A2 media coursework


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A2 media coursework

  1. 1. Mathew Allison
  2. 2. Time Management TASK WEEK STARTING Case study of film + analysis of teaser trailers. 1 Analysis of film magazines and film posters. 2Identifying target audience and primary and secondary 3 researchPlanning stages: storyboard, location, risk assessment, 4 casting, props and costume.Film teaser, create draft film magazine and film poster 5 and photos for magazine. Create production logo and final drafts of 6 magazine/poster. Edit teaser 7 Gain audience feedback 8 Make responses on audience feedback 9 Evaluation questions 10 Upload teaser and add links. 11
  3. 3. Teaser TrailersThe main differences between teaser trailers and theatrical trailers is the length and content and release date.After watching multiple teaser trailers I have answered the following questions: What is the definition of a teaser trailer?A teaser trailer is a short trailer used to advertise an upcoming movie, game or television series. What is their purpose?Their purpose is to let the audience know that the movie is coming up in the near future, and to add to the hype of the upcoming release. How long do they tend to be?Movie teasers, unlike typical theatrical trailers, are usually very short in length (between 30–60 seconds) What genre do they tend to be?The typical genre for a teaser trailer is adventure and large budget film. However it can be used in any popular theme/genre. When are they released?Some teasers have appeared over a year (or longer) prior to the movies release date. There is usually a long delay between trailer and release date. What are their conventions?The conventions of a teaser trailer are that they are short, and their intention is to tease the audience. What information do they include?Usually contain little, if any, actual footage from the film.
  4. 4. Analysis Of Teaser TrailersInception:Short length, no real storyline or plot, a lot of special effects, loud ‘tension’ music and lots of action sequences portraying the genre.Saw 3D:Short in length, as above no real plot and also contains lots of screen shots of text. Shows the genre well and attracts the audience.Terminator Salvation:Contains a narrative throughout, Uses an effect which makes the camera look like it keeps losing signal to keep the audience interested.
  5. 5. Paranormal Activity Case StudyTeaser: http://teaser-trailer.com/movie/paranormal- activity/This trailer was released to the UK audience and contained an original unique selling point (USP). Within the trailer was footage of peoples fearful, shocked and outrageous from watching the film in the cinema. Using this as a USP makes the audience of the trailer intrigued about the cinematic experience. It contains superimposition which addresses the audience to make them involved. It has parts of the film played from within the cinema so the audience gets an understanding of what to expect in the cinema. It contains screen shots of reviews and tension music builds heavily towards the end. All this is continuously reinforcing the horror genre.
  6. 6. Paranormal Activity Website Analysis The title and strap line. The strap line suggests the film is Website: http://paranormal-activity-movie.co.uk scary but also encourages groupsTrailer in the middle of viewers, whichof the screen with means more ticketstension music are sold.keeps audienceinterested Link to Facebook/Twitter to promote viral Release date, so audience marketing. know when to watch
  7. 7. Paranormal Activity Poster Analysis A review that gets the audience very intrigued and emphasises theA screenshot from suspense of the filmthe film in blackand whiteconnotingdarkness/nightvision and time inthe corner which Two taglines, oneshows that its with a rhetoricalrecording, giving question, involvinga realism affect. the audience.
  8. 8. TerminologyMasthead: The name of the magazineStrap line: A slogan used to identify the brandCover lines: The main story or article in the magazineScreamers: Attention seeking headlinesBilling Block: At the bottom of a poster that has the production company, writers, producers, along with company logos.Tagline: A catchy, enticing short phrases used to advertise and sell a film. There purpose is to sum up the plot and/or themes of a film.
  9. 9. SAW Poster Emphasises Title in genre the SAW saga appropriate reputation. font, with tagline Shows that intriguing the film is audience. gruesome and promotes the horror genre. No billing block but doesshow producers etc.
