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Context“Facebook	  	  MarkeBng	  Conference”	  on	  February,	  29th•         On	  Wednesday,	  February	  29th,	         ...
 TIMELINE,	  NEW	  DESIGN	  FOR	  FAN	  PAGES	  12	  key-­‐points	  to	  focus	  on                                       ...
12	  Key-­‐Points	  to	  Focus	  On1.	  «	  Timeline	  »,	  a	  new	  design                                              ...
12	  Key-­‐Points	  to	  Focus	  On1.	  «	  Timeline	  »,	  a	  new	  page	  designMilestonesFacebook Timeline for Pages g...
12	  Key-­‐Points	  to	  Focus	  On2.	  Cover	  photo	  :	  5	  best	  pracBcesFacebook	  has	  stated	  that	  cover	  im...
12	  Key-­‐Points	  to	  Focus	  On2.	  Some	  Timeline	  Examples	  Coca-­‐Cola                           	  Nike	  	  	 ...
12	  Key-­‐Points	  to	  Focus	  On	  2.	  Some	  Timeline	  Examples	  	  	  	  ©	        9
12	  Key-­‐Points	  to	  Focus	  OnNew	  funcBonaliBes	  &	  Best	  pracBces3.              When	  will	  my	  Pages	  get...
Facebook	  Timeline	  for	  Fan	  PagesNew	  funcBonaliBes	  &	  Best	  pracBces6.              Add	  Milestones	  to	  th...
Facebook	  Timeline	  for	  Fan	  PagesNew	  funcBonaliBes	  &	  Best	  pracBces9.              Tabs	   and	   Apps	   are...
Facebook	  Timeline	  for	  Fan	  PagesNew	  funcBonaliBes	  &	  Best	  pracBces12. Messages	   Default	  Visibility	  for...
hRp://­‐Bmeline-­‐features-­‐2012-­‐03The	  AdministraBon	  Page3	  new	  elements	  to	  kee...
ABOUT	  THE	  AUTHORS	  	  	  ©
About	  the	  authorsSpeakers	  &	  digital	  experts	  in	  MarkeBng	  &	  Human	  Resources	  2.0Emmanuel	  Vivier      ...
ContactMain	  office,	  workshop	  and	  training	  rooms                      Vincent	  Ducrey                             ...
How	  to	  download	  these	  slides?Just	  click	  on	  the	  link	  below	  and	  fill	  up	  the	  form                 ...
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Facebook New Timeline for brand pages (english version)


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Facebook : Le nouveau design Timeline pour les pages de marque sur Facebook. 12 choses à retenir suite à l'annonce du 29 Fev 2012. de la nouvelle mise en page au format "timeline" aux nouvelles fonctionnalités et best practices...

La version Française est disponible ici :

Published in: Business, Technology
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Facebook New Timeline for brand pages (english version)

  1. 1. V 1.1 SIGN DE N EW INE IMEL 12 Things Tyou need to know about Timeline on Brand Fan Helping companies to understand A  summary  about  the  new  Timeline  dPages esign   the future of digital for  brand  FanPages  on  Facebook Version  1.1  by  Emmanuel  Vivier  &  Jean  Noel  Chaintreuil  |  +33  6  11  62  37  94  | ©  HUB  InsBtute    All  rights  reserved  .  
  2. 2. How  to  download  these  slides?Just  click  on  the  link  below  and  fill  up  the  form Click  on  this  link hRp://     to  download  this    presenta2on      ©   2
  3. 3. Context“Facebook    MarkeBng  Conference”  on  February,  29th• On  Wednesday,  February  29th,   Facebook  hosted  its  “Facebook   Marke+ng  Conference”  in  NY.  • The  main  objecBve  of  this  event   (also  available  on  live   streaming)  was  to  communicate   to  brands  how  they  can  use  the   new  design  «  Timeline  »  for   their  Fan  Pages,  in  terms  of   funcBonaliBes,  administraBon   and  Ads.• Here  is  a  quick  summary,   including  key  issues  to  focus  on.      ©   3
  4. 4.  TIMELINE,  NEW  DESIGN  FOR  FAN  PAGES  12  key-­‐points  to  focus  on 4
  5. 5. 12  Key-­‐Points  to  Focus  On1.  «  Timeline  »,  a  new  design Cover Its goal is to symbolize what theProfic Picture organization is all about.For your logo. It will appear alongthe timeline and in feeds ofothers.StatsYour total Likes and the number Pictures and Page Appsof “people talking about this”About sectionFor shortly presenting your Friend Activitycompany. See the count and faces of friends who Like your Page, followed by one update from a friend mentioning the PagePinned postYou can select to pin one of yourbest new or old posts to the topleft spot of the Timeline feed forseven days at a time. Composer In addition to traditional status, you can select to publish special Milestone stories, such as your founding date.      ©   5
