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Microsoft .NET Portfolio


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Enterra .NET portfolio.

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Microsoft .NET Portfolio

  1. 1. Enterra .NET team.NET team has been created in 2001, actually when the first accessible .NET Framework versionappeared. Since that time the team has gained a huge experience in developing diverse projects:websites, real-time applications, eCommerce applications, integration tasks and of course games.These projects gave invaluable experience in developing and introducing real applications and helpedto test different approaches to task solving.Together with using ready components, we have developed our own components. They are graphiccomponents, which help to demonstrate different graphics; graphics editors which can work withlayers, text and graphic primitives; ORM Library working through xml-description or attributes;HTML-editor and many others. Such developments give comprehension of fundamental things whichunderlie .NET. This helps to become familiar with exterior components and comprehend their featuresand constraints better.We widely use patterns in our practice. Their usage is a company standard claimed to developmentprocess. Every new member of the team studies generally known patterns as well as the teamaccumulated experience. It simplifies the process of communication helping to decrease costs ondevelopment and product support as well as increase end product reliability. As an example ofgenerally used pattern one can remember MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern. This patternpractically assists every application having UI or SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and is widelyused in distributed applications.Actually all the team got a profile education at the leading University of the region in the dedicateddepartment. Academic education gives an undeniable advantage in solving algorithmic tasks,optimization and in search of non-standard task solvings. Studying in the University for 5 years notonly the programmers get knowledge in certain areas but also get a certain way of thinking, developskills on independent analysis and solution search.The team follows novelties in development, architecture and design areas. We try to use the mosttechnological decisions which are available at the moment.The latest technologies, time-proved architecture solutions in combination with professional teamguarantee the high level of the services we render. 1
  2. 2. www.enterra-inc.comTechnologies, tools and libraries used:Microsoft Technologies and Software  WinForms  ASP.Net  ASP.Net AJAX  ASP.Net MVC  Silverlight/ WPF  Windows Service  Web Service  .Net Remoting  WCF  Reflection  Interop  PInvoke  ADO.Net  WF  LINQ  Microsoft Enterprise Library  Microsoft Entity Framework  MS SQL 2000, MS SQL 2005, MS SQL 2008  SQL Reporting Services  SharePoint  BizTalk 2006  Business Scorecard Manager  Windows Phone 7  XNAThird Party Technologies and Software  Janus Windows Forms Controls for Microsoft .NET  Telerik Rad Controls for ASP.Net AJAX and for WinForms  Nevron  ZedChart  Desaware  DevComponents  Ingragistic  DevExpress  XPO (eXtensible Persistent Objects)  NHibernate  iBatis  Oracle 2
  3. 3. www.enterra-inc.comEnterra .NET projectsPrivate journal «PerfectJournal»Acquisition and analyzing data received from tunneling machine «TMAP»Household management «Starkey»Real-time data gathering and reports generationText role game «Academagia»Betting system «SportsMonitor»Data analyzing and trend calculation «Worldview CSR»Core business indicators management «KPIFinder»Electricity supply and payments for energy monitoringAssociating secure information from different sources into a single centralized management consolePrivate albums management «PhotoModule»Learning system «Elsi»Virtual life actions monitoring «SecondLife Client Performance Monitor»Due Diligence process automation «DRP»Clinic processes automation «PerfectPractice»Extension for analytical part of QuickBooks «ExtendedAnalytics»Report Sharp Shooter for SilverlightSilverlight Viewer for Reporting ServicesInstrumentation ModelKitMulti-touch kiosk application «Alco Testing»Accelerometer game for Windows Phone «Splash»Windows Phone game version «The Moron Test»Car search on the parking place «Car Locator»Location view for Windows Phone «Advanced Maps Viewer»Table clock on Windows PhoneWeather check «Fresh Weather»Business Intelligent application 3
  4. 4. www.enterra-inc.comPerfectJornalThe purpose of PerfectJournal for Windows is to create a powerful personal journaling program butalso provide a solution that has the ability to publish RSS/XML files that can be used on the popularblogging web sites. PerfectJournal changes the way you capture, management, keyword and storecritical thoughts and information.<to the project list> 4
