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Front cover plan


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Front cover plan

  2. 2. Practicing making TV magazinesTo practice making imitating magazines I started by looking at a Film guide. Thishelped to engage different genres and types of TV mags.Examples: My product
  3. 3. Different television magazines I could use to base my product on:
  4. 4. Practising making a trashy TV magazine cover:Examples: My practice
  5. 5. Different television magazines I could use to base my product on: The convention Date of of the eye is in magazine and the middle website name Name of articleThey have used aheart in his handto relate to how itis a valentinesspecial Extra informationBig title namingmain feature ofmagazine
  6. 6. Making a TV magazine cover: Examples: My final product
  7. 7. How it was created
  8. 8. Why I chose this pictureI chose this picture because he ismeant to be sinister because he is a murderer. His eyes are verypowerful in the shot and it looks asif he is looking to kill you. Thisworks well because it scares theaudience into watching the show.He is wearing all black to representhow is dark and that he is indisguise which showswhat he is doing is a secret.