  6. 6. 12  Key-­‐Points  to  Focus  On1.  «  Timeline  »,  a  new  page  designMilestonesFacebook Timeline for Pages gives you the ability to add Milestones to the pastand give them more visibility. For example, you could feature things like:- When the company was founded- When the company switches to a new logo- When the company opened a new location…      ©   6
  7. 7. 12  Key-­‐Points  to  Focus  On2.  Cover  photo  :  5  best  pracBcesFacebook  has  stated  that  cover  images  must  not  contain:  • Price  or  purchase  informa+on  :  Fill  this  wide,  open  space  with  a  unique   image  that  represents  you  best.  Its  the  first  thing  people  see  when  they  visit   your  Bmeline.  No  price  or  purchase  informaBon  such  as  “40%  off”  or   “Download  it  at  our  website”• Contact  informa+on  :  such  as  web  address,  email,  mailing  address  or  other   informaBon  intended  for  your  Page’s  About  secBon• References  to  user  interface  elements  :  such  as  Like  or  Share,  or  any  other   Facebook  site  features• Calls  to  ac+on  :  such  as  “Get  it  now”  or  “Tell  your  friends”.  Facebook  tries  to   create  a  safe  environment  for  easing  the  dialogue  and  the  engagment  of  your   fans.  • LIES  :  It  could  be  obvious  in  all  situaBons  but  in  that  parBcular  case,  keep  in   mind  that  all  cover  images  are  public,  which  means  anyone  visiBng  your  Page   will  be  able  to  see  the  image  you  choose.  Covers  must  not  be  false,  decepBve   or  misleading,  and  must  not  infringe  on  third  parBes’  intellectual  property.   You  may  not  encourage  or  incenBvize  people  to  upload  your  cover  image  to   their  personal  Bmelines.      ©   7
  8. 8. 12  Key-­‐Points  to  Focus  On2.  Some  Timeline  Examples  Coca-­‐Cola  Nike      ©  
  9. 9. 12  Key-­‐Points  to  Focus  On  2.  Some  Timeline  Examples        ©   9
  10. 10. 12  Key-­‐Points  to  Focus  OnNew  funcBonaliBes  &  Best  pracBces3. When  will  my  Pages  get  the  new  design?  Get   the  new  Pages  design  by  turning  on  your   preview  now,  or  you  can  wait  unBl  all  Pages   automically  get  upgraded  on  March  30,  2012.4. Pinned  Posts.  A  pinned  post  always  appears  in   the  top  les  of  a  Pages  Bmeline. A  post  a  Page  admin  pins  to  the  top  of  their  Page   will  remain  there  for  7  days.  Aser  that,  it’ll   return  to  the  date  it  was  posted  on  the  Page’s   Bmeline.5. Milestones.  Milestones  are  key  moments  youve   decided  to  highlight  on  your  Page,  such  as  your   founding  date,  and  other  big  accomplishments   like  acquisiBons  or  hitng  a  notable  number  of   customers.        ©   10
  11. 11. Facebook  Timeline  for  Fan  PagesNew  funcBonaliBes  &  Best  pracBces6. Add  Milestones  to  the  past.  And  thus,   you  have  the  opportunity  for  enriching   the  social  story  of  your  brand.  When  you   tell  stories  of  the  past,  the  important  is   to  include  imagery.7. Interest  Lists.  For  a  beRer  management   of  pages,  like  a  RSS  reader.8. Pages  Insights.  Facebook  is  now   revealing  data  about  Page’s  fanbases  to   non-­‐admins,  including  a  1  month   historical  graph  of  “People  Talking   About”  and  “New  Likes  per  Week”.  Also,   the  most  popular  week,  city  and  age   group.      ©   11
  12. 12. Facebook  Timeline  for  Fan  PagesNew  funcBonaliBes  &  Best  pracBces9. Tabs   and   Apps   are   less   visible.   Views   and   apps   appear   under   your   Pages   cover.Y   ou   have   to   make  a  wise  choice  of  what  you  want  to  focus  on.10. End   of  the   Landing  page.   With   the   new   Bmeline   design,  everyone  who  visits  your  Page   will  land   on   your   Pages   Bmeline.   In   order   to   create   a   consistent   user  experience,  you  can   no  longer  set   a   default   landing   view   for   your   Page.   However,   you   can   sBll  direct  people  to  an  app  on  your  Page   by  pin-­‐posBng  a  link  to  it.  11. Change   of   formats.   Now,   you   can   use   your   width   :   520px   or   810   px,   for   the   the   Timeline.   Meaning  50%  more  for  apps.   Watch  out  for  icons,   you   need   to   resize   them   (111×74),   for   a   beRer   display.      ©   12
