HEALTHY Social Media Marketing!


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Boost your presence on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This webinar workshop will enable you to grow your brand, programs and business through the use of social media marketing.

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HEALTHY Social Media Marketing!

  1. 1. Social Media Networking… Where are we going?
  2. 2. Meet Your Presenter
  3. 3. WWDDD?(What would Don Draper Do?)
  4. 4. Social Media: Fad? Fiction?● Google and Yahoo vs. Facebook traffic - 3rd largest● Facebook – the “country”; world’s 4th largest● Over 133 million blogs, as indexed by Technorati● 900,000 blog posts created every 24-hours● YouTube - >75 billion videos; 375 million users● Flickr now hosts more than 3.6 billion user images● Twitter 3 years, 2 months and 1 day to hit 1 billion Tweets; 1 billion in one week now (founder is @Jack)● Google is re-designing social media networks● Social sharing & networking is now a given
  5. 5. How Will You Use It?● “Hi, My Name Is _________”● How do you want to use social media and the internet? ● Are you an expert? ● Do you want to be seen as a trusted source of information? ● Are you looking to network with like-minded people, companies? ● Do you want to build a community? ● Do you want to involve your clients or customers as you grow? ● Do you want to automate the process of repurposing content? ● Do you want to reach new audiences? ● Are you looking to be a thought leader in your industry? ● Do you want simplify content for people? ● Do you want to easily hear literally everything that’s being said online about you, your brand, products, or industry in real time?
  6. 6. Case Study: The Fitness GuruLocal Fitness Expert with a small online presence● Landed a season as the resident trainer on MTV● How to be available/accessible for new fans?● Broadcasting content, news & information?● Monitoring conversations● Becoming a household name & internet personality● Strategies on all major social media sites + rewarding local clients for loyalty● Increased growth of 200% in first 2 weeks – continued boom!
  7. 7. Build a Base, Make a Plan
  8. 8. Build a Base, Make a Plan● Website – your main area of online exposure● Blog – adding fresh, relevant content; SEO● RSS – repurpose, republish and create content● Social Search – manage your reputation● Social Bookmarking – tag content, generate traffic● Social Networking – Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+● Micro Sites – Twitter ● CONTENT is the foundation – social networking does not work without your content and voice
  9. 9. Find a Platform & Grow● The social media options... (seemingly endless)● One channel may work better than others● Integrate social media with offline initiatives● Take it slow, build over time● 5 Tips for Online Growth #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 Integrate Amplify Repurpose Leads Learn
  10. 10. Breathe Deep & RepeatA typical business used to have a website with a littlecontent, a contact page and images.Todays businesses ... ● Generate daily/ weekly blogs and/or podcasts ● Upload and thoroughly describe images on Flickr. ● Create customer testimonial videos on YouTube ● Write articles and press releases ● Create and brand optimized profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and industry-related sites ● Generate positive reviews on sites such as Yelp, Google Maps, and Insider Pages
  11. 11. Social Media as the Employee“But I work for an employer and they dont approve ofsocial media use in the workplace.”Most business owners or places of employment areopen to the conversation.Come armed with solutions, specific purposes andexplanations of how social media can benefit theorganization and its growth.Show growth through analytics and interest being builtonline.
  12. 12. Social Media as the EmployerYou own your own business, work for several businessesor are freelance worker...You need social media! A free source of marketing,sharing and allowing other people to provide reviews.Build trust with your employees by allowing them toown pieces of the branding or provide content.Too busy for it all? Learn what you need and consultwith a social media marketing expert for creating andmanaging your plans.
  13. 13. Where to Start?Create a very simple website or blog; if you work for acompany, take the lead as a way to generate more web-based traffic.1.) Register a Domain (your or add apage to your site specific for the blog2.) Create a very simple, clean site (or hire a designer);choose easy to read fonts, start to develop a style3.) Be a part of the community before you jump in bytargeting industry or peer sites & blogs
  14. 14. Where to Start4.) Monitor a group of relevant blogs: orGoogle Reader to locate and subscribe to a dozen or sorelevant blogs5.) Comment on a group of relevant blogs: Visit some ofyour chosen blogs and add relevant comments; Engagein the conversation going on inside these blogs6.) Create your own blog and start posting content aftera few weeks of reading, monitoring and commenting7.) Practice finding your voice and what you bring
  15. 15. Blogging free, open-source blogging tool that hasthe most Googles version; very good if you want tofind and connect with fellow a very easy to use version of Wordpress;however it lacks flexibility and freedom to change good if you need a lot of tech content sharing & ease of use with mixedmodalities; continuing to expand its services
  16. 16. Amplify Your ReachEngage people on your blog by asking questions.Be a guest blogger on another site; ask for guestbloggers on your site.Use social media outlets to share content and engagemore readers, more potential clients & customers.Submit your articles to paid-for article sites.Position you or your company as experts for a localpublication source (or national!).
