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Open educational digital projects for clil primary education


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Live conferente at Moodle MOOC 10, 4 May 2017, on Open Educational Projects for Primary CLIL Education.
Presenting with a group of beginner teachers from URJC in Madrid, as part of their Master's Degree subject on The Use of ICT and Web Resources for Primary Bilingual Education.

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Open educational digital projects for clil primary education

  1. 1. Open Educational Digital Projects for CLIL Primary Education Moodle MOOC 10 - Live online class 4 May 2017
  2. 2. The #ictclil_urjc super EDUcrafters! Presenters
  3. 3. María José Hidalgo-Barquero García OEP: “The Weather” My process of learning: 1. Flipped Introduction 2. Analyse a project 3. Prototyping an Open Educational Project 4. Creating a visual metaphor 5. Partner search: The ESL TIMES 6. Turning flat activities into superlearning missions 7. Make a rubric @cote_818
  4. 4. Ana Elena Herrera García ✓ Creating an Open Educational Project. ✓ Turning its project into a collaborative one. ✓ Looking for a collaborative project. ✓ Using collaboration to create super learning missions. ✓ Assessing your own project. Check it out!: Learning Diary Educational Project: Diet, Digestion and Excretion Twitter: @EducInValues Collaborating with: Dibujamelas Our hashtag on twitter: #iictclil_urjc
  5. 5. Carmen Olmedo ★ My experience with ICT. ★ The first day in our ICT class. ★ I changed my mind. ★ What involves creating an Open Educational Project? ★ My Open Educational Project: ‘PLANTS’ ○ 30 Goals Challenge ○ InfoEDUgrafías @CarmenOlPas
  6. 6. Raúl Oviedo
  7. 7. Liher Moreno Sarmiento *Using social media (Facebook, twitter, Gmail) *Open a learning diary with blogger *Using online tools (Pics4learning, Piktochart, Genially) *CLIL Educational Project: The Dinosaurs World *Collaborative Educational Project – Twima6
  8. 8. Rebeca Mirodoni OEP: Living and non-living things BLOG: Behind a teacher’s journey Steps to create your own collaborative eProject: 1. Analyze an eProject 2. Create a prototype for your own eProject 3. Turn your eProject into a Collaborative one 4. Search for a collaboration Partner 5. Super learning missions 6. Assess your collaborative eProject
  9. 9. Laura Garrido @laugarri2894 About me: Pre-primary teacher. Studying a Master´s degree in Bilingual Education ICT Learning diary: “Beyond Books and Chalks!” Twitter account OEP: “People and the environment”
  10. 10. Andrea Valles @Acreativespace_ Andrea's creative teaching OEP: Scratch for education Learning diary
  11. 11. Ana Márquez LEARNING DIARY: OEP: Namasté! CHALLENGES:: - 3, 2, 1 interview - Analysis of an OEP - Creating my OEP - Enriching my OEP - Finding a partner - Super learning missions @ana94mqz About me: Primary Education teacher and student at URJC (Master´s Degree in Bilingual Education).
  12. 12. Cristina Hernández Learning diary @crishesgarden ( @crishesgarden)
  13. 13. Álvaro Antón ❏ Who am I? ❏ My ideology ❏ ICT Subject ❏ Twimma Project ❏ Enriching my OEDP @pepo65
  14. 14. Lucía Carrasco OEP: The Weather Forecasters Learning diary: The CLIL private detective Prototyping an Open Education Project Hands on creating a visual metaphor Next mission: Partner search In charge of creating learning missions Elaborating a rubric for assessment Challenges @learningmaker
  15. 15. Blanca García Martínez Learning diary: OEP: Let’s buy some clothes! @blancortichuela
  16. 16. Laura hernández cabezas MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE 1. Flipped Introduction 2. Analyse an EDIA project 3. Prototyping an Open Educational Project 4. Creating a visual metaphor 5. Partner search: The ESL TIMES 6. Turning flat activities into superlearning missions 7. Make a rubric Learning diary: OEP: “Living in the Prehistory @Lauraurjc
  17. 17. Andrea Judit Pérez Picazo Learning diary: Open Educational Project: Matter in our world! Check it out!
  18. 18. Jesús Cárdenas Guerrero
  19. 19. Daniel Marques Learning diary: Blogger OEP: “Live a healthy life” Collavorative movement: Proyecto InfoEDUgrafías @21cenTeachers
  20. 20. Paula Esteban López
  21. 21. Samia Saidi Aghmir LEARNING DIARY: OEP: Vertebrate animals Challenges: ● Flipped introductions ● Analyse an OEP ● Prototype our own OEP ● Enriching my OEP ● Searching a partner ● Create super learning missions @samiasaidia
  22. 22. Miguel Montero Argudo
  23. 23. Irene Peña Palomino
  24. 24. Marina Sánchez Amores OEP: Getting to know London. Importance of learning English. @marinamores23 Pre-primary teacher. Doing a master's degree at URJC Madrid.
  25. 25. Beatriz Díaz-Rincón Muelas Learning Diary: OEP: Habits of healthy kids @beatrizdrinconm
  26. 26. Elena Bermúdez Abad @imaginengineers OEP: The Story Behind Artworks
  27. 27. Thank you for your attention! Follow the conversation at #ictclil_urjc