Power Dressing


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Corporate Ettiquettes, Simplified

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Power Dressing

  1. 1. Power Dressing Presented by: Kashif Billal billal.kashif@gmail.com
  2. 2. What does POWER mean ???? It means:- The Capacity to exert an Influence The Aura to convey, that You are there Making your Mark or Identity in the crowd
  3. 3. What does DRESSING mean ???? It means:- A Style of Gearing up for an Occasion or a Cause A Style of Presenting your Personality to the World
  4. 4. Technically! Power dressing refers to a Style of Clothing and Hair intended to make Wearers seem Authoritative and Competent Power dressing is Practiced in Professional settings such as Business, Law and Government
  5. 5. Evolution of Power Dressing 1980’s many Women continued in or joined the Work Force This was the decade when women wanted it all; Husband, Children, Career To be taken Seriously at Office, Women required a better Fashion Image The “Power Suit” was designed
  6. 6. Power Suit It was a Broad-Shouldered Lapel Jacket Worn with a White or Light colored blouse Generally, Skirt was worn with the Jacket Along with Pump shoes
  7. 7. Colors Of Power Suit Navy Black Gray Burgundy
  8. 8. Dress for the Job After Talent, it is the most Important aspect of a Professional You are projecting Responsibility and Confidence when you wear a Suit If you look like a Million Bucks, it shouldn't take Long for you to Make that much Picture a Banker: Would you trust Him with your Hard-Earned Money if he were Wearing Jeans and Sandals?
  9. 9. Dress for the Job The most Important step is to Match your Personal Style to that of the Job It should project Professionalism Sense of Self and Self-worth by being Confident in what you Wear If you feel Good in your Clothes, you'll feel a lot More Confident That's half the Battle Won
  10. 10. Dress for the Job Tailor-made Suits and Shirts of High- quality Fabrics don't just cost More They'll make you Feel different, Confident and Perfect in all Respects
  11. 11. What's Your Goal ???? Before Slipping into Your Clothes: Take a Moment to ask Yourself what you Want to Achieve in this Attire Do you Want to Intimidate a Colleague? Do you Want to Impress a Superior? Or perhaps you Want to put a Client at Ease ????
  12. 12. Prepare Early !!!! Never Pick out your Clothes at the Last Minute Select your Outfit the Night before, Prior to hitting the Sac Keeping in Mind what Tomorrow's Purpose will be, Decide on the Dress that will Fit the Bill Best
  13. 13. Prepare Early !!!! Take Time to Inspect these clothes to make Sure they are Free of Wrinkles and Stains The Meeting is Not the Place to become Aware of these Imperfections
  14. 14. Weather & Clothing !!!! During Summers:- Wear Lighter Colors and still project Power Just choose Lighter fabrics During Winters:- Wear Pastel and Dark Colors and project Power Just choose Heavier fabrics
  15. 15. Remember !!!! This is Power Dressing No one wants to be a Wallflower dressing Who wants to Hire or Work with someone who Dresses like he’s got Better things to do than Work at the Office? Fashion is about Creating Illusions and Impressions
  16. 16. Accessories !!!! If you don't Accessorize, you are Not a Serious Power Dresser Accessories don't Necessarily fill an Indispensable Function But they Certainly get Noticed
  17. 17. Important Power Accessories !!!! Cufflinks/Tiepins Jewellery Bags/Briefcase Hat Shawls/Scarves/Neck-Ties Glasses/Shades Perfume Make-up Shoes Socks Watch Hair Style
  18. 18. Power Accessories- Cufflinks & Tiepins !!!! Cufflinks and Tiepins are always Noticed They Project an Image of Perfectionist They Complete the Look, no Matter you wear a Plain White Shirt Or a Regular Neck-Tie
  19. 19. Power Accessories:- Jewellery !!!! Dressing for Office is more about Style and Elegance Bold Earrings Diamond Pendant Charm Bracelets
  20. 20. Power Accessories:- Hat !!!! Accessories Hats/Caps Enhances the Look Provided they are Worn at Right Occasion They are Meant for Outdoor use Should be Avoided Inside the Office
  21. 21. Power Accessories:- Shawl/Scarves/Neck-Ties !!!! Square Scarf with Geometric Prints Shawls with Exotic Patterns and Pastel Colors Solid colors and Striped ties are essential as they are Stylish yet Elegant Consider wearing a Folded Handkerchief in your Breast pocket
  22. 22. Power Accessories:- Bags/Briefcase !!!! Matching Clutch Handbags Quilted Leather Bags Black/Brown Leather Briefcases Looks Elegant and Chic They also serve the Purpose of carrying Lot of Things
  23. 23. Power Accessories:- Glasses/Shades !!!! Aviators Doubled Shaded are a No-No! Colors are Preferably:- Black, Brown and Green Most Important:- Wear a Shape, which Suites and Enhances the Shape of your Face
  24. 24. Power Accessories:- Perfume !!!! Wear Cologne that is Rooted in Tradition and doesn't Scream for Attention Make a Collection of Fragrances Wear them according to the Weather and Occasion Make sure you Wear Summer Perfumes in Summer and Winter Perfumes in Winter
  25. 25. Power Accessories:- Make-Up !!!! Should Have a Subtle Make-up Eye Liner Completes the Look Foundation should be Either Nude or Mattie Lipstick should be According to the Weather
  26. 26. Power Accessories:- Shoes !!!! Comfort should Definitely be one of the Deciding Factors Aim for Leather Footwear Avoid Rubber Soles Shoe Shining Professionals are Fountains of Knowledge- Perception
  27. 27. Power Accessories:- Socks !!!! Socks reflect the Degree of Perfection of a Professional Socks must Match the Shirt They should be Cotton made Solid Colors are the Best
  28. 28. Power Accessories:- Watch !!!! An Elegant Watch Completes your Look Brand names always Leave an Impression But think Sophistication First and Foremost
  29. 29. Hair Styles !!!! People Spend far more Time Looking at your Head than the Other parts of your Body Which means your Hairstyle sends a Subtle (or not so subtle) Message to the World about your Personality Changing your Hairstyle enables you to Upgrade your Appearance for a Fraction
  30. 30. Hair Styles !!!! Those with Receding Hairlines: The Balding part should be Cut Shorter than the Rest of the Hair So the shorter the Front, the more Masculine and Impressive it Looks
  31. 31. Hair Styles !!!! Hair Gel: Do not try “Out of Bed Look” Sticking your hairs like a “Mafia” is a Strict No-No!!! People with Scanty Hair should use Hair Wax instead of Hair Gel
  32. 32. Refreshing Breath !!!! Never Chew a Chewing Gum Always carry a Mouth Freshener Smokers, Tea or Coffee Drinkers should Always Use Freshener after their Act
  33. 33. Shopping !!!! If you shop Alone:- Befriend a Salesperson at your Favorite Clothing Store They'll be able to Give you Unbiased Opinions and Help you Pick out the Right Garb Being a Loyal Client Pays back Always
  34. 34. THANK YOU