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Coursework notes 3


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Coursework notes 3

  1. 1. A2 Media Coursework Hannah Brown For the coursework specification I had tocreate a media package consisting of a teaser trailer (main task), film magazine front cover and a film poster promoting my film (ancillary tasks.)
  2. 2. Codes and Conventions of a Teaser TrailerA teaser trailer is a short trailer used to advertise an upcoming movie, game or television series usually released long before the advance of the product. It’s purpose is to attract the audience to the film, creating immediate attention, and persuade them to go watch it. It differs from a “normal” trailer as it is released before, is shorter and only shows a limited amount of clips to tease the audience. They tend to be around half a minute to a minute long and they are generally used for big blockbuster films. They are released around four months/year before the actual release of the film. Conventions are:• That they are usually between 30-60 seconds long• Contain the minimum amount of footage and dialogue from the film, to tease the audience• Released long before the film is released• the pace usually is fast or starts slow and picks upInformation included in a teaser trailer consists of the director, release date, genre, actors, certificate and sometimes quotes from critics.
  3. 3. My GenreI decided I wanted to do a horror/ thriller film. Thisis because I feel they will be easier to create as Ican use lots of darkness, props, and tensionalmusic/ sound effects whereas other genres suchas comedies I feel will take longer to produce as Iwill need to think of a unique storyline and I thinkit will be challenging to construct a teaser thateveryone will find funny as we all have differentsenses of humour. I also wanted a sub genre ofthriller so my production has a larger targetmarket and I can make it more mysterious to gripthe audience.
  4. 4. After looking at various trailers of films I am able to distinguish between a trailer and a teaser trailer. For example, Saw 3D was a teaser trailer as there was limited dialogue, under a minute long, and you couldn‟t see a lot of the action just snappy cuts. However, Lord of the Rings was a trailer as there was a lot more action and dialogue included so the audience had a much better understanding of the plot, it was over a minute long and the release date was only two months away.
  5. 5. Analysing Existing TrailersI‟ve picked two teaser trailers (with the same genre as I want to do- horror/thriller) to analyse. They include “Paranormal Activity 2”, “The Crazies”
  6. 6. Paranormal Activity 2 Starts of in black to create tension as the viewers don‟t know what to expectAdrenaline kicks in immediately asthe first thing people can see is afigure come crashing towards thecamera which makes the audiencejump and immediately snatches theirattention
  7. 7. There is a long pause of the door which creates tension as the audience knows something is in the room but can‟t see where it is.The camera is static which is a typicalconvention of the horror genre. It alsorepresents there is paranormalactivity going on.
  8. 8. Using the pronoun “you” creates synthetic personalisation and makes the trailer seem more personal and direct. Viewers would also want to know why has it been demanded? What‟s so good about it?By showing the peoples reactionto the film is a clever techniquebecause it persuades the textreceiver to watch it becauseother people find it really scary. Italso reduces the amount ofaction shown so less is revealedand people have to find out forthemselves.
  9. 9. There are quick cuts around the house to put the audience on edge as you still can‟t see the entity. There is then diachronic sound included of tins rattling so the viewers can hear but can‟t see- this is a common psychological fear for most people.This short sentence entices thereader as it is almost achallenge and makes theaudience think, prepare forwhat? This therefore beckonsthe viewers to go and watch themovie.
  10. 10. In this shot the audience can see that there is a dog backing away and barking as well as the baby stood up and focused on something. This creates suspense because it is a common paranormal belief that animals and babies often notice supernatural sightings first. The shot is also a high angle to represents the baby and dogs vulnerability in the situation.This clause continues from theprevious sentence “nothing canprepare you.” Sentences are oftensplit between cuts of action so theviewers is hooked and wants tocarry on watching. These wordsalso intrigue the viewer as theywant to know what does happennext.
  11. 11. There is a quick cut to show a girl standing in the doorway that was previously empty. Like a lot of horror teaser trailers, you can‟t see her face to keep the viewers guessing and create suspense. I want to use this idea for my own teaser trailer. The dog and child has also mysteriously vanished to show a connection between their disappearance and the girls arrival creating lots of drama.The camera then goes static againto emphasis the horror genre and tocut away from the actual action.
  12. 12. The teaser trailer ends when the screen goes black with a flashing white 2 in the middle. This leaves it on a cliff hanger to keep the viewer guessing as to what happens next thus persuading them to go and watch the film. Also black connotes evil and fear and is widely used in the horror genre.The teaser trailer closes with thewebsite and production logo onshow, a typical convention of ateaser trailer. By displaying thewebsite also shows the readerwhere they can find out more aboutthe movie. The font is white andghostly to represent the genre andthemes.
  13. 13. EvaluationThe producer and editor have adopted various techniques in order to really scare and surprise the audience. I will split this up into four categories:• Camera• Sound• Mise en scene• Editing
  14. 14. CAMERA SOUND•Wobbly cam as the person is thrown to the floor •There is the sound of pans rattling which isat the beginning. This creates a sense panic and scary as the audience can hear the noise butchaos and to unnerve the audience can‟t see what is causing it•High angle shot of baby and dog to stress their •The dog backing away and barking sets thevulnerability and show the audience they are in audience on edge as they can tell it is clearlydanger distressed and he can see something that they•A snappy close up of the girl coming towards cannotthe camera is used to shock the audience •The screaming of a previous audience frightens the viewers as they can see other people found it very scary •Non-diachronic sound is used when a sound effect of crashing is included when the girl in the doorway appears. This connotes that the girl is evil and destructive. MISE EN SCENE EDITING•Low key lighting is used throughout the teaser •Including the text “nothing can prepare you”trailer to scare the audience as anything can be makes the film sound terrifying, full of twists andlurking in the shadows almost challenging the viewers.•The girl in the doorway is dressed in black •There are lots of hard cuts to make thewhich in film presents her as an evil character audience jump and to show different rooms in•The producer shows he/she has carefully the house which builds suspense as thethought about props by including a mirror in the audience never knows where or when the entityshot. This is often used in horror films and is will appeartensional as the audience can sometimes see •Long take of the door to build tension as thethings that is not in the characters eyeline audience don‟t know where the entity is or what it is doing, this is also down to the editor
  15. 15. Evaluation ContinuedOverall I feel the teaser trailer for Paranormal Activity 2 is very effective. I think this because it scares the audience right from the very beginning then builds on this fear by use of tensional music, black costume, static camera, a rocking chair but no one visible on it and other peoples terrified reactions. It is also quite different from other teaser trailers as it focuses more on making the audience jump and less about camera/ editing techniques.I feel the trailer is very persuasive because it doesn‟t reveal too much so the audience has to keep on guessing until they watch the film. The text “nothing can prepare you for what happens next” shocks the audience and makes them want to know what is going to happen next and find out what all the hype is about.To conclude Paranormal Activity 2 teaser trailer is very compelling and makes the audience want to see it as it looks very scary and full of twists, without giving too much away.
  16. 16. The Crazies The beginning of the teaser trailer displays the production company and logo at the beginning rather than at the end as opposed to Paranormal Activity 2.The first piece of action we see is inselective focus of a girl lying downstrapped to what appears to be ahospital bed. This immediately shocksthe viewer as we can see the girl isvulnerable and in danger. She saysout loud “is this really happening?”sounding shocked and frightened. Thiswill create suspense because theviewer will think what‟s happening?Who has strapped her there? Will sheescape?
