  32. Share of Voice: Tradition vs Fan Culture 5088 Traditional Share of Voice 3115 1627 1581 1362 509 24 Microblog Blog Mainstreams Forum Social Network Video/Phot Wiki Counter-Culture Share of Voice 1203 Counter-culture audience are more visualized behaviors 774 compared to Traditional ones 482 347 153 123 26 Video/photos Microblog Mainstreams Blog Social network Forum Wiki
  33. Traditional Audience vs Fan Culture AudienceThe traditional audience adopted some counter culture activities, however, still remainthe characters of traditional audience.Some of these micro trends include:  Using Peeps to make unusual food (38% of Flickr traditional photos)  Eating Peeps in unusual ways (33% of Flickr traditional photos)  Use Peeps as toys for family playing together (25% of Flickr traditional photos) Family/Friends playing Peeps war together (put them in microwave) as Peepshi  and this is even new term part of a family thing
  34. Traditional Audience About to be Fan Culture Audience: There is a set of customers who discuss their general feelings toward Peeps, but they also enjoy the Counter-culture activities. Research shows that majority of this audience is made up of teenagers or from family that having teenagers, as many discussions about Peeps (for both traditional and fan culture activities) are found on teen forums (or having most talkers are teenagers). (115 conversations about Peeps in March) (492 conversations about Peeps) (Marshmallow Peeps Club with 757 fans , 44 videos and 65 photos)Where is the noise?
  35. Cross-Over Opportunities Sentiment Neutral Positive 35% 26% Negative 39% 20% Audiences Views of Peeps 18% 10% 6% 6% 5% 4% 3% Yummy Cute I like them Cant have Too much Gross Yucky Simply don’t but I don’t too many at sugar like eat them oncePositive Negative
  36. Example of Missing Between Traditional and Fan CultureFlickr name: GelatobabyAlissa Walker from HollywoodProfile: writer, gelato-eater, and awalker in LAShe wrote articles/blogs and postedphotos on 16 different online andhard-copy magazines.Peeps related activities: makingPeeps craft art, cooking food thathaving Peeps, creating Peepsdiorama, and holding party withPeeps themeShe has 122 photos of Peeps withattracted 2135 views Is she traditional or is she counter culture ?
  37. Cross Over Opportunities: In Their Own Words I love peeps!!! Whats not to love about them? Theyre sugar-coated sugar! So amazingly delicious... Mmmm...... Swedishcurly – 16 years old I dont eat them anymore cuz theres far too much sugar in em but I loved em as a kid! I wish I did still eat em.....they have em for every holiday now! Divajinx from IN I cant eat peeps. =[ Their little faces staring at me as I bring them closer to my mouth... It makes me feel like a terrible person. Damn marshmallows. Guilt-tripping me like that. CyniqueCharme – 17 years old I love chocolate and sweets but NEVER peeps, A lot of my friends love them though. Fury girl – 17 years old peeps.... I only eat one, maybe two. after that, I feel sick from all that sugar jam-packed into that little treat. Kimberly– 18 years old
  38. Marshmallow Peeps Counterculture Peeps MARSHMALLOW PEEPS FANPOP Site description: Fanpop is a The candy we love to hate… network of fan clubs for fans of television, movies, music and Fan members: 793 more to discuss and share Established: 2008 photos, videos, news and opinions with fellow fans. Example of fan pick topics: Activities: counterculture-oriented content • Videos: 44 • Photos: 90 • Fan picks: 8 • Forum discussions: 2 • Links: 44 Impactful author’s bio: DrDevience Name: Lori Leidig Gender: Female Age: 52 years old Nationality: US citizen living in Sweden Affiliation site: one of top 1000 contributors in 2009 on Associated content website
  39. Conclusions
  40. Conclusions Compare differences between traditional vs counterculture Traditional culture Counterculture Audience identified Family-oriented, young parents, Teenagers, young adults young mothers, housewife Overall sentiment Positive Major negative Negative Present on social media Text-driven (Twitter, forums, Image-driven (Flick, Youtube, etc.) etc.) What makes them interested? Favorite/ new flavors Videos of creative torturing ways Cooking recipes Peeps dioramas Other experiments (other than microwave) Seasonality Easter All year round Trend indication Peeps marketing strategies to Microwave Peeps is becoming approach traditional consumers familiar and less interested from will shift to public events like social media viewers. Peeps fan Peeps show, contests, Peeps culturewill be fragmented and for travel, etc. scatter into more creative activities
  41. Conclusions and Recommendations • Peeps traditional and fan culture exist alongside each other, yet independently • The most popular fan culture recognized community is microwave Peeps • The counter-culture community will be sustainable as number of people involving is increasing by time and with spiral effect of social media channels • Peeps fan cultures will develop in the way that not support selling more traditional Peeps products to consumers, but creating buzz among Marshmallow Peeps brand • Action to take: encourage development of positive fan cultures by starting new innovative trend such as video contest that show creative ways to make use of Peeps for young teenagers etc.
  42. Suggested Next Steps For Research How can the fan culture of Peeps be leveraged by the brand? Who are these How can we reach What are they doing? people? them? What draws What do they Why do they Online Social In-storeSeasonal Year-Round Projects them to the need from Events like Peeps? Media Products culture? us? Merchandise that Just Born can create around the Peeps brands that will serve the Fan Culture while not disrupting the Traditional Culture
  43. THANK YOU Warren Sukernek @warrenss206-547-1588| Web: | Blog: | Twitter:Alterian Slideshare: Alterian | YouTube: engagingtimeslive | Facebook: The Real Alterian