  5. 5. www.enterra-inc.comTMAPThis is a software product for monitoring tunneling machine indexes. It is a complete solution whichcombines both data acquisition software and visualization software.<to the project list> 5
  6. 6. www.enterra-inc.comStarkeyThe Starkey Household Management System is an overall service management software thatidentifies, defines, and organizes service expectations; customizes service and delineates the requiredservice staff within a specified environment.<to the project list> 6
  7. 7. 7
  8. 8. www.enterra-inc.comRTPRSThe Real-time Productivity Reporting System is destined to collect data in the real-time onproduction processes and with further report generating. Via a common desktop client, the usercan view and edit productivity data, update employee information, update runtimeconfiguration information and run reports. RTPRS represents a set of screens that allowentering data extremely fast.<to the project list> 8
  9. 9. www.enterra-inc.comAcademagiaAcademagia is text role game. The player gets the opportunity to become a young magician. Being thelearner of the Academy player is free to choose the way of evolution: challenge to a duel, organizeclique, explore secrets of College and its outskirts, take part in Rimbal Game. Academagia gather itall: exciting intrigue, interesting stories and vividly portrayed characters<to the project list> 9
  10. 10. www.enterra-inc.comSportsMonitorThere is a huge number of sites in the Internet that accept bets on sports events in leagues like NBA,CBA, NFL, CFB, MLB and NHL. However to win guessing on the game results is hard enoughtherefore it is necessary to spend a lot of time to learn teams strengths and weaknesses, track leadingplayers stats, view reports on traumas and many others for a successful game.<to the project list> 10
  11. 11. www.enterra-inc.comWorldView CSRWorldview CSR provides a means for social compliance departments to store and trend data such asinternal and external audits, certifications, and (CAP) corrective action plans. Worldview CSR focuseson providing users with in depth reporting and analytics to measure the results of audits and efficacy oftraining and associated programs.<to the project list> 11
  12. 12. www.enterra-inc.comKPIFinderThe success of an organization depends largely on the ability of its employees to discover, analyze,and act on line-of-business data and operational information. Unfortunately, there is traditionally adeep divide between the enterprise systems used to collect and manage data and the desktop tools thatinformation workers use to communicate and act on this information. Microsoft Office BusinessScorecard Manager 2005 for the first time organizes that information into a central data store. KPIFinder 2005 allows you to query out the business intelligence directly into your favorite Officeapplication.<to the project list> 12
  13. 13. www.enterra-inc.comBGESThe solution facilitates electricity supply monitoring consumed by individuals and companies, andpayments for energy.<to the project list> 13
  14. 14. www.enterra-inc.comSPMThe Security Posture Manager associates the information together into a single, centralizedmanagement console, harnessing data from isolated security assessment tools that were never designedto be integrated. By consolidating security posture information and automating security functions likehost configuration management processes and vulnerability assessment, security managers no longerneed to manually correlate facts across reports, tools and networks using email and spreadsheets astheir primary management tools.<to the project list> 14
  15. 15. 15
  16. 16. www.enterra-inc.comPhotoModulePhotoModule is an independent block for building Internet shared image repository of a web site (forexample for building photo community web site). PhotoModule allows users to publish their images,add FotoNotes (rectangular area over picture with tooltips), organize and manipulate personal photoalbums and image galleries. Also users can view pictures (personal images and images of other users)and make comments to them.<to the project list> 16
  17. 17. www.enterra-inc.comElsiElsi is a complex solution, providing a full cycle of students training from content development toresults analysis. The system has been developed for ABC Company and focused on training processorganization for insurance companies.<to the project list> 17
  18. 18. www.enterra-inc.comSecondLife Client Performance MonitorSecondLife Client Performance Monitor is a tool aimed to simulate activity of SecondLife inhabitantsand measure availability and performance metrics of the Linden Labs Grid. The system is completelycustomizable by ability to add new metrics and behavioral scripts on the following programminglanguages: .Net C#, .Net Visual Basic, Iron Python.<to the project list> 18
