Social Media for Small Businesses


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How to use social media for your small business. Tips, tricks, and examples for a successful social media strategy.

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  • Sarah, great presentation. It really helped me sort out the various social media channels and what to do with them. Saved me lots and lots of time. Thanks for donating your time!!
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Social Media for Small Businesses

  1. 1. Social media + Your brand = a great opportunity! Figuring out the equation! Sarah Kuntsal @SarahKuntsal
  2. 2. What to Expect!• A Little Bit About Me!• The State of Social Media Today!• What Can Social Media Do For You?!• A Few Great Examples!• Laying Out A Plan For Your Business!• Questions!
  3. 3. A Bit About.Me!
  4. 4. The state of social media today!
  5. 5. Is Social Media Really That Important?!• Consumers are 71% more likely to make a purchase based on social media referrals - Hubspot !• 74% of consumers rely on social networks to guide purchase decisions - SproutSocial!• 81% of US respondents indicated that friends social media posts directly influenced their purchase decision - Forbes!
  6. 6. How We Communicate Has Changed!Everyday there are 3 billion searches, 4 billion pieces of content shared on Facebook, and 2 billion video views on YouTube!
  7. 7. The Customer Journey Has Evolved! Re-Engage! GetDiscover! Evaluate! Buy! Access! Use! Support! Leave! Rethinking the Funnel!
  8. 8. 92% of consumers worldwide recommendationstrustfrom friends and familymore than any form of advertising,up from 74% in 2007! -Nielsen, 2012!
  9. 9. Social Media is Here to Stay!2006!
  10. 10. What can social media do for you?!
  11. 11. Social Media + Small Business = Opportunity for Success!• Establish a presence in social media to: ! • Build Awareness! • Distribute Information! • Create Community! • Provide Customer Service! • Attract New Customers! • Increase Conversions and Sales!
  12. 12. Q: Are There Different Approaches for Different Types of Businesses?!• A: Of course! But before you get tactical, it s essential to master the basics that can be applied to all businesses!
  13. 13. The Basic Social Ecosystem - Everything is Connected!
  14. 14. A Recap of The Main Social Media Sites! Secondary!Primary! Growing the Network (or the Real-time Connections! business)! Community Focus! Inspiration! Engaging Content! Behind the Scenes! Expertise (and SEO)! Remember, every brand has different needs
  15. 15. A Few Great Examples!
  16. 16. Starting with the Blogging Platforms!• There are many options for blogging...thankfully!
  17. 17. Connected Sites Social Connections Personal Touches Social Sharing
  18. 18. Connected Social Sites Connections Fun Content
  19. 19. Blogs can come in all shapes and sizes
  20. 20. Digging Deeper - Don t Know What to Write About?!• Share your top 10 favorite blogs (or blog posts). People love lists!!• Create a Beginner s Guide to.. or A to Z Guide to.. !• Write reviews - could be on books, movies, services, social media sites, etc. Share your knowledge and broaden your content.!• Create serialized content - Behind the Scenes in the Office, Wacky Wednesdays, etc. !• Interview someone (Want to make it fun? Use video and add the outtakes.)!
  21. 21. Twitter! • Launched in 2006! • 140 character limit! • The average age of a Twitter user is 37.3 years of age - 60% are female ! • Great for instant interaction with consumers (or potential consumers)! • Opportunity to be an expert in your field and create a personality for your brand!All demographic stats courtesy of Mashable: Social Demographics
  22. 22. Twitter: Timely updates!
  23. 23. Twitter: Expertise!
  24. 24. Twitter: Customer Service!
  25. 25. Twitter - Digging Deeper!• Get out there and follow people - ReTweet them, @mention them, and respond to them. Everyone loves a little love!• Customize your page - background, links, profile picture!• Take advantage of #hashtags - #but #don t #do #this!• Use a Twitter tool such as Hootsuite or Buffer to help schedule, track, and organize tweets!• If customer service is a big part of your Twitter life, consider creating a separate account just for customer service!
  26. 26. Facebook!• Launched in 2004!• There are somewhere around a billion users!• 87% of Facebook users like brand pages!• Great for sharing multimedia with your fans!• Great for generating feedback and word-of-mouth responses!
  27. 27. Facebook: Getting Closer With The Brand!
  28. 28. Facebook: Creating a Community!
  29. 29. Facebook: Behind the Scenes!
  30. 30. Facebook - Digging Deeper!• Fill out the About section - add your URL and links to other social sites!• Have a little fun with your cover photo - and add a description!• Create exclusive Facebook only content!• Utilize photos and links when sharing updates!• Ask your users what they d like to hear about!
  31. 31. Youtube!• Launched in 2006!• 79% of the Fortune Global 100 have a branded YouTube channel!• YouTube attracts 136MM unique viewers each month!• Great for giving behind-the- scenes glimpses and a more personal feeling for your brand!• Great for SEO - it s owned by Google!
  32. 32. YouTube: Creativity and Fun!!
  33. 33. YouTube: More than just videos!
  34. 34. YouTube: Behind the Scenes!
  35. 35. YouTube - Digging Deeper!• Customize your channel! Update the bio, add links, and use keywords!• Optimize your videos: Use tags. Use the word video in the title. Provide a link in the description!• Create favorite video lists !• Keep your videos short - the average attention span is 8 seconds!• Use the YouTube Analytics feature - figure out what people like and do more of it!• Embed your YouTube videos on your site or use a YouTube widget!