  17. 17. This sets the reader on edge as they know something big is going to happen before we die and that is probably what the film is about. It also hooks the reader and encourages them to keep on watching to find out the rest of the text.The editor uses a match-on-action to show someone haslocked the door and thewomen is trapped inside. Thisis very dramatic as she cannotescape whatever danger maylay ahead. This scene is alsoin low key lighting which setsthe audience on edge as theydon‟t know what could behiding in the shadows
  18. 18. Mid shot of a man holding a flame so we can see his actions and expressions simultaneously. This will put the audience to the edge of their seats as they don‟t know what he‟s going to do with it, for example he could be looking for someone through the darkness or intending to start a fire. His expression is cold and concentrated to show that he is fully aware of what he is doing but doesn‟t seem to show any hesitation.The rapidly growing fire reallycaptures the audiences attentionbecause they will probably bethinking will the woman escape?What is the mans motive forcommitting such a crime? Willanyone survive? Fire connotesdanger and death and is oftenfeatured in horror films.
  19. 19. Repetition of the preposition “before” to show there is a lot of things that‟s going to happen first. Stating that “our cities are taken over” signifies there is a great danger coming and perhaps a revolution. Using the pronoun “our” creates even more tension as the producer is saying the audience will be part of this threat too.This establishing shot creates asense of panic and chaos withthe combination of helicopters,bright lights and diachronicsound of warning alarms.
  20. 20. This cut away is used to show smaller bits of the action in the scene that otherwise would be hard to spot. The close up shows lifeless hands hanging outside the truck. This indicates abduction and possibly mass murder, reinforcing the idea of a revolution. This will shock and scare the audience.There is a tracking of the manwalking up to the cars. He hashis hands in the air to show heis the vulnerable one and thepolice are the powerfulparticipant. He shouts “it‟s okI‟m not sick” this informs theaudience there is some deadlydisease gripping the nation.
  21. 21. Again there is repetition of the word “before” to emphasis the enormity of what is to come. “Our humanity is lost” shows something inhuman is taking over which wonderfully creates mystery and uncertainty.There is a quick cut to a pitchfolk slamming down withmalicious intent. This tells thereader the film will have aconsiderable amount ofviolence and gore in.
  22. 22. A gigantic explosion is visible. This creates panic and show that the people are being targeted and under attack. The viewers will want to know the reasons behind such violence and who is causing it.This shot shows a wounded manbehind bars trying to reach something.He looks angry and potentiallydangerous. The producer has createdsuspense and anticipation by hidingwhat the character can see so theviewers has to guess. This teases theaudience and persuades them towatch the film to find out.
  23. 23. There are quick cuts of the film to tease the audience and make them want to watch it as it looks exciting, dramatic and action packed.
  24. 24. These words makes it sound as though whatever happens in the film will change everything and cause mass destruction. This is very dramatic and really hooks in the audience. By enlarging the font for the word “here” gives the impression that the setting for the film is where all the action and terror commences, again wonderfully building tension.This eye line match is used tograb the audiences attention asthe officer seems distressed andshocked by what he has seen.The camera then cuts to what hecan see (a point of view shot) toshow a man marching forwardsarmed with a gun. This sets theaudience on edge as he appearsvery dangerous and they don‟tknow if he will shoot or not.
  25. 25. The title of the film is in a white bold font in front of a black background, this is similar to what Paranormal Activity 2 did. They both have black backgrounds because this is a typical colour used in horror film that signifies evil and death. As well as this, there is some mysterious blue-green dots on the right hand side. It looks like some musky kind of gas and I think this is to represent the disease going about in the film, however audience will need foreknowledge to decode this.This print screen of the videopresents the films website andproduction logo again, like the teasertrailer for Paranormal Activity 2. In themiddle is the words “coming soon”with the adverb “soon” in capitals andin a shadowy font. This is toemphasis how soon the film will berealised and therefore exciting theviewers.
  26. 26. EvaluationI will analyse The Crazies teaser trailer considering the:• Sound• Camera• Mise en scene• editing
  27. 27. CAMERA SOUND•There is a close up of the man locking the door to show there is •The diegetic sound of the door being locked is emphasised tono escape, she is trapped stress that there really in no way out as they know she is in•17 seconds in there is an aerial shot to show the whole city is in great dangercrisis •Whenever text appears on the screen there is a quiet tensional•There is panning of the motionless hands to follow the moving piece of music that sounds like it has been constructed by atruck violin. It is very creepy and puts the audience on edge.•Tracking of the man walking towards the police (20 seconds in) •There is alarms and sirens in the background to help build anso the audience feels more of a connection and as we too are part atmosphere of panic and dangerof his journey •The girl whispers “is this really happening?” By quieting her•Low angle of the man holding match to emphasis his power in voice gives the impression that she isn‟t alone...someone else isthe situation out there•Close up of the split coffee on the ground to show the character •Another sound included is what appears to be the beating of ais distressed and has been taken by surprise. This creates tension drum. This starts of quite infrequent but then the more actionas it unsettles the audience there is, the more constant they become. I think this is used to signify the beating of a heart-the more you watch, the faster your heart will beat, the more scared you will get •A lot of screaming to express the characters fear MISE EN SCENE EDITIING•The girl at the beginning is dressed in white to represent her •Combining unsettling text “before our humanity is lost” withvulnerability and pureness and she doesn‟t deserve to be subject creepy music informs the audience the film is of the horrorof such cruelty genre.•There is a dark shadowy background in the scene at the house •Match on action is used to show cause and effect- the manwhich will create tension because anything could be lurking about. locks the door so the women screams. This is also a reactionThis is similar to the teaser trailer for Paranormal Activity 2. shot.•There is a careful combination of props such as helicopters, •Time has been compressed when there is very quick shots ofpolice in uniform, lots of blue and red lights, and the sound of the man locking the door, holding the match then starting thesirens to create realism. fire. This is to show he has no remorse which creates suspense•Using a pitch folk as a murder weapon makes the murderer seem as it gives of the impression he is capable of anythingvery sadistic and brutal which creates tension as the audience can •There is a sound bridge included where the sound of tensionalsee he is very dangerous and capable of anything music is used almost throughout the teaser trailer to connect it•The opening shot is set in a hospital which is compelling allbecause it shocks the audience as this is a very unexpected •SLOW MOTION OF FOOTlocation for just crimes to be committed
  28. 28. Evaluation ContinuedI believe the teaser trailer for The Crazies is successful at scaring the audience and making them want to see more. The company has achieved this is many ways. Firstly, they are careful not to give much away by only showing bits of the action and not what happens next. For example, when the house is burning does the women survive? Did the man open fire when he was marching forwards with the gun? What is the man screaming at behind the bars?The editor/ music composer is forever creating tension by constantly changing the pace of the music; at the beginning it is moderately slow, at 21 seconds it dramatically speeds up then at 31 seconds it slows right down again. This is a clever technique because the audience doesn‟t know what to expect next so they are constantly at the edge of their seats. They don‟t have chance to relax either because anything could be around the corner.Tension and mystery is also created using mise en scene. There is use of some inhuman eyes at the end, this combined with the close up then extreme close up shot scares the audience as they don‟t know what this creature is but it looks powerful and dangerous. This is similar to the shot of motionless hands dangling outside the truck. Viewers will want to know if they are dead or alive and who is behind this revolution.I feel the teaser trailer is effective and persuasive through use of scary music, low key lighting, inhuman entities, alarming text and an intriguing plot.
