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Social Networking By Rob Bean, Burns Marketing


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Presentation from January 18, 2012, at the Rocky Mountain Innosphere in Fort Collins, Colorado. For Colorado BioScience Association.

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Social Networking By Rob Bean, Burns Marketing

  1. 1. THE ART OF STRATEGY:SOCIAL MEDIA SUCCESSColorado Bioscience Association | January 18, 2012 Prepared by: BURNS MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS Rob Bean Copyright © 2010. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. It took radio 38 years to reach 50 million users. Television needed 13 years to reach 50 million. The Internet did it in four years, and the iPod in three. Facebook added 100 million users in less than nine months.And iPhone applications hit one billion users in only nine months. Sources: United Nations Cyberschoolbus Document, Mashable, and Apple
  3. 3. ABOUT Rob Bean _ Senior Account Executive/Interactive Director ME _ 14-year veteran in integrated digital communications • Website strategy and architecture • Applications development • Content management • User interface and user experience design • Social media team lead
  4. 4. ABOUT Founded in 1972 Services: US _ Strategy _ Research _ Branding _ Advertising _ Marketing communications _ Direct marketing _ Earned media · Public relations · Social marketing _ Event planning _ Interactive
  6. 6. TODAY’S Opportunities StrategyAGENDA Conclusion Questions
  7. 7. SocialnomicsWelcome to the Social Media Revolution
  8. 8. SOCIAL MEDIA The web’s most popular activity Used to find answers to questions and establishOPPORTUNITIES connections _ Wikipedia for starting research _ Digg and Delicious for articles _ Facebook and Twitter for friends, interest groups, brands, and customer service _ Epinions and TripAdvisor for purchase decisions _ LinkedIn for professional networking _ YouTube for knowledge, entertainment, and brands _ Blogs and forums for knowledge-sharing _ Foursquare for location-based sharing Enables companies to develop relationships with customers _ Hear what people are saying about you _ Join the conversation _ Extend customer service _ Build brand love
  9. 9. THE POWER OF Social media transforms how we not only reach, but engage with target audiences. SOCIAL MEDIA It’s trusted. _ 90-percent of consumers trust recommendations from people they know. (Source: Nielsen) _ 70-percent trust peer opinions posted online. (Source: Nielsen) _ 14-precent trust advertisements. (Source: Marketing to the Social Web) It’s easier than ever for you to market – or be marketed against. You need to be equipped for these new realities. _ Understand the available channels and where your audience spends time online _ Monitor your brand to know what is being said _ Be trained in how to speak socially _ Consistently participate in the conversation _ Know when to hold back or bring in an emergency plan
  10. 10. SOCIAL Know your audience Determine which channels best fit your organizationSTRATEGY and audience Build your team Identify relevant topics and sources Develop a communications voice Create a strategic plan that integrates into your annual marketing cycle Establish your channel presence Drive traffic, build community, and conversation Monitor all activity and track success metrics
  11. 11. AUDIENCE Know your audience _ Demographics INSIGHT • • Age Gender • Location _ Psychographic profiles • Interests • Affiliations • Lifestyle • Attitudes • Beliefs • Purchasing habits _ Market research on industry, products, and services _ Thoughts from sales, marketing, and customer service
  12. 12. CHANNEL Determine which channels best fit your organization and audience INSIGHT _ Conduct audience research using channel-specific tools • Keyword and advertising analysis • Number of users who fit demographics • Number of interest or affiliation groups that fit psychographic profile • Existing brand presence • Competitive presence and activities _ Keep your mind open to creative thinking _ Collect research results in a usable document for your organization _ Make decisions about which channels to adopt • Did you find an adequate number of people to talk to on the channel? • Are they open and accessible? • Did you discover a new opportunity on the channel? • What are the costs and time required? • Which features are available?