  17. 17. Translating the FeelBranding and Identity Across All Sites – Be ConsistentMessages will vary somewhat based on the intendedaudience (examples) ● Facebook – more community; word of mouth ● Twitter – great for finding peers, connecting with other businesses ● Your site or blog – very specific message and tone you want to shareFind Brands with great presence! Example - Mrs. MeyersCleaning Products
  18. 18. Translating the FeelA recent online ad for Mrs. Meyers, the cleaning brand, for example, said, “Clean should smellbetter” and instructed users to “Hover to expand.” When a cursor is placed over the ad, it extendsdownward to expose an area that, depending on what button is clicked, displays real-timeFacebook wall posts, Twitter users posting about Mrs. Meyers, or a video from the brand aboutThelma Meyer, for whom the brand is named. Brands Now Direct Fans to Their Social Media, NY Times 08/2011
  19. 19. FACEBOOK
  20. 20. Facebook: Personal ProfileWhat: intended for individuals only; word of cautionWhy: if you want to be on FB, you must have a profileHow: sign-up is simple; use the search to begin findingpeople or organizations youd like to follow
  21. 21. Facebook: Business PageWhat: intended for business or if you exceed yourpersonal profile friend limit (Fan Page)Why: a place to interact with clients, market & shareHow: go to any other page on FB and click “create page”
  22. 22. Facebook: Business PageStep 1: Choose a Classification – local business, publicfigure, company/organization, entertainment, brand orproduct, or social cause/communityStep 2: Complete the basic info – contact, URL, picturesStep 3: Edit your business page informationStep 4: Share your page with friends & post updatesStep 5: Track your InsightsCreate your page:
  23. 23. Facebook: Insights
  24. 24. Facebook: Make A Plan● Post Fresh Content - 1-3x per day● Unique take on your field that you have to offer● “Like” & engage with other pages as your page● Encourage friends & family to like; promote with email signature blocks● Analytics – be smart in your approach (Insights)● Listen - Add Value - Respond - Do Good Things● Give Kudos - Collaborate - Don’t Spam - Be Real!● Advanced features: adding Welcome pages, custom tabs and features to your FB Page
  25. 25. Facebook Tools ● Pagemodo - create a welcome page ● Involver – up to 2 free professional apps ● Woo Box – add custom tabs (HTML code) ● Tabsite – integrates with MailChimp
  26. 26. Facebook: Final Notes● Be human – Facebook is about building community● Play by Facebooks rules; if you use the account or your profile incorrectly they will shut your site down (● Offer solutions, but reserve the entire answer for offline conversations● Add “like” buttons where you can around the web● Facebook Ads & Sponsored stories: in brief● Official Facebook Blog:● Un-Official Blog:
  27. 27. TWITTER
  28. 28. Twitter Conversations
  29. 29. Twitter LexiconTweet: your message, in 140 characters or lessFollowers: people who read your tweetsHandle: your name on Twitter (ex: @WELLinLA)Hashtag: organize & monitor tweets; brandingLists: How you organize and monitor TwitterFollow Friday (#FF): a cordial way of sharing followersReplies: Returning a message or joining a conversationRetweet (RT): sharing a message with followersDirect Message (DM): private exchange of tweets“.@” Tweet: display your tweet to an accounts followers
  30. 30. Twitter SearchWhere to Find Twitter Search (it canbe a little hidden!)!/search-home
  31. 31. Twitter Plan● Maximize your branding; use photos; include keywords● Engage in conversations 1-2x/day to start● Schedule tweets (my favorite!)● Share your expertise and content that interests you● What are you about and how are people going to search for you; no fake anything● Start with your peers/friends; expand slowly● Post consistently - build and dont worry about the number of followers - those come in time● Build authentically; avoid the “get followers quickly” approaches marketers advertise (you’ll pay later)● Report Spammers! We want them to go away!