  10. 10. Inception Poster Tagline isUSP – the relativelyactors vague makingname sells the audiencethe film. intrigued Special effects used in the film also give a slight insight to film.Shows actorsholdingweapons,emphasisingaction. Red title, contrasting colour to stand out. Also using Billing block shows Release date and director as the writers, IMAX as selling point selling point producers etc. also.
  11. 11. Empire Cover Page USP Masthead- follows colour scheme and strap line. Screamer, bold and insight to filmEntirebackgroundclose up offace, shows Secondactor and USPmakeup andprops connoteaction
  12. 12. Total Film Cover Page Masthead incorporating the USP films maze like featuresScreamer Smallalso used articles withto sell magazinemagazine The cover line Image shows the main portrays story within the action (gun) film. and shows main actor
  13. 13. BBFC What is the BBFC?British Board of film classification What certificates are there?U, PG, 12, 12A, 15, 18, R18 What are the main issues they are concerned with.Issues such as language, discrimination, violence, sex and drugs in films, DVDs and video games, parental concerns about younger viewers What possible ways could the BBFC intervene?They have the power to seize illegal video works. How many films did the BBFC cut last year?9/665 films were cut in 2010.For my film I would be aiming for a 15 certificate, the restrictions that apply to this are as follows: No-one under 15 can rent, buy of watch in the cinema, cannot promote drug use, no sadistic or sexualised violence, there may be use of strong language, nudity is allowed without strong detail. http://www.google.co.uk/images
  14. 14. My Teaser Questionnaire My teaser questionnaire is my main primary research. The information gathered from the questions are mostly qualitative (rich in information from open questions) and some quantitative (nominal data that is easily measured from closed questions). http://www.flickr.com/photos/71 948903@N06/6498376969/in/p hotostream/
  15. 15. Questionnaire Analysis Question AnalysisGender Male What do you consider are the main Responses include the use of quick cuts, conventions of a thriller/horror teaser trailer? dark lighting, tension music and dramatic Female sounds. I will make sure to use these conventions with my trailer to fully appeal to my audience. What part of a thriller do you find the most Viewers reactions, tension build up, scary exciting/engaging? actors. I will included these within my trailerWhats most likely to make you to hook the audience. watch a film? Teaser Trailer Book Adaptation Good Review What is a particular downfall to a typical Predictability, poor endings, not scary, no thriller/horror film? use of new materials. To overcome these I will be sure to build tensions in the right way and execute them effectively.
  16. 16. Secondary Research - UKFCAbove is a segment of one page of secondary research. I have usedsecondary research as it would not be possible for me to ask such a widerange of people. Through the research found people who enjoy thrillers tend tobe over 35 and mainly women. This also table shows that thrillers are the 4thmost popular genre in Great Britain with 63% of the population enjoy watching.(http://www.ukfilmcouncil.org.uk)
  17. 17. My Target AudienceFrom using Primary and secondary research my target audience for my film will be mainly over 35 and primarily women. I also found out that to get a possible audience member involved is through a teaser trailer. My target audience also believe a good thriller/horror needs to build suspense to be successful.
  18. 18. Storyboard http://www.flickr.com/phot os/71948903@N06/6498 547059/
  19. 19. LocationThe location of the trailer will be at home. This is appropriate for the film as people (the audience) see their home as a safe place, whereas my teaser will contradict this. This should reinforce the horror genre.
  20. 20. Risk AssessmentAs I may use the loft for one of my shots I am going to make sure the ladder is stable, and the actor is comfortable with doing a shot in this environment. I will also tell Alex (the actor) where to stand and where is safe. This should reduce if not eliminate any risks.
  21. 21. CastingI will need approximately 2/3 actors. I have chosen a main zombie, a victim in bed and a second zombie.The cast I have chosen do not have to fit any certain traits, but must be comfortable in costume and makeup.