  13. 13. TEAM Build your team _ Social media efforts are best delivered by a team,APPROACH allowing you to: • Span the departments of your entire organization • Access a greater pool of resources, ideas, and voices from which content may be generated • Offer customers a more robust brand experience • Maintain the day-to-day conversation that is key to success
  14. 14. CONTENT Identify relevant topics and sources _ Insight and commentary on industry trendsGATHERING _ Industry-related articles, blogs, web sites, etc. _ Product promotions _ Events and happenings _ Video and photo assets _ Customer service _ Case studies and white papers _ Employment opportunities _ Announcements This content is all about you, but you need to transform it so that it’s all about the customer. _ Engaging _ Value-added _ Lovable _ Sharable
  15. 15. VOICE Develop a communications voice _ Coordinate your social voice – more casual and real –DEVELOPMENT with your corporate marketing voice _ Include three main elements: • Fun (but relevant) • Knowledge-based (e.g., tips, techniques, and advice) • Marketing communications (e.g., product highlights, releases, etc.) _ Determine the communications ratio based on: • Your company’s culture • Your social media goals • The amount of relevant content you have access to _ Decide your communication frequency
  16. 16. SPEAKNG Be honest and transparent Never post anonymous commentsSOCIALLY Organize your thoughts before commenting, posting, or replying Be short and get to the point quickly Source any information you may reference Be personal, yet remain true to the voice of your company Do not overtly promote your products or company Demonstrate your expertise Join the conversation. Don’t be afraid to participate, answer questions, or comment on other comments. Use proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling Utilize channel specific features to your advantage (i.e., Twitter hash tags, Facebook fan e-mails, multimedia wall postings, etc.)
  17. 17. PLAN Create a strategic plan that integrates into your annual marketing cycleCREATION _ A plan establishes processes for implementing social media strategies by helping you: • Collect your thoughts • Establish your messages • Determine your overall strategy • Coordinate with other marketing activities • Consistently communicate and sustain the effort _ A good communications plan will: • Consist of a high-level plan using social media to support traditional media strategies • Include a tactical calendar that provides the details to help you execute your high-level social media plan
  18. 18. CHANNEL Establish your channel presence _ Assign administratorsDEVELOPMENT _ Collect basic assets • Profile pictures • Logos • URLs • Company information _ Determine channel-specific features and supporting content _ Train your team _ Launch internally
  19. 19. TRAFFIC Drive traffic, build community, and engage in conversationBUILDING _ Announce channel presence to your audience • Corporate web site • Newsletter • E-mail • Press release • Advertising • Events _ Seek out targets on selected channels • Outreach within the channel • Organic traffic • Paid traffic
  20. 20. CHANNEL Revisit your audience research Target individuals, groups, pages, and theirOUTREACH administrators in an appropriate manner to invite them to engage with you Coordinate your efforts with other corporate brands, partner relationships, and affiliated organizations
  21. 21. ORGANIC Facebook traffic builders _ Monthly contestsTRAFFIC _ Posting questions from your fan base to the wall _ Survey and polls _ Facebook events to promote specific events _ Interviews from industry experts, customers, and brand evangelists – could be text-based or video _ Communication, coordination, and wall posting to other industry pages and groups _ Timely direct messages to fans (Facebook e-mail) _ Facebook applications like quizzes, games, gifts, etc.
  22. 22. ORGANIC LinkedIn traffic builders _ Encourage employees to create LinkedIn profilesTRAFFIC _ Engage in LinkedIn Answers _ Recruit with LinkedIn Jobs and Talent Advantage _ Build a Company Profile to strengthen your presence _ Use the LinkedIn Polls tool for informal market research _ Get clients and vendors to write recommendations that will appear on your personal profile and theirs _ Join or create LinkedIn Groups to network on a smaller scale with like-minded people _ Use LinkedIn Applications to connect your blog to your profile, share presentations, publish reading lists, etc.
  23. 23. ORGANIC Twitter traffic builders _ Find like minded people, follow them, and participate inTRAFFIC the conversation _ Monitor and respond to what people are saying about your company/brand _ Support customer service efforts _ Deliver special offers, deals, coupons, sales, contests, etc. _ Build brand awareness by joining the conversations and forging relationships _ Share pertinent information – articles, blogs, links, webinars, etc. – with your followers _ Cover live or breaking news
  24. 24. PAID Possible advertising topics could include: _ The launch of your social media channelsTRAFFIC _ Specific product campaign tie-ins _ Seasonal and special product offer _ Contest announcements _ Awareness Many channels offer targeted ads based on criteria such as: _ Location _ Age _ Gender _ Keywords _ Education _ Workplaces _ Relationship status _ Languages
  25. 25. TRACKING Monitor all activity and track success _ Channel-specific tools SUCCESS _ Number of fans/followers _ Comments • Sustained conversation • Conversation among fans _ Referring traffic to web site or landing page _ Ad click-throughs _ Sales and coupon redemption _ Customer service feedback _ Awareness measures
  26. 26. DOs DO _ Be willing to relinquish some control & _ Put the emphasis on customer relationshipsDON’Ts _ Remain consistent with your brand personality _ Remember to be mindful of what you say DON’T _ Take a haphazard approach without strategy _ Ignore questions and comments _ Start something without following through _ Blatantly market your brand _ Lack personality _ Only use news feeds _ Spread yourself too thin
  27. 27. SOCIAL MEDIA Social media is enabling people to interact, collaborate, and access information in new ways – SUMMARY and it’s here to stay. Organizations can engage with customers in a more targeted, customer-centric manner than traditional marketing allows. Many of the channels and tools are free, but it does take some money – and a lot of time – to do it right. Strategy and planning are key to ensure a sustained and successful effort.
