Facebook Timeline Update


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A few short slides to make sure you have all bases covered for Timeline.

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Facebook Timeline Update

  1. 1. Facebook Page UpdateOptimising your page for the new Timeline
  2. 2. Facebook’s Timeline... Why?• Every so often Facebook changes and adapts to new technology and trends. It does this to stay current and maintain its dominance as the biggest of the social platforms.• Facebook has created the Timeline because of recent developments in geo-location applications.
  3. 3. What does the old version look like?In the old version you can choose a default landing tab – a view that users whoare not already fans will see when they try and access the page. This acts as aprompt to ‘Like’ the page.
  4. 4. What does the new version look like?The new version defaults to what was ‘the wall’. Users of the vanity URLwww.facebook.com/redbull (whether they are a fan or not) will now see thesame thing – something like this:
  5. 5. What is new? Cover Photo – You are not allowed to have any marketing messages or logos here Page avatar Ability to message About you Location of apps/tabs Page FoldPinned Post Timeline
  6. 6. Timeline Content is grouped monthly or yearly. Populate the timeline with key dates throughout the brand’s life so far. These spaces currently allow for text and an image.
  7. 7. Image Dimensions 851 x 315 pixels New Image 111 x 74 pixels180 x 180 pixels Previously 16 x 16 – so there is plentyWas any shape but more room tonow only a square explain what the tab will be visible is and why the user should click on it
  8. 8. Apps/Tabs Top three apps visible from the main view (there are four spaces but photos take the first slot). Order can be changed Additional apps can be found by clicking the drop down arrow.
  9. 9. Like GateAlthough there is no default landing tab, you can still ‘like gate’ your customtabs and you can link to them directly (particularly from paid for advertising).Red Bull’s ‘Hint’ page previously shown, had no incentive, but now has exclusivecontent behind it. 810 pixels wide Previously 520 pixels wide
  10. 10. Tips• Facebook compresses imagery so photography will often look better than graphics• Make sure you utilise the larger image space for introducing your apps (111 x 74 pixels)• Incentivise all apps as you can no longer rely on the default landing tab to get ‘Likes’
  11. 11. Checklist SummaryImage DimensionsCover Photo 851 x 315 pixelsProfile/Avatar Picture 180 x 180 pixelsApp tabs 111 x 74 pixelsLike Gate 810 pixels widthApp Page 810 pixels width
  12. 12. Who are Stream:20? What we do Specialisms Stream:20 is a digital marketing consultancy, PPC Affiliates est. 2005 Display SEO Stream:20 provide the in-house digital marketing capabilities and momentumbusinesses need to drive key initiatives forward Social Media Email Conversion Channel Focus: hitting client KPIs Management Mobile Call us on: +44 (0) 207 793 2450 www.stream20.com twitter.com/stream20 info@stream20.com www.facebook.com/Stream20
  13. 13. Stream:20 Clients