  36. 36. Google+!• Launched in 2011!• The user base is 71% male and half of them are over 45!• Based on the idea of a social layer !• Impacts the SEO of your brand (or yourself)!• Great for sharing products and inspiration ideas with your consumer!
  37. 37. Google+ Must Haves!• Optimize your Google+ page! • Link your website to your profile! • Optimize with keywords, phrases, and links (don t stuff!)! • Keep it active by sharing posts (You can double dip with Facebook and Twitter) and (+1)ing!• Connect it to YouTube and your other social sites!
  38. 38. LinkedIn!• Launched in 2003!• LinkedIn has 200 million users globally !• 47% of B2B companies actively use LinkedIn!• Great for sharing company information and networking with other professionals!
  39. 39. LinkedIn: Company Page!
  40. 40. Pinterest!• Launched in 2010!• There are (around) 11 million users!• Pinterest users are 80% female!• 52% of Pinterest users are 34 years of age or younger!• Great for sharing products and inspiration ideas with your consumer!
  41. 41. Pinterest: Inspiration!
  42. 42. Pinterest: Product Showcase!
  43. 43. Pinterest: Food!!
  44. 44. Pinterest - Digging Deeper!• Sign up as a business!• Pin both photos and videos!• Include links with your pins!• Create a Favorites board - Books, Recipes, etc.!• Have a really outgoing team? Create a board about them!• Use the Pinterest Follow button!
  45. 45. Instagram!• Launched in 2010!• Over 100 million active users!• Most Instagram users are under the age of 29!• Instagram generates 81 comments and 575 likes each second!• Great for behind the scenes, candid, and fun photos!
  46. 46. Instagram: Behind the Scenes!
  47. 47. Instagram: Brand inspiration and Product Ideas!
  48. 48. Instagram: Beautiful Photos!
  49. 49. Instagram - Digging Deeper!• Make it fun - instagram is a great way to share your obsessions!• Use #hashtags!• Make your captions count !• Follow and interact with other brands!• Don t try to use Instagram to push sales (at least not in an obvious way)!• Connect your account with Facebook !
  50. 50. Laying out a plan for your business!
  51. 51. First, Determine Which Platforms You ll Be Using! Secondary!Primary! Growing the Network (or the Real-time Connections! business)! Does your consumer Community Focus! Inspiration! hang out on Pinterest?! Engaging Content! Behind the Scenes! Are you too busy to Expertise (and SEO)! Do you have fun video share any photos?! content? If not, can you make it?!
  52. 52. Develop a Strategy!• Understand your customers, your business, and your goals!
  53. 53. Prioritizing Strategic Opportunities What How Measurement •  Subject natter expert •  Tweets •  Followers •  News source •  ReTweets •  ReTweets •  Network with influentials •  Contests •  Mentions •  Announcements •  @Conversations •  Klout •  Customer service •  Direct messages •  Lists •  Twitter Feed/Widget •  Hashtags •  Posts •  Fans/Likes •  Foster discussions •  Links/mentions on •  Comments •  Grow communities other pages •  Page Views •  Subject matter expert •  Videos •  Engaged Users •  Interaction with other pages •  Discussions •  People Talking about •  Tabs •  Lots More... •  Video repository •  Video views •  Web training •  Subscribers •  Free training •  Video collections •  Channel views •  Behind the scenes videos •  Favorite video lists •  Comments •  Testimonials •  Thumbs up •  Product Demonstrations •  Shares/Embeds
  54. 54. Prioritizing Strategic Opportunities What How Measurement •  Information source •  Posts/Links •  Followers •  News source •  Videos •  +1s •  Network with influentials •  Photos •  Comments •  SEO boost •  Hangouts •  Hangout participants •  SEO optimization •  Mentions •  Company page •  Connections •  Job postings •  Posts •  Comments •  Company information •  Likes •  Published papers or documents •  Connections tab •  Product/Services •  Impressions •  Brand-owned groups •  Careers tab •  Shares •  Engagements •  Inspiration •  Pins/ Boards •  Likes •  Favorites •  RePins •  Comments •  Seasonal ideas •  Contests •  RePins •  Product pictures •  Comments •  Followers •  Engagement •  PinIt or Follow Button •  Behind the Scenes •  Photos •  Product shots •  Following other brands •  Followers •  Around the Office •  Comments and likes •  Likes •  Comments •  Sharing events •  Instagram feed
  55. 55. Establish Governance!• A plan and process for your social media presence! • Staffing & Stakeholders! • Rules of Engagement! • Brand Voice/Tone! • Posting & Approval Processes! • Moderation! • Escalation! • Permissions!
  56. 56. Develop an Editorial and Engagement Plan! • Monthly schedule that uses a mix of different: ! • Content types (photos, videos, text)! • Content themes (brand and non- brand)! • Post formats (questions, polls)! • Calendar parts (time of day, day of week)!
  57. 57. and don t forget...!
  58. 58. Evaluate Performance & Gather Insights! •  Read the rest at:!
  59. 59. Tell People Where They Can Find You!! (Don t Forget About Email)
  60. 60. s Top 5 Small BusinessMarketing Mistakes to Avoid! Broadcasting! Failing to Learn What the Tools Can Do! Not Investing Adequate Time! Violating the Terms of Service! Being Boring or Predictable!
  61. 61. Summing it All Up!• The consumer has changed - social media is an integral part of their life!• There is no one-size-fits-all solution - use the social media platforms that are best for your brand!• Social media can be used to give your brand a voice, to share your story, and to entertain and delight your consumers - it should be fun!!• Constantly monitor and evolve your plan!
  62. 62. Looking for More Information?!
  63. 63. Social Management Tools!• Management Tools:!• Hootsuite:!• Sprout Social:!• Buffer:!• Contest Tools:!• OfferPop: !• Wildfire:!
  64. 64. Thanks! Questions?!