  28. 28. SOCIAL MEDIA
  29. 29. THE ObjectiveCHALLENGE _ Create a communications channels to support the communication of Nurse-Family Partnership success stories and policy positioning across internal and external channels. Audiences _ Nurse practitioners and agencies _ Community advocates and policymakers _ First-time moms (graduates and referrals) Social media usage _ To facilitate conversation between: • The national organization and stakeholders • Trade press and policymakers _ To educate all audiences about the benefits of implementing a successful and proven healthcare model in a climate of results oriented spending. _ To be a springboard for seasonal giving and awareness campaigns.
  30. 30. THE Multi-channel strategySOLUTION _ Facebook is utilized to communicate with agency contacts, nurses and the general public. • Helped them become the official NFP presence on Facebook ahead of regional offices • Delivering interesting and timely content that fans might share with their friends • Helping to build awareness of the organization • Launching pad for seasonal donor campaigns _ Twitter is utilized to talk directly to the press and policy makers. • Build awareness of the organization • Share links to news and research that supports your cause and demonstrates NFP’s acceptance within the healthcare community • Thank influential supporters publically and link to their positioning statements (if they exist) • Influence and support discussion on topics you care about by retweeting applicable information Communications planning & application development
  31. 31. Redesigned website
  32. 32. Facebook page
  33. 33. Twitter page
  34. 34. Flowers for Moms application
  35. 35. Flowers for Moms application
  36. 36. Flowers for Moms application
  37. 37. THE BUSINESS Mobile website development _ Nurse-Family Partnership had an urgent need to tell CASE FOR their story to a key stakeholder on a train. MOBILE _ A one-time opportunity to lobby for funding. _ Mobile website deployment and pitch from a smartphone in just over one week.
  38. 38. THE BUSINESS Mobile website became tablet. _ Leveraged mobile website development into a field sales CASE FOR tool for tablets. MOBILE
  39. 39. THE Facebook and TwitterRESULTS _ Channel audiences have grown steadily since the initial creation. _ Steady number of responses and interactions between NPF and their audiences. Flowers for Moms application _ Over 10 million users in just under a month. _ 35 thousand fans (likes) _ 15-20 thousand daily users (sustained today). _ Helped client win a Silver Peak Award from the American Marketing Association. Gifts for Dads application _ Over 10K users in the week leading up to Fathers Day. _ Helped with perception that the organization just serves the first-time mom. Donations _ Online donations have increased due to the focus on outreach through the social channels and through direct appeals in the Facebook applications.
  40. 40. “It’s better to live a social media life making mistakes than living a social media life doing nothing.” Source: Socialnomics
  41. 41. QUESTIONS?
  42. 42. JOIN Want to see how much fun online socializing can be? Join us on: BURNS _ Facebook: _ Twitter: _ Blog: Have questions? Contact us today. Rob Bean Senior Account Executive/ Interactive Director Burns Marketing Communications 970.776.1780
  44. 44. THE Create a strategic social media communicationCHALLENGE plan that supported the Intel® Core™ i7 Custom Desktop Challenge _ Reach a very specific audience of modders through outlets to which they respond _ Increase awareness for the launch of the Intel Core i7 and i5 processors _ Promote immediate use of these processors _ Generate attention and participation for the worldwide modding contest
  45. 45. THE Utilize outlets so the target audiences can gather andSOLUTION spread information in a natural and comfortable way _ Develop Facebook and Twitter pages to support the contest web site and to reach specific audiences _ Maintain steady communications with modders through comments, posts, photo sharing, and more _ Dedicate a section of the web site’s home page to Facebook feeds, which drew audiences to the contest’s fan page on Facebook _ Identify top modding communities, groups, and blogs to communicate with throughout the contest
  46. 46. Contest web site with Facebook connect fan feeds
  47. 47. Facebook and Twitter pages
  48. 48. Global product launch via
  49. 49. THE Communication efforts were amplified with the use ofRESULTS social media _ More than 400 people from nine different countries registered _ The final number of submissions doubled the client’s expectations _ Nearly 2,000 people voted for the People’s Choice category _ More than 700 people followed the contest on Facebook, and participated in a consistent stream of banter on the wall
  50. 50. SOCIAL MEDIA
  51. 51. THE Create a loyalty program that rewards cardholders,CHALLENGE promotes adoption of a “all-in-one” card, and generates additional business for local merchants Reach incoming “CSU Preview” students, existing students and CSU staff. _ Move people from awareness of RamCard Plus card to adoption and use _ Generate more activity from current cardholders _ Develop an online community that promotes activities and participation in the “real world” _ Help to educate students about smart spending habits
