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A2 media presentation


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A2 Media Coursework

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A2 media presentation

  1. 1. A2 Media Coursework Diary Jack Stuchbury
  2. 2. Case study of Avatar marketing campaignAvatar became the highest grossing film of all time in 2009 when it registered BoxOffice profits in excess of two and a half billion dollars. The film made use of newmarket space to advertise in social media and created an interactive product that had:• 1,300,000 fans on Facebook• 800,000 friends on MySpace• 25,000 followers on twitter.• 11,000,000 views on YouTube• 1,000,000 photo views on FlickrThe films use of social media was phenomenally successful and helped create anAvatar brand with a community created that could interact with each other about theproduct and feel more involved. Social media is largely used by young people whichinhibits older consumers from elements of the overall product that Avatar offeredhowever the majority of cinema-goers are in the teenage to young adult agedemographic therefore Avatar succeeded in effective marketing on this front.
  3. 3. Case study of Avatar marketing campaignAvatar was dissimilar to other films released in that same year. This can beseen in Box Office figures from the year 2009 which show Avatar nearlydoubled the nearest competitors overall gross profit. The films producersclearly understood consumer concerns over the levels of enjoyment acinema experience involves and issues with interactivity with the film as aproduct.The film was the first film to dedicate large amounts of money to a 3D filmproduct with £237 million spent on creating a beautiful cinematicexperience which made it one of the highest film budgets of all time. Withall the colours involved in the world of Pandora, the 3D element of cinemabecame a marketing point. The film would offer a visual experience andinteractivity that audiences had never seen before.
  4. 4. Case study of Avatar marketing campaignAvatar used an interactive website namedPandorapedea containing character bios and afan made wiki of information. Avatar also had an interactive trailer that had integrated links to social media along with 11 points of interactions that provides viewers with access to character information. The trailer allowed for a more exciting and fluid experience and an option to purchase tickets at the end of the trailer
  5. 5. Analysis of Teaser trailers PULP FICTION-• Action scenes - help audience understanding of genre. (thriller)• Titles, ‘Miramax Films’. (film producer), ‘A film by Quintin Tarantino’, ‘Pulp Fiction’ ‘Panavision, Dolby Digital, Sony Vegas + Miramax’• Fast paced music to excite audience.• Shot transitions consist of simple quick• cuts to excite audience• Shot of syringe, signifies a drugs themed plot to• the film.• Shots of more violence and sexual suggestion.• establishes themes and genre.• Actors (Samuel L Jackson and John Travolta)• used as a selling point for the film.
  6. 6. Rush Hour 2 -• Shows relationship between two characters.• Establishing shots of the films setting (China)• Shots of action, bright lights, explosions and fighting establish the action side of the genre to audience• Shots of relationship between the two characters aids the establishment of the comedy side of genre to the audience.• Music used to create atmosphere• Exciting use of colour to excite audience.• Sound bridge used• Quick cuts• Titles - ‘New Line Cinema’ (production company),‘Chris Tucker’ followed by shot of actor in cart’,‘Jackie Chan’ followed by shot of actor kicking out,‘Rush Hour 2’ and ‘See you this summer’ cut to link to website ‘’
  7. 7. Analysis of magazine front covers Main Image Magazine Name, Masthea Coverline in d box Actor used as unique selling pointCoverlines on Barcode withfilm products price and issue number Screamer, attentionCoverlines grabbingmentioningfeatures
  8. 8. Analysis of magazine front covers Magazine Film productsname, Mast used as selling head points in coverline Coverline Coverlines Main image Screamer Barcode and Issue number
  9. 9. Analysis of film postersActors/ Actressesused as a unique selling point Strapline with title of film Tagline (slogan) Image of Actors/ actresses Release date Billing block
  10. 10. Analysis of film posters Tagline (slogan)Image of protagonist Danny Trejo is used as a Strapline with title unique selling point of of film film Production company. Billing block
  11. 11. Planning for film posterFrom looking at the posters of films with asimilar genre and general primary research Idiscovered that film posters consistently hadthe following:• Shot of character/ characters. Costume, props and body language to aid identification of genre.• A slogan• Actor’s/ Actresses used as a selling point• Film title in recognisable font to aid branding.• Billing block• Release date• Production company informationI also want to include links to a Facebook pageand website.Based on this information I designed a draft filmposter that I would produce at a later date usingMicrosoft Publisher and a digital camera.
  12. 12. Planning for Magazine front coverFrom looking at magazine front covers I discovered that they consistently had the following conventions that I would use:• Masthead with magazine title name• One image of focus related to strapline• A number of coverlines giving a brief idea of stories inside• Barcode and issue numberI decided I would also have a coverline in a circular box with an additional feature to draw attention.