  29. 29. Comparison of the Two Teaser TrailersThe teaser trailers for Paranormal Activity 2 and The Crazies vary slightly. I think a key difference is the length of each. Paranormal Activity 2 is 58 seconds whereas The Crazies is only 36 seconds however they still follow the convention that teaser trailers should fall between 30-60 seconds. I think this is perhaps because The Crazies have lots of quick cuts whereas Paranormal Activity consist of an extensive amount of long takes. I feel The Crazies contains a lot more action and unlike Paranormal Activity, includes dialogue. This causes the audience to have a better understanding of the plot whereas Paranormal Activity‟s storyline is a lot more concealed- all that is given away is that the film is about some kind of destructive ghost. I think the main themes of Paranormal Activity includes supernatural happenings and disappearance whereas The Crazies is more about a revolution, an illness/disease that is engulfing the population, violence and destruction.
  30. 30. How has Watching the Teaser Trailers Influenced my Ideas for my own ProductionBy watching and analysing the two teaser trailers, I have come up with some ideas for my own production. In both teaser trailers, especially Paranormal Activity 2, there is extensive use of low-key lighting. I want to use this in my production as I feel it makes it more tensional and scary. It also is a convention of the horror genre- to have lots of black and darkness in the film. There is a wobbly cam when the body gets thrown at the camera at the beginning of Paranormal Activity 2. This creates a sense of panic and that the character is not in control. I wish to use this for a shot when my character is about to unlock the mystery door so she looks unstable and shaky- an indicator she is scared and not sure of what she is doing. At the end of The Crazies the editor has used slow motion to speed down time of the character moving forwards. This has been used to emphasise a dramatic moment- when the officer is about to approach the armed man. I want to use this when the girl is walking towards the door to show what she is about to do will have great consequences and also to delay the time it takes for her to open the door, and therefore keeps the audience gripped and excited. Finally, in Paranormal Activity 2 there is a shot where the ghost-like figure is standing in the doorway, all in black however her face is hidden. I would like to imitate this as it connotes that the character is evil and creates mystery and suspense.
  31. 31. How Paranormal Activity was MarketedParanormal Activity (2009)Genre: Supernatural horrorDirected, written and edited by Oren Peli.Producers: Steven Schneider and Jason BlumStarring: Kate Featherstone, Micah Sloat
  32. 32. WebsiteThe creators of Paranormal Activity came up with an ingenious idea. They created a “Demand” button allowing fans across the country to literally demand for the film to be shown in their city. This determined which markets Paramount would choose for a series of midnight screenings. This was so unique as it put the power of movie distribution in the fans‟ hands. The “Demand” ticker exceeded 860,000 by mid-afternoon on the first Friday after its release.There is also a website for the film. It is eye catching and spooky looking due to the black and red background. You can find out more about the film, where and when it‟s showing and watch trailers etc.
  33. 33. Social Networking SitesA sponsored Twitter account “@TweetYourScream” currently has 18,337 followers and their Facebook page has over 47,000 fans. Fans from the Facebook page have been uploading their video reactions to the film and writing comments about their opinion of the movie. I think it is very effective to use social networking sites to market a film as fans can find out who‟s interested from a geographic perspective and can all share a sense of excitement, a buzz towards the release of the specific film.
  34. 34. Magazine InterviewsThe two actors of the film, Katie Featherston and Micah Sloat have participated in several media interviews. One includes an interview for the magazine “She Knows.” This is a good form of marketing as the audience can find out more about the film such as how it was created, what the actors are like and how the experience was for them, for example playing a role of a villain. During the interview the stars quote “it‟s the best thing you could ever ask for”, “it scared me when I watched it” and “it‟s wild how people can‟t control how they‟re shaking.” These quotes really grip the attention of the reader and make them think that the film must be terrifying, luring them in to watch it.
  35. 35. This is an effective eyecatching film poster that Posters Draws you to the statementthrough use of a tensional that it is the bestimage, iconic horror text horror you could see, thereforecolours and a shocking tagline, entices you towonderfully persuades the watch the film toaudience to go and watch the see for Large, colourless image fills most of the page. Audience can see the couple are The title of the clearly disturbed by film is in a red, something that is shadowy spooky non-apparent in the looking font. Red picture. This creates typically a sense of mystery connotes blood, and wonderfully danger, and builds tension. warning signs. This compliments the black The tagline “What background, as Happens when you go black is a cold Sleep?” Has been colour that used effectively as it represents evil . will play on peoples The red and mind and encourage black effect them to use their signifies the imagination of what genre of horror. could happen, and therefore what could be expected in the film.
  36. 36. Codes and Conventions of a Film PosterFilm posters are constructed sometimes weeks, sometimes months before the film it features is released. They are primarily displayed inside and outside of movie theatres or elsewhere such as on the streets, in schools/ colleges, shops, etc. They are also included on the films website, leaflets, magazines advertisements, DVD packaging, etc. The purpose of a film publicity poster is to promote an upcoming film. It does this by using persuasive features such as powerful adjectives, dramatic strap lines, including USP, having enticing photographs, large bold title etc. Other features and conventions of a film poster is to include:• A billing block• Production Logo• Certificate (to determine suitability)• Name of actors, actresses, directors, producers, etc• Release date (this aims to generate excitement as the audience will be waiting for the film to be released)
  37. 37. Print Media TerminologyMasthead: a list, usually found on the editorial page of a periodical, listing thepublication‟s name, editorial board, owners name etc.Strapline: a strapline is a slogan used in advertising, featured on the front pageof a magazine. It is a short, effective, memorable phrase used to identify brands(e.g. Tesco‟s “Every little helps”)Cover lines: cover lines are located on the front page of the magazine. They arespaced around the outside of the page and tells the reader what articles arefeatured inside.Screamers: a screamer is a large distinctive headline which has been writtenwith the goal of drawing attention to the specific article. They command attention,persisting the reader turns to the article in question at once.Billing block: the words found at the bottom of a media text such as a filmposter. Included is the production company, writers, editors, actors, producers aswell as the company logo.Tagline: a tagline is usually a few words/ sentence long found on film posters orthe front cover of a DVD. It sums up the tone and principle of a film so theaudience has a bit of an idea of what to expect. For example the tagline to Shaunof the Dead is “A romantic comedy. With zombies” so the audience can expect afunny film that‟s out of the ordinary.
  38. 38. Se7enMy first film poster analysis is on “Seven” a 1995 American thriller film directedby David Flincher.
  39. 39. Deep reds, rustic golds and fearsomeoranges and yellows are the primarycolours in the poster. I feel thecolours symbolize a fire. This couldconnote the film is full of struggles,danger and judging by the characterseyes, strong in emotion. The title andactors name are in white to make itstand out from the dark background. I think there is a considerable amount of effective persuasive techniques used to persuade people to see the film. The famous actors are used as the USP- Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman. People can identify these famous actors and want to see more of their films. Also, the seven deadly sins listed in the middle of the poster is another persuasive technique. People will want to watch the movie to see how the film relates to the sins. Focusing on the deadly sins makes the film very original, unique and stands out form the average thriller/ horror film.
