Science communication


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Science communication

  1. 1. Science-communication Eman youssef
  2. 2. The content: Voice Body language
  3. 3. Your speaking voice: If u want to communicate effectively and positively –influence your audience /u must pay Special attention to your speaking voice. When you speak ,your voice reflects your psychological and emotional state of mind.
  4. 4. How to improve your speaking voice? Breathing exercise to improve volume
  5. 5. Duration variety Pause variety
  6. 6. Evaluation -normal Loudness or volume: Easily heard Vibrant and dynamic Voice quality: Open ,quality, enthusiastic Word usage Clear ,controlled, open mouth Timing or rate Varied exciting Vocal variety Natural, no emotion
  7. 7. 2-body language Body movement Facial expression Eye contact
  8. 8. Let your body mirror your feeling
  9. 9. How to make a good first impression? Your appearance The first minute Before u speak
  10. 10. Steps for oral presentation 1-research the topic 2choosing a topic and a focus
  11. 11. Preparation: 1-try recording yourself and listening to the tone ,speed your voice. 2-pause naturally as u would in conversation.
  12. 12. advise Use vocabulary that will be understood (your audience won’t have to look up un familiar words)
  13. 13. Visual aids Use color, but not too much Break complex ideas in to simpler visual parts
  14. 14. Thank you