  32. 32. How To Manage Twitter & FBSAY: “Social Media Dashboards are my BEST FRIEND!”Co-Tweet (free version)Hootsuite (analytics)Tweetdeck (desktop)More Tools:●, Buffer: schedules your tweets throughout the day● Social Mention: the Google of social media searching
  33. 33. LINKEDIN
  34. 34. LinkedIn● If you’re a professional, you need to be on LinkedIn● Connect, network and find businesses and people● Collaborate, promote others and be promoted● Publish, be the expert, answer questions● Find a freelance gig, find a job● Share events of interest; Twitter Integration
  35. 35. LinkedIn Tools Use LinkedIn as your Professional Networking tool; it is a lead source for new clients or employees
  36. 36. YOUTUBE & VIMEO
  37. 37. YouTube & VimeoYouTube is the most popular online video sitePreference for professional use: Vimeo (a little story!)Find out which site is best for your use – share yourvideos across your site and social media platformsCreate a Profile andtag all content you createto allow search engines tofind your contentComparison Guide (PDF)
  38. 38. GOOGLE+
  39. 39. Google Overview Google: Search Engine +++• Google - waaay more than a simple search engine• Use it to power your business, power your site• Six Tools you won’t want to live without• Play nice, get in good with search engine rankings• G+ & what it means for you
  40. 40. 6 Essential Google Tools Google: Search Engine +++Google Tools • Analytics • Keyword Tool • AdWords • Docs • Alerts • News, Reader
  41. 41. 6 Essential Google Tools 6 Essential Google Tools1. Google Analytics is your friend! • Tracking clicks • Setting goals with Google • Watching Trends, finding out what sticks • Add your social media RSS to Analytics (overlay) • If your web designer does not mention tracking analytics, fire ‘em (seriously!)
  42. 42. 6 Essential Google Tools 6 Essential Google Tools2. Google KeyWords: Create a solid keyword research strategy & integrate into your SEO; Use this without being enrolled in a PPC program.• Attract website visitors; use these words when writing content & posts• Two easy ways to use: Enter keywords and the Keyword Tool will return synonyms of those keywords - OR - Enter a website and the Keyword Tool will suggest keywords used within that website.
  43. 43. 6 Essential Google Tools 6 Essential Google Tools3. Google AdWords: Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads; Create ads and target specific keywords; these paid ads appear in results• $ - Is this in your budget?• The rule of 75/25
  44. 44. 6 Essential Google Tools 6 Essential Google Tools4. Google Docs - free online documents that can be accessed from anywhere, shared with your team and edited by invited collaborators.• Buy expensive Microsoft? Nope! Word docs, spreadsheets, presentations, draw & doodle, make your forms• Create, share, control access, collaborate• Integrate with mail & calendar programs• Push to publish - variety of formats for offline use• Mobile access (!!!)
  45. 45. 6 Essential Google Tools 6 Essential Google Tools5. Google Alerts- monitor news & reviews about you & your business, key industry terms and competition.• Craft & create customized search terms• Time-saver - let Google monitor for you• Delivered to your inbox; frequency• Select the medium of content (video, blogs, etc)• Use to stay on top of content & industry news• Create a folder of filter to save your inbox
  46. 46. 6 Essential Google Tools 6 Essential Google Tools6. Google Reader & Google News - these tools monitor news and content relevant to your industry• Generate content ideas from the results you see• Take advantage of timeliness and piggyback on its newsworthiness• Know the trends and events that will boost your place as an industry thought leader• Again - Time-saver - let Google monitor the web for you on your terms• Follow other people’s subscriptions
  47. 47. Google Gets Personal+ Introducing (Google) “ ”
  48. 48. +The “Plus” for You & Pages Introducing (Google) “ ”
  49. 49. The Overview ” Introducing (Google) “ +• “If Facebook and Twitter had a baby, they’d call it Google+.”• Easier to use, understand privacy policy• More intuitive sharing with circles• A quick YouTube overview• Integration with both FB & Twitter (playing nice!)• Mashables Google+ Cheat Sheet• Hangouts… “like sitting on a friend’s porch”
  50. 50. Additional Tools & Sites● StumbleUpon● Slideshare● Digg● Delicious● Mixx● Flickr● Ning● Meet-Up● EventBrite● Square● Your Smartphone!
  51. 51. THEPLAN
  52. 52. Creating a Schedule. • Check Twitter and Facebook using your social media dashboard 2-3X ●Check LinkedIn and respond to Per Day messages (professional) • Respond to comments on your site or blog ●Keep things at a manageable level; your real presence is more important
  53. 53. Creating a Schedule. ● Build Twitter Lists & search ● Scan LinkedIn questions & discussions from your network ● Send LinkedIn invitations to connect Weekly with clients or peers ●Ask for LinkedIn recommendation To-Do after a project is completed ● Add fresh content to Facebook ● Brainstorm ways to re-purpose ● Find in-person or online networking opportunities (go outside your circle) ● Identify new social networking influencers; build relationships
  54. 54. Creating a Schedule. Mondays: Schedule tweets through for regular intervals. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays: Day-to- Join a hot trend conversation on Day Twitter or Facebook; post new FB To-Do Tuesdays and Thursdays: Write a new blog post; Respond to blog (sample) comments Fridays: Check traffic at your blog or website
  55. 55. (over!)
  56. 56. REALLY, The Last Words: Thank You!Website, Design & Social Media Consultation Available: or 424-652-1939