  40. 40. There are several symbols in the poster as well as conventions of horror. For examplethere are patches of black which resembles shadows creating an air of mystery and fear.There is also red lines crossing out the sins and red connotes blood and danger- thiscould reflect the actions of the film. On the right near the bottom there is what appears tobe scratch marks on a wall. This, along with the fiery background, connotes a struggleand someone trying to escape, making it apparent the 0genre is of horror/ thriller. Miseen scene is used effectively as an icon of genre. For example the actors are wearinghats, shirts, tie, and Brad Pitt has a moustache. This is a typical uniform of what adetective would wear so the audience will think what are they investigating? What willthey discover? What problems will they face? Furthermore, like a lot film posters, theactors take up most of the page and is the first thing to catch the audience‟s eye. BradPitt and Morgan Freeman are stars in the film which will automatically determine theaudience because the genre of the film will be apparent as these actors have starred inlots of thrillers/horrors previously. The text producer has used a close up of the pair sotheir emotions capture the audience superbly. Brad Pitt looks angry and alert (he wouldneed to be as a detective) whilst Morgan Freeman looks scared and vulnerable. Thesestrong emotions again convey the genre of horror/thriller as the audience can recognizethere is a threat to the actors and they are in severe danger.
  41. 41. Next, I will analyze the tagline; “Seven deadly sins.Seven ways to die.” This is an effective tagline thatgives out the message that there will be death andviolence in the film and, with the repetition of thenumber seven, seven victims. The victims will havesome connection with the sins which grips the audienceas they will have to watch the film to find what that linkis. The tagline is spilt into two simple sentences. Bothprovide five syllables to make it flow and harshconsonant sounds on the word “seven” to make it standout. Attention is gained through a variety of powerful techniques. I think the main one is having two famous actors as the USP (Brad Pitt is also attractive and therefore could bring in viewers who don‟t normally tend to opt for horror films.) The fiery palette of colour is very eye catching and could resemble the actors being caught up in the heat of the unfolding events throughout the film. Attention is also achieved with the seven sins listed down the middle in-between the men‟s faces. This signifies why the detectives most probably is investigating- seven deaths in connection to the sins. The list also causes the actors to be separated- this could mean the actors are against each other and conflict may arise.
  42. 42. Critical EvaluationI feel the poster is very effective. It immediately snatches the audience‟s attentionthrough the clever combination of famous actors as the USP, a strikingbackground and a dramatic, captivating tagline. I think the text receiver‟s initialthoughts will be that the film looks scary and exciting, full of twists and turns, anenticing storyline and be thrilled that two famous actors star in the film.I believe the film poster to “Seven” does communicate effectively with theaudience. I predict the intended audience is lovers of horror and dramatic films.Teenagers/adults, mainly men as stereotypically they are the ones who preferaction and thrillers films. The poster communicates well with the reader becauseit represents the genre of thriller/horror superbly through the use of dark fierycolours, signs of hostage (scratching on wall) and the violence implicating tagline.However, to make this poster more persuasive the text producer could perhapshave quoted expert witnesses so the reader can see evidence the film is good.
  43. 43. Shutter IslandMy second movie poster I‟ve chosen to analysis is “Shutter Island”, a 2010 psychologicalthriller directed by Martin Scorsese.
  44. 44. There is a mix of different colours to attractattention and emphasis the thriller genre of thefilm. For example the background consists of darkcolours and black seems to dominant whichconnotes evil and mystery. The title stands out in alarge, red, sharp font, a typical horror colour thatsymbolises blood and danger. Around the islandthere is a spooky white glow highlighting it. I thinkthis makes it seem ghostly and mysterious-perhaps indicating people have died on the islandbut can‟t let go. The actors name “LeonardoDicaprio” and the tagline is in white to make itstand out from the dark gloomy background andperhaps show a connection, maybe he is theperson missing or is in involved with them? Moving on, there are a considerable amount of symbols in the poster. The actor is holding a match (this image is actually taken from a scene in the movie) however the audience does not need foreknowledge to understand he is trying to make his way through the darkness. Also there is a lighthouse visible on the island. Lighthouses can be seen as lonely and remote buildings which I think is a theme in the film as the character “Teddy” is by himself and cut off from the real world, however the audience would need foreknowledge to know this.
  45. 45. Leonardo Dicaprio, a very famous and attractiveactor, is used as the USP as he is the mainfocus in the poster. He has a quizzical,suspicious expression on his face which createstension as the audience cannot see what isdisturbing the actor. Half of his face is hidden indarkness building a sense of mystery and asmany people are scared of the dark, reflects onthe genre of horror. The secluded eerie islandputs the viewers on edge because it looksdangerous and gives the impression unpleasantevents happen there. From the uneven,crashing waves and the rain hammering down,it is apparent there is a storm. This is again a There are several persuasive techniquesconvention of the horror/thriller genre. The used to gain attention. The main one, thedistant island combined with high cliffs and USP would be Leandro Dicaprio asstormy weather conveys the message that there people can associate him with otheris no escape and the people on it are doomed. successful films and he is also quite popular with the ladies. There is a secluded dangerous looking island which shocks the audience as they will want to find out what happens on this abnormal piece of land. Also the thrilling tagline and intrigued expression the actor carries makes the reader know something dramatic is going to happen and the actor will discover something intense.
  46. 46. Next I will analysis the tagline “someone ismissing.” This immediately hooks in thereader because they will want to know whois missing? Are they dangerous? Will theybe found? Using the word “someone”makes it very vague and mysterious. Thiscreates tension as it could be anyone andthe audience will have to watch the film tofind out whom, therefore this is a verypersuasive tagline. I think the intended audience for this text is teenagers/ adults who enjoy thriller/horror movies. This is based on the certificate (it is a fifteen so not suitable to anyone under this age) and the conventions of horror seen in the film. This includes bold red text, a dark background and a match (connotes fire and danger) Given that all movie posters have the same purpose - to get audiences to go see a movie - what persuasive techniques are used by the poster?
  47. 47. Critical EvaluationTo conclude, I think the poster is very effective from use ofcareful colour, image and layout. It shares similarities withthe “Seven” poster such as all the actors are lookingsuspicious and curious to put the audience on edge. Theyalso include red and black colours to emphasis the genre ofhorror. The poster for Shutter Island communicates wellwith the audience as it creates a theme of disappearanceand becoming trapped, beckoning the audience to watchthe film.
  48. 48. Code and Conventions of a Film Magazine Front CoverThe purpose of a film magazine front cover is to entertain, persuade and inform. They promote and provide information to readers about up and coming films.Conventions of a film magazine front cover includes:• A large striking masthead at the top centre of the page• Dominating images usually of the main characters in the featured films• Cover lines around the edges of the page indicating the kind of information inside the magazine• Colour theme• Price, date and sometimes the issue number• Sometimes a screamer• Name of famous actors, actresses and directors are sometimes used as the USPThey provide information such as a description of films to be released soon, famous actors/ actresses and directors involved in the featured film, competitions to get involved in, free posters etc. Empire is Britain‟s biggest selling magazine followed by Total Film. The kind of films they tend to feature are horrors, mystery, crime, drama, action and fantasy whereas comedies, childrens films and romantic comedies are less commonly used.