  52. 52. THE Utilize social channels to deliver messaging to theSOLUTION target audiences facilitating the spread of program information in a natural and comfortable way _ Develop a message planning document to enable the FNB team to carry out sustainable, relevant posting to fans. _ Develop Facebook and Twitter pages to support ongoing communications, wall contests and offline contests to generate a variety of experiences for cardholders _ Create value by providing important financial information to fans (e.g. Financial Tip Tuesday) _ Highlight perks and other benefits of being a cardholder _ Targeted campaigns • Scholarship marketing • Street team development _ Wall posting contests • Halloween photo tagging contest • CSU game photo tagging contest • Guess the score of a CSU game contest • Create your own ice cream flavor contest • Michael Jackson tribute concert ticket giveaway
  53. 53. Twitter and Facebook pages
  54. 54. Web banner and Facebook tagging contest
  55. 55. Email and website campaigns to support recruitment efforts
  56. 56. THE Ongoing communication efforts are being sustainedRESULTS through the use of social media _ A steadily growing fan base _ Positive audience feedback _ Increased brand awareness _ Exposure for third-party merchants
  57. 57. SOCIAL MEDIA
  58. 58. THE ObjectiveCHALLENGE _ Create communications channel to support repositioned AUGI Cad Camp event series Audiences _ Annual attendees _ Prospective attendees _ Sponsors and solution providers Social media usage _ To facilitate conversation between: _ The national organization and attendees _ Attendees and local event sponsors _ To educate attendees about the AutoDesk product roadmap Inexpensive way to boost attendance, broaden target audience, and build excitement into the marketing program Common ground _ An interest in expanding personal knowledge of AutoDesk products for career development and productivity gains
  59. 59. THE A full rebrand of the event series to reposition it in theSOLUTION industry Developed and implemented a strategic social media communication plan _ Integrate Facebook feed and Twitter icons into the web site design to indicate our desire to keep in contact beyond their first visit _ Communicate continually to the audience on a more personal level through Facebook and Twitter _ Promote association value by providing relevant information for all fans and followers regardless of attendance _ Combine upcoming event announcements with timely information from regional events. This includes event pictures, key presentation details, ongoing discussion, special offers, etc.
  60. 60. Promotional materials
  61. 61. Web site with social integration
  62. 62. Twitter and Facebook pages
  63. 63. SOCIAL MEDIA
  64. 64. THE Boost WaterPik’s current online presence with socialCHALLENGE media engagement _ Boost WaterPik’s current online presence with social media engagement _ Gain exposure for the company’s new EcoFlow low-flow showerhead _ Create excitement and interest for a product that may not be on the forefront of consumers’ minds _ Generate innovative ideas that combine water fun and water conservation
  65. 65. THE Use a multi-step approach to develop a strong fanSOLUTION base and increase participation _ Validate the target audience and the best ways to reach them through extensive research • People who are likely to buy eco-friendly products • People who know the Water Pik brand name as it refers to shower products • Common ground is an interest in water conservation _ Cultivate an audience base with online advertising, social media tactics, and direct outreach _ Generate excitement and participation among fans with gifting applications, quizzes, and custom applications _ Create awareness for the brand and product through outreach to specific groups and fan pages
  66. 66. ECOFLOW BY The strategy _ Research appropriate audience and channels WATER PIK _ Develop audience-base through organic and paid traffic building _ Generate excitement and participation on Facebook _ Create awareness by reaching out to appropriate groups and fan pages Targeted campaigns _ Wall posting contests • How do you save water? • Whats your favorite shower song? _ Quiz activity • What do you know about H20? _ Gifting applications • Send a shower to a dirty friend • What kind of shower are you _ Community activation • Save a billion gallons water challenge
  67. 67. Facebook page
  68. 68. Facebook page
  69. 69. Facebook application and ads
  70. 70. Facebook application
  71. 71. Facebook application
  72. 72. THE The audience responded through active participationRESULTS _ Audience feedback was positive and the fan base grew steadily _ Contests and quizzes experienced high participation
  74. 74. Features Company overview Careers Services Connections Opportunities Distributor connections Recommendations Etc.LinkedIn Services Page
  75. 75. Datalink – Twitter and LinkedIn Service Pages