  19. 19. www.enterra-inc.comDRPDRP is a system for automation of Due Diligence processes for Drueker & Co firm engaged inMerging and Acquisition business. The system consists of a set of applications providing a fullcomplex of solutions on data preparation, processes management and further analysis of the results.<to the project list> 19
  20. 20. www.enterra-inc.comPerfectPractice ApplicationThe system intended to automate the processes of clinic. The main functions of system are: doctorappointment booking, doctor management and scheduling, patient management and billing,clinic/office management and scheduling, clinic/office staff accounting, inventory, instant messaging,mailing center, reports, administration.<to the project list> 20
  21. 21. www.enterra-inc.comExtendedAnalytics ApplicationExtendedAnalytics is a dashboard application for building charts from the QuickBooks data.<to the project list> 21
  22. 22. www.enterra-inc.comReport Sharp Shooter for SilverlightComponents for viewing reports for Silverlight, which combines advantages of web and desktopapplications. It allows to cut down delivery timelines of analytical applications, simplify and optimizereporting works.<to the project list> 22
  23. 23. www.enterra-inc.comSilverlight Viewer for Reporting ServicesSilverlight control that can be easily integrated into any Silverlight application based on the html pageor out-of-browser mode. Interface settings with a help of styles and templates allow users to add it toany application. All actions and features of the control for viewing Silverlight applications can becontrolled from the code.<to the project list> 23
  24. 24. www.enterra-inc.comInstrumentation ModelKitInstrumentation ModelKit allows to easily create complicated indicators for .NET and ASP.NETapplications, including emulators, SCADA systems, KPIs, information panels and other applicationsfor visualization and data management.<to the project list> 24
  25. 25. www.enterra-inc.comAlcoTesting KioskSystem for automated collecting, processing and reporting the results of blood alcohol concentration(BAC) tests of convicts to their probation/parole officers<to the project list> 25
  26. 26. www.enterra-inc.comSplash!This game designed specifically for phones with accelerometer and touch screen. You maneuver theball with the help of accelerometer by tilting phone to different sides as if it is rolling in a square box.There are colored balls on the field which try to reach the white balls to paint it in their colors. Userbreaks colored balls by tapping on it with a fingertip. When you tap, the ball turns into coloredsplashes and disappears.<to the project list> 26
  27. 27. www.enterra-inc.comThe Moron TestThis is an addictive interactive game application which helps to measure intellect in a funny way. Thegame consists of several questions with seemingly obvious answers. It has 7 levels, beginning withMoron. The highest level to be achieved is Genius. Players can upload their latest scores directly toFacebook.<to the project list> 27
  28. 28. www.enterra-inc.comCar LocatorThis application allows you to save your car location on the parking place and quickly find it whenneeded. It has a big number of settings where you can also add a photo with description. Besides youcan view location history. You can view directions and rotate radar on the go. The application has ananimated radar and bing maps view. The application has simple and intuitive interface.<to the project list> 28
  29. 29. www.enterra-inc.comAdvanced Maps ViewerThe application uses different types of maps. You can find your current location on it. The applicationsupports various views: hybrid, map, satellite, physical. Currently it has Google Maps only.OpenStreetMap will appear soon.<to the project list> 29
  30. 30. www.enterra-inc.comNight Stand ClockThe application transforms your phone into the amazing clock. Shake phone to toggle the flashlight orslide it up/down to dim the screen. It displays current time and date. You choose one of eight themes.It also has seven built-in alarms to wake you up at a preset time.<to the project list> 30
  31. 31. www.enterra-inc.comFresh WeatherThe application allows you to see the weather in any city of the world. You can see current weather orweather forecast for the next 3 days. The application also checks your local weather using locationservices.<to the project list>…и много других проектов, которые в полной мере отражают наши квалификацию ивозможности по созданию приложений. 31
  32. 32. www.enterra-inc.comPushBI ServerPushBI is a business intelligent solution which uses a proof method which combines a hugeknowledgebase, technical experience and deep understanding of all the necessary processes. It helps touse the inside information a lot more productive and take the right decisions in no time.<to the project list> and many other projects, which fully show our expertise and capability to developingup-to-date applications. 32