  49. 49. The date and price is in a very The screamer is effectivesmall text so not to stealattention. It is like this so it is thelast thing noticed, after all the Empire Analysis because using the word “amazing” makes the magazine sound remarkableexciting pictures and cover lines, and the reader is in for aso the audience wouldn‟t mind treat. Combining the wordspaying £3.99. “new” and “revealed” in the same sentence is veryBy using consonance makes the persuasive because readerstext flow better and the reader is will feel amazed they can bemore likely to remember the the first to know the cast.words. “Extraordinary” is a verypowerful adjective persuading thereader to buy the magazine as the A red backgroundcontent must be very good connotes power andThe text is in white and yellow. perhaps signifying theWhite has been used for the film is dangerous,masthead, the main cover line and therefore thrills theother cover lines. it has been used audienceto stand out from the dark redbackground. Yellow is a cheerful Barcode needed for sale ofsunny colour so perhaps has been the magazine, makes itused to calm the readers. look more professional This encourages readers to buy more of their magazines, to feel more of a loyal fan Using the words “ theShort snappy phrases makes it only magazine”easier for the reader to take in makes this issue ofinformation Empire soundsThe characters are all in costume unique and there iswhich attracts the audience because nothing else similarit shows the feature is about the film out there. Also byrather than the actor itself. Having saying it is on setthe actor positioned in front of the appeals to fans of themasthead gives him prominence film because it showsover everything (maybe to show how they will be up closebig and successful the film is) and and personal with theindicating the magazine is so well actors so they will beknown the title doesn‟t need to be the first forfully on display. information.
  50. 50. The masthead is in a bold white The date and issue number isfont. This has been used so itstands out from they greyishbackground. The first work “total” Total Film Analysis present so the reader can ensure they are up to date. Like in the Empire edition, it isis in a transparent font enclosed in in a small font so the price isthe letter “f.” I think this is to show the last thing you notice.the readers the magazine is very The main image is a close upspecific to film of an actor from Star Trek. HeThis cover line attracts has a cunning mischievousthe audience because it expression on his face asappears entertaining though he is hidingand thorough by going something, this is perhapsthrough the whole persuasive as the readers willalphabet. It also sounds feel intrigued to know whatjokey and comical by this is.saying “f**k the The grey backgroundrecession”, a topic that connotes uncertainty andwould otherwise be vagueness, thereforequite serious and creating suspense. Themiserable. striking reds connotes power and danger,By using the word “exclusive” signifying the film is of themakes the reader feel they‟re find thriller/mystery genre.out something special andvaluable This cover lines attracts males because Gwyneth is an attractive actress so menThis is a clever technique would want to find out moreused to hook the reader about herand make them want to This screamer is placed at thepurchase more of the bottom centre and is in a large,magazines so they feel like white, eye catching font toa true fan attract attention. It is positioned in front of the image to showThe main image has been edited both items are related. Usingso that it is in black and white. This the superlatives “boldest” andis effective as it really captures the “coolest” makes the film soundtypography and the powerful reds really good and readers mustused. find out more
  51. 51. Critical EvaluationI will now evaluate and compare both magazine front covers in terms of the audience, layout,colours, persuasive features, themes etc.AudienceI feel that Empires audience isn‟t really that specific as it attracts both genders with a mix ofdifferent colours as well as including good looking female and male actors/res. However I feel TotalFilms audience is targeted more at young men with the use of taboo “f**k” and having the love lifeof an attractive actress, Gwyenth Paltrow, as one of their featured articles.ColoursBoth magazines makes extensive use of whites and reds. Red connotes love, horror, and dangerwhereas white signifies purity. Total Films main colour is grey, they have edited the image so it isblack and white which creates a sense of ambiguity and suspense. Empire however, uses a mix ofyellows and whites for their cover lines so it stands out from the red background.LayoutBoth Empire and Total Film demonstrates conventions of a magazine front cover by having themasthead in a large striking font at the top of the page, the main image in the middle, cover linesaround the edges and the date, issue number and price in a small font at the top of the page.However there are some differences between the two. For example, in Empire the actors arepositioned in front of the masthead to show they dominant the cover and that the magazine is sowidely recognised that the reader will know the title regardless of the fact that some letters arehidden. This contrasts to the masthead in Total Film which is ordered in front of the actor. I think thisis effective as it combines well with the actors expression- crafty and mischievous so its as thoughthe masthead is hiding him and he is in the background. My opinion is that the layout of Empire ismore exciting as there is a lot going on in the page and it looks more appealing because of themixture of different colours.
  52. 52. Persuasive Features There are various persuasive features used in both covers. They both encourage the text receiver to purchase more of their issues by highlighting the other covers you can collect, Total Film uses the word “amazing” to describe the covers which will encourage sales.Both magazines uses the main stars as the U.S.P. The actors/ess are quite attractive so to boost sales and attract the opposite sex. Empire adopts a lot of powerful adjectives such as “amazing”, “extraordinary” and “exclusive” similar to Total Films choice of words “coolest” “boldest” and “exclusive” as well. These adjectives gives off the impression that the readers are getting value for money and they won‟t be disappointed. Total Film includes a screamer “the boldest and coolest film of 2009” which gives it a high competitive position with use of the superlatives “boldest” and “coolest” as people who haven‟t watched the film before will know that this really stands out and better than the others. Empire quotes their product is “the only magazine on set” which entices the audience as they will be getting up close and personal with the stars therefore delivering hot, fresh and new information and gossip. This is similar to Total Films “world exclusive” which exaggerates the context of the information and makes the reader feel as though they are getting valuable and special information therefore the magazine is good value for money.ThemesI feel the theme for Empires cover is fantasy which is reinforced by the costume and make up of the actors. Total Films cover has a theme of mystery and secrets which is shown by the black and white colour scale, the actors expression and how he appears to be concealed behind the masthead.
  53. 53. BBFCThe BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) is “a non-governmental organisation, funded by the film industry and responsible for the national classification of films within the United Kingdom.” (wiki)
  54. 54. The Different Certificates U stands for universal, it Suitable only for is suitable for all. fifteen years or over Parental guidance Suitable for Only suitable for people over adults only twelve. The „12A‟ category exists only for cinema films. No one younger Films may only be than 12 may see a „12A‟ film in a shown to adults in cinema unless accompanied by specially an adult, and films classified „12A‟ licensed cinemas, are not recommended for a child such as sex below 12. ( shops.
  55. 55. More on BBFCMain issues that determine what certificate a film falls into include drugs, horror, discrimination, imitable behavior, language, nudity, sex, themes and violence.Sometimes the BBFC can intervene. For example if they have concerns that the material can cause “moral harm”, context is clearly unacceptable for public opinion, is in conflict with the law etc. They can do things such as cut scenes out of the film, change the certificate (like in Pineapple Express) make film producers put warning caption on a film or in extreme cases, cut films out completely. Last year the BBFC cut five films.