  13. 13. Primary researchMy primary research survey will consist of the questions toestablish the following demographics:AgePreference of film genreSimilar products consumedPreference to action/ comedy genreGenderIn education or not.British Citizen or notIncomeCine-literacy
  14. 14. Primary research resultsThe following slides are a display of my primaryresearch results using pie charts. They will conveythe answers given to me by a group of 14 peoplechosen at random to help establish what the targetaudience for my action-comedy product should be. Age 15-17 The average person that I interviewed 18-21 was under between the age of 18-25. I 22-25 believe this will be the best target 26-30 audience to aim for. 31-35 36-40
  15. 15. Primary research resultsGender 8 of my participants were male and 6 Male were female. Therefore I believe my product should be predominately Female aimed at males.Occupation 9 of my participants are in education while another 5 were in education and had employment. 2 participants were In education in full time work and none were Working unemployed. From this I can take that Both my product should be aimed at the lower end of the jicnar scale and mostly Unemployed at students as this group also proved favourable to the action-comedy genre.
  16. 16. Primary research results Income 5 of my participants had no income and None another 5 had little income. 4 participants Little had and adequate income and the other 2 had a comfortable income. Therefore I can Adequate deduce that my audience will be on levels Comfortable C1, C2, D and E of the Jicnar scaleBritish Citizen All 14 participants in my primary research Yes classed themselves as British Citizens. Therefore I can deduce that my target No audience will be British citizens.
  17. 17. Primary Research resultsFavourabilty to Action-Comedy Genre 9 of my participants were favourable to the action-comedy genre while another 4 were passive and had no opinion of the Favourable genre. Only 1 participant did not like the Passive action-comedy genre. The ones that were unfavourable or passive were older Unfavourable participants thus I deduce my product should be aimed at 18-25 year olds Cine-literate 12 of my participants considered themselves cine-literate while only 2 did Yes not think that they were cine-literate. Thus I No can deduce that my target audience will be cini-literate.
  18. 18. Primary Research results This chart shows the number of participants that had seen a number of action-comedy genre14 Sean of the films. I picked Zombieland and12 Dead Pineapple Express as they are less Pineapple well known. I wished to prove10 Express that the action-comedy genre was8 Hot Fuzz popular among the age brackets6 of 18-25 and the results have4 Zombieland proved that. The only anomalies2 were largely those of older0 Charlies participants. This justifies picking Angels the action-comedy genre as it is Participants well known among people of the 18-25 year age group that will give me feedback at a later stage in this project.
  19. 19. Secondary Research This chart taken from the UK Film Council research into audiences illustrates that Action and comedy genres are very popular so would definitely make the action-comedy genre a good choice to get feedback on as my audience will most likely be aware of the conventions of the genre.
  20. 20. Secondary Research• This chart from UK Film Council research into audiences displays the fact that comedy genres are very popular among males and females however action films are more popular among men. I believe this means I should target my film at a male audience due to the conventions of the action genre I plan to use in my trailer
  21. 21. Target AudienceI examined existing films of similar genre such as ‘Pineapple Express’ and ‘Men Who stare at Goats’ to get an idea for what my target audience would be as well as combining this with my primary and secondary research.I decided that my hypothetical audience member would have the following demographics:• Male• 18-25• Educated/ in education• Jicnar scale of betwenn C1 and E.• British• Cini-literate
  22. 22. Prop list• I will use a multipack of crisps for comic effect in my teaser trailer with the protagonists addiction to crisps key to the narrative.• I will use a replica gun. This will help the audience understand the narrative in the trailer in which the protagonist chases someone down and shoots them. This prop will also contribute to the audience’s understanding of the genre and deciding whether or not they would like to see the film.• I will use a mobile phone to illustrate the importance of a phone call in trailer to the narrative previously discussed.• I will use a car to help establish the genre and help the audience understand the character.• A number of objects will be punched in the trailer which are purely part of the trailers narrative.
  23. 23. Location Scout• There is a disused railway path that I explored has plenty of varied locations for different shots.• There is a bridge that offers a great deal of opportunity for camera movement for a shot of the protagonist of my trailer to run across. Underneath this bridge there is a brick wall covered in graffiti that I can get a more intimate shot of my protagonist on the phone. The location fits in with the action/ comedy genre and traits of my character. •There is an alleyway a short distance away that presents the opportunity to film a montage of punches that also contains much graffiti which will aid the trailer for the same reasons. This is near a risen platform that offers an opportunity to film another part of this montage. •A shot of the protagonist in bed with a number of props key to the narrative of the trailer can be filmed in my bedroom. •I have an issue in that I do not drive and need a car in my trailer however this can be resolved by using the road parallel to the college to film a car and applying a sound effect and speeding up the clip to create the correct effect.