  22. 22. Prop List Bed (from home) Makeup (mainly white/black/green) Zombie costume (homemade) Window (from home) Door (from home) Makeup for the zombies
  23. 23. Costume DesignThe costume for the main zombie is homemade. This consisted of a old t-shirt that was torn up and black/dark trousers and zombie style makeup.Another is bed clothes style which is supplied by the actor.The third costume needs to be dark so no focus is taken away from the face in the window shot.
  24. 24. Filming: Day OneToday I completed the main part of the filming. I dressed the actors in the costume and added makeup. I took several shots of different ideas but the all related to the initial story board. I was very happy with what was completed today.
  25. 25. Filming: Day TwoToday I added a new idea to the film. After experimenting different ideas, I decided to film dripping taps and I am planning to use the noise to build tension and suspense in the trailer. I tweaked a few shots from the previous day and re-filmed. I also filmed the window shot and I am very happy with the overall outcome
  26. 26. Creating The Zombies
  27. 27. Draft Magazine Cover
  28. 28. Draft Film Poster
  29. 29. Magazine/Poster Image IdeasPoster Magazine Posterhttp://www.bing.com/images http://www.bing.com/images//search?q=scary+flashing& search?q=scary+hand&viewview=detail&id=8B098350F =detail&id=CE39D68B11AF947788271F80795D990B918 F02CD42E59E934D58F03DD4D56EFCD&first=0&FOR 6E7429&first=0&FORM=IDFM=IDFRIR&adlt=strict RIR
  30. 30. Production Company Logo MLA = Made from the initials of my name.The designis simplebutprofessionallooking. A simplistic design means it can easily be put onto film products without taking focus away from the actual product.
  31. 31. Film Magazine http://www.flickr.co m/photos/7194890 3@N06/64983389 53/in/photostream/
  32. 32. Film Poster http://www.flickr.com/phot os/71948903@N06/6498 376797/in/photostream/
  33. 33. Teaser Trailer (beforeamendments)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53u3mQ4BkjgAfter screening this I will gainfeedback from my screeningquestionnaire and then madeamendments to make the teasermore appealing to my targetaudience. http://www.google.co.uk/images
  34. 34. Screening Questionnaire http://www.flickr.com/photo s/71948903@N06/649837 7063/in/photostream/
  35. 35. Questionnaire Analysis (Quantitative answers) (Evaluation 3) Would you watch the Did you enjoy What genre is the Did you understand film?NO the trailer? trailer? NO the trailer?0% 7% NO 13% Thriller 40% Horror YES 60% YES 100% YES 87% 93% 100% of answers The answers The majority said 93% of the audience were yes, this is a given on this they would watch understood , but 7% very positive question were all the film after didn’t understand outcome and horror and thriller. viewing my what the virus did, to means the trailer is My teaser fits teaser. However improve my trailer I successful. exactly into these 13% said they could consider categories. wouldn’t but this making this clearer. was purely because they don’t enjoy horror films.
  36. 36. Questionnaire Analysis (Qualitative answers) (Evaluation 3) QUESTION ANSWER Shot types, tension built, well constructed, Reason why you enjoyed teaser trailer the costume, lighting and editing used, the mystery and the length of the trailer. Sound- heartbeat to drip. More varied text, What do you feel needs improving? more shots, more explanation, less explanation. Quick shots, editing, lack of speech, What do you feel was a particular strong lighting mise en scene, camera angles and point? sound effects.From all these questions and after analysing each one I have learnt that even though myteaser is effective, it still needs some improvement. The responses said I needed to bemore clear, however I chose not to give any more information away to give the audiencea hook. Most respondents said I needed to change the sound effects within my teaser, Iacted upon this by making the heartbeat less intense and adding a dripping noise.