  56. 56. My Chosen Certificate and the RestrictionsI want my film to be rated as a “15” certificate. I have thought about the kind of issues I am going to cover and have research the restrictions on each:Horror:I am allowed to display strong threat and menace however it cannot be sadistic or sexualised.Imitable behaviour:I am permitted to show dangerous behaviour such as self-harm or suicide however I am not aloud to dwell on detail which could be mimicked. I‟m thinking about using a knife in my teaser trailer however I can not glamorise easily accessible weapons.LanguageThere will be some use of swearing in my film. The regulations of this states “there may be frequent use of strong language (for example, „fuck‟). The strongest terms (for example, „cunt‟) may be acceptable if justified by the context. Aggressive or repeated use of the strongest language is unlikely to be acceptable. (BBFC website)ViolenceI am planning on using a small amount of violence. I can not emphasis the infliction of pain or injury and it cannot be too gory. Also strong sadistic or sexualised violence is not acceptable.
  57. 57. Production Logo This is my production logo which I decided to create to follow conventions of mediaproductions, to make it look more professionaland create a connection between all my media texts.
  58. 58. Any ethnicity or Target Audience religious background Male or female (however they will (mainly men as horror need to speak films are typically English to enjoyed most by the understand the male gender ) teaser trailer) Anyone over 15Wealth or disability is (due to certificate)not an issue but mainly young adults between 15 and 30Dislikes: Personality:•School/college/work •Sociable•Being told what to do •Stressed a lot•Early mornings •Miserable at times •Happy Hobbies/interests include: Males- money, cars, technology (phones. Game consoles etc), football, drinking, partying Females- shopping, partying, getting pampered, socialising, celebrities, drinking, money, fashion
  59. 59. Primary ResearchI handed out questionnaires to eighteen people around my college, all of whom that would fall into my intended target audience of 15 to 30 year olds. I tried getting a good mix of gender, age etc for fair, unbiased results. My intention for this is finding out what kind of films do people like to watch and what they expect from the horror/ thriller genre. I also asked for their opinions for features I‟d like to use for example a cliff hanger ending.I will analyse and evaluate their answers to get an insight into what my target audience like so therefore how I could adapt my teaser trailer to fit the criteria.
  60. 60. My Questionnaire
  61. 61. What gender are you?There were 10 females and 8 males I asked people between 15-30 as this is my target audience. The majority of people were between 15-17 year olds. The top two most popular genres were horror with 6 votes, followed closely by comedy which had 5 votes. It is good that most people liked horror as this, combined with thriller, is the genre I will be focusing on which shows that the majority of people I asked will be interested in my production and therefore give honest answers in the questionnaire.
  62. 62. If you selected horror or thriller, please state what would you expect from these types of films. Blood Knives Darkness Drumming/ heartbeats Cliff-hangers Silence Mirrors Scary/ creepy music Dolls/ masks Red & black colours
  63. 63. 1/3 of people asked said it was the storylines that enticed them into watching films however no one selected location.What are your views on a cliff-hangerending?•Effective•Leaves you wanting more•Open to interpretation of imagination•Grips the audience•Annoying as you don‟t know what happens next•Very dramatic•Intriguing and enticing
  64. 64. Quantity Graveyard Big House Old town/ Remote Island villageMost people thought that a big house would be the scariest setting. I agree withthem however I won‟t be able to get access to a this kind of location and alsomy storyline is about a girl on a long journey to find this door she needs tounlock so I will need settings like forests and graveyards.CHANGE TO A FOREST SETTING
  65. 65. How I will Adapt my Teaser Trailer to Match the Feedback• From my results of question 4, I will ensure I use some of peoples ideas for that kind of genre film. I will include -heavy breathing or heartbeats in the background - end on a cliff hanger - have pauses of silence - dolls/ scary masks - red text and black background - I want the footage to appear to be set at night• Question 5- I will ensure I have a gripping and interesting storyline that will hook the audience in.• Question 6- I will use a cliff hanger ending as people think it will be effective and intriguing.• Question 7- 16 out of 18 people said they‟d rather be kept in suspense. I will do this by not revealing the characters face so
  66. 66. Secondary Research
  67. 67. Top 10 Horror/ Thriller FilmsMost Watched Horror Films: Top 10 Best-selling Thriller Films:( ( The Crazies 1) The Silence of the Lambs2) The Human Centipede 2) Se7en 3) Rear Window3) Halloween 4) Vertigo4) A Nightmare on Elm Street 5) Taxi Driver5) Piranha 6) Jaws6) Shutter Island 7) North by Northwest7) Dawn of the Dead 8) The Shining 9) The Usual Suspects8) Trick R Treat 10) The Sixth Sense9) Predators10) The Thing I researched the top ten most watched and best selling horror and thriller filmsto see what fans of this genre are into. I selected two films from the list “Shutter Island” and “Se7en.” I will now analyse their film posters to identify why they have been so successful so I can adapt this in my work.
  68. 68. This graph shows the top three most popular genres are dramas, action-adventuresand comedies. Seeing as my chosen genre is not in the top 5 I will have to make sure I have a large target audience and my film is split with a sub genre of thriller so it is not so focused on the one genre.
  69. 69. Planning
  70. 70. StorylineMy character in the film is called Eliza and she is nineteenyears old. When she was fifteen her parents were killed andher older sister abducted. She sets out on a dangerousjourney to uncover what happened that night and has swornto seek revenge... During her adventure she meets some extraordinarycharacters that guide her in her quest. They inform her abouther parents murderers and what she must do to find them. Amystery stranger eventually passes her a weird looking keyand promises that what it unlocks will give her all theanswers and change her live forever. However he warns herit will be a very dangerous journey and the consequences ofunlocking this door could be fatal…
  71. 71. Storyboard
  72. 72. Canted angle*
  73. 73. Description of Shot ListsI intend to use a varied amount of camera angles and shots to make myproduction more interesting and gripping. I plan to start with:• A close up and pan of the girls shoes as she walks closer to her destination. I feel this will be effective for the first piece of action viewers see as they will be submerged in suspense because they can‟t see the characters face- it could be anyone. This will also be in slow motion for dramatic effect.• I want to use a track of the doll moving slowly towards the camera. I think this will shock the audience as the doll is moving by itself giving the impression it is powerful and dangerous. I think it also reinforces the genre of the film as there is often creepy dolls in horror/ thriller films.• I wish to use a close up of the girl holding the key to really emphasis that this is a very significant shot as this key will open the door to all the girls answers• A long shot of the girl walking towards the door. This is so the audience has understanding of her surroundings and they know she is all alone but still determined.• Canted angle of a car burning. This suggests imbalance and instability to represent that the character is not in control. It also demonstrates my creativity.• Finally I want to use wobbly cam when she is about to open the door. This will crate a sense of panic and chaos and show she is frightened as her hand is shaking.
  74. 74. Drafts of my Print Media
  75. 75. Stages of Creating my Film Magazine Cover I used Microsoft I then edited the Next, I put in all my text including thePublisher to create my image by increasing masthead and cover lines. I used repetition print based media, “Win! Win! Win!” Powerful adjectives such the brightness and as “exhilarating” and “shocking” (similar to First of all, I enlarged contrast to give it that Empire‟s use of the words “extraordinary”my chosen image so it ghostly effect and and “amazing”) and rhetorical questions as would act as the also so the text these are all persuasive techniques to hook background for the the reader in. I capitalised certain text to would be more clear. attract attention and I‟ve also kept thecover and be the main synergy going between my products as my focus. title of the film is in the same “papyrus” font.