  24. 24. Costume designMy protagonist will wear casual clothes in keeping withthe comedy side of the genre. The on screen actionwill aid the audiences understanding of the action thattakes place in the trailer.Sean will wear a striped cardigan with a plain topunderneath and jeans. He will wear a flat peakedbaseball cap synonymous with gang culture so theaudience realise the connections he may have with thatculture although on the hat are the words ‘X-MEN’ which was a comic book series to showa childlike vulnerability the character.In the photo for the film poster Sean will wear a full suit for promotional purposes withsunglasses and a cheesy facial expression. A smart look is essential when promoting aproduct and so it is necessary to smarten up for the photo. The cheesy grin counteracts thesmart attire.I will wear a flat cap and plain top for the magazine front cover while smoking a cigarreteand drinking port and pointing. This is to give the look of a bossy arty type of character asmy character is that of both and actor and director. The body language in the shot shouldinvoke some curiosity when mixed with the accompanying headline
  25. 25. CastingMy brother Sean will aid mein terms of actors. He is ofthe age of the protagonist Icreated for my teaser trailer.The character will aid audience appeal to the trailerthrough the way that youngaudiences relate to charactersof similar ages. He hasexperience of performance from studying dramawhich makes him ideal. I plan to take photos of himthat I can use for my film poster. I will pose for themagazine front as actor/ director of the film.
  26. 26. Risk Assessment• A shot that will take place next to the road parallel to the college will mean that I have to be aware of passers by and endangering them as well as myself and the equipment in light of the busy traffic.• The shots filmed around the disused railway path will mean that I have to be careful of the uneven terrain in possession of the equipment. I must also look out for dangers to pedestrians who use the area as a result of my filming process.
  27. 27. Storyboard
  28. 28. Audience FeedbackMy class spent a lesson watching the trailers that we produced and then completed andaudience feedback sheet to determine information about the trailer. The following slidesdocument the results of this primary research. 13 people took part in my research.. Genre of teaser trailer 92% of the participants in my Action Comedy audience feedback understood that Comedy the intended genre was action Drama comedy. The remaining 8% believed Horror it was a comedy. I deem the Romance conventions used in a trailer a Adventure success as the audience was able to Fantasy successfully identify the genre of my trailer.
  29. 29. Audience FeedbackAction Comedy genre 92% of the participants in my audience feedback were favorable towards the action comedy genre thus having a good knowledge of what to expect from the Favourable genre and only 8% were not. This shows further success of the establishment of genre within the trailer as the majority of Unfavourable the audience recognised the intended genre and the majority understood the conventions of that genre well.
  30. 30. Audience FeedbackEnjoyment of trailer 100% of my participants enjoyed the trailer. I Yes take this as a success. The trailer made the No audience laugh as expected and I believe a large factor in this particular result was the success of the of props and sound effects fulfilling the forms and conventions .
  31. 31. Audience Feedback 100% of my participants found the trailer amusing therefore I presume that it fulfilled the conventions of an action/Was the trailer funny? comedy trailer. Yes No
  32. 32. Audience Feedback Memorable 100% of my feedback participants said Yes that they would remember the film if they had seen the trailer which I deem to No be a success of the trailer.Would you watch the film? 100% of my feedback participants also said that they would watch the full film Yes after seeing the trailer which also shows No the success of the trailer in exciting the audience and inspiring curiosity in the product.
  33. 33. Audience FeedbackLevels of excitement I asked my participants about their levels of excitement while watching the trailer. Six Higher scores represented excitement and low scores represented boredom. All Seven participants gave a score of 6 or above with Eight 84% giving the trailer a score of 8 or above Nine which I deem to be a success. I managed to excite my audience which fulfills Ten expectations of an action/ comedy film trailer.
  34. 34. Audience Feedback My participants again gave me positive results for their level of understandingLevel of understanding while watching my trailer. I asked them to give me a rating out of ten with low scores representing low levels of Six understanding and high scores Seven representing high levels of understanding. 61% of participants gave Eight the trailer a rating of eight or below. This Nine means that 39% gave the trailer a score Ten of seven or below which could do with improving. To ammend this I may target my titles more effectively by changing the text.
  35. 35. Evaluation• Question 1 –• Question 2 –• Question 3 –• Question 4 –
  36. 36. Link to final teaser trailer jcQUTuZfEk
  37. 37. Final film poster Amusing Protagonist Tagline of trailer.congruous Costume to and prop narrative show genre Strapline Release date Billing Production block company
  38. 38. Final Magazine Front CoverMasthead withdate and Issue Screamer in box Screamer Main Coverline Main Image CoverlinesCoverline Barcode