  37. 37. Film Teaser (Final Draft)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BSul0KI_2eIAfter analysing my audience feedback Ihave made adjustments to create ahopefully, more effective teaser trailer. http://www.google.co.uk/images
  38. 38. Masthead is followingEvaluation (1) conventions of a real magazine, in terms of font choice and positioning The picture is the USP of the magazine, as is the one from empire magazine. I followed the colour conventions and mise en scene to also show the genre of the film, much like Empire magazine I followed other main conventions of a magazine such as a strap line, barcode. There are also similarities with the inside stories and how it is presented
  39. 39. The colours followEvaluation (1) conventions of a horror and it is essential to keep this throughout my The picture is the main products. focus of the Poster, it shows the genre and a basic outline of what to expect in the film. I tried to keep the poster minimal like the SAW poster. This is to keep the focus on the genre and also produce a ‘hook’ for the audience to want to now more. I challenged this poster but also developed further by following other main conventions of a poster such as a billing block website and release date. I have also included my production logo, like the SAW poster and will use this throughout my products.
  40. 40. The colour conventionsEvaluation (1) (dark, gloomy) of a horror are consistent within both teasers and it is essential The words are a main to keep this throughout myhttp://www.y focus of the Teaser it products.outube.com/ builds the tension butwatch?v=BS also informs a basicul0KI_2eI outline of what to expect in the film. It also contains lots of quick shots to follow conventions of a typical horror/thriller trailers. I also developed this further by containing a large sum of quick shots to build tension. http://www. I followed other main conventions such youtube.co as film website, release dates and m/watch?v green band title card. =zg0go2b3 ekY I have also included my production logo, like the SAW teaser and will use this throughout my products.
  41. 41. Evaluation (2) The costume and lighting within all three products relates to the genre Each product is not giving much I have the name of of the storyline the film and tagline away, this is part in my poster andI used the main teaser to get the toactor within the of my marking campaign to keep want to understandteaser and more.magazine, but I’m the film verynot using it to sell mysterious. I used thethe film, only to get production logothe audience with my posterfamiliar with the http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BSul 0KI_2eI and teaser tostyle and genre of showthe film consistency .
  42. 42. My Marketing Campaign(Evaluation 2)After analysing other media products, in particular ‘paranormal activity’ I have decided to create my own marketing campaign.The campaign will be very mysterious, I will use viral marketing to produce a ‘hook’ by making the target audience want to know more. The aim will be to get people talking about the film to increase it’s fame.
  43. 43. My Marketing Campaign(Evaluation 2)The campaign will be split into several sections each section will be called an ‘UPDATE’. They may not necessarily be in the following order: Poster release – I will release a poster as my first form of advertising. Website – The website will contain eye-witness stories about the ‘virus’ making people question whether its a true story. Magazine – As the main article of a magazine, the campaign followers start to know more about the updates and a small insight to the film this will hopefully make the followers be craving to understand more about the film. Teaser trailer – This will be where the followers start to get a real insight of the film, but still don’t understand too much. The film - Released around Halloween of 2012 to relate to the horror genre and feel of the season.
  44. 44. Evaluation (4) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v= kb3bT7FC89M&feature=endscree n&NR=1 http://www.google.co.uk/images
  45. 45. Research • Computer (hardware) for the Evaluation (4 continued) primary and secondary research using the internet primarily for secondary Evaluation research. • Computer (hardware) I used software packages to record my • Microsoft packages such as evaluations. Word to create my • Microsoft packages (software) I used these to analyse and present my questionnaires. evaluation. • I also read and analysed • Apple Packages (software) I used this to edit my evaluation podcasts. other sources of media including magazines and poster examples to help develop a wider breath of knowledge. • Scanner (hardware) to upload questionnaires onto PowerPoint. • Microsoft PowerPointConstruction (software) to record the• Scanner (hardware) to import the research.pictures for Magazine and questionnairehard copies.• Smart phone (hardware) To take the Planningpicture for magazine. • Scanner (hardware) to upload storyboards onto PowerPoint.• Microsoft Publisher (software) to create • Microsoft PowerPoint (software) to record storyboards,the magazine and poster. location, risk assessment, casting, prop list and casting• iMovie (software) to create the teaser design.trailer. • Computer (hardware) Internet to find ideas for poster image. • Smart phone (hardware) to give photographic evidence of planning stages.