  76. 76. I printed out my last draft and showed some of my My next step was adding I then used Google to collect a friends (who fell into my target market) to ask for their colour to the text to make it picture of a barcode to use for feedback. The majority of them said to decrease the brightness of my photo as detail is missing from the girl look more interesting. I my cover to make it look more such as you can‟t really make out her arms which need followed conventions of real realistic. I also created a box to be addressed as they convey her body language. I media products by having a round my screamer to took their comments on board and adjusted the brightness but still tried to create that ghostly,colour scheme of just red and separate it from the page, thus mysterious effect essential for representing my genre. Iblue. I chose these colours as attracting the audiences also changed the colour of the box around my screamerthey stand out nicely from the attention more effectively and to black and grey as it looked more scary and complimented the text better as red and black are visual and compliment each making them want to turn to typically used to convey the horror genre. I also includedother well. Similar to my case the page immediately. the tagline “escape into the pages” because it sounds studies, I also included a “4 relaxing as the reader can just escape all the worries and stress of the real world and read my magazine. Also covers to collect” feature. using the word “escape” represents the film category as it is about fantasy and non fiction.
  77. 77. LocationAs my story centres on a door being unlocked, I need to find a creepy looking, remote door. I think the easiest place I could get access and permission to is the graveyard at St. Mary‟s church. I have noticed a black old fashioned door around the perimeter of the church that matches my vision quite accurately of what I wanted it to look like. As well as this, it has an eerie surrounding consisting of graveyards, a long stony path and tall lonesome trees. A graveyard is a typical setting for a horror film and I think it will help build up an atmosphere of fear and panic.
  78. 78. Characters & CastingI only require one character for my teaser trailer. I need a young woman (between 16-25) that is prepared to be dressed all in black and walk along the path whilst I take different shots of her holding a key and approaching the mystery door. My friend Jules fits this description and is prepared to take on the role.
  79. 79. PropsI will use various props to make my teaser trailer look more realistic and scary. I plan to use:• An old remote door as the film centres on this being unlocked and finding out what‟s behind it• My mum owns an Indian hand crafted doll that looks very unsettling. It has scary black eyes and a vivid dress. I think it will create tension and make it look more like a horror/thriller film.• A key- I will try to find an old and eerie looking key. This will make it appear like the door it unlocks is also old and creepy and therefore creates more tension.• A clock- as the film is about a rush against time to open this door and find out what‟s behind it, I would like to get a shot of a clock ticking.• A toy car- I‟m going to attempt to set a toy car on fire and make it look like a genuine one to create chaos and show the film is about destruction
  80. 80. Costume Design• Ripped black clothing and big boots- I want my character to be dressed all in black so she looks evil and mysterious. I have some ripped tights I could use and some big gothic looking boots.
  81. 81. Risk Assessment Possible Hazard/ Problem Level of Risk Control Measures Level of Without Risk WITH CONTROLS CONTROLSBuilding and occupied MED Make sure the ground is clear of any LOWpremises- objects on floor that hazardous objects and bags andthe cast and I could trip over equipment are put to the side where(e.g. stones and bags) everyone is aware ofAudience, members of the LOW Ensure I ask the vicar for permission N/Apublic- vicar or residents beforehandare annoyed we are filmingaround their churchNight working- need to film MED/LOW Film during the day then edit my CLEARin the dark to make it look production by changing the light to lowmore effective and of the key so it appears to be happening athorror/thriller genre, this night.could put the cast and I indanger as our vision will beweakenedDangerous substances- MED Make sure I set light to the car in a LOWwill be setting light to a toy secluded area, away from the public andcar other objects/buildings. Make sure I am not wearing or possessing anything flammable.
  82. 82. Photos for Print MediaI took several photos of my actress. We went to WendoverWoods as it looks creepy, typical of the horror genre and alsolook more like she‟s on a journey. We also revisited the doorat St Marys Church as it would have looked more genuine tohave a shot with the actual door we used in the teaser trailer
  83. 83. I really like this photo because themain focus is the door in thecentre of the image. It stands outbecause of its dark colour aroundthe white ghostly looking walls. Italso has lots of shadows whichadds to the suspense andmystery. The next thing your eyesare drawn to is my main charactersitting on the floor. From her bodylanguage and facial expressionsshe looks distressed and troubled.There appears to be a linkbetween the door and the girl. Thedoor seems powerful anddominants the picture whereasthe girl looks troubled by what isbehind it. I will use the photobecause it grips the audience byplaying on their mind as they areintrigued to know why is the girl sodistressed? What is behind thedoor that is causing so muchpanic and anxiety?
  84. 84. I have edited this image so it is inblack and white. I think this ismore effective because it adds tothe sense of mystery and istypically used in the horror/thriller genre. I have used a slighthigh angle to connote weaknessand vulnerability however the girlis still looking directly in the lensto show she isn‟t afraid thereforeboasts a brave and courageouspersonality. I have included animage of the key. I havepositioned it so it is in front of thecharacter and is enlarged. Thisshows it dominants the film andhas control over the character. Ialso recoloured the key so it is inred. This is to steal theaudiences attention as it willstand out from the dullbackground and red is classicallyused in the horror genre as itconnotes blood and danger.
  85. 85. Link to my Teaser Trailer
  86. 86. Final Draft of my Ancillary Tasks
  87. 87. Link to Photo Bucket m574/hannahbrown9/
  88. 88. Camera Techniques There is a canted angle of the clock. I think it makes it look more dramatic as the person looking at it is portrayed as disorientated and at unease. The clock is there to symbolise that time is againstI have included close ups of the characters Eliza.feet and hand. This is to keep the audiencein suspense as they cannot see the personsface so they have to use their imaginationwait until the film is released until thecharacters identity is revealed. I have used a two shot so the audience can see both the mystery hand and the assumed victim. The shot is embedded in shadows to again create that sense of mystery right at the beginning of the trailer.
  89. 89. This close up is used toshock the audience as itlooks creepy and unnatural. Ithink it wonderfully I have incorporated a wide shot to show the kind ofsymbolises my genre and is location the girl is in. People can see a long wide path,also suppose to indicate the trees around her and the mysterious door she iskind of things hidden behind approaching. I feel this represents the sub genre ofthe door- inhuman and thriller as this is a typical setting for such a film. Also Ishocking sightings. have filmed her walking away from the camera so her back is against the audience which builds on that sense of anonymity. I have used a wobbly cam as the girl is getting closer to the door. This shows she is scared and unstable, creating a sense of panic and chaos. This unsettles the audience as they know she is afraid and therefore vulnerable and perhaps weak.
