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Creating an Effective PPT Presentation


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This PPT was used to help students break their bad presentation habits. It is based on Mary Harrington's 12+ Tips for creating effective presentations.

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Creating an Effective PPT Presentation

  1. 1. Creating Effective PowerPointPresentations AF H EW ELPFUL TIPS
  2. 2. Research on Message Retention• According to research done at the Wharton Research Centre: – Only 10% of the message is retained if the presentation contains bullet points. – 50% of the message is retained if the presentation uses visual slides. – That’s an increase of five times the retention rate.
  3. 3. Message retention increase when visuals are used60%50%40%30%20%10%0% Bullets points Visual slides Wharton Research Centre
  4. 4. Creating an Effective PowerPoint Presentation• Hints for a successful presentation: – Plan carefully – Do your research – Know your audience – Time your presentation – Practice your presentation – Speak comfortably and clearly
  5. 5.  Plan carefully Do your research Hints for a Know your audience Time your presentation Speak comfortably and { successful presentation: clearlyCreating an EffectivePowerPoint Presentation
  6. 6. A logo can be distracting and pointless if on every slideExclude distracting items This is not good!
  7. 7. Exclude distracting items This is good!
  8. 8. Promote readability This is not good!
  9. 9. Promote readability This is good!
  10. 10. Promote readability This is good!
  11. 11. Rules about Font Selection• Select a sans serif font such as Calibri, Arial, Trebuchet, or Verdana• Limit your fonts to two, at most
  12. 12. Select a sans serif font
  13. 13. Calibri GaramondArial Times New RomanTrebuchet Century School bookVerdana Courier New
  14. 14. Rules about Font Size• Always use fonts that are 24 pts. or larger• If you have a lot of information that you think is important and the audience just has to know! – Include it in your handout – Display only the highlights in your presentation
  15. 15. Use fonts that are 24 pts. or larger
  16. 16. Don’t have your image and text completely separated Create a unified and visual messageThe picture is funny and makes a point but the quality is horrible.Avoid Clip Art…its garbage, dated, and unprofessional
  17. 17. Use high quality photos and incorporate your textNote: The more hq photos on a slide will make ppt run slowTip: Google wallpaper, high resolution or HQ
  18. 18. When preparing the content ofyour slides, use phrases ratherthen full sentences, with thepossible exception of short directquotes.
  19. 19. Use phrases rather than full sentences
  20. 20. Rules about Bullet Points• Use bullet points sparingly.• If using bullet points, be sure they are less than six words long.• They are less then six sentences in your slide.• Your audience will try to read all the bullet points and not listen to you.• The more bullet points you add the more your slide starts to fill up and eventually your font will start to decrease because your only allowed so much room.• And the more you add to your slide the more your audience will become overwhelmed.• And I’m going to add another bullet just to make my point that you should use bullet points sparingly.• Annnd try to keep your bullets simple like with a dot, dash, asterisk, or small block.• No skulls or fingers or smiley faces.• At this point my font is at 20.
  21. 21. Use bullet points sparingly!
  22. 22. Rules about headers• Eliminate headers when possible• Except if used to communicate the message
  23. 23. 98% of headers are redundant 10.5 0 Redundant headers Useful headers
  24. 24. Highlight or change chart format 10th Qtr Sales 9th Qtr 2% 5% 0% 1st Qtr 14% 2nd Qtr 8th Qtr 6% 3rd Qtr 18% 2% 4th Qtr 2% 5th Qtr 11% 7th Qtr 26% 6th Qtr 14%
  25. 25. Less cluttered and highlighted Sales10th Qtr 1 1st Qtr 9th Qtr 2.8 2nd Qtr 8th Qtr 10 3rd Qtr 7th Qtr 15 4th Qtr 6th Qtr 7.9 5th Qtr 6.5 5th Qtr 4th Qtr 1.2 6th Qtr 3rd Qtr 1.4 7th Qtr 2nd Qtr 3.2 8th Qtr 1st Qtr 8.2 9th Qtr 10th Qtr 0 5 10 15 20
  26. 26. BE PASSIONATE ABOUT YOUR TOPIC1. You control the message.2. The audience should focus on your words.3. The slides should enhance, not be the presentation.4. Bullet points are not passionate.