  13. 13. Facebook  Timeline  for  Fan  PagesNew  funcBonaliBes  &  Best  pracBces12. Messages   Default  Visibility  for  Posts  by  Others• From   here,   admins  can   choose  whether   to   hide   or   delete   posts,   and   can   also   highlight   them   in   a   double   width   feature   on   their   Timeline.• Page  admins  also  have  the  opBon  to  hide  fan  posts  from  the  page   unBl   approved   in   the   AcBvity   Log   –   this   will  undoubtedly   be   a   useful   feature   for   brands   in   Bme   of   crisis,   allowing   them   to   monitor   and   manage  conversaBons   without   going   to   the   drasBc   measure  of  turning  fan  posts  off  all  together.   Private  Messages• Page   Timelines   allow   users   to   send   direct,   private   messages  to   your  Page.• This   creates   a   new   customer   service   channel   where   you   can   address  users’   concerns  without   having   to  discuss  issues  publicly   on  your  Page’s  Timeline.• Pages  cannot   proacBvely  send  messages,   you  can  only   respond  to   users  that  have  already  contacted  you.      ©   13
  14. 14. hRp://­‐Bmeline-­‐features-­‐2012-­‐03The  AdministraBon  Page3  new  elements  to  keep  in  mind1. New   Spam  Filter.  The  algorithm   Facebook  uses   to   determine   what   is   spam   on   your   fan   page   sBll   needs  a  lot  of  work.  Now,  you   can  use  the   acBvity   log  feature  to   view   all  the  spam   in   one  place   and   filter  (or  unhidden)  some  content.2. Comment  Management.   Facebook   is   adding  a  lot   of   self-­‐help   tools   into   the   fan   page   acBvity   log,   including  a  new  comment  moderaBon  window,   for   a   beRer   management   of   comments   and   content   posted  by  others.3. User-­‐friendly  Third-­‐Par+es   Interface.   A    friendlier   interface  to   control  how   third   parBes  post  to   your   page,  with  a  beRer   control  of  their   sharings  (from   public  to  custom  list  setngs).      ©  
  15. 15. ABOUT  THE  AUTHORS      ©
  16. 16. About  the  authorsSpeakers  &  digital  experts  in  MarkeBng  &  Human  Resources  2.0Emmanuel  Vivier Jean-­‐Noël  Chaintreuil• •• hRp:// • hRp://• hRp:// • hRp://• hRp:// • hRps://• Phone  :  +33  6  11  62  37  94 • Phone  :  +33  6  26  58  00  39• Emmanuel  is  one  of  the  world  top  "digital  adver+sing  &   • Jean  Noel  has  been  a  top  execuBve  at  Air  Liquide   social  media  marke+ng"  expert.  He  has  been  assisBng  leading   for  more  than  10  years.    From  internaBonal  project  and  change   brands  such  as  BIC,  Orange,  Chanel,  Givenchy,  LOréal,  P&G,  Sony,   management  to  Human  resources,  he  helped  this  leading  brand  to   Warner  Bros,  Disney,  Fox,  CarBer,  Guerlain,  Jean  Paul  GaulBer,  TF1,   foster  innovaBon  in  its  organizaBon.  He  assisted  the  company  in   M6,  Fiskars,  ArcelorMiRal,  Danone,  Symantec,...  in  creaBng   more  than  16  countries,  gaining  an  extensive  mulB-­‐cultural   innovaBve  adverBsing  campaigns  that  engage  their  consumers  for   background. more  than  12  years. • He  founded  Apéro  RH  (now  in  11  ciBes  from  Paris,  London,  • Emmanuel  Vivier  has  previously  been  the  cofounder  &  CEO  &   Brussels  to  Montreal) Cofounder  of  Vanksen  -­‐  one  of  the  leading  internaBonal  social   • As  an  investor  and  entrepreneur,  Jean-­‐Noël  has  assisted  several   media,  buzz  &  digital  markeBng  agencies,  and  from  BuzzParadise,   innovaBve  startups  in  their  early  stage  development. the  blogger  outreach  pla{orm  of  Vanksen  that  connects  brands  &   • He  is  a  renown  editor  for  Diateino  Publishing  House  with  a  strong   influenBal  bloggers  worldwide. experBse  on  Entrepreneurship,  Social  Media,  HR  and  Enterprise  2.0• He  has  spoken  at  more  than  450  events,  conferences  and  seminars   • He  is  now  an  independent  consultant  (Air  Liquide,  Arcelor  MiRal,   worldwide  in  the  past  6  years Unilever,  Pôle  Emploi  Belgique,  Conseil  dÉtat…)  &  has  spoken  at   conferences  and  seminar  worldwide,  about  Social  Media,  HR  2.0   and  digital  change  for  companies.      ©  
  17. 17. ContactMain  office,  workshop  and  training  rooms Vincent  Ducrey Emmanuel  Vivier Digital communication expert Digital marketing expert Email : Email : Twitter : Twitter : Linkedin : Linkedin : 51 rue Pierre Charron 75008 Paris France Phone : +        © 17
  18. 18. How  to  download  these  slides?Just  click  on  the  link  below  and  fill  up  the  form Click  on  this  link hRp://     to  download  this    presenta2on      ©   18