  90. 90. Mise en SceneI have carefully thought about mise en scene and representation of colours whendressing my character for my ancillary tasks. She has a mix of black and whiteclothing. Black represents evil as she is a bit of a menacing and deviouscharacter however inside she is a good and innocent individual, hence the whitetop. She is wearing ripped tights to connote she has been on a long difficultjourney full of struggles.For her makeup, I put dabs of brown eye shadow round her face so she looksdirty and again, like she has been on a difficult journey. I have decided for her towear red lipstick as this stands out, to show she is the centre of attention in thefilm. I also feel red is a powerful colour and is used frequently in the horrorgenre. I have edited the colours In my teaser, the girl by decreasing the is wearing black brightness and changing gloves. This makes it the contrast so it is in black more mysterious and and white. This gives it a as though she wants sinister and eerie effect so her identity to be it is more of the horror/ hidden. thriller genre.
  91. 91. SoundI have used ominous drones and tensional music to unsettle the audience and make the genre evident. I have used mystery accent 3 and drone suspense 1 and 3.
  92. 92. Editing I have used the transition “fade to black” so the cuts aren‟t that abrupt and flows smoothly.I have used the editing technique wipe so that it looks like the girl is being watchedwhich automatically indicates she is being spied on. But why? What connection do theyshare? This attracts attention wonderfully. I tried other editing techniques such as“picture in picture” however this gave the effect of a rear mirror and didn‟t look suitable.Also I tried cutting it so you saw the girl walking, then the eyes, then the girl walkingagain however this seemed to give the impression it was the girls eyes and not someoneelses.
  93. 93. I have used black at the I have used the inertitle I have included titles as this end so viewers have to “directed by Hannah is what my case studies use. wait until the film is Brown” as this follows It also sets the tone andreleased to find out what is conventions of real media genre as well as a vaguebehind the door. This gives products and it is also more idea of the storyline. They it a cliff hanger ending interesting to have text in keep the audience gripped as which I have used front of moving images. they want to read the end of because it is what my the sentence. I have used target audience preferred repetition for consistently by when I conducted my using the word “one” before primary research. most words.
  94. 94. Evaluation
  95. 95. 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?Date, price and issue number Barcode Bold, striking masthead Strapline Black screens Covers to collect
  96. 96. 2) How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?It is vital that all three of my media products compliment eachother effectively to advertise my production as a whole as wellas creating successful synergy. They must all showconnections and links so they communicate the same messageto the audience. For instance, my film is of the horror genrewith a sub genre of thriller. Therefore I made sure I usedconsistent fonts, colour schemes, and props throughout mymedia texts to represent this and not to confuse the textreceiver. My ancillary texts are there to advertise my film, film magazine cover offers more information of the featuredfilm “The Intruder” such as promising an “exclusive interview”with the main character. I will explain how I have establishedlinks between my production package.
  97. 97. SAME COLOURSI have used a consistent colour of red text in front of a black background to emphasis the synergy and make the connection apparent to theaudience as well as representing the horror genre effectively.
  98. 98. Same Font
  99. 99. Links Between Props I have carefully selected props to give visual clues tomy films narrative. There is a connection between theprops above as the key from my film cover unlocks the door shown in my film magazine cover, and the close up of the clock in my teaser trailer shows time is against the character and she must hurry.
  100. 100. Same TIn all three of my products a sinister, mysterious tenor is present. I have created this effect by using lots of black and white colours, low key lighting and by adjusting the brightness and contrast. I chose to have this effect as it seems quite eerie and mysterious so therefore represents my sub genre of thriller.
  101. 101. Production Logo I have ensured my production logo is on my film coverand my teaser trailer so the audience can distinguish thebrand. It also follows conventions of real media products.
  102. 102. Release DateI have included the release date on both my teaser trailerand film poster to again show a connection. I decided tochose October 2012 for my release date as because it is ateaser trailer, the film doesn‟t usually get released until quitea long time after so I done it for the end of next year. I alsosaid it was coming out in October as this is when Halloweenfalls, and my film is primarily a horror.
  103. 103. To conclude, I have carefully and effectively used links and connections between all three of my products so the audience have a rough idea of my plot without giving to much away, and so the genre and theme is recognised.
  104. 104. 3)What have you learned from your audience feedback? The first draft of my trailer was viewed by thirteen people in my class. To the right is the questionnaire I gave out in order to gain feedback and know how to improve. I will display the results in appropriate formats then analysis and evaluate the outcomes to how I can improve.
  105. 105. From the pie chart I can notice that the modal answer was horror, followed closely by thriller. I am pleased with these results as it means I have portrayed my chosen genre effectively.Did you notice any editing mistakes?On this question, 7 out of thirteen people spotted no editing mistakes. However of the 6that did these were their comments:•Long takes between shots•Some transitions were too long•Background noise (someone laughing)•Needed action between last titles•Black screens were too long•Directors hand at one point
  106. 106. This graph shows that the most common rating was 6, with 4 out of 13 people opting for this. However a lot of people also thought it was less scarier which is slightly disappointing, however it was only my first draft so I will try make it more frightening.Most people decided I needed to addmusic and sound effects to my teasertrailer. I also need to shorten the blackscreen time so I will do this and alsoinclude audio and images so it doesn‟tseem to drag on for so long and theaudience looses interest.
  107. 107. What audience do you think my trailer is for?My intended audience is anyone over fifteen, but mainly young adults between15 and 30. The nearest answer was 15-29, both genders. The furthest answerwas when two people guessed it was for 12 years plus. This show I perhapsneed to make it look scarier. However on the whole, most peoples‟ guesses fellinto the right target audience.
  108. 108. Do you think it follows theconventions of a teasertrailer?Everyone said yes to this answerwhich I‟m happy about as I don‟tneed to change anything to do withthe conventions. However I will putmy production logo in for mysecond draft so it looks moreprofessional. Do you think my title is appropriate? Nine out of thirteen people answered yes to this question. However the people that didn‟t think so said: •Not as it isn‟t really explained •Don‟t understand it, a bit strange •Liked it but didn‟t think it was totally relevant however it did intrigue me! •Thought it was unclear
  109. 109. Changes I have Made to Match the FeedbackI have took the feedback on board and am aware of what I needed to do to improve my teaser trailer. I have:• Made the trailer appear scarier so people have a better idea of my target group. I will do this by adjusting the brightness of my footage so it looks like it is set at night. I also included creepy sound effects such as the door being unlocked, and other scary shots.• Added music to my trailer so it follows conventions of similar products and to grip the audience as well as to establish the genre more successfully.• Shortened the time of the black screens at the end. I also added audio on top of them so it didn‟t seem to drag on, and inserted my production logo to make it look more expert.• I changed the title of the film. I think the title sounds intriguing however it seems rather formal and the word is used too often to sound scary. People also found it quite unclear probably as the trailer doesn‟t give too much away about them film so they perhaps need a wider knowledge about “Disclosure” to understand. I will change the title to “The Intruder” as I think it sounds gripping and sinister and will make the audience contemplate who the intruder is and why they are intruding? What are they looking for?
  110. 110. Evidence of ChangeI have made my trailer more chilling so it therefore symbolizes its genre more and also keep the audience gripping and persuade them to go watch the film.I have included a shot of an ordainment in an artificial fire. The statue is suppose to represent the main character in the film whereas the fire represents danger. This shot is intended to signify to the audience that the girl is trapped in a blaze of flames with no chance of escape; she is doomed. This grips the audience as they know she is going to be in great jeopardy throughout the film. I have used a zoom out for this piece of action as I feel it creates emotional distance between the audience and the statue, adding to